Old Burial Grounds, Lodi,Seneca Co., NY

Old Burial Ground

Lodi, Seneca County, New York
Index of Burial markers of the Old burial ground south of the Lodi village .

Baldwln, Thaddeus, son Edmund & Sallay Ann Baldwln, d.Aug.11,1844
Baldwin, Louisa,dau. Edmund & Sallay Ann Baldwin d.Aprll 1836 ae. 8mo.
Bennett, Melissah, dau. of Asa & Sally Bennett d.July 24 1837 ae.1yr.6mo.
Bodine, Abraham d.June 8 1825 ae.66yr.11mo.
Bodine, Anna, his wf. d Sept. 21 1832 ae.81yr.3mo.
Bond, Joseph d. Nov. 21 1822 ae. 64yrs.
Bond, Mary, his wf d..April 1 1848 ae, 78yrs.
Bowers, William M d. Aug,17 1851 ae. 25yrs 9mo.
Brokaw, Abraham, son of Joseph & Hannah Brokaw d. Nov.30 1848 ae. 25yr. 9mo.
Brokaw, Bergen Jr.,son ofJoseph & Gertrude Brokaw d.July 8,1847ae. 7yr. 2mo.
Brown, Frederick son of Isaac Brown d. Aug.21,1829 ae, 3yrs. 2mo.
Brown, Margaret d. vv_______ ae. 9yrs.
Cooper, William d. May 17 1823 ae. 30yrs.
Cooper, Paul, son of Susannah d. July ll,1813ae. 49yrs
Cooper, Susannah, relict of d. Nov.27,1834 ae. 70yrs.
Conover, Catherine, wf. of Joseph d. Feb.14,1842 ae. 38yrs.8mo.
Covert, Lydia J. d.May 26,1857 ae. 56ys.11mo.
Crane, Cordelia, dau. of J.B.& Eunice Crane d. Dec. 13,1841 ae. 2yrs.
Dilts, Christopher, son of David & Gertrude Dilts d.April 15,1811ae.3yrs 8mo
Dilts, Catherine, wf of Morris Dilts d.Feb 22,1842 ae. 58yrs.
Durland, Matilda, wf. of Robert Durland d.Oct.19,1852ae. 53 yrs.
Goff,Washington, son of Charles & Olivia Goff d.Dec.11,1821ae.1yr.7mo.
Goff,Tartillus d.Nov.27,1854ae.88yrs.9mo.
Goff, Olivia, wf. of Charles Goff d.Nov.26,1829 ae.34yrs 3mo.
Goff,George son of Tartullus Goff d.Oct.25,1820 ae.15yrs.5mo.
Goff, Eunice d.May 13,1805 ae.11yrs.
Goff, Eunice 2 d.Sept.12,1814 ae. 5yrs.
Gulick, Nicholas d.Apr.23,1846 ae.87yrs.10mo.
Gulick, Elizabeth, his wife d. Feb.21,1856 ae.91yrs.11mo.
Halsey, Melissa, wf of Jahiel H d. May 9,1830 ae.13yrs.9mo.
Halsey, Dewitt Clinton son of Jahiel H. d. Mar.26,1830 ae.1yr.6mo.
Halsey, Jefferson d, Mar. 5m 1827 ae. 7mo.
Halsey, Edwin d. Oct. 8, 1818 ae. 8yrs.
Halsey, Eliza dau. of Jahiel H. d. Jan. 26,1818 ae.1yr.1mo.
Halsey, Susannah (Sayre),mother of Silas Halsey d. Apr.17,1802 ae.79yrs.7mo. [Susannah was actually the daughter of Elisha Howell and Damaris Sayre. Correction of this data courtesy of Anne Hurst, [email protected]. Please contact her to share information on the HALSEY family.]
Halsey, Silas d. Nov. 19, 1832 ae.90yrs.
Halsey, Hannah, wf. of Silas d. Dec. 4, 1810 ae. 58yrs.
Halsey, Abigail d. Feb. 18, 1831 ae. 75yrs.
Halsey, Henry R. d. May 18, 1838 ae. 46yrs.
Halsey, Susanna, wf. of Oliver d. Feb. 1, 1823 ae. 53yrs.
Halsey, James M. d. Aug. 16, 1834 ae. 22yrs.
Halsey, Nancy W. d. Jan. 27, 1827 ae. 20yrs.
Halsey, Cynthia W.d.of Gilbert & adopt.by Henry E d.June 10,1831 ae.11yr.
Halsey, Henry, son of Gilbert & Emaley d. Mar.30,1830 ae.1yr.3mo.
Hamilton, Emaley, wf. of Payton R.Hamilton d. July 4,1833 ae.24yrs. 2mo.
Himrod, Louisa McMath dau. of Peter & Mabel d. Nov. 8,1818 ae.6mo.10da.
Himrod, Washington d. May 24, 1837 ae. _____
Himrod, George William d. Feb. 8, 1813 ae. 47yrs.
Ingersoll, Delbert, son of James & Mary A. d. Mar 21,1841 ae.13yrs.2mo.
Ingersoll, Warren, son of James 7 Mary A. d. Sept.24,1847 ae.4yrs.7mo.
Kennedy, Beliver, son of Fredrick d. Jan.11,1826 ae 12yrs.3mo.
Lott, Caroline, wf. of Louis B. d. ----- ae.------
Markham, Henry Lafayette, son of Isaac d. Apr. 5, 1828 ae.2yrs.6mo.
Mapes, James d. Dec.1,1861 ae.64yrs.4mo.
Mapes, Adelia, wf. of James Mapes d. May 13,1864 ae.45yrs.
Mapes, Almira, wf. of James Mapes d, May 5,1845 ae,41yrs,6mo
Mapes, Caroline, d. June 18,1839 ae, l8da,
Mapes, Almira d. July 26 1832 ae.3mo.26da
Mapes,Evelina, d. Aug. 26 1833 ae. 5mo.
Miller, William O. son of Isaac & Mary d.Jan.20,1835 ae.4yrs.3mo.
Miller, H. Sanford, son of Isaac & Mary d. May11,1842 ae. 3Yrs. 2Mo.
Montgomery:- John, d. Jan. 31 1813 ae. 68yrs.
Montgomery, Margaret, wf. of John d. Aug. 1, 1827 ae. 74yrs.
Montgomery, Henry, son of Hugh & Almira d. Sept, 12 1839 ae. 2yrs
Montgomery, Henry d. June --1829 ae.54yrs,11mo.
Montgomery, Jared,son of Henry d.Aug.31,1821ae. 6yrs.
Montgomery, Mary, dau. of Henry d. Mar.1,1826 ae.3yrs.8mo.
Montgomery, John d. June 1,1860 ae.75yrs.1mo.
Montgomery, Almira dau, of William &Sarah d. Oct. 5,1839 ae.2yrs.2mo
Shannon, Nancy, dau. of Thomas & Jane Shannon d. Aug. 4,1848 ae.10mo.13da
Shannon, Margaret, dau,of Thomas & Jane d.June 22,1849ae,15yrs,10mo
Shannon,Elizabeth,dau,of Noadiah & Sarad. d.Dec. 31,1834ae.19yrs,1mo.
Skinner, Eunice, d. June 11,1817(1819)ae.74yrs
Skinner, Addie d. April 12,1831 (1837) ae.47yrs.11mo.21da.
Smith, Stephen d. April 22 1819 ae. 74yrs.
Smith, Elizabeth, wf. of Roswell d. Dec. 25,1840 ae.24yrs.4mo.
Stevens, Aseneth, wf. of Charles d. May 26, 1848ae. 34yrs.
Sutton, Lydia d. July 24 1802 ae. 3yrs. 4mo.
Sutton, Olivia d. June 9 1804 ae. 3mo.
Sutton, Lusena, d. Jan, 26 1812 ae.3mo. 18da
Tidd,Silas, d. Feb. 23 1833 (1838) ae.61yrs.7mo.
Tomson, Lewis M. son of Aaron& Elvira d. Jan. 20,1842 (1812) ae.10yrs. 11mo.

Credit:Taken from the Seneca Co. Historical records by Betty Auten. Sumitted by Richard A. Skinner Sr.

Please let me know if you have any further information on this or any other Seneca Co. cemetery.

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