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"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896. This transcription provided by Curtis Camp.

      Glenwood chapel is a small but beautiful church edifice situated on the west shore of Cayuga lake between Kidders and Sheldrake. It was erected in the summer of 1879, mainly through the liberality of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Rapelye of Astoria, Long Island, whose summer home adjoins the chapel, aided by residents and summer visitors of the neigh-borhood. Six years before, in the summer of 1873, a small Sunday school, beginning with four scholars, was organized in the parlors of Glenwood Lodge by Mrs. Rapelye - who during all the years of its history, thus far, has con-tinued as its superintendent. The Sunday school and the work that has grown out of it has been remarkable, as furnishing an example of how, by earnest, continued effort, the religious forces of a scattered country neighbor-hood can be gathered and organized and made effective in benevolent and religious work. This is a farming neighborhood, the nearest village three miles distant. A half dozen cottages along the lake side are occupied several months of the year by families from New York and other cities, and two hotels a mile apart are well patronized by summer visitors. For the sixteen years that the chapel has been built -and used by the Sunday school- regular preaching services have been maintained every Sunday afternoon during the summer months. In 1888, a circle of King's Daughters was organized.
      In 1890, to meet those needs of the neighborhood that could not be met by the accommodations furnished by the chapel, a commodious hall was erected by Mrs. J. D. Bradford, of New York City. This hall is a kind of "People's Palace" on a small scale, adapted to the social and intellectual needs of the community, providing a gathering place for young and old - winter and summer. It is well furnished with books and papers, a small gymnasium, a kitchen, and dishes for social entertainment. Here the King's Daughters, and a Christian Endeavor society since organized, maintain a weekly meeting. The Sunday school and chapel and hall work is carried on as a union undenominational one, with the idea of strengthening the churches in the nearest villages, and so has had the sympathy and co-operation of their pastors. As a result of these twenty-two years of effort, the whole tone of life in the neighborhood has been uplifted, a number have been added to the churches, and the summer visitors and farmer's families have been brought into close and sympathetic touch along lines of philanthropic and Christian activity.

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