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Meeting Episcopal (Union) Church
West Junius, NY

"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.
This transcription provided by Dianne Thomas

      A meeting was held February 28, 1848, at the residence of Henry Terbush, in West Junius, to consider the advisability of erecting a house of worship for Christian service. A subscription was drawn up and those present pledged assistance as follows: Abram S. Newton, David Newton, Stephen Collamer, Stephen Crouch and Jonathan Soules - each $50; Henry Terbush and Tern Odell, each $30. The paper was then circulated through the community, and sufficient money was pledged to warrant the undertaking of the building. The land for the site was taken along the boundary between the farms of Messrs. Newton and Terbush, and was donated by the owners, the respective deed being signed by Henry Terbush and Nellie, his wife, and Abram Newton and Betsey, his wife.
      These deeds were filed June 28, 1848. Fourteen days before, a meeting had been held and an organization of a church society completed by the election of the following trustees: Abram S. Newton, David Newton, Stephen Collamer, Henry Terbush and Stephen Crouch. The church was finished and dedicated January 25, 1849, Rev. William H. Goodwin of the Methodist Episcopal church officiating, he being then pastor at Lyons. A Methodist Episcopal society was organized and the building was placed in its charge on these conditions: " This society to have the right to occupy it on every alternate Sunday, and also at any other time when it is not wanted by some other Christian denomination.
      A Methodist Episcopal class has been maintained here ever since, as a part of Junius charge. The first Quarterly Conference was held with this class, January 17, 1852, Rev. U. Harris being pastor in charge. That spring money was raised to construct sheds for the accommodation of attendants at the services. Abram Newton being chairman and Jonathan Soules, secretary of the meeting which authorized the enterprise. The sheds were erected at a cost of $220. The class now is very small, numbering only eight members, but the congregations at public worship are large, and formed of attentive listeners. The stewards to look after the financial interests of the church are George Risedorph, Miss Lucy Phillips and Miss Maggie Risedorph. Its pastor is Rev. G.F. Robins, whose portrait and sketch appear in connection with the Stone church, near which is his residence.

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