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"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.
Transcribed and contributed to the Seneca Co., NYGenWeb site by Bruce Kinmonth.

      The First Congregational church of Seneca Falls, N.Y., was organized December 19th, 1869, with a membership of 80. Its officers were, at the time of organization: Pastor, Rev. W. W. Lyle; deacons, Horace Seekell, William Conkling, Abraham Failing; church committee, William Smalley, Edward Medden, L. F. Crowell, Mrs. H. Duell, Mrs. C. Smalley, Mrs. A. J. Gardner; clerk, Horace W. Knight; treasurer, William L. Bellows; trustees of ecclesiastic society - E. Medden, president; W. L. Bellows, clerk; Harvey Benham, R. C. Dunham, W. Smalley, C. Seekell, L. F. Crowell; superintendent Sunday school, Edward Medden. The corner stone of the church building was laid August 19, 1870, the Rev. T. K. Beecher of Elmira, making the address on the theme - "Why am I a Congregationalist?" The corner stone was laid by Mr. Childs and lies in the northeast corner of the tower. The church was completed at a cost of $30,000 and formally dedicated and opened for public worship, September 21, 1871. The dedicatory sermon was preached by Rev. Edward Taylor, D. D., of Binghamton, N.Y., from the 96th Psalm, 6th verse. The first pastor of this church was Rev. W. W. Lyle, from 1869 to 1873, who resigned his pastorate because of ill health after four years of faithful service. Rev. Mr. Smith succeeded him in 1874, and then in regular line of succession, either as stated supply or as installed pastor, were the following clergymen - Rev. Mr. Minor, Rev. Mr. Bradford, Rev. A. E. Kinmonth, Rev. Mr. Bell, Rev. Peter Lindsay, Rev. G. A. Rawson, Rev. H. Margetts, Rev. A. W. Taylor.
      The following are the present officers of the church: Pastor, Rev. A. W. Taylor; deacons, William L. Bellows, L. H. Cary, Richard Please, William Littlejohn, Charles Babcock; church committee, Mrs. Edwin Medden, Mrs. Mary Littlejohn, Mrs. H. W. Knight, Mrs. Peter Troutman, Mr. George Morris, Mr. G. R. Stearns; clerk, William L. Bellows; treasurer, Horace W. Knight; trustees, William R. Walker, president; F. C. Beebe, secretary; H. W. Knight, treasurer; G. R. Stearns, Charles Knight, E. Medden and P. Troutman. The officers of the Sabbath school are: Charles Babcock, superintentent; Frank J. Howe, assistant superintentent; Miss Anna Fenn, secretary and treasurer. Officers of the Ladies Aid society: Mrs. G. R. Stearns, president; Mrs. Peter Troutman, secretary; Miss Sarah Medden, treasurer. Officers of the Missionary society: Mrs. H. W. Knight, president; Mrs. Jessie Telford, vice-president; Mrs. Charles Curtis, secretary; Mrs. Peter Troutman, treasurer. Officers of the King's Daughters: Mrs. A. W. Taylor, president; Miss Ella Drew, vice-president; Mrs. Harry Brim, secretary; Mrs. Charles Knight, treasurer. Officers of the Y. P. S. C. E.: Frank J. Howe, president; Ernest Runge, vice-president; Nellie Oatman, secretary; George Morris, treasurer. Of those holding office in the church at the time of its organization but seven remain, viz. William L. Bellows, H. W. Knight, L. Crowell, C. Seekell, Edward Medden, Nelson Seekell, and Wm. Smalley, now of Bay City, Mich. Of these, Mr. Bellows, Mr. Knight and Mr. Medden have continued in office since the church's organization and are still efficient and trusted workers. The church with its different societies is in healthy condition, free from debt and active.

List of Members in 1896

William L. Bellows
Mrs. Caroline P. Bellows
Charles W. Seekell
Mrs. Almira Seekell
Edwin Medden
Lyman F. Crowell
Mrs. Samuel Crowell
Horace W. Knight
Mrs. Sophia Knight
Mrs. Mary Crosby
Mrs. Eliza A. King
Mrs. Mary Littlejohn
Mrs. Margaret Cross
Peter Feeck
Miss Mary Ellen Berry
Mrs. Mary Benham
Mrs. Martha Berry
Mrs. William Harpst
Mrs. Mary Hubbard
George Stevenson
Garret Bellows
Mrs. Hannah Bradley
Mrs. Elizabeth Eastwood
William Frutig
Mrs. Mary Frutig
Miss Catharine Gulick
Mrs. M. Sutton
John Davy
Mrs. Gertrude Houseman
L. H. Cary
Mrs. Elizabeth Cary
Mrs. Julia Whitlock
Mrs. Josie V. Oatman
Mrs. Lucinda D. Seekell
William Littlejohn
John Myrtle Van Etten
Nelson Seekell
Mrs. M. E. Seekell
Mrs. Nancy Sibbalds
Mrs. E. D. Boardman
Robert S. Ganoung
Mrs. Louisa S. Ganoung
Mrs. Thomas James
John Thomas
Dwight Babcock
Mrs. Julia A. Babcock
Mrs. Cornelia Greeves
David H. Andrews
Mrs. Georgie Andrews
Joseph Babcock
Mrs. L. H. Carpenter
Charles Collis
Mrs. Ellen Collis
Charles A. Curtis
Mrs. Matilda Curtis
Mrs. Sarah M. Rubert
Miss Sarah A. Medden
Miss Mary H. Medden
Frank Beebe
John B. Miller
Miss Hattie A. Morris
Mrs. Catharine Leland
Mrs. Mary Thomas
Ralph Cook
Mrs. Ralph Cook
Mrs. Jessie Telford
Peter Troutman
Mrs. Catharine Troutman
Richard Please
Mrs. Richard Please
Mrs. Mary Dalgleish
Mrs. Mariah Rollet
Mrs. William Langdon
Mrs. Julia Van Gorder
R. G. Stearns
Mrs. Ella Stearns
George Ament
Mrs. Caroline Ament
John Ament
William Walker
Mrs. William Walker
Mrs. William Seigfried
Mrs. Anna Murray
Mrs. Minnie Littlejohn
Mrs. Lizzie S. Barber
Miss Fanny Berry
Isaac B. Race
Fred J. Medden
Miss Cynthia Stevens
Miss Mary E. Stevens
Charles H. Knight
Mrs. C. H. Knight
Edwin M. Medden
Herman Zubler
Willis Knight
Mrs. John Davy
W. Franklin Davy
Miss Nellie C. Lewis
Miss Anna Collis
Miss Frank L. Seekell
Mr. Swaisland
Mrs. Swaisland
Charles S. Babcock
Edward L. Bowell
Mrs. Emily Drew
Mrs. Lucy Barrett
Mrs. Ellen Wicks
Mrs. Wilhelmina Wildner
Miss Anna M. Please
Miss Georgiana Soper
Miss Blanche Seigfried
Miss Rheua Emma Wicks
Dr. John F. Crosby
George A. Morris
Floyd Alexis Babcock
Miss May Ganoung
Mrs. Mary L. Scott
Mrs. Mary Morgan
Mrs. George Cuddleback
John F. Haas
Miss Nellie Oatman
Miss Donna Oatman
Miss Anna Fenn
Miss Ella Wicks
Albert Babbit
Mrs. Cornelia Babbit
Miss Louisa Seekell
Miss Agnes Miller
Miss Carrie Miller
Miss Emma Houseman
John Crowell
Miss Ada Crowell
Miss Nettie Berry
Mrs. Mary Peck
Mrs. Augusta Duell
Mrs. Annie Fenn
Mrs. William Morris
Miss Ella F. Drew
Miss Louisa Hooper
Ernest Runge
Miss Lena L. Stahl
Miss Minie Fenn
Mrs. Lillian M. Pontius
Miss Jennie Lillian Wicks
Frank J. Howe
Miss Edith Troutman
James Edds
Mrs. James Edds
Mrs. Harriet Newman Taylor
Miss Maud M. Savage
Miss Jessie Evelyn Savage
Mrs. Evelyn G. Savage
Miss Pearl Seekell
Mrs. Edna May Lautenslager
Edward Day
Mrs. Kate E. Day
Miss Margaret Cross
Miss Ada Babcock
Mrs. Carrie Hodges
William F. Morris
Miss Bessie Whiteney Reamer
Mrs. Peterman
Miss Anna Young
Andrew Clark
Mrs. Jennie Carter
David J. Hill
Peleg Oatman
Emma R. Thomas
Charlotte Miriam Morgan
Williamina Irene Morgan
Bertha Isabella Leland
Albertus Nathan Maxon
Mrs. A. N. Maxon
Leroy Amony Howe
Bertha May Howe
James E. Edds
Arthur Peck
Bessie Miriam Wickes
Mrs. Ella Palmer
Frank Benjamin Leland
Harry Evans Leland
Frank E. Leland
William Green Seigfred
Zaida Miriam Penoyar
C. B. Slaughter
Robert John Jardine
Nina Belle Gray
William Henry Rupert
Mrs. William H. Rupert
Henry Singer
Mrs. Henry Singer
Lena May Singer
Mrs. Josephine Peterman
Gertrude Kinmonth
Claude Sanderson
Mrs. Claude Sanderson
Nellie Sanderson
John Penant
Samuel Foster Platten
William Edward Archibald
Fred James Bridenbecker
Mrs. Alice Bogardus
Mrs. Maud Estelle Crowell
Mrs. Amy A. Russel
Eva Russel
L. B. Cross
Elizabeth Miller
Mrs. Caroline Houseman
Daniel Pollock
Mrs. Adaline Silsby
Eliza Brown
Alice Crull
Peter Cass Pontius
Dewitt P. Campbell
Mrs. Dewitt P. Campbell
Carleton Noyes Day
Ethel Peterman
Grace Peterman

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