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Presbyterian Church

"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896. This transcription courtesy of Dianne Thomas

      November 21, 1811, a church was regularly organized of the Congregational order, in the North West Settlement of the town of Junius. The Rev. R. Powell was chosen moderator, Judah T. Swift clerk; the Rev. John Stewart of Seneca Falls was also present. The following persons were duly examined and admitted to the church, having agreed to the articles of faith and covenant: Kezia Dryer, Huldah More, Rebecka Swift, Lyda Swift, Margaret Brown, Abigail Roberts, Judah Swift, Lydia Bigelow, Bostwick Brown, Purchase Roberts, Elizabeth Rugs, Casamanda More, Mary Hammond, Elizabeth Worcester, Herman Swift, Nancy Wood, Caleb Bruster, Deborah Bruster, and Asa More. The Moderator then pronounced it a regular organized church, and Purchase Roberts and Bostwick Brown, were chosen deacons. At this time they held their meetings in private dwellings or in the school houses as most convenient. At a meeting held at the school house on March 2, 1814, according to previous notice, Rev. Henry Axtell of Geneva being present, was chosen Moderator, and T.F. Swift, Clerk. On motion it was "resolved that this church receive and adopt the confession of faith of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America." Thereupon, the following persons were elected ruling elders: Purchase Roberts, Asa Moore, Bostwick Brown, Elias Grow, and Luther Redfield. The deacons of the old organization were retained. The session was directed to ask that the church be taken under the care of the Presbytery of Geneva. Rev. Joseph Merrill of Lyons was one of the early pastors. On July 9, 1816, Caleb Barnum was chosen ruling elder and also clerk of Sessions, which office he filled until July 11, 1868. Rev. T. Pomeroy was also on of the early pastors, holding meetings in the school houses. He served the church seven years in connection with his labors at Lyons. The church was commenced, June 23, 1824, and finished and dedicated, March 19, 1826, costing about $2,400. On January 28, 1828, a call was made to Rev. Joseph Merrill, and he was installed as pastor, February 20, 1818. He served the church nine years as pastor, and as a supply, until January,1844. In 1851, the church was repaired at a cost of $400, and again in 1869 the building was thoroughly repaired at a cost of $2,100, and re-dedicated on August 26, 1869, Rev. William Young being pastor at the time.
      The first sacrament of the Lord's Supper was held January 19, 1812, Rev. John Stewart officiating. In July, Rev. John Stewart went into the army as a chaplain. From July, 1812, to December, 1814, the church was without a stated minister, and was occasionally served by Dr. Axtell of Geneva, Rev. Frances Pomeroy of Lyons, Rev. Joseph Merrill and Rev. Lyman Barrett. In the change from Congregational to Presbyterian this corporation was know as the Second Presbyterian Church of Junius, the First being at Seneca Falls. John Abel, Caleb Barnum, and Judah F. Swift were the first trustees in 1823. On February 28, 1844, Rev. George W. Gridley was ordained and installed over this church, by the Presbytery of Geneva, and remained until his death, September 25, 1846. In erecting the church, at first, it was done by the free gift of material and labor of those interested. They were noble men and builded well.
      During the existence of this church there have been two regular pastors and nineteen stated supplies. At no time has there been over one hundred members, and now there are sixty-three. The present pastor is Rev. S.C. Garlick and the Clerk is George J. Serven. The following are the ministers that have served the church since its organization: Rev. Howell Powell, Rev. John Stewart, Rev. Dr. Axtell, Rev. Joseph Merrill, Rev. Francis Pomeroy, Rev. Lyman barrett, Rev. Moses Young, Rev. Hiram Harris, Rev. George Gridley, Rev. William H. Magge, Rev. Ezra Jones, Rev. William Young, Rev. Chacey Francisco, Rev. Alfred DeLong, Rev. Allen Cooper, Rev. Lemuel Puroy, Rev. Silas McKinney, Rev. Allen r. Traver, rev. Samuel R. Warender, Rev. John English, Rev. H.P. Hamilton, Rev. S.C. Garlick.
Lorenzo Brownell William Brightman Julia F. Osborn
George J. Serven Andrew S. Quin Mary A. Braden
William Brownell John S. Brownell Parthenia N. Brownell
Charles Condit Ely Pulver Eliza J. Barrett
Manlius R. Haight Frank Reynolds Eliza Condit
David Watson Edward Quin Sarah H. French
Caleb A. Barnum Electra Braden Eliza Serven
Charles F. Barrett Arthur T. Reynolds Catharine A. Haight
Horatio A. Serven Bertha F. Watson Agnes L. Barnum
Henry J. Serven Louisa M. Brownell Ellen M. Lundy
Anne E. Brownell Adda E. Reynolds Martha Garlick
Sarah VanDemark Florence M. Condit Bertha Nelson
Mary F. Smith Rena Brownell Sarah J. Colter
Mary Brightman Dora Lape Flora Ludny
Julia E. Dean William Green Caroline M. Carman
Nellie b. VanDemark Alla Brightman Edward Sharp
Lizetta L. Quin Alberta Hall Castella Sharp
Margaret Pulver Emma Hall Libbie Ferris
Josephine Wetherlow Jennie Yacal Spiddie E. Peck
John Wetherlow Adda Yacal Herbert Lundy
Nettie Burgdorf Dora Lape Rose Lundy
Lottie M. Serven Mamie W. Reynolds Albert Lundy
Cordelia Reynolds Josephine Yury Walter Lundy
Manie E. Deuel Carrie Reynolds

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