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IMPORTANT! These queries were posted on the Seneca County NYGenWeb site years ago. Some go back into the late 1990s and most of the email addresses are probably no longer valid. The site coordinators have no way of knowing what the current addresses are, and suggest that you use a search engine to try to locate the original submitter. As they contain valuable information, they remain on the site. If you know of the current address of anyone, please ask them to check in to update their address.

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Ackerman Adair Adair Adams Akers Alden Alford Alleman Almy Almy Almy Ambrose Amidon Anderson Andrews Angel Armitage Armstrong Arnold Arnold Arnold Ashton Auble Austin Auten Auten Avery Avery

Bailey Bailey Baker Baker Ball Balsley Barber Bardwell Barrett Barrett Bauman Baxter Baxter Baxter Bea Beach Beach Beadle Bear Bear Beary Beckwith Beers Beilharz Bell Bement Bennett Bennett Bessey Bessey Biery Birdsall Bisch Bishop Bishop Bishop Bishop Bishop Bishop Black> Blake Blake Bohan Boice Boice Boland Bonard Bookman Boughton Brace Bradford Bradley Braun Brazington/Brasington Bray Breitenstein Brewer Brewster Brewster Brickell Briggs Brightman Britten Broadstone Brockway Brokaw Brooks Brown Brown Brown Bruton Bump Burch Burdick Burnett Burns Burr Burrall Burroughs Butler Butters Buys

Cady Caldwell Campbell Campbell Campfield Canham Cappy Cappy Carey Carl Carlson Carpenter Carroll Carter Casterlin Casterline or Casterlin Casterline Casterline Caswell Chamberlin Chapman Chilson Chrysler Church Clark Clark Clark Clark Close Closser Cole Conley Conover Cook Cook Coryell Covert Covert Covert Crane Cranney Craw Crawford Crawford Crilley Crilley Crissey Cross Crowell Cudebac(Cuddeback) Culver Curtis

Dailey, Daly Daley, Daly Daley Daniels Darby Darling Davenport Davis Day Decker Decker Demelt Denison Dennis Devenport/Davenport Devlin Dey Dey Dickerson Dickens Dickinson Dickinson Dickinson Diltz Diltz Dimm Dimmick/Dimick Ditchfield Doty Dougherty Dougherty Drake Drake Draper DuBois Duffy Dunham Durham Durnin Dusenburg Dwyer Dye Dysinger

Easlick Eck Eells Ehle Ellis Emerick/Emrich Evans Evans Ewens

Falkinburge Farr Fatzinger Faussett Feagles Fegley Ferguson Ferris Ferris Firkins Fisk, Fiske Fitzgerald Fitzsimmons Flaherty Fleming Folwell Forman Fowle Frantz Friske Frost Furr

Gallagher Galloup Gambee Gamber Ganoung Ganoung Gargan Gardner Gaynor Gildner Goffe Gold Goodwin Goodwin Gordenier Graham Grant Grant Graves Gregory Green Greenleaf Guerin

Hagen (probate lookup) Hagerman Hagerman Hagerty Hahn Haines Hall Hall Hall Halsey Hammond Hanes Hanlon Hanrahan Hansen Hansen Harmon Harper Hart Hartranft Haskell Hauber Hauf Hause Hawkins Hayes Hayward Heath Heckman Henion Henry Hicks Hill Hinkle(y) Hoffman Hogarth Holcomb Holley Holmes Holt Holton Hood Hooper Hooper Horn Horton Hosack Hotrum Howe Howell Hubbard Huff Huff Hughes Hunt Hurd


Jackson Jacoby Jacoby Jeffery Jenks Jenks Jennings Jodeit Johnson Johnson Johnson Jolly Jolly Joy

Keech Kelley Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kennell Keim Keyes Kidder Kime King King Kirkpatrick Knause Kniffen/Kniffin Knox Kreutter Kuchlin Kuney Kuney Kuney

Lahr Lamb Lane Laney Larrison Latson Larzalere Law Lay Laycock Lee Lefler Leland Leland Leonard Letts Lewis Lewis Lewis Liddick Liedkie Lindsay Lindstrom Longwood Losey Lott Lovell Low Lowe Lyon Lyon Ludlow Lyon

Macdougal Madden Maloney Manning Manwaring Marks Marsh Marsh Marshall Marshall Marshall Martz Martin Mason Matthews Mauthe McCall McCartney McCormick McDuffee McKevitt McLaughlin McMath McNany McNany McUmber Medhurst Menges Merritt Mertz Metcalf Metcalf Metcalf Metzger, Metzker Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Milligan Mills Mizener, Misner Moor Moore Moore Moore Morris Morris Morse Moyer Murphy Murphy, Magrane Murray

Naracong Nash Neeley Nelson

Odell O'Dell O'Dell Ofshlager O'Hara O'Mara Opdyke Osborn OsburnOsburn Ousten Owen Owen

PackPacker Paddock Paine Palmer Parkhurst Parson Pearl Pearson Peirson Peck Pelong Perrine Perry Peterson Peterson Peterson Phelps Philips Phillips Pickel(Pickle) Pierson Pierson Pontious Pontius Pontius Pound Pratz Prindle Probasco Proudfoot Punches

Rachley, Rashley, Ritchley Randall Randall Randolph Reager, Rager, Raeger Rednar Reed Reed Reigle/Riegel Retan Reynolds Rhodes (Rhoads) Rice Richards Richmond Ridley Riddenaar Riggs Ritchley Ritter Roberts Rockefeller Rockwell Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers Roloson Rott Royston

Salyer Sanders Sanderson Sanford Sayre Schmidt Schoonover Sebring Schweitz Secor See Seekell Seeley Seeley Selfridge Seybold Seymour Shane Shankwiler Sharp Sharp Shea, Shay Sheep Sheppard Sherrill Sherman Sherman Sherwood Shirley Shirley Shriner Siegfried Singer Singer Skinner Slaght Smolk Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Snyder Sorahan Soules Spangle/Spangler Spaulding Spencer Stahl Starks States Staunton Stevens Stevenson Stewart Stewart Stickles Stottle Stout Stout Stowell Stroup Sutton Swarthout Swarthout Sweet Sweet Swegles Swick

Tallman Taylor Taylor Terry Terry Thomas Thomasan Thompson Thorne Thorpe Tidd Tingley Tinney Tobias Toner Toner Tortello Tower Townsend Townsend Traphagen Trotter Trowbridge Tuch Tucker Tunison Tunison Turner Tuttle Tuttle


VanBuren VanCleef VanCourt VanEtten Van Kirk Van Orden VanOrman Van Riper VanSteenburg Van Tassel VanTyle Viele Viele Veley Voorhies Vreeland Vreeland

Wagner Wagner Wagner Wait Wakeley/Wakelee Waldo Waldron Waldron Waldron Walworth Wallace Wallenbeck Walsh Walters Waring Warne Watrous Weaver Weed Weed Wells West Weyburn Wheaton Wheaton Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Whipple Whitbeck White Whitney Wickoff Wilber Wilcox Willard Williams Williamson Wisner Wood Woodworth Woodworth Wortman Wunderlin Young

General Seneca County Queries

Willard Asylum newspaper death notices Bob Moltzen, July 5, 2001
Does anyone know if the newspapers carried the names of those that died in the Willard Asylum in Romulus, Seneca Co. NY? If the death notices were printed, is there anyone who can do a look-up for a death listing ofIsaiah Johnson/Johnston, who died on Nov. 9, 1889? Isaiah was about 78 years old, and a former resident of Corning, Steuben Co. NY. I would appreciate any help I can get in locating this information.

I am looking for a will or probate records for Gustof Hagen (he was German). He died at the Geneva City Hospital on December 2, 1917 and his obituary said that his wife lived two miles east of the town on Lake Road. I am not sure if that would be in Ontario or Seneca Co. I have been told that they lived in Border City and in Waterloo. I am looking to see if there is someone who can check the records at the Seneca County Surgate's Court to see if a will or probate record exists there. I would be happy to pay any copying charges. Thanks, Paul Carter, [email protected].

EARLY STONECUTTERS OF THE FINGER LAKES AREA Laura Moore, [email protected] May 3, 1999
I am interested in early stonecutters of the Finger Lakes area-- specifically, a distinctive style of work done between 1800 and about 1847. I have found these specific kinds of gravestone all over the Tricounties. Up until yesterday, I had found only a few stones actually signed by the cutter, an "E.B. Smith". I found those stones in three Seneca County Cemeteries: a) the old Townsendville Cemetery on Co. Rd 146, b) an abandoned cemetery in a pine forest on Co. Rd. 143, and c) a cemetery just off Route 96, near Interlaken. Yesterday, I discovered 2 more signed stones in the same style, or a style that clearly imitates the same cutter. They were signed, "J. Sutton",(dated 1825,West Lodi Cemetery) and "N. Ellis" (dated 1833,Cemetery near Interlaken).
I am guessing that these cutters were apprenticing together under the direction of a master cutter. The work is fine and beautiful, done on local stone, and clearly all of them strive to emulate a specific style-- but I can't seem to come up with any information about stonecutters from that time period in the Seneca/Cayuga/Tompkins area.

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