Abram Covert Farm Cemetery, Ovid, Seneca Co., NY

Abram Covert Farm Cemetery

Ovid Township, Seneca County, New York

Photos contributed by Wanda and Robert McCotter. The following directions to the cemetery were also provided by Wanda.
Heading south from Ovid, go to the Ovid/Lodi town line road. Turn right and go about one mile then turn right again. You will travel a short distance and there will be a small creek with a bridge followed by a stone house on the left. On the right side of the road will be a house with a field on the north side of the house. The Abram Covert Farm Cemetery is at the back of this field. There are some ditches between the road and the field but on the south end of the field near the house there is an area that you can easily cross to get into the field. Before heading into the field, look at the trees across the back of the field. You will be able to see some tall pine trees near the middle at the back of the field. The pine trees will be taller than the other trees so are easily seen from the road but once you get nearer you canít see them so it is best to try and get your bearings before heading into the field. You need to head for these pine trees. There is also a small island of trees in the middle of the field and the cemetery is directly behind that island. Once you get across the field and along the trees at the back, walk into the trees and begin looking for tombstones. There is no formal entrance to the cemetery. Be prepared for rough walking. There is a lot of underbrush and numerous holes so walking can be a bit difficult but not impossible.

Click on the thumbnails of the photos to see a larger image. Hold your mouse over the thumbnail photo to see the name on each stone.

Abraham Covert   Abraham Sebring   Abraham P. Covert   Ancha Covert   Ann Covert   Anna Himrod   Ariann Covert view 1   Ariann Covert view 2   Ariann Covert view 3   Benjamin  S. Covert   Catherine Covert   Caty, consort of Joshua Wickoff   David Himrod   Eliza Van Horn   Eliza Van Horn Morris   Elizabeth Harris   Elizabeth Van Zant   Frank Van Horn   Hemon Covert   Henry Covert   Infant son of Peter Covert   Jerusa Bishop LeConte   John Wyckoff   Joseph Eastman   Mary Covert   Mary Jane Covert   Nancy Sebring   Peter A. Covert   Peter LeConte   Peter R. Covert   Ralph Swarthout   Sarah Van Horn   Thomas Covert

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