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The following is a transcription of an original membership directory of the Congregational Church in Seneca Falls, NY. Although undated, the directory was possibly issued in 1924 or 1925. Spellings are exactly as printed.

Year Book and Church Directory


Memorial Congregational Church

State Street

Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Rev. Inman L. Willcox, Ph. D., Pastor


The First Congregational Church of Seneca Falls, N.Y., was organized December 19, 1869, with a membership of eighty. Its officers at this time were: Pastor, Rev. Wm. W. Lyle; Deacons, Horace Seekell, Wm. Conklin, Abraham Failing; Church Committee, Wm. Smalley, Edward Medden, L. F. Crowell, Mrs. H. Duell, Mrs. C. Smalley, Mrs. A. J. Gardner; Clerk, Horace W. Knight; Treasurer, Wm. L. Bellows; Trustees of the Society, E. Medden, President; Wm. L. Bellows, Clerk; Harvey Benham, R.C. Dunham, Wm. Smalley, C. Seekell, L. F. Crowell; Superintendnt of Sunday School, Edward Medden.

The cornerstone of the Church building was laid August 19, 1870. Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, of Elmira, read the address on the theme: "Why Am I a Congregationalist?" The Church was completed at a cost of $30,000, and formally dedicated September 21, 1871. The dedicatory sermon was preached by Rev. Edward Taylor, D.D., of Binghamton, N.Y.; text, Psalm 96:6: "Honor and Majesty are before Him: Strength and Beauty are in His Sanctuary."


Rev. Wm. Wallace Lyle Dec. 19, 1869-1873
Rev. Wm. A Smith 1874-1875
Rev. B. F. Bradford 1875-1877
Rev. Ovid Miner Supply for 6 months
Rev. Albert E. Kinmouth 1879-1880
Rev. J. E. Bell 1880-1881
Rev. Peter Lindsley 1881-
Rev. George A. Rawson
Rev. H. Margetts
Rev. A. W. Taylor 1892-1908
Rev. J. C. Luke 1908-1919
Rev. W. H. Seyfert Feb. 1920-May 1921
Rev. O. H. Denney Nov. 1921-Aug. 1924
Rev. Inman L. Willcox, Ph.D Sept. 1924-


Mr. Edward L. Bowell Miss Zaida M. Penoyar
Mrs. Jennie L. Warner Miss Janette Dutcher
Mrs. B. S. Stevens Miss G. E. Pawlik
Mrs. C. L. Palmer Miss G. J. Bowell
Mrs. A. D. Hatch Mr. A. C. Coleman
Mrs. Byron Freeland Mr. A. D. Hatch
Mrs. C. Hoglund Mr. George Halliday
Mrs. Leon Murphy Mr. J. Skeels
Mrs. Nellie Smith Mr. A. V. Wheeler
Mrs. W. M. Leland Mr. V. L. Warner
Mrs. Mollie Freeland Mr. W. E. Penoyar
Mrs. E. L. Bowell Mr. H. E. Myers
Mr. F. L. Van Tine


Mr. Benjamin S. Stephens January 1, 1925 - 5 years
Mr. Asa P. Woodcock January 1, 1924 - 4 years
Mr. Fred Fenn January 1, 1923 - 3 years
Mr. Charles Collis January 1, 1922 - 2 years
Mr. Judson Warner January 1, 1921 - 1 year


Mrs. Catherine Leland January 1, 1925 - 5 years
Mrs. Charles Curtis January 1, 1924 - 4 years
Mrs. Ida Harrison January 1, 1923 - 3 years
Mrs. Mary Littlejohn January 1, 1922 - 2 years
Mrs. Ella Drew January 1, 1921 - 1 year


Mr. F. J. Medden (Clerk) Jan. 1, 1925 - 1 year Mr. B. S. STebens (Treasurer) Jan. 1, 1925 - 1 year


Mr. Claude Palmer - 3 years
Mr. Warren Leland - 3 years
Mr. Karl C. Saunders - 2 years
Mr. George Shenberger - 2 years
Mr. B. S. Andrews - 2 years
Mr. E. W. Medden (Chairman) - 1 year
Mr. E. L. Bowell - 1 year
Mr. B. S. Andrews - Secretary
Mr. Claude Palmer - Treasurer


Mr. Karl S. Saunders - Superintendent
Mr. B. S. Andrews - Assistant Supt.
Mr. Frank Van Tine - Assistant Supt.
Miss Irene Messer - Secretary
Mr. Wm. Edward Penoyar - Assistant Secretary
Mr. Harold Van Tine - Treasurer
Mr. E. L. Bowell - Chorister



Mrs. Asa Woodcock - President
Mrs. Byron Freeland - Vice-President
Mrs. John Bracht - Secretary
Mrs. George Shenberger - Treasurer


Mrs. E. W. Medden - President
Mrs. I. L. Willcox - Vice-President
Mrs. Charles Curtis - Secretary
Mrs. Ellen Wickes - Treasurer


Miss Mary Dutcher - President
Miss Dora Bailey - Vice-President
Mr. Lawrence Freeland - Vice-President
Miss Jeanette Dutcher - Secretary
Mr. Robert Lee Wilson - Treasurer


Miss Bessie Wickes - Superintendent
Miss Rosabelle Dutcher - President
Miss Virginia White - Vice-President
Miss Hazel Messer - Secretary
Mr. Donald Saunders - Treasurer
Miss Hazel Messer - Pianist


Mr. Arthur Coleman - President
Mr. Harold Van Tine - Secretary and Treasurer


Mrs. Nellie Smith - President
Mrs. Eva L. Stevens -- Vice-President
Miss Bessie Wickes - Vice-President
Miss Alice Penoyar - Secretary
Mrs. Judson Warner - Treasurer


Miss Ella Drew - President
Mrs. Jennie Warner - Secretary and Treasurer


Mrs. Charles Curtis - President
Mrs. George Edds - Secretary and Treasurer


Mrs. John Bracht - President
Mrs. Claude Palmer - Secretary
Mrs. S. F. Platten - Treasurer


Mrs. Judson Warner - President
Miss Eva Messer - Secretary
Miss Grace Bowell - Treasurer


Allman, Mrs. Nellie J., 16 Spring St.
Andrews, Mr. B. Stephen, 68 Chapel St.
Andrews, Mrs. Dorothy Mae, 68 Chapel St.
Andrews, Mrs. Harriet, 21 Mechanic St.
Andrews, Miss Martha, 21 Mechanic St.
Anker, Mr. Walter, Geneva, N.Y.
Anker, Mrs. Viola, Geneva, N.Y.

Bailey, Mrs. Anna M., 18 Miller St.
Bailey, Miss Dora, 1 Montgomery St.
Bracht, Mrs. John, 49 Clinton St.
Beech, Mrs. Florence, 32 E. Bayard St.
Bell, Mr. Wm. G., Buffalo,, N.Y.
Bishop, Mr. Neri J., 19 Chestnut St.
Bishop, Mrs. Mary J., 19 Chestnut St.
Boardman, Mrs. E. D., Detroit, Mich.
Bridenbecker, Mr. Fred J., 45 Chapel St.
Bowell, Mr. Edward L., 46 Chapel St.
Bowell, Mrs. Grace G., 46 Chapel St.
Bowell, Miss Grace J., 46 Chapel St.
Broadbent, Mrs. Ella E., 87 State St.

Campbell, Mr. Charles, 294 W. Fall St.
Campbell, Mrs. Isabella, 294 W. Fall St.
Collis, Mr. Charles, 18 Miller St.
Collis, Mrs. Ellen, 18 Miler St.
Cole, Mr. Claudis C., 76 Garden St.
Cole, Mrs. Anna B., 76 Garden St.
Cole, Miss Adella, 76 Garden St.
Cole, Miss Florence, 76 Garden St.
Coleman, Mr. Arthur S., 128 State St.
Coleman, Mrs. Ruth, 128 State St.
Copp, Mrs. George, 81 Chapel St.
Cuddiback, Mrs. George, 5 Miller St.
Cuddiback, Miss Lottie G., 5 Miller St.
Crowell, Mrs. Maude E., 19 Clinton St.
Curtis, Mr. Charles A., 109 State St.
Curtis, Mrs. Matilda, 109 State St.
Curtis, Mr. Gilbert C., New Jersey
Curtis, Mrs. Gilbert C., New Jersey

Devine, Miss Alice R., Out of Town
Drew, Mmiss Ella F., 65 State St.
Deitzen, Mrs. Frances, Out of Town
Dutcher, Mrs. May S., 24 Maple St.
Dutcher, Miss Mary, 24 Maple St.
Darling, Miss Aileen

Edds, Mr. James, W. Fall St.
Edds, Mrs. Emma, 31 Miller St.

Feeck, Mrs. Jane, 9 Miller St.
Feeck, MIss F., 9 MIller St.
Fenn, Mr. Fred, 85 Troy St.
Fenn, Mrs. Anna, 85 Troy St.
Fenn, Mrs. Lottie, Out of Town
Freeland, Mr. B., 13 Maple St.
Freeland, Mrs. D., 13 Maple St.
Freeland, Miss Inez, 13 Maple St.
Freeland, Mr. Lawrence, 13 Maple St.
Freeland, Mrs. Mary L., 36 State St.
Freeland, Mrs. Emma S., 20 Clinton St.

George, Mrs. Frances, 12 State St.
Ghostlaw, Miss Mary M., Waterloo, N.Y.
Gould, Mr. Clarence A., Flint, Mich.
Gould, Mrs. Lillian, Flint, Mich.
Gould, Miss Bessie, Painted Post, N.Y.
Gruman, Mr. Lloyd, Out of Town

Halliday, Mr. George W., 10 Boston St.
Halliday, Mrs. Ada B., 10 Boston St.
Halliday, Miss Louise, 10 Boston St.
Halliday, Miss Margaret, 10 Boston St.
Halliday, Miss Helen, 10 Boston St.
Halliday, Miss Elsie, 10 Boston St.
Harrison, Mrs. Ida, 173 W. Fall St.
Hatch, Mr. Albert D., 10 Green St.
Hatch, Mrs. Mary T., 10 Green St.
Hurd, Mr. Arthur J., Syracuse, N.Y.

Johnson, Mrs. James, 6 Boston St.

Keightly, Mr. Samuel, 83 Troy St.
Keightly, Mrs. Mary, 83 Troy St.
Kennet, Mr. Ernest G., California
Kennet, Mrs. Myrtie, California
Knight, Mr. Willis G., 96 State St.
Knight, Mrs. Charles H., 36 State St.

Leland, Mrs. Catherine, 124 State St.
Leland, Mr. Warren M., 97 State St.
Leland, Mrs. NIna, 97 State St.
Leland, Mr. Harry E., Gravel Rd.
Leland, Mrs. Frank B., New York
Lewis, Mrs. Amelia, 36 State St.
Littlejohn, Mrs. Mary H., 120 State St.
Leland, Mrs. I., Syracuse
Lobuschesky, Mrs. Bertha, 33 Elmhurst Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.

Mann, Mrs. Bertha M., Detroit, Mich.
Medden, Mr. Fred J., 16 N. Park St.
Matthews, Mrs. Jessie M., 120 State St.
Medden, Mr. Edwin Wm., 74 State St.
Medden, Mrs. Rhena, 74 State St.
Medden, Miss Rhena, 74 State St.
Medden, Miss Mary, 74 State St.
Medden, Miss Ellen, 74 State St.
Medden, Mr. Edwin J., 74 State St.
Maier, Mr. Seibert, 216 W. Fall St.
Merrit, Mr. George G., W. Fall St.
Merrit, Mrs. Irene, W. Fall St.
Messer, Mr. Elery H., 31 Troy St.
Messer, Mrs. Flossie, 31 Troy St.
Messer, Miss Irene, 31 Troy St.
Messer, Miss Hazel, 31 Troy St.
Messer, Miss Eva, 31 Troy St.
Meyers, Mr. H. E. 50 Walnut St.
Meyers, Mrs. Ella, 50 Walnut St.
Meyers, Mrs. Alice
Morra, Mrs. Alex, California
Morse, Mr. Gilbert C., 81 Chapel St.
Morse, Mrs. Caroline, 81 Chapel St.
Murphy, Mr. J. Leon, 52 Green St.
Murphy, Mrs. Charlotte, 52 Green St.

Niles, Mrs. George, New Jersey
Northrup, Mr. Audrey V., 152 W. Fall St.
Northrup, Mr. Rex, Rochester, N.Y.
Northrup, Mr. Artie, Ithaca, N.Y.
Northrup, Miss Gladys, Scranton, Pa.

Oatman, Mrs. Jessie V., 14 Maynard St.
O'dell, Mr. Lynn, 8 Male St.

Palmer, Mrs. Etta, 31 Clinton St.
Palmer, Mrs. Carolyn, 20 Walnut St.
Pawlik, Mr. Daniel, 19 Maple St.
Pawlik, Mrs. Pearl, 19 Maple St.
Pawlik, Miss Grace E., 19 Maple St.
Payne, Mrs. Frank, 12 State St.
Pratt, Mr. Fred, 8 Van Cleef St.
Pratt, Mrs. Lena M., 8 Van Cleef St.
Prague, Mrs. Ethel B., 17 John St.
Platten, Mr. Samuel F., 27 White St.
Platten, Mrs. Anna L., 27 White St.
Platten, Miss Nina L., 27 White St.
Platten, Miss Genevive, 27 White St.
Platten, Mrs. Stella, 68 Green St.
Penoyar, Mrs. William L., 34 Clinton St.
Penoyar, Miss Zaida M., 34 Clinton St.
Penoyar, Mr. Wm. Edward, 34 Clinton St.
Penoyar, Miss Alice R., 34 Clinton St.
Peck, Mrs. Mary, 55 Clinton St.
Pohle, Miss Erma, Fall St.
Pohle, Miss Elizabeth Fall St.

Race, Mrs. Ellen G., 18 Mynderse St.
Riegel, Mrs. Ida, 58 Mynderse St.
Riese, Mr. Charles F., On Farm at Lake
Riese, Mrs. Ida H., On Farm at Lake
Rogers, Mr. Sidney, 40 State St.
Rogers, Mrs. Jessie V., 40 State St.
Rogers, Mr. Loren, 28 Walnut St.

Sadler, Mrs. H. E., 25 Chapel St.
Savage, Miss Maud M., Black Brook Rd.
Savage, Miss Jennie E., Black Brook Rd.
Salisbury, Mrs. Minnie 30 1/2 Ovid St.
Salisbury, Miss Ina M., 30 1/2 Ovid St.
Sanderson, Mr. Claud C., 101 Mynderse St.
Sanderson, Mrs. Jessie, 101 Mynderse St.
Soft, Mr. Henry F., 38 State St.
Saunders, Mr. Karl C., Black Brook Rd.
Saunders, Mrs. Effie, Black Brook Rd.
Saunders, Mr. Harold D., Black Brook Rd.
Saunders, Mr. Karl C., Chapin St.
Spaulding, Miss Marion, 2 Pine St.
Swaisland, Mrs. John W., Johnson Home
Sells, Mr. Raymond L., Victor, N.Y.
Sells, Miss Laura C., Victor, N. Y.
Sheppard, Mrs. Robert, Green St.
Stevens, Mr. Benjamin S., 78 Mynderse St.
Stevens, Mrs. Eva L., 78 Mynderse St.
Stevens, Miss Marion, Rochester, N.Y.
Stevens, Mr. Wm. H enry, Allentown, N. J.
Stevenson, Mr. John L., Gravel Rd.
Stevenson, Miss Addie, Gravel Rd.
Silba, Mr. Charles
Singer, Mr. Henry, 8 Van Cleef St.
Singer, Mrs. Matilda, 8 Van Cleef St.
Smith, Mrs. Nellie O., 14 Maynard St.
Sukle, Mr. Franklin L.
Snyder, Miss Dorothy, 133 Sate St.
Sweet, Mr. Charles

Trautman, Miss Edith, 8 Clinton St.

Van Tine, Mrs. Emma, 36 Chapel St.
Van Tine, Mr. Harold, 36 Chapel St.
Van Time, Mr. Frank L., 35 Walnut St.
Van Tine, Mrs. Mary A., 35 Walnut St.

Warner, Mr. Judson, 49 Stevenson St.
Warner, Mrs. Sophia, 49 Stevenson St.
Warner, Mr. Victor L., 49 Stevenson St.
Warner, Mrs. Jennie L., 49 Stevenson St.
Wickes, Mrs. Ella, 10 Daniels St.
Wickes, Miss Bessie, 10 Daniels St.
Wickes, Miss Ella, 10 Daniels St.
Wheeler, Mrs. Dorothy, 48 Walnut St.
Wilson, Mrs. Bertha, 6 Boston St.
Wilson, Mr. Robert Lee, 6 Boston St.
Wilson, Mr. John W., 1 Canoga St.
Wilson, Mrs. Jennie, 1 Canoga St.
Woodcock, Mr. Asa P., 220 Fall St.
Woodcock, Mrs. Persis J., 220 Fall St.
Woodcock, Miss Grace M., 220 Fall St.
Woodcock, Mr. Philip J., 220 Fall St. Woods, Mrs. Alice

Yells, Mrs. Luella, 15 Pine St.
Yells, Mrs. Burt


S. S. Palmer Co., 31 Clinton St., Coal

Seneca Falls Granite Works, C. T. Campbell, Prop., Granite, Marble, Bronze Monuments, Tablets and Markers. Works on Trinity Lane. Residence, No. 224 Fall St.

The Seneca County Trust Company of Seneca Falls, N.Y., Bank

The Goulds Mfg. Company, Seneca Falls, N.Y., the Largest Plant in the World Devoted Exclusively to the Manufacture of Pumps for Every Service. Founded in 1848.

Empire Gas & Electric Company, Seneca Falls, New York

Fred L. Huntington, Ford Products, Seneca Falls, New York

A. H. Ford's Garage, Seneca Falls, New York

The Westcott-Valve Co., Inc., Seneca Falls, New York

Rumsey Pump Co., Limited, Hand and Power Pumps, Seneca Falls, New York

Malone Brothers, Celebrated Lackawanna Anthracite Coal, Hard and Soft Wood, Office and Yard, 28 Clinton St., Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Shannon's Clothes Shop, The Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx, Fisher Theatre Bldg., Seneca Falls, New York

Sugar Bowl, 98 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, New York

M. E. Harpst, Quality Drug Stores, 53 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Wilson's, Wall Paper, Paints or Decorating, 102 Fall

Emens & Dobson, Leather Goods, 64 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Anderson's Ready-to-Wear on Main Floor, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums and Mattings in the New Basement, 47 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Gay & Son, Insurance Experts, Seneca Falls, New York

J. B. Crowell, Dealer in Fresh and Salt Meats, Full Line of Groceries Etc., 158 W. Fall St., Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Larkaris, Home-Made Candies and Ice Cream, 103 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Townsend & Smith, Ice, Seneca Falls, New York

Metcalf Quality Cash Markets Inc., Seneca Falls, New York

A. G. Pohle, Bakery, 46 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, New York

Radder Music Shop, Victrola Headquarters and Gulbransen Pianos, Radio Machines of All Kinds, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Mother Cup Board Restaurant, Meals Service 7 A. M. to 9 P.M., Salads, Pies, Cakes of All Kinds Made to Order, 143 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Seneca Falls Rule & Block Co., Inc., Seneca Falls, N.Y.

F. R. Gibson, Shoes, 119 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, New York

Seneca Clothing Co., Seneca Falls, New York

The Geb & Garvan Yarn Co., Inc. "Finger Lakes Yarns", Seneca Falls, New York

T. B. Baird Store Inc., Piece-dyed wash fabrics that are fast to soap and boiling. IN Business Since 1873. 51 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

The State Bank of Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Burritts Palace Cash Market, Fresh & Salt Meats, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

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