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Seneca County, NY

19th Century Militia Appointments

Contributed in 1999 by Brian Galusha

The following material is from the Annual Report (1901) of the State Historian as documented in Vol III, Council of Appointment, Military Records, 1784-1821 - (This volume begins with 1817.)

"What does vice mean?' This in just a way to state that one person is being substituted for another. In the milita there was often only one Captain, one First Lieutenant, one Second Lieutenant and so on. Men were usually promoted up through the ranks; thus when the Captain resigned, the Lieutenant below him would often be promoted to Captain resulting in the remark ' XXX, Captain, Vice YYY resigned."

128th Regiment of Infantry
James Brooks, Lieutenant Colonel, vice
Fleming, declining.

102nd Regiment of Infantry
Samuel Blain, colonel, vice Van Alstyne, resigned;
Samuel McMath, Lieutenant Colonel, vice Southwick, resigned;
Jacob Chamberlain, Major, vice Blain, promoted;
James Fleming, Adjutant, vice Jacobus, resigned;
Samuel Dey, quartermaster, vice Woodruff, resigned;
Dexter Swift, Paymaster, vice Chapman, promoted;
Roderick Roice, surgeon, vice Elliot, moved;
Archelaus Gates, surgeon's mate, vice Roice, promoted;
Simon Chapman, vice Chamberlain, promoted;
Timothy Ludlum, vice McMath, promoted;
James Hicks, vice McConnel, moved;
James Magee, vice Marsh, declined.
John C. Gates, vice Fleming, promoted;
Seth Baron, vice Dobbin, promoted;
James McKnight, vice Boughman, moved;
Lewis Chamberlin, vice Hicks, promoted;
Eleazer P. Mather, vice Mills, moved;
Gideon Burch, vice Magee, promoted.
Stephen Allen, vice Easton;
John Burton, vice Dey, promoted;
William W. Dobbins, vice Baron, promoted;
Daniel Schotts, vice Chamberlin, promoted;
Chester Dryer, vice Mather, promoted;
Silas Barton, vice Sharman, declined.

128th Regiment of Infantry
Daniel Scott, vice Brooks, promoted;
Samuel Gulick, quartermaster, vice Osburn, promoted;
Cornelius Demott, Paymaster, vice Kelly, promoted.
Thomas Osborn, captain, vice Squire, promoted;
Joseph Sutton, captain, vice Bainbridge, resigned;
Ebenezer Conklin, Lieutenant, vice Sutton, promoted;
Charles Lemmon, ensign, vice Conklin, promoted.
Jacob Huff, Captain, vice Wickoff, resigned;
Enoch Terhune, Lieutenant, vice Huff, promoted;
Thomas Waldron, ensign, vice Terhune, promoted;
Joseph Bailey, Lieutenant, vice Dickerson, resigned;
Clinton Johnson, Ensign, vice Baily, promoted.

Battalion of Infantry
Commanded by Major John Furlong: David Gates, Captain, vice Fitch, moved; Warham Sheldon, Lieutenant, vice Gates, promoted; William Munge, ensign, vice Sheldon, promoted.

New Company
Obadiah Adams, Captain;
William Plank, Lieutenant;
Joseph Wilder, Ensign.
Aseph Spenser, Ensign, vice Hallett, moved.

Battalion of Riflemen:
Joshua Coleman, Captain, vice Ely, promoted;
John U. Frost, Lieutenant, vice Coleman, promoted;
James Rorison, Captain, vice Alexander, resigned.

38th Brigade of Infantry
Charles Thompson, Brigadier General, vice (Hugh W. ) Dobbin, resigned.

128th Regiment of Infantry
James Brooks, Colonel, vice Thompson, promoted;
Daniel Scott, Lieutenant Colonel, vice Thompson, promoted.

10th Regiment of calvary
Ephraim Kinny, Captain;
Elias Smith, First Lieutenant;
John B. Seely, Second Lieutenant;
James Swartwout, Cornet.

Headquarters, Albany, NY
The Commander-in-chief considering it necessary that a new arrangement of the militia should be made .....Independant of the divisions of Calvary and Artillery, the militia shall be arranged into 25 divisions.

128th Regiment of Infantry
John De Mott, Lieutenant Colonel, vice Brooks, promoted;
John Montgomery, Major, vice Scott, declining;
Cornelius Post, adjutant, vice Halsey, moved;
John L. Eastman, Surgeon, vice Delavan, resigned;
Peter Covert, Surgeons mate, vice Brown, resigned.
Samuel Almy, vice Kelly, resigned;
Aaron Miller, vice I. Millier, resigned;
Charles Combs, vice Sutton, declined;
James DeMott, vice Himroot, moved;
Joseph Bailey, vice Reynolds, moved.
John Kelly, vice Almy, promoted;
Simeon McLatfferty, vice Conklin, declined;
Clinton Johnson, vice Bailey, promoted.
Gad Sheldon, vice Kelly, promoted;
James Martin;
John C. Casterline, vice Lemon, declined;
James Osburn, vice Brown, promoted;
Abraham Van Doren, vice Post, promoted;
William Yerkes, vice Johnson, promoted;
Samuel Benson, vice Halsey, promoted.

102nd Regiment
Archalus Gates, Surgeon, vice Royce, promoted;
George B, Elliott, Surgeon's mate.
John C. Gates, vice Doremus, resigned;
John Burton.
William Larzelere,
Joseph Gardner.
Jonathan Delany,
Silas A. Wade,
Halsey Whitehead,
Henry McCartney.

A new regiment organized in the county of Seneca consisting of major John Furlong's battalion and part of the 102nd regiment and denominated the 186th regiment of infantry.
John Furlong, Colonel;
John Selfridge, Lieutenant Colonel;
Annanias Wells, Major, vice Furlong, promoted.
Sanford Sisson, vice Selfridge, promoted;
Valentine Crager, vice Wells, promoted;
Moses Clark, Lieutenant, vice Sisson, promoted;
George Thompson, Ensign vice Clark, promoted;
Benjamine Hall, Lieutenant;
James Covel, ensign;
Abraham Crager, Lieutenant, vice C. Crager, promoted;
Chancy Bishop, Lieutenant, vice Alderidge, resigned;
Orren Moore, ensign, vice Bishop, promoted;
John Woodruff, Lieutenant;
Adonijah H. Fairfield, Ensign;
Joseph Spencer, Lieutenant;
Ethan W. Allen, Ensign, vice Spencer, promoted;
Jerry G. Blasdell, Captain.

38th Brigade of Infantry
John D. Coe, Quartermaster, vice DeMott, promoted;
Pierre Barker, paymaster; Asgil Gibs, Judge Advocate.

21st Division of Infantry
Samuel Birdsall, Judge Advocate


186th Regiment of Infantry
William Graham, Captain;
Matthais D. Coons, First Lieutenant;
Richard J. Trowbridge, Second Lieutenant;
Thomas H. Woodward, Ensign.

128th Regiment of Infantry
Henry R. Halsey, Captain, vice Miller, declining;
Samuel Benson, Lieutenant, vice Halsey, promoted;
Nathan S. Van Liew, ensign, vice Benson, promoted.

Battalion of Riflemen attached to the 38th Brigade of Infantry
John Montgomery, Major, vice Ely, moved;
Ucal Howell, Captain, vice Montgomery, promoted;
Joseph C. Kelly, lieutenant, vice Howell, promoted;
Tunis Voorhees, Ensign, vice Kelly, promoted.

102nd Regiment of Infantry
Light Infantry:
Charles F. Irwin, Captain;
Charles J. Bartow, Lieutenant;
Benjamin Maltby, ensign.

Unit unlisted: Henry Middaugh, Captain;
Solomon Robinson, First Lieutenant;
Joseph Hollister, Second Lieutenant.

38th Brigade of Infantry
Anthony D. Schuyler, Inspector, vice Cole, moved.

128th Regiment of Infantry
Thomas Osburn, Major, vice Montgomery, declining;
John Jermain, Quartermaster, vice DeMott moved;
George W. Blue, vice Osburn, promoted;
Enoch Terhune, vice Huff, deceased;
Abraham Van Duzen, vice DeMott,declining;
James Osburn, vice Brown, moved;
Matthew D. Coe, vice Terhune, promoted;
William Dunlap, vice Adams, resigned.
Anson Snell, vice Sheldom, declined;
George Bodine, vice Van Dozen [sic], Promoted;
Eli Bloomer, vice Osburn, promoted.

102nd Regiment of Infantry
Samuel McMath, Colonel, vice Blair, resigned;
Jacob Chamberlain, Lieutenant Colonel, vice McMath, promoted;
Lodowick Dobbin, Major, vice Chamberlain, promoted;
Thomas Van Alstyne, Adjutant;
John P. Dey, Quartermaster;
Cephas Sheckel, Paymaster;
Caleb Loring, Surgeon, vice Gates, moved.
Willaim H. Dobbin, vice L. Dobbin, promoted;
John H. Hinyon (new Company).
Aaron Riggs (new company);
Sandford Bennet;
Philander Kane.
Richard Thornton, vice Dobbin, promoted;
Harry Teal;
John Fotsinger (new company).

186th Regiment of Infantry
John Selfridge, Colonel, vice Furlong, resigned;
Charles Richards, Lieutenant Colonel, vice Selfridge, promoted;
Obidiah Adams, Major, vice Wells declining;
Ransom Ward, Adjutant, vice Richards, promoted;
Reuben Smith paymaster, vice Ward, promoted;
David Arne, Surgeon's mate.
Chauncy Bishop, vice Wade, resigned;
Asaph Spencer, vice Fuller, moved;
Wareham Sheldon, vice Gates, resigned.
Orrin Moore, vice Bishop, promoted;
Ethan W. Allen, vice Spencer, promoted.
Moses F. Collins, vice Moore, promoted;
Morris Craw, vice Allen, promoted.

102nd Regiment of Infantry
Light Infantry
Benjamin Maltby, Captain, vice Irwin, moved;
Caleb Fairchild, Lieutenant;
Daniel Mosher, Ensign, vice Maltby, promoted.

Battalion of Riflemen commanded by Major John Montgomery:
Barron Mundy, Adjutant;
Robert Harriott, Paymaster;
Claudius C. Coan, Surgeon.
Richard J. Trowbridge, Lieutenant;
Henry Strait, Ensign, vice Trowbridge, promoted;
Abraham Clawson, Lieutenant.
Joseph C. Kelly, Captain, vice Howel, resigned;
Tunis Voorhees, Lieutenant, vice Kelly, promoted;
Thomas Caywood, ensign, vice Voorhees, promoted.

New Company:
Luther L. Ward, captain,
Moses Babcock Lieutenant,
Anson Smith Ensign.

21st Division of Infantry.
William Thompson, Judge Advocate, vice Samuel Birdsall, who is hereby superseded.

38th Brigade of Infantry
Michael Hoffman, Judge Advocate, vice Asgill Gibbs, who is hereby superseded.

18th Regiment of Artillery
John L. Hughes, First Lieutenant, Sherman Ferris, Second Lieutenant.

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