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Mystic Lodge, No. 135, K. of P.
Waterloo, N.Y.

Source: Revised By-laws of Mystic Lodge, No. 1 35, K. of P., Waterloo, N.Y. 1906


Cram, J.F. May 1875
Titsworth, Chas. W. July 1878
Macarthur, Duncan Dec. 1878
Birckel, Adam March 1879
Thomas, Chas. V. Feb. 1881
Edwards, John W. Feb. 1881
Holben, Simon April 1881
Smith, Fred G. Oct. 1882
Fillingham, J. Chas. Oct. 1882
Schott, A.M. Oct. 1882
Hulbert, F.W. Oct. 1882
Clark, H.W. March 1883
Babcock, Dwight Nov. 1883
Burroughs, Geo. Dec. 1883
Becker, Chauncey L. Jan. 1884
Schott, Frank M. Jan. 1884
Bellows, Geo. A. Jan. 1884
Whitehead, Frank May 1884
Renner, Chas. Jan. 1885
Bachman, Frank March 1885
Bowers, John H. May 1886
Lee, Wm. F. Oct. 1886
Terwilliger, Chas. P. Dec. 1886
Weaver, Joseph March 1887
Richardson, John E. May 1887
Drake, C.L. July 1887
Gregory, Isaac G. Oct. 1887
McLean, W.T. Feb. 1888
Serven, A.R. April 1888
DeYoe, Wm. H. March 1889
Dennison, J.S. March 1889
Webster, Jas. L. April 1889
Bachman, Fred May 1889
King, Wm. May 1889
Smith, Chas. J. May 1889
Huff, Arthur W. May 1889
Genung, Chas. A. June 1889
Edwards, Chas. March 1890
Pratt, Sterry L. Nov. 1890
Barth, John C. Nov. 1890
Pratt, Fred M. Dec. 1890
Hooper, Fred A. March 1893
Brooks, Jacob March 1893
Illick, Fred M. April 1893
Sweet, Ellsworth May 1893
Reamer, John May 1893
Lerch, Judson Dec. 1893
Marshall, Frederick G. Dec. 1893
Marshall, Geo. L. Dec. 1893
Godfrey, Frank Feb. 1894
Vreeland, Chas. S. April 1894
Pratt, Howard C. April 1895
Gibson, Jas. W. June 1896
May, Seymour Dec. 1898
McCue, Geo. W. Dec. 1898
Sweet, Arthur D. Jan. 1899
Marshall, Bert. April 1899
Burchim, Richard Dec. 1899
Pickens, Warren R. Jan. 1900
Lerch, Warren E. Jan. 1900
Marvin, Geo. D. July 1900
Peirson, F.J. Dec. 1900
VanHorn, D.C. March 1903
Culver, G.H. April 1903
Allen, Alfred S. April 1903
Cronin, Bart. April 1903
Webster, Chas. V. April 1903
Bodine, Geo. F. April 1903
Manges, Jos. H. April 1903
Pratz, Wm. April 1903
Stewart, F.G. April 1903
LeClear, H.W. April 1903
Babcock, L.T. April 1903
Bacon, C.B. April 1903
Semtner, Henry A. April 1903
Teller, G.A. April 1903
Saeger, A.E. April 1903
Ullrich, Gustav April 1903
Bell, G. Pierson May 1903
VanNess, Myron W. May 1903
Seigfried, Geo. W. June 1903
Ross, Chas. H. Dec. 1903
Middlewood, Fred A. April 1904
Adamson, J. Louis April 1904
O'Connor, James May 1904
Rogers, Frank B. June 1904
Godfrey, Arthur E. June 1904
Youndt, John H. June 1904
Lux, Edward June 1904
Goldsmith, O.C. June 1904
Lane, Geo. R. Nov. 1904
Root, Geo. W. Nov. 1904
Kropf, John March 1905
Edington, Jesse C. May 1905
Kime, W. Clinton May 1905
Toombs, Chas. D. May 1905
Cook, Fred L. May 1905
Dilts, Arthur E. May 1905
King, Geo. May 1905
Edwards, Harry W. May 1905
Gillett, J. Willis May 1905
Fullmer, Howard May 1905
Seeber, Chas. F. April 1906
Haskins, Harl M. April 1906
Ullrich, Henry W. April 1906
Litzenburger, M.C. April 1906


Duncan Macarthur, P.D.G.C., Chairman
Dwight Babcock, P.D.G.C.
Frank M. Schott, P.C.
Fred G. Smith, P.C.
H.W. Clark, P.C., Sec'y. Committee on By-laws
G.A. Teller, Chancellor Commander
Arthur E. Godfrey, K. of R. & S.

The foregoing proposed By-laws of Mystic Lodge, No. 135 is hereby recommended to the Grand Chancellor for approval.
Dated Athens, N.Y., March 22, 1906
Edward A. Gifford, Chairman, Committee on Law.
Approved March 23, 1906.
Charles H. Kelsey, Grand Chancellor.

Alonzo Bedell, G.K.R.S.

Note: The Knights of Phythias was a men's fraternal organization. The formal name of the Waterloo lodge was "Mystic Lodge No. 135, of the Grand Domain of New York Knights of Pythias." In 1906 the men met every Tuesday evening in Pythian Hall. Members paid an initiation fee of $10.00 and $4.00 per year dues in four installments. The Waterloo lodge paid a funeral benefit of $50 at the death of a member in good standing, which came from a 50 cent per capita assessment on each member. Members were also required to visit other members at home if they were ill.

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