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"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896. This transcription provided by Curtis Camp.

      The name of Ovid first appears as an appointment in the year 1820 with Rev. Jonathan Hustis, as preacher in charge. Previous to this time it was part of the Seneca circuit. The first preacher of who many re-cord is known was James Smith in the year 1793. After the appointment of Hustis in 1820, the name was changed back to Seneca Circuit and so continued until 1827 when the name Ovid again appears with William Fowler as preacher.
      William Fowler organized the first Methodist class in the village, consist-ing of the following persons: Elijah Horton, Ann Horton, Noah Barnum, Lucy Barnum, Alice DeMott, Delos Hutchings, Sarah McQuigg and Lydia Demond. In 1829-30 the name appears as the Ovid and Ulysses Circuit with J. Chamberlain and G. Osbond as preachers. Great revivals prevailed at this time, and opened the way for building the church. In this enterprise Esq. Osborn of Sheldrake took an active Part. In 1831-32 William Snow was preacher in charge; 1833, James Hale and D. Hutchings; 1834, J. Hustis and Noble Palmenter; 1835, J. Hustis, W. H. Goodwin and B. Shipman, the latter preaching at Ovid and Sheldrake. This was the first attempt to sustain a station at Ovid alone.
      In 1836-37, Ovid and Trumansburg were united as a circuit, J. W. Nevins and J. Denis preachers. In 1840-41, S. Mattison preached at Ovid and Sheldrake; 1842, G. D. Perry; 1843-44, B. Harrington was preacher in charge; at this time the church was rebuilt; in 1846 Sheldrake was separated from Ovid. During the pastorate of Moses Crow, 1847, a lot was bought and a parsonage built. From this time until I868, the following persons served the charge as pastors: E. G. Townsend, B. T. Tracy, Robert Hogoboom, H. T. Giles, J. T. Arnold, D. Hutchings, N. N. Beers, C. Coats, J. C. Hitchcock, J. Alabaster and M. S. Leet. The present church building was erected during the pastorate of G. W. Chandler, who was appointed in 1868. From 1871, which marked the close of G. W. Chandler's pastorate, the following persons have been appointed and have served the Ovid Church as pastors: Martin Wheeler, W. H. Goodman, Robert Townsend, J. W. Steel, C. L. Connell, F. M. Warner, R. N. Leak, S. S. Barter, H. C. Moyer, William Jones, J. R. Drake, F. D. Hodgson and Harsey King. The following list comprises the officers and members of the church at the present time: Bishop, Edward G. Andrews; Presiding Elder, E. J. Hermans; Pastor, Harsey King; Trustees, J. F. Talladay, J. D. Banker, Edgar Cassidy, Edgar Hunt; Stewards, F. S. Baley, W. C. Cooper, R. Cassidy, M. C. Griffin, A. B. McMann, Levi Kunes, J. M. Payne, W. W. Payne, Wilson Smith, Horace Slaght, J. F. Talladay, E. J. Yarnell; Sunday School Superintendent, J. M. Payne; President Epworth League, Morris Smith; President Junior League, Mrs. H. Ring.

M. W. Abbott
Mary J. Abbott
Jay Abbott
Mattie Alvord
G. W. Baley
Sarah Baley
Lafannie Baley
F. S. Baley
Fred L. Baley
Zora L. Baley
Cora M. Baley
Anah O. Baley
Earl Baley
Maggie Baley
Lucia J. Baker
Viola Baker
Rosalia Baker
J. D. Banker
Elizabeth Banker
Corwin S. Beach
W. C. Cooper
Lena Cooper
J. E. Conover
Lety M. Conover
Isabel Beach
Mina May Beach
Priscilla Brown
E. E. Brown
Gertrude Brown
Fred H. Brown
W. S. Braman
Kittie E. Braman
A. G. Bates
J. W. Bishop
Lavina Bishop
Edgar Cassidy
Mary Cassidy
Libbie L. Cassidy
William Cassidy
Oscar Cassidy
Robert Cassidy
Ulah Cassidy
W. H. Conover
Lettie A. Conover
Emma Cox
Sarah Covert
E. M. Caywood
Nellie Caywood
Mary Caywood
Phoebe Dart
Adelphia Dart
Emma Demond
Elizabeth Ditmars
Addia Darrow
Jennie Flagg
Elizabeth Galoop
M. C. Griffin
Minerva Griffin
C. S. Griffin
Sarah Griffin
W. S. Griffin
G. L. Gray
Annie E. Gray
Phoebe H. Giddings
Jane Horton
E. B. Hunt
Martha Hunt
Sarah Hancy
Sarah Hornbeck
Elsworth Hall
Addie Hall
Libbie King
Ada Kinne
Levi Kunes
Catherine Kunes
Elsie Kunes
Herbert Kunes
William Kunes
Mary Kitson
Jennie Kinch
L. C. Kinch
Robert Lamoreaux
Julia A. Lamoreaux
Daniel Lamoreaux
Lauren L. Light
Mary J. Light
J. J. Light
Andrew B. McMann
Cornelia A. Munson
G. R. Markell
Adelia Markell
W. W. Payne
Florence S. Payne
J. W. Payne
Maria Payne
J M. Payne
Josephine Payne
Maud Payne
Pauline Payne
R. R. Roosa
Elizabeth Roosa
Salinda Reed
Elizabeth Struble
W. B. Swarthout
Annie M. Swarthout
Wilson Smith
Eunice L Smith
Morris Smith
Howard Smith
Clara Smith
Silas Smith
Arminda Smith
Minnie D. Smith
Lucy Sackett
Horace Slaght
Maria Slaght
Raymond Smith
Lillian Smith
J. F. Talladay
Margaret Talladay
Philinda Tuttle
Jedediah Townsend
Phoebe Townsend
Jessie Thompson
Mary E. Wands
Josephine Wright
Eva L. Warne
Phoebe H. Warne
Carrie Wilson
Mary Yamins
E. J. Yarnell
Rebecca J. Yarnell
Lydia Yarnell
Sophia Yarnell
Oscar B. Yarnell

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