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William Close

Be It Remembered that heretofore, to whit, on the 5th day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy two James McLEAN one of the Executors named in the last Will and Testament of William CLOSE, late of the town of Fayette in the County of Seneca deceased, appeared in open Court before the Surrogate of the County of Seneca and made application to have the said last Will and Testament which relates to both Real and Personal Estate, proved and on such application the said Surrogate did ascertain by satisfactory evidence who where the widow heirs at law and next of kin of the said Testor and their respective residences and said Surrogate did thereupon issue a Citation in due form of law, directed to the widown and heirs at law and next of kin of said deceased by their respective names, stating their respective places of residence requiring them to appear before said Surrogate at his office in the Village of Seneca Falls in said County on the 19th day of August, 1872 to attend the Probate of said Will.
In The Name of God, Amen.

I, William CLOSE, of the town of Fayette, County of Seneca, State of New York, make this my last Will and Testament as follows:
First: I give and devise to my wife, Mary CLOSE, the house and premises where I now reside containing about two acres of land situated on the South side of the Seneca Falls Road in the Village of Waterlow, town of Fayette, Seneca County, NY during her life time.
I also bequeath to my said wife, Mary, absolutely all of my household furniture, all of my kitchen furniture and housekeeping goods, all my pictures, family library and all her and my wearing apparel that I may have at my descease.
Second: I authorise and direct my Executors herein appointed to take possession and hold and receive the rents and profits of all other Real Estate which I may have at my decease until the same shall be sold as herein directed and I authorize and direct them to sell and convey all such Real Estate as soon after my demise as a satisfactory opportunity shall offer and upon such terms as they deem best and to collect all debts due to me and I direct said Executors to dispose of the money thus arising and arising from all other sources as follows:
They shall pay first out of said money all just debts that I may owe at my demise and my furneral expenses and the expenses of erecting my grave, an appropriate monument or headstone with such suitable inscription thereon as my said wife may direct, Said Executors are directed to erect such monument and defray the expenses out of said funds and said Executors are directed to invest upon safe securities in their names as Executors the balance of the money with interest. The interest payable semiannually and so keep the same invested and to pay the same to my wife for the purpose of defraying the expenses of keeping care and necessary clothing of herself and my daughter, Susan CLOSE, and in case such interest should not be sufficient for such expenses, then my said Executors are directed to use from the principal or any money they may have as such Executors for the purpose of defraying such expenses as they may from time to time deem necessary. And, said Executors are directed to collect said interest semiannually and all the money due or to become due to me or to them as Executors. And in case of the death of my siad wife, my said Executors are directed to rent the house and lot hereinbefore mentioned where I now reside and the rents and profits after apying for the necessary repairs thereon to be used and paid by my said Executors for the support and keeping of my said daughter, Susan. I direct my said Executors to sell the same premises where I now reside either at public or private sale within one year after they, my said wife and daughter, Susan, shall both be dead. And, I further will and direct that after paying the debts, if any of my said wife and the funeral expenses of herself and my said daughter, Susan, all moneys arising from the sale of said house and lot and all toher moneys which my said Executors may have in their hands as such executors shall be given to my daughters, Mary Jane FULLMER, wife of Joseph FULLMER, Hannah THORNE, wife of Alfred THORNE, and to my son, James E. CLOSE, equally share and share alike.
And I further direct that after the death of both my said wife and daughter, Susan, my household furniture shall be sold at public sale within one year after the death of both of them by my said Executors, and the moneys arising from such sale after paying the expenses thereof shall be given to my three children hereinbefore named equally share and share alike.
I appoint my friends, William HOGAN (??) of Fayette and James MCLEAN of the Village of Waterloo, Seneca County, NY Executors of this my last Will and Testament and Trustees to execute all powers and trusts hereby created and should either of them die or decline to the other possess all powers hereby confided to both and they are hereby further directed that in case of the death of one or more of my three children hereinbefore named to wit: Mary J. FULLMER, James E. CLOSE, Hannah THORNE before the death of my said wife and my said daughter Susan or before the payment and division of the moneys as hereinbefore directed then the portion or share of such one or more shall be given to the heirs, next of kin of such as may be dead, in equal shares.
I hereby revoke all former wills made by me.
In witness whereof I hereto set my hand and seal, the 11th day of June, 1872.
William CLOSE
Submitted by Nancy Tweedie.

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