"Lost" Cemetery, Seneca Co., NY

"Lost" Cemetery

This information was submitted by Keith Armitage 19-May-97

There is a lost cemetery in Seneca county on Middle Black Brook road. This cemetery is a heavily wooded area where Middle Black Brook road meets the thruway (I-90). The cemetery is located at the South East corner of the bridge crossing the thruway. Even the local historians have no name for this nearly forgotten resting place, such a shame, as there must be at least thirty grave sites there.
The trees and brush are so thick there is no way to tell this is a cemetery from the road. You need to get out of your car at the thick of the trees at this intersection and walk in. The trees and bushes are such that crawling is necessary in many parts. In this heart tugging field of nearly for gotten stones are names like BAKER, FRENCH, and VAN CLEEF. Many are pre-civil war, and some are post civil war. What happened that the neighboring communities, Seneca Falls and Tyre, would let these go? A Van Cleef was an early settler of Seneca Falls. When the county of Seneca speaks of it's proud heritage it should not ignore the resting places of it's hard working founders.
Please ask the county to clear this cemetery of trees, and brush that have grown wild for at least ten years.

Here is a list of legible stones December 1997
Elizabeth wife of Zachariah Baker d. June 2, 1863 58yrs. 8m. 29d.

Levi Baker Co. H 148 N.Y.V. AE 26yrs.

Julia Ann wife of Mahlon Bartless

Sarah wife of Mahlon Bartless June 24 1851 AE. 32 yrs.

John French d. July 29, 1832

Abigail Hudson d. Feb 28 1831 AE 25yrs 10m

Eleanor wife of Petter Kittle May 22 184?

Peter Kittle d. Jan. 17 1845 Age 79y 7m 8d

Fran----Kittle d. June 20, 1853 9yrs.

Clarence son of P. & R. Kittle d. Nov. 6 1862 5yrs. 1m. 5d.

Margaret wife of Byron Richard daughter of Abraham & Mary Bachman (?) d. Aug. 1 1863

Harriet L. dau of Byron & Margaret Richard

Beth wife of John Roberts 1837

Hannah daughter of Peter & Catharin VanCleef Died 1850 AE 6yrs.

Maria wife of C.W. VanCleef April 9, 1855 Aged 29 yrs.

Eleanor wife of Issac VanCleef June 8 1845

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