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Wills and Letters of Administration, 1804-l8l3 Book A on file in Surrogate's Office, County Court House, Waterloo.

WYCOFF       William Sr., deceased, Town of Fayette, farmer. Will dated 18 January 1810. Funeral charges to be paid out of whole of estate. To eldest son Nicholas Wycoff real and personal estate, to receive amounts due and to pay debts. To eldest daughter Phebe Sickles $10 to be paid her two years after my decease by Nicholas. To youngest daughter Mary Brewer $50 to be paid her two years after my decease by Nicholas. To youngest son Edward Wycoff $100 to be paid him by Nicholas two years after decease. if Nicholas cannot pay for land on which he now lives then he is not able to pay sums above mentioned and no property will be paid to any of my children. Executors; Nicholas Wycoff and James Van Riper. Signed 18 January 1810 William Wycoff Senr Seal. Witnesses: Alexander Rorison, Benjamin Parcell, William Dumond. Recorded 15 February 1812. Pp. 246-49.

TRIMBLY       John, late Town of Ulysses died intestate. Letters of administration to Christopher Cool and Mary Trimbly. 16 February 1812. Pp.249-5O.

HIMROD       William, late Town of Hector died intestate. Letters of administration granted to Elizabeth Himrod. 18 February 1813. Pp.250-251.

BRICKLEY       William, late Town of Fayette died intestate. Letters of administration granted to Margaret Brickley and John Brickley Town of Fayette. 19 February 1812. Pp.251-52.

VAN DOREN       Abraham, deceased. Town of Ovid. Will dated 19 January 1813. To my beloved wife lands where I now live and all my personal estate except for one colt to my son Abraham. Rest of real and personal property to Mary till youngest child is age 21. At that time any personal estate left to be sold and moneys remaining after payment of debts to be distributed thus: To my two sons my real estate. Lot north of road joining to Mr. Stilt's land to oldest son Abraham and lot on south side of road to youngest son Jacob. Five daughters [unnamed] to receive each $60. Appoint wife Mary and trusty friend Fokard Sebring executors. Signed Abraham Van Doren. Seal. Witnesses: Richard Drake, James Perrine, John R. Sebring. Pp.252-55.

KIRKPATRICK       John, late Town of Romulus, died intestate. Letters of administration to Phebe Kirkpatrick Town of Romulus. 5 February 1813. P.256.

KENNEDY       John, deceased of Ovid. To sons William, John, and James all real estate, 300 acres in lot 50 and 150 acres in lot 52 of Military Tract in Town of Ovid. Son William to have 100 acres off lot 51 during natural life of wife Isobel and after her death fee sirnple to William. To sons John and James rest of real estate being rest of 300 acres in lot 50 and 50 acres on lot 52 equally divided. Personal estate to each of my five daughters Betsey, Polly, Jennet, Sally, and Nancy and $50 each when they are of age. Rest of personal estate to wife Isobel for her sole disposal. My wife executrix and Archibald Douglas executor. Signed John Kenneday. Seal. 11 February 1813. Witneses: Jonas Larwer, Nicholas Rappleye, and Hugh Allen. Recorded 4 March 1813. Pp.257-60.

ROGERS       Jonathan, deceased, Seneca Co. Will dated 21 February 1813. To daughter Sarah Devenport $250 to be paid by my three sons Samuel, George, and Israel. Samuel to pay $60 for 60 acres of land. To daughter Agnes 15 acres of land in north east lot #36 in Town of Fayette. It is given to her and two children she now has by Thomas Hoxter, deceased. To son Israel $50 for 50 acres in lot 36, bounded by Peter Day, Richard Dey, Samuel Rogers, and one-half of 38 acres next to above estate. To son George other half of 38 acres. Moveable property to pay debts. Appoint sons George and Israel Rogers executors. Signed 21 February 1813. Jonathan (his mark) Rogers. Witnesses: Peter Dey, William Haskell, Highly Rogers. Pp.260-62.

HUWER       Henry, deceased, Town of Fayette. My son Valentine to have farm for two years and to deliver to his mother one-third of profits from farm. After that, farm to be sold and money equally divided with all children except one-third to be placed at interest for use of widow Elizabeth Huwer during her lifetime and after her death boys to have $40 more than girls out of dower. To daughter Christine one cow and to wife two beds, one cow and one yearling heifer, and household furniture. Son Valentine use of team on farm for two years. Executors: John Camber, Jr., George Huwer. Signed 19 February 1813 Henry (his mark) Huwer. Seal. Witnesses: Charles Woodruff, J. 0. Hunt, Josiah Easton. Pp.262-65.

WADE       Jeptha, deceased, Town of Romulus. To wife Sarah Wade 1/3 of improved land, quantity of fire wood, and timber for house. To son Silas Allen Wade remainder of farm (36 acres). Silas Allen rest of farm and to pay daughters Elizabeth Wade and Phebe Wade $75. To sons Andrew Wade, Gilbert Allen Wade, and Jeptha Wade remainder of farm on west side of road running through farm. Andrew, Gilbert, and Jeptha to give Heziah Wade and Ann Wade $50 each. To daughter Martha Fleming $75. Wife Sarah and Silas Allen to bring up young children and give them education. Signed 3 March 1813. Jeptha Wade. Seal. Witnesses: Stephen Miller, Isaac Randall, and Howard Miller. Pp.265-69.

DUMOND       William, deceased, of the Town of Fayette, dated 1 March 1813. Proved 23 March 1813. Executors are Hugh McAlister and Alexander Rorison of the Town of Fayette. Bequests to wife Rachel Dumond, son David Dumond, son William T., son Herman, son Joseph (under 21), daughters Temperance Dulles, Catherine (Caty) Dumond, Elizabeth Dumond, and granddaughter Rachel Rosierants. Land is mentioned that has been previously sold to Henry Chunkquiller. William Dumond. Seal. Witnesses: Casper Yost, Jeremiah Van Ryper, and Samuel Quigley. Witnesses to Codicil: George Thomas, George Easterley, and William Pontious. Pp.269-74.

YOST       George, late of the Town of Fayette, died intestate. Letters of Administration granted to John Yost, 23 March 1813. p.274.

DEPEW       Henry, deceased, of the Town of Romulus, will dated 28 Feb. 1813. Execu-tors are David Depew (Father), Enoch Terhune, and Clemea Depew. Be-quests to wife Clemea Depew, only son David Depew, daughters Anna Depew, Sally Depew, Mary McQucan Depew, Leletue Depew, and Alecta Edwards Depew. (Names of Polly Depew and Alerto were erased because written by mistake.) Henry Depew. Seal. Witnesses: Charles Mosher, Peter Wickoff, Edward (his mark) Wickoff. Proved 26 March 1813. Pp. 274-77.

HUMPHREY       Thomas, deceased, of the Town of Junius, will dated 4 Feb. 1813. Ex-ecutors are Erzebella Humphrey and Josiah Crane. Bequests to son Christopher Humphrey of $1, wife Erzebella and to dear children Catherine Humphrey, Ann Humphrey, Pennerricak Humphrey, and Thomas Humphrey. Thomas Humphrey. Seal. Witnesses: Jonathan Whitney, Thomas C. Meger, and Joseph Dumant. Proved 5 April 1813. Pp.277-79.

LUTTLE       Henry, late of the Town of Fayette, died intestate. Letters of Administration granted to John Watkins. 5 April, 1813. Pp.279-80.

THOMPSON       Jared, deceased of the Town of Ulysses, will dated 28 Jan. 1813. Proved 7 April 1813. Executors are Grace Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Samu-el Weyburn, jun., and Samuel Thompson. Bequests to wife Grace Thompson, son Isaac Thompson, and daughters Lorind(a), Lydia, Harrit, Sally, and Emelia Thompson. Jared (his mark) Thompson (Seal). Witnesses: Artimis Curtis, Zurial Curtis, and Samuel Weyburn,jun. Pp.280-81.

PALMER       Bartley, deceased, will dated 18 March 1813. Proved 9 April 1813 in the Town of Romulus. Executor is Jesse Palmer. Bequests to sister Mittah, land in the state of Maryland to niece Rachel Louns and brother Jesse Palmer. Bartley Palmer (Seal). Witnesses: William Dixson, John D. Phillips, and Peter Dey. Pp.281-84.

BRYANT       John, deceased, of the Town of Romulus, will dated 26 March 1813. Proved 14 April 1813. Executors are Nathaniel Bryant, Amos Bryant, and William Brant. Bequests to wife Lorana Bryant, daughter Sarah Bryant, son William Briant [sic], son Nehemi-ah Bryant, daughter Charity Smith, son John Bryant, and son Amos Bryant. John Bryant (Seal). Witnesses: David Smith, Andrew Merrell and Levi Hart. Pp.284-87.

BOORAM       Jacob, deceased, late of the Town of Ovid, will dated 23 Sept. 1812. Executors are Rev. Minor Thomas and James McCall. Proved 26 April 1813. Bequests to wife Rosannah, and after she has no further use of them, equal parts of my real and personal property to my children (unnamed). Jacob Booram (Seal). Witnesses: Peter LeConte and Jerusha LeConte. Pp.287-89.

SAYRE       Daniel, deceased of the Town of Junius, will dated 20 Feb. 1813. Proved 6 May 1813. Executors Susannah Sayre and Jacob L. Larzelere. Bequests to wife Susannah Sayer, Daniel Sayer natural son of Jedediah Sayer, my brothers Jedediah Sayer and Moses Syer, and my sisters Sarah Cory and Mary Potter, my niece Susannah Leonard, and to my wife my negro man Jack until he shall have attained the age of 20 years and then to be freed or emancipated. Additional bequests to Daniel Sayre Leonard, son of John Leonard, and Daniel Sayre Cory. Daniel Sayre (Seal). Witnesses: William P. Bennett, John Harris, and Joseph T. Pitney. Pp.295-96 and 292-93.

MYERS       Adam, late of the Town of Junius, died intestate. Letters of Administration granted to Naomi Myers 17 May 1813. Pp.292-93.

NOTE: Final pagination of this book is 288, 289, 295, 296, 292, 293. The Myers Letters of Administration is between the Sayre will and affidavits of the executors and the witnesses.

Wills (1813-1827) andLetters ofAdministration (1813-1815), BookA; on file in the Seneca County Surrogate's Office, Waterloo.

PARKER       I, Jonathan Parker of County of Seneca, being weak in body but sound mind and memory make my last will. I give to my beloved wife Sarah the whole of my property and to her heirs forever. I do nominate and appoint my beloved wife Sarah executrix and she paying my debts and funeral charges and expenses - this is my last will. 6 Dec. 1816. Witnesses:David Smally, George Wilkin, and Nancy Smally. Recorded 10 May 1817. Pp. 158-60.

SWICK       In the name of God Amen. The 24th day of January in the year 18171, Rachel Swick, widow, of the Town of Ovid being sick and weak make my last will. I give my four daughters Mascey, Barbery, Hannah, and Rachel all my wearing apparel to be equally divided between them. All remainder of my personal estate to be divided equally between all my children namely John Martin, Benjamin Andrew, Mascey, Barbery, Hannah, and Rachel and my grandson David Swick. I appoint my trusty friends John Blauvelt and Henry Fulkerson to be my executors. Witnesses: Wm. Chandler, Julius K. Blackburn, John (his mark) Lever. Recorded 12 May 1817. Pp.161-63.

ELLIS       In the name of God Amen, 1, Ann Ellis of Ovid, make my last will. I give my beloved mother Elizabeth Ellis all my estate real and personal and I appoint her sole executor. 2 May 1816. Witnesses: Jared Sandford, Jane Berger, Polly Travis. Recorded 16 May 1817. Pp.163-65.

BATEMAN       I, Isaac Bateman of Fayette, make my last will. I give unto my beloved wife Helen Bateman $25. I give my only daughter Eliza Bateman three silver tablespoons, six silver teaspoons, one pair silver sugar tongs, one silver watch, one large Bible, and the rest of my books except Edwards History of the Work ofRedemption, all my crockery, glass ware, looking glasses, and all my personal property which is in Town of Herkimer, Herkimer County, State of New York. I appoint David Jorden and Philip Jolly, both of Fayette, executors. 17 Feb. 1817. The twenty-five dollars willed to my wife is in lieu of dower. Witnesses:Joseph Baclirnan, Christian Foster, John Bachman. Recorded 8 Jan. 1818. Pp.166-68.

HOGARTH       This is the last will of John Hogarth of Town of Ovid being about to go a long and dangerous journey. I give all land in town of Ovid now occupied by William Thompson Esq. as a tenant to my daughter Elizabeth Hogarth. I give my son Andrew P. Hogarth all my land in town of Hector to hirn and to the rest of my children by my present wife Rebecca Ho garth, Viz. Clarissa, Sally, Emily, and Rebecca, each an equal share of all my personal property (list follows) except about eleven hundred dollars due me from Thomas Osborn secured by bond and mortgage to be applied to benefit of my children under direction of my wife who is hereby appointed guardian. To my eldest daughter, Mary, I give $100. To my youngest daughter, Alice, I give $100 in addition to what she has already received, and to my sons, Richard and John S., I give $100 each. I give my daughter Jane Hogarth $580. I appoint Daniel Scott of Ovid and my son Richard Hogarth of Village of Geneva executors. Witnesses: Bostwick Noble, Israel Smith, Richard Hogarth. (no date) Recorded 16 Jan. 1818. Pp.168-170.

MUNSON       I, Abigail Munson of Romulus, make my last will. I give my daughter Elizabeth Munroe the north half of the farm I now live on and at her decease I will the north two-thirds be given to my grandson Stephen Munroe and the south one-third to my grandson Stephen Herman Munson, son of Margaret Bunger. In case he should die under age and without heirs, I give the same one-third to my granddaughter, Abigail Munroe. I give my daughter, Phebe Richards, use of the south half of the farm on which I now live and at her decease to my grandsons Abraham Munson Richards and Stephen Herman Munson, and should they die under age and without heirs I give the same to my granddaughter Eliza Richards. I give my son Gilbert Allen Munson all my personal properly except wearing apparel which I give my two daughters Elizabeth Munroe and Phebe Richards. Whereas I make James Munroe full compensation for all services done for me, in case he bring any demand against my estate, I will my daughter Elizabeth's part of the farm be rented to pay for it. (Same as above for Michael Richards and Phebe's part of the farm be rented to pay for it.) I will my farm for use and benefit of my two daughters Elizabeth Munroe and Phebe Richards without their husbands having any right whatever to lease or sell the same. I appoint Stephen Allen and Isaac Whitehead executors. 21 Feb. 1818. Witnesses: Mather Marvin, Silas Allen, S. Kilman Doughty. Recorded 8 June 1818. Pp.170-174.

Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration from Book A - Wills and Letters of Administration in the Surrogate's Office, Seneca County Courthouse, Waterloo, N. Y.

WINANS       Benjamin, of the Town of Ovid. Will made November 12, 1807, probated September 18, 1809, on a petition presented by Elizabeth Winans, exec. Will left to "my wife Elizabeth", his whole estate, personal and real, including 53 acres of land in the Town of Junius, a part of lot 47. Wits.: Richard Thomas and Jedediah Sayre. pg. 150

RICHMOND       Mary, of the Town of Romulus, was granted Letters of Administration of the estate of Warner Richmond, on October 24, 1809. pg. 153

VAN CLIFF       Isaac, late of the Town of Fayette. Letters of Administration over his estate were granted Dec. 5, 1809 to Urias VanCliff and Peter VanCliff, of the Town of Fayette, execs. pg. 154. Will signed Sept.26, 1809, had the following provisions. 1. All debts to be paid. 2. To my beloved wife, Phebe Van Cliff, sole possession of real and personal estate during her widowhood and no longer. 3. To my eldest son Tunis Van Cliff, $10. 4. To my youngest sons, Isaac and James Van Cliff, a good horse and saddle apiece. 5. Then equally divide the remainder between my four sons, Urias, Peter, Isaac and James, each to have 1 share. Urias and Peter, my two sons, are to be execs. Witnesses: Vinson Kenyon, Phillip Edington and Joseph Bachman. pg. 154

IRELAND       Rachel, of the Town of Junius, granted Letters of Administration over the estate of the late Joseph Ireland, on September 15, 1809. pg. 157

RATHBON       Frederick, late of the Town of Fayette. Letters of Administration, appt. Benjamin Hendricks and Andrew Shotts, both of the Town of Fayette, were granted on March 15, 1810. pg. 138.

DEPPER       John, late of the Town of Romulus (or Fayette). Letters of Administration, appt. John Zamber of Romulus and Christian Depper of the Town of Fayette, were granted on April 2, 1810. pg. 160

COLE       David, late of the Town of Ovid, made will August 5, 1809 and petition for probate was made by David Cole, exec. of the will on June 2, 1810. Will's provisions were as follows: To my oldest son, David Cole, all land on lot 66 in the Town of Ovid lying on the west side of the mill run and being the north west corner of said lot. To my two sons, Cornelius B. and the said David, all my land on the east side of said run on said lot divided equally between them when my son Cornelius shall arrive at the age of 18. My personal estate to my son David. To each of my daughters, Peggy Hall, Eleanor Huston and Hannah Stuart, $50 each. To my other daughters, Charity, Lydia and Elizabeth R. Cole, $75 each to be paid by David, $250 and by Cornelius $125. When Cornelius arrives at the age of 21. To my wife, Balejeg, the use of 2 cows and 6 sheep as long as she remains my widow. Wits: John J. Myers, James Covert, and Peter LaConte. pg. 161

WHITE       Robert, late of the Town of Romulus, made will April 7, 1810, and it was presented for probate on June 17, 1810 by James Bennett and Julia White, Administrators of the will. Will stated that Robert was "weak in body and very sick" and directed that the Administrators pay his debts, and "especially satisfy the demands of New York State against me". To my beloved wife, Julia, 1/3 of my real and personal estate. Upon her decease, I leave it at her discretion to divide the same among our children as she may think it proper. To my children 2/3 of my real and personal estate. Wits.: Jno. Gilmor, Jacob Webber and Samuel Gordon. (File 4656 was checked and no information on the children's names was found) pg. 165

HOOPER       Stephen, late of Town of Junius, made a will March 24, 180(8?) and it was presented for probate on June 20, 1810 by the Administrator of the will, Lewis Birdsall. The will states that Stephen was sound of mind and not of body and appoints Lewis Birdsall and Pontius Hooper execs. "To my son Wm., 30 acres off the southern part of my lot, a part of lot 99, Junius. To my son Stephen, 30 acres adjoining William's land. To my son Jeremiah, 30 acres of land north of Stephen and the residue of said lot to my wife, Hannah Hooper. Bequeaths $2.00 each to sons John, Lawrence and Pontius Hooper and $2.00 also to his daus. Jane, Mary and Martha. Wits .: Lambert Van Alistyn, Lewis Birdsall and Wm. Penoyer. pg. 168.

HASTER       Christian, late of the town of Fayette. His will was presented for probate on June 29, 1810 by his executors, Rachel Haster and John Haster, both of Fayette. Will states that Christian, weak in body and sound in mind left "to my wife, Rachel Haster" (2) beds and bedding, (1) cow, (1) 15 gal. kettle with pasture and wintering for said cow, 25 bushels of wheat, 100 weight of beef, 150 weight of pork, 8 bushels of rye, 10 bushels of corn, 6 bushels of buckwheat, 15 bushels of potatoes, 1/2 of the garden to plant for herself, also the wool off 3 sheep, 1/4 acre flax seed and $10 in cash. Also her choice of one room in my house to live. All to have yearly during the time my two youngest sons Michael and Frederick shall stay and abide with her. Whenever they leave she is to re ceive 1/2 of the above articles of grain, meat and flax as long as she remains my widow. My executors shall pay my debt on land to New York State. To my eldest daughter, Elizabeth Disinger, $50, to my eldest son, John Haster, $100. To my stepdaughter, Eve Ma(u)ger (Mowger?), 1 cow, 2 heifers, 1 weaver's loom and $20.00 cash. To my daughter Mary Haster, 1 cow, 1 bed, bedding and bedstead and $4.00. My executors shall then appraise my estate and my four sons, John, Christian, Michael and Frederick shall each have 1 equal share and a 1/2 share to my daughter Mary. The two oldest sons, John and Christian, to keep the land and pay the other two boys and Mary their proportion. Wife Rachel and son John to be executors. Will signed March 9, 1810. Wits.:Vinson Runyon, John Pontius and Henry Mowger. pg. 172.

WICKOFF       Joseph, late of Romulus. Will presented for probate August 13, 1810, written July 5, 1810. Keziah Wickoff, Wm. W. Folwell and Zebedee Stout of Romulus, executors. Will states: to my wife Keziah, 1/3 of proceeds or income of my estate as long as she remains my widow. Considering that my son Peter hath received his portion, excepting $10.00 and that my dau. Mary has received her outset and that my other daughters, Jane and Margaret, do receive an outset equal with hers. At the discretion of my executors, each daughter shall receive $100 in property in rotation according to age. My son Joseph shall receive my farm of 106 acres and all farming utinsils on the following conditions. Joseph is to pay each of the other brothers $500 each when they shall become of age, 2/3 to be paid in neat stock, the rest in money, providing that my other sons continue to work at home with their brother Joseph. It is my will that my little children be schooled by my wife. That when my youngest daughter, Nancy, becomes of age or marries, she shall receive like her other sisters by my son Joseph. Wits.: Benj. (s) Green, Zebulon Stout and John Caton. pg. 176.

REED       Wm., late of Town of Fayette, Letters of administration issued to Zervlah Reed and Wm. (Prickley) on Aug~st 28, 1810. pg. 180.

CONGER       Enoch, late of Fayette, Seneca Co. Letters of Administration granted to Hannah Conger and Josiah Easton on Sept.28, 1810. pg. 181.

DEY       Phillip, late of Romulus, Seneca Co. Letters of Administration granted to Anthony Dey on September 29, 1810. pg. 182.

HUNTER       James, late of Junius. Will presented for probate October 31, 1810. No date given, the entry reading 27th of ___ Weak in body. To my son, Andrew Hunter, $50 or its value in property. To my daughter, Martha Blakely, $1.00. To my daughters, Lydia Ann Hunter and Rachel Hunter $25 each when they arrive respectively at age 18. To my beloved wife Rachel, 1/3 of my real and personal property during her life-time, and then to be divided equally between my 3 sons, James, Henry John and Thomas. All my remainmg real and personal property to my 3 sons. James aud Henry John Hunter were to be executors. Witnesses: Philip Lyell, Israel Harris and R.R.Parkinan. pg. 183.

CLAWSON       Garrebraul, late of Fayette, Seneca Co. Letters of Administration granted to Eleanor Clawson and James Woodruff on December 18, 1810. pg. 186.

BARNES       Abner, late of Ovid. Letters of Administration granted to Abigail Bangs, Daniel Scott, and Nathan Cole, 2nd, all of Ovid, on December3l, 1810. pg. 188

HOPKINS       Jonathan, late of Ovid. Letters of Administration granted to Thomas Hopkins on December 31, 1810. pg. 189.

WOODWORTH       Caleb, late of Junius. Letters of Administration granted to Rebekah Woodworth and Samuel Messenger, Jr., Jan. 30, 1811. pg. 190.

WALDORF       George, late of Romulus. Letters of Administration granted to Abraham Walldorph, February 22, 1811. pg. 191.

MILLS       Peter, late of Romulus. Written March 3, 1811. Adm. of will granted George Mills of Catharine, Tioga Co., sole exec. March 7, 1811. Pay debts. My beloved bro. George Mills all my messuage or tenament situated in Township of Catharine, Tioga Co. Wits.: David H. Smith, James Harris, Tompkins C. Delavan. pg. 192.

MERRITT       James, late of Romulus. To my wife, Mary Merritt, all my personal estate. Written March 9, 1811. Witnesses: Tompkins C. Delavan, Thomas Blain and James Demott. Presented for probate April 4, 1811. Executrix: Mary Merritt. pg. 195

WINTCHELL       Ezeriah (Azeriah?), late of Junius. Letters of Administration granted to John Anderson of the Town of Junius, June 23, 1811. pg. 199.

SPALDING       Timothy, late of Ovid. Letters of Administration granted to Abigail Spalding and Moses Green of the Town of Ovid, Oct. 4, 1811. pg. 200.

THOMAS       Joseph, late of Ovid. Letters of Administration granted Nov.13, 1811 to Rufus H. Clark and Jonathan P. Woodworth. pg. 201.

STARK       Aaron, late of Fayette. Letters of Administration granted Nov.29, 1811 to Isaac Stark. pg. 202.

CULVER       Nathaniel, late of the Town of Ulysses. Letters of Administration granted Feb. 5, 1812 to Abraham Culver. pg. 203.

NICKLE       Abraham, late of Ovid. Letters of Administration granted Feb. 7, 1812 to SelahSquires of Ovid. pg. 204.

DECKER       Solomon, late of Romulus. After just debts are paid, to my beloved son, Reuben Decker, my mare, one horse slay and harness, 1 cow and 1 large iron kettle. To my son Oliver Decker, $50. To my daughter, Dolly Decker, 1 bed, bedding and rest of household furniture. To my grandson, Jesse Decker, a son of my son, Moses Decker, $50 at the age of 21. To my grandson, Solomon Decker, a son of my son, Aaron Decker, $40 and 1 cow until he becomes of age. To my son, Peter Decker, all that messuage or tennement in the Town of Romulus, a part of lot 92, 17 acres when he arrives at the age of 21. Executors: Isaac Johnson, L. Tomkins, and C. Delavan. Witnesses: Edward Aulgar, Robert Gouldsberry and Isaac Brown. Will written Dec. 25, 1811. Presented for probate Feb. 7, 1812. pg. 205.

BOARDMAN       Thaddeus, of the Town of Hector, deceased. To my well beloved son, Simon, all my real estate and household goods. Executors Simon Boardman and Charles Deming. Wits.: Charles Everts, Clarissa Everts, and Moses Tornkins. Will dated May 3, 1808. Presented for probate Feb.28, 1812 by Executors Simon Boardman of the Town of Hector, Seneca Co. and Charles Deming of the Town of Catharine, Tioga Co. pg. 208.

PROUTY       Eliphalet, late of Romulus. Letters of Administration granted March 3, 1812 to Stephen Prouty of the Town of Romulus. pg. 211.

BALDWIN       Job, of the Town of Junius. Letters of Administration granted March 17, 1812 to Comfort Baldwin. pg. 212.

BARR       James, late of the Town of Romulus. Letters of Administration granted March 19, 1812 to Robert Barr and Janett Barr. pg. 213.

HUMFREY       Cornelius, late of the Town of Hector, deceased. Will presented for probate April 8, 1812. Wm. C. Humirey and Charles Carman of the Town of Hector, Seneca County, Executors. Will of Cornelius Humfrey. To my eldest dau., Mary Carman and her husband, Charles Carman, a deed for 1000 acres of land in the 2nd allotment in the Royal Grant together with her outset at her marriage for her portion of my estate. To my eldest son, Cornelius, a deed for that part of my lot 67 lying on the east side of Spruce Creek in the 1st allotment of the Royal Grant with 13 acres added on to the south, making 103 acres, together with my blacksmith's tools. As my temporal interest is exhausted by my loss with Drake, I am not able to give anything to the children of my daughter, Elizabeth, deceased, only what I gave her at her marriage. To my son Wm. C. Humfrey, what may remain after my debts are paid. Executors: Wm. C. Humfrey and Charles Carman. Will dated Feb.20, 1811. Witnessses: Charles Carman, James (R)owley and Richard Janes. pg. 214.

PARKHURST       Seneca (S.), late of Junlus. Letters of Administration granted September 11, 1812 to John Knox. pg. 217.

HULBERT       John, late of Ovid. Will presented for probate September 12, 1812. "I, John Hulbert, late of Southhampton Co., Suffolk, N.Y., now a resident at Ovid, Seneca County." To my beloved wife for her own use to dispose of by will and at her decease, what she shall not have disposed of, I give to Matthew Jagger and his wife, Elizabeth, of Ovid. My beloved wife Prudence Hulbert and Luther (J.) Jagger, executors. Will dated May 15, 1809. Witnesses: Wm. Sutton, George Wilson, Peter Young, Ann Young and Caty M. Young. pg. 219.

GARDNER       Henry, late of Romulus. Letters of Administration granted Oct.13, 1812 to Hannah Gardner and Isaac Whitehead. pg. 220.

GURIN       Mahlon, late of Romulus. Letters of Administration granted Oct.27, 1812 to Ann Gurin and Nathaniel Ayers of the Town of Romulus. pg. 221.

SMITH       Samuel M., late of the Town of Romulus. Letters of Administration granted November 28, 1812 to Hannah Smith. pg. 223.

BROWN       David, late of Romulus. Letters of Administration granted Dec.28, l8l2 to ElizabethBrown.

OLIVER       Robert, late of Junius. Will presented for probate Dec.30, 1812. To my beloved (wife, Mehitable) Oliver, all the notes given to her from all and every person whatsoever. To my 3 youngest children, John Oliver, Jerry Oliver and Margaret Oliver, $3, 000 each. The balance of my estate after payment of my just debts shall be divided in equal proportions to my children, Phebe Oliver, Amos Oliver, Sally Oliver, John Oliver, Jeremiah Oliver and Margaret Oliver. Executors: Wilhelminus Mynderse, Elijab Miller and Mehitable Oliver. Will dated November 8, 1812. Witnesses: Win. Bennett, John Knox and Wm. Sisson. pg. 225.

SMITH       Peter, late of Ovid. Will presented for Probate Jan. 5, 1813, To my beloved wife, Jemima, as a dower in lieu of her right of thirds, the use and improvement of my now dwelling house, and 10 acres of land adjoining, laid out from the road west of my house eastward, as long as she remains my widow. Also, $30.00 to be paid by my son Peter Smith and my grandson Peter (that is, the son of my son, Jacob) every year. Also, my riding mare and saddle and bridle, one good cow, one year's provision of salt meat and wheat out of my house and barn. To my son Peter, one equal half of all my land to be taken off the south side of riy land and adjoining to his land. To my grandson, Peter, all the other half of my land. Both shall pay to my wife $15.00 each yearly. To my daughter,Mary Swarthout, $75.00. The balance of my estate shall be divided equally between my three children, Peter, Jacob and Mary. Executors: Peter Smith and Andrew Dunlap. Will dated Sept.29, 1809. Witnesses: Silas Halsey and Joshua Wickoff and John Brundage. pg. 228.

Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration from Book A -2 - Wills and Letters of Administration 1813-1827 in the Surrogate's Office, Seneca County Courthouse, Waterloo, New York.

COVERT       Jacob, late of the Town of Ovid. Chas. Kelly and John B. Covert of the Town of Ovid appt. Administrators 15 May 1813. Page 1.

SCHOONOVER       Benjamin, !ate of the Town of Ulysses. Will Probated 18 May 1813. Executors: Platt Smith of the Town of Ovid, Joshua Smith of the Town of Ulysses and Joshua Smith, 2nd of the Town of Ulysses. To Joshua Smith, the lot on which he lives, and 100 acres of the land bought from Jacob Shepard. To Elijah Smith, 40 acres on the N.E. part of said lot bought of Loyar Shepard. To Hannah Smith 10 acres of said land. To Peggy Smith, 10 acres on the S.E. corner adjoining Joshua. The remaining 13 acres left to the "discretion" of the executors. To Hannah, my daughter, $100 and my bed and bedding. To Schoonover, my greate grandson, $10. To Peggy Van Home, $10. To J'hannah Richards, my great granchild, $10. Will written 7 May 1813. Benjamin signed with his mark. Witnesses. James Crawford, Annanias Smith, Anna Shepard (her mark). "After this was signed the gentleman (Benjamin) wished to have Benj. Smith included as an heir that he might draw one share of the overplus if any there be, in the hearing of the above witnesses." Page 2.

BUYCE       Jacob, late of the Town of Galen, Seneca Co. Letters of Administration granted to John Buyce, Town of Romulus, 19 May 1813. Page 5.

MILLER       Abraham, of the Town of Ovid. Will probated 12 June 1813. To my natural son, Abraham Miller, that part of my farm on lot #54 in the Town of Ovid, bounded west by the Seneca Lake, north by the north line of my said farm, south by the south line of the same and east by a line to be drawn parallel with the east line thereof and far enough east to contain 20 acres of land. To my beloved wife, Betsey, and my son, Daniel Miller, the use of all my farm not before devised. If Betsey remains single, she is to live with Daniel in my house. If my said wife should marry again, she is still to have the privilege of living in my said house. After the death of my wife, Daniel shall have 30 acres of land to be taken off the east end of my farm -- - likewise 3 acres of land lying in a square form on any side or corner of my said farm not devised at his election. To my two daughters, Rebecca and Catharine, the remainder of the farm. Abraham Miller to keep in trust $360 for my younger brothers, Zebud Miller, Wm. Miller and Anthony Miller, out of which I was to pay $120 to each at the time they became 21. And the interest of the whole sum shall be paid to my step-mother Sophia Miller, the widow of Dan'l Miller, dec'd. My friend, John Galtry, shall pay to my brothers and mother the several sums of money aforesaid when due. Rebecca and Catharine to live at home while single. Executors: Betsey Miller and John Galtry. Will written 6 May 1813. Witnesses: SethA.L. Warner, AaronMiller, Jr., Wm. A. Rundle. Page 6.

CATLIN       Israel, late of Fayette. Dithe Catlin and James Sweet of the Town of Fayette appt. Administrators, 15 June 1813. Page 11.

CLARK       Rufus H., late of the Town of Ovid. Anne Clark of the Town of Ovid appt. Administratrix 8 June 1813. Page 12.

CORYELL       Michael, of the Town of Ovid. Will probated 28 July 1813. To my beloved wife (not named) as a dower and in lieu of her right of thirds, the use and improvement of one equal third part of all my lands and the best room in my house. Also 1 cow, 1 bed and bedding and 1 pot, kettle, teakettle, teapot, etc. To my sons, Abraham, George, Alexander, Emanuel and James, each, 2 parts or shares of all my lands and tenements. To the heirs of my son, Dan'l and my daughter Mary Turwilliger - each heir of my son and daughter one share of all my lands and tenements the said share of the heirs of my son Dan'l. To the male heirs of Dan'l, each, 2 shares or parts and to the daughters of my said son, each one share or part. The male heirs of my daughter, Mary Turwilliger each 2 parts or shares and her daughters each one part or share. If any of the sons of my son Daniel shall die before he shall arrive at the age of 21, his part shall be divided among his brothers, and if either of his daughters shall die before she is 18 or before she is married, her part or share shall be divided among her sisters. (The same provisions were made for the heirs of his daughter Mary). To my grandson, son of my son Abraham, my yearling mare colt. The remainder of the moveable estate to be divided among my sons: Abraham, George, Alexander, Emanuel and James and the heirs of my son Dan'l and daughter Mary and in the same proportion or shares as herein ordered. Executors: sons Abraham and George. Will written 25 September 1812. Witnesses: Jehiel H. Halsey, Wm. Sutton, Jr., Silas Halsey. Page 13.

RATHFAN       Christian, late of town of Fayette. Will probated 20 August 1813. To beloved wife Elizabeth Rathfan, 390 dollars and one cow, one stove and pipe, and two beds and bedding. To eldest son, Christian, $75.50. Toyounger son, John, $40. To eldest daughter, Mactalena (Magdalena?) Stoner, $13. To my younger daughters, Mary Clawser, $1; Ann Shults, $5; Catharine Rathfan, $28; Barberry Bear, $1; Eve Conrad, $29. To my grandson, Jacob Rathfan and granddaughters, Elizabeth, Christiana, Harriot (Harriet?), Charlotte and Malinda Rathfan, children of my late son Frederick Rathfan, dec 'd, the sum of $16. To Susanna Bear, daughter of my late daughter, Barberry Bear, dec 'd, $55. To my granddaughter Matilda Mathews, $70 to be paid unto Christian Wolf of the town of Fayette 12 months after my decease, the said Christian to be made Matilda's guardian until she is 18. The proceeds of the sale of all real and personal estate, the residue and remainder of the estate, to go to the above named Christian, John, Mactalina, Mary, Ann, Catharine, Barberry, Eve, Susanna and the children of the late Frederick, Jacob, Elizabeth, Christiana, Hariot, Charlotte and Malinda Rathfan to receive jointly equal shares. The executors are to put out at interest the several legacies or sums of money left to me for Susanna Bear til she is 18. Frederick Shutts is appt. her guardian. Executors: Geo. Thomas and Casper Zost. Will written 14 January 1813. Witnesses: John Watkins, John Knox, Martin Miller, Fred'k Shutts. Page 17.

WILSON       Abraham, late of the town of Ovid. Abraham Wilson appt. Administrator, 24 August 1813. Page 22.

WEDGES       Abraham D., late of the town of Ulyses. Nathaniel W. Wedges appt. Administrator, 26 August 1813. Page 23.

VAN TUYL       Amos, late of the town of Ovid. Elizabeth Van Tuyl, of the town of Minisink, Orange County, N.Y. appt. Administrator 8 September 1813. Page 24.

ARNOLD       Abraham, late of the town of Romulus. Abigail Arnold, John Arnold and Silas Allen of the town of Romulus appt. Administrators 5 October 1813. Page 26.

BROWN       Lewis, late of the town of Romulus. Will probated 5 October 1813. To beloved mother, Lidia Collins, all my estate real and personal. Executor: John Scoby of Seneca Co. Revoked all other wills made by him. Will dated 24 Sept. 1813 and witnessed by: Tomkins C. Delavan, Matthias Rue and Nathaniel Ball. Page 27.

SOUTHWELL       Joseph, late of the town of Junius. Nancy Southwell, of the town of Junius appt. Administratrix 13 September 1813. Page 30.

KING       Reuben, late of town of Ovid. Barzillai King, Jr. of the town of Ovid appt. Administrator 18 November 1813. Page 31.

GARNETT       Jacob, late of the town of Fayette. Mary Garnett, Jacob Frantz and Stephen Frantz appt. Administrator 7 December 1813. Page 32.

LACY       John, late of the town of Junius. Isaac Gorham of the town of Junius appt. Administrator 15 December 1813. Page 33.

Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration from Book A-2-Wills and Letters of Administration 1812-1827 in the Surrogate's Office, Seneca County Courthouse, Waterloo, New York.

VAN COURT       Michael, late of Romulus. Will probated 18 Dec. 1813. To eldest dau. Elizabeth Sweegles $5.00. To my two eldest sons Elias Van Cort and Thomas B. Van Cort $5.00 each. To my youngest son, Samuel Van Cort and to my two youngest daus. Mary and Sarah Van Cort the remaining part of my real and personal property. Executors: John Fleming and Robert Fleming. Will dated 10 December 1813. Witnesses: Chas. Mosher, Stephen Miller and Elizabeth Rudden. Page 34.

WICKOFF       Nicholas, late of the town of Fayette. William Wickoff and James Van Riper of the town of Fayette granted Letters of Administration 27 January 1814. Page 37.

ROGERS       Stephen, late of the town of Junius. Phebe Young, wife of Joseph Young of the town of Junius and relict of the late Stephen Rogers was appointed Administrator 1 February 1814. Page 38.

RANDALL       Isaac, late of the town of Romulus. Will probated 3 Feb. 1814. "weak in body". My personal estate shall be sold as much as is sufficient to pay my debts. To my son, Zedekiah Randie (sic), the back (sic) mare he now uses. To my dau. Abia Randle, one bed and bedding and one 3 year old heifer she now claims. To my wife, Mary Randle, and my son, Wm. Randle, the remainder of my estate for the purpose of bringing up my family. To my daughter Elizabeth when she is 18, bed and bedding. My three youngest sons when the youngest shall come of age shall receive an equal divident of all real and personal property that shall remain of my property so bequeathed as above, including my son William. Executors: Mary Randle and Wm. Randle. Will dated 27 Dec. 1814. Signed Isaac Randle. Witnesses: Stephen Miller, John Arnold (made his mark) and Howard Miller. Page 39.

WHEATON       William, late of the town of Junius. Mehitable Wheaton of the town of Junius appointed Administrator of his estate _______ 1814. (Between 3 February and 11 March 1814) Page 42.

METCALF       John, late of township of Junius. Will probated 11 March 1814 and written 8 February 1814. "Being infirm in body" Jonathan Metcalf, my sole executor. To my beloved wife, Sybel, 1/3rd of my personal and real estate. To my son John $20.00. To my son Jonathan $400.00. To my sons Willard, Joseph, Franklin, Augustus and Jefferson $200.00 each. To my daughters, Betsey, Louis(e) and Sucky $1.00 each. To my daughter, Sybel, $200.00 payable in 5 years. Augustus and Jefferson are to be brought up on (proceeds of?) my personal property. Witnesses: Edward Compion, John Crowell and Ira Crowell. Page 43.

JEFFREYS       Anne, late of the town of Ulysses. Will probated 19 March 1814. To my beloved, Mary Ayers, the use of 1/2 of my property. (Beloved dau., Mary Ayers) (After her death) it shall then be given to my grandchildren Elias J. Ayers and Daniel B. Ayers, children of my dau. Mary Ayers. To my granddaughter, Ruth King, interest in the said money which is not to be paid until her father's death. If Ruth should die without an heir, the property shall be divided between my great (grand) children Nancy McLallen, Polly Spalding and Margaret Spalding. My beloved son-in-law David King and grandson Nathaniel Ayers are to be sole executors. Will dated 25 Sept. 1813. Witnesses Jeremiah Ayers and Calvin Treman. Page 46.

BAINBRIDGE       Mahion, late of the town of Romulus. Eli Bainbridge and William W. Folwell appointed administrators of his estate. March 23, 1814. Pge. 49.

MATHEWS       Fletcher, late of the town of Romulus. Vincent Mathews and Mathew Sayres of the town of Elmira, Tioga County appointed administrators of his estate, 25 March 1814. Page 50.

VAN HORNE       George, late of the town of Hector. Mary Van Home of the town of Hector appointed administrator of his estate 30 March 1814. Page 51.

CHEESEMAN       Benjamin, late of the town of Ovid. Nicholas Cheeseman of the town of Ovid appointed administrator of his estate 19 April 1814. Page 52.

BEADLES       Thomas, late of town of Junius. Ann Beadle of the town of Junius appointed administrator of his estate 23 April 1814. Page 53.

Wills and Letters of Administrations from Book A2 on file in the Seneca County Surrogates' office.

ABRAHAM COVERT deceased. Will proved 24 June 1815. Abraham Covert Jr. and Peter A. Covert appointed. Will dated 11 June 1814:1 Abraham Covert, town of Ovid -- mentions wife Arian, son Abraham, daughters Betsey, Lana, Polly andJane, son Peter. Sons Abraham and Peter appointed executors. Witnesses: Luke Knight, Joseph Boots, Peter LeConte. Page 121.

LEVI ELLIS deceased. Will proved 3 July 1815. Jared Sandford and Peter Le Conte appointed. Will dated 3 May 1815. I, Levi Ellis, town of Ovid--mentions daughters Ann, Charlotte, Barbara and Nancy; son Moses; wife Elizabeth; son Simeon; grandson William Morse; granddaughter Betsey Perry and names friends Jared Sandford and Peter LeConte as executors. Witnesses: Stephen Bishop, Isaac Fletcher, Lazarus Ellis. Page 125.

THOMAS TURNER, town of Fayette deceased. Petition of 18 July, 1815. Margaret Turner appointed. Page 128.

JOHN INK deceased. Will proved 26 Sept. 1815. Joseph Bennett and Moses Lovell appointed. Will dated 9 Aug. 1815--I John Ink, town of Ulysses---mentions wife Anna Ink; daughter Polly; sons John, Abraham, Joseph W., and George; three youngest sons Peter, Charles and Aaron; and friends Joseph Bennett and Moses Lovell. Witnesses: Mary Cooper, Gilbert Stevenson, Aaron Cooper. Page 129.

JOSEPH STEWART deceased. Will proved 17 Oct. 1815. Joseph Covert appointed executor. Will dated 16 Sept. 1814. I, Joseph Stewart, town of Ovid--mentions son Enoch Stewart, son-in-law Joseph Covert, granddaughter Rhoda Updyke and names Joseph Covert executor. Witnesses: Enoch DeCamp, John B. Covert, Elijah Duckworth. Page 132.

NATHANIEL DEVENPORT deceased. Will proved 9 Jan. 1816. Joseph Covert appointed executor. Will dated 25 Oct. 1815. I, Nathaniel Devenport--town of Ulysses--mentions oldest daughter Catharine Martin; second daughter Rachel Westbrook; Ann Devenport and Margaret Devenport. Daughters and heirs of deceased son Abraham Devenport; Catharine Devenport, widow of son Peter Devenport, deceased; my son Henry Devenport; Moses Devenport and Nathaniel Devenport sons and heirs of my son Peter Devenport, deceased; Henry Devenport. Moses Devenport and Nathaniel Devenport named executors. Witnesses: David Woodcock, Peter Tyerson, Soloman Devenport. Page 134.

DANIEL BLAKENEY deceased. Will proved 15 May 1816. Henry J. Hunter appointed. Will dated 12 April 1816. I, Daniel Blakeney, town of Fayette--mentions wife Martha; son Vincent Blackley (as written); daughters Jane, Mary, Ann, Lydia, Sally, Rachel and Martha; Henry J. Hunter named executor. Witnesses: Wm. L. Lasselere, Samuel Boardman, Wm. Chattim. Page 136.

JAMES FLEMING deceased. Will proved 10 May 1816. Joseph Fleming appointed executor. Will dated 5 Feb. 1816. I, James Fleming, town of Ulysses--mentions wife Rebecca; sons James, Joseph, Jacob and Stephen; granddaughter Rebeca Andrews. Silas Colegrove and Joseph Fleming named executors. Witnesses: John Thompson, Johy Tyler, Polly Brundigs. Page 138.

MATHEW MESSEKERS deceased. Will proved 29 June 1816. Elizabeth Messekers appointed executorix. Will dated 3 Nov. 1805. I, Mathew Messeker, town of Ulysses --mentions wife Elizabeth Messeker; son Abraham Messeker; four sons, namely: John Messeker, Isaac Messeker, Jacob Messeker and Moses Messeker and states that the whole of children named: Abraham Messeker, John Messeker, Isaac Messeker, Jacob Messeker, Moses Messeker, Betsey Martin, Catharine Messeker. Wife Elizabeth named executrix. Witnesses: Benj. Coykendall, Thos. Martin, (? ) Linderman. Page 140.

ALEXANDER SIMPSON deceased. Will proved 1 July 1816. Dolly Simpson and Jared Sandford appointed executors. Will dated 26 Feb. 1816. I, Alexander Simpson, town of Ovid--mentions wife Dolly; leaves to sons Henry, Lewis, Benjamin and Charies, the gristmill; mentions daughters Mary, Catharine and Eliza. Wife Dolly and friend Jared Sandford named executors. Witnesses: Barna Swarthout, Elijah Kinne Jr., James A. Swarthout. Page 142.

DANIEL M. BOOTH deceased. Will proved 13 July 1816. Samuel Lawrence & Samuel Agard and Elijah S. Hinman renounced executorship and Diana Booth widow of deceased was appointed. Will dated 30 April 1816. I, Daniel M. Booth, town of Hector, farmer--mentions wife Diana; children Cynthia and Nancy and father, Solomon Booth. Samuel Lawrence, Samuel Agard and Elijah S. Hinman named executors. Witnesses: Benjamin Carey, Isaac Ering, William Cooper. Page 144.

THOMAS LOVE deceased. Will proved 28 Aug. 1816. Samuel Quigley and Frederick Hassinger appointed executors. Will dated 13 Aug. 1815. I, Thomas Love, town of Fayette--mentions wife (not named). oldest daughter Faithy Raynolds; second daughter, Hannah Reynolds, daughter, Frances Love. Samuel Quigley and Frederick Hassinger named executors. Witnesses: Samuel Quigley, Frederick Hassinger, George Hood Jr. Page 147.

ANDREW STEVENSON deceased. Will proved 13 Sept. 1816. Isaac Avery and Gil-bert Stevenson appointed executors. Will dated 12 Jan. 1816. I, Andrew Stevenson, town of Hector--mentions children (not named); good friend Isaac Avery and son Gilbert Stevenson named executors. Witnesses: William McIntyre, Tyler White and Horace Hen~ey. Page 149.

JOHN CHANDLER deceased. Will proved 6 Nov. 1816. John Swick and John Blauvelt appointed executors. Will dated 9 Nov. 1816(?). I, John Chandler, town of Ovid--mentions sons Clark, Isaac, Blackford, William; daughter Sarah and wife Elizabeth. Friends John Blauvelt and John Swick named executors. Witnesses: Martin Swick, Lewis Swick, Lewis Hugg. Page 151.

PHILIP EDINGTON deceased. Will proved 4 Jan. 1817. Vinson Runyan and James Edington appointed executors. Will dated 3 Sept. 1816. I, Philip Edington, town of Fayette--mentions grandsons Philip Edington and Vinson Edington; granddaughters Bethiah Edington1 Hannah Edingion, Sally Edington; daughter Mercy, the wife of Jonathan Burroughts; daughter Rachel, the wife of Casper Yost; only son James Edington. Vinson Runyan and James Edington named Executors. Witnesses: John Woodruff, W. Barns, Lucius Mathen. Codicil dated 16 Oct. 1816 witnessed by John Woodruff, Reuben Burroughs, Allen Burroughs. Page 154.

Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration from Book A, 1813-1827 on file in the Seneca Co. Surrogate's Office, Courthouse, Waterloo, New York.

BAILEY       Squire, deceased. Elizabeth Baylery9 tn of Ulysses granted adminlnstration. 27 Aug. 1814 (owned lands not designated). Page 78.

SMITH       Samuel, deceased. Petition dated 1 Sept. 1814. Catharine Smith, tn of Junius granted administration. Page 79.

HOOPER       Wm., deceased. Petition dated 6 Sept. 1814 Pontius Hooper, tn Junius granted administration. Page 80.

SWEGLES       Mathias, deceased. Petition dated 16 Sept. 1814. To trusty friends John Fenton, tn Romulus, Reuben Smith 2nd, tn of Hector, Exec. Will: wife Amy, son William S. when ae 21, witnesses: Grover Smith, John Hewitt, John (x) Hewitt Jun'r. Page 81.

SILVERS       James, deceased. Petition dated 17 Sept. 1814. Will: wife Mary, children Amos, Orphe(a) and whereas it appears my said wife is pregnant. James (x) Silvers. Witnesses: Hugh McAllster, Henry Mathews, Joth'n Burroughs. Page 85.

MULLEN       James, deceased of the town of Ulysses. Petition dated 3 Oct. 1814. Catharine Mullen granted administration. P.89.

WILSON       Jacob, deceased of the town of Fayette. Petition dated 28 Oct. 1814. Elizabeth Wilson of the town of Fayette granted administration. Page 90.

TAYLOR       Daniel, deceased of the town of Hector. Petition dated 30 Nov. 1814 to Thomas Horton, executor. Will: wife Abigail, oldest dau. Hepsibah Horton, youngest dau. Lydia McCann, second dan. Molly Peterson, 3rd dau. Margaret Gray, nephew Daniel Horton, nephew Richard Taylor, son-in-law & sole exec. Thomas Horton. Signed Daniel Taylor. Witnesses: Jonathan Stocum, (Slocum?) Robert Armstrong, 8 June 1814. Page 91.

Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration from Book A, 1813-1827 on file in the Seneca Co. Surrogate 's Office, Courthouse, Waterloo, New York.

OWEN       Anning, late of town of Ulysses. Petition presented 2 May 1814. Will: I, Anning Owen, deacon and elder of Methodist Epis. Church, sick in body, do appoint my dear bro. Mobray Owen, town of Ulysses, exec. To dear wife Mary, my mare, one cow which she may chuse. To son-in-law anddau.Anglebert and Christiana Hartsaugh, the farm I now live on being 105 acres. To son-in-law and dau. John and Elizabeth Shaw, $400. If they do not agree, same shall be, at order of my executor, dis -posed of and the avails thereof divided equally between them subject to payment of $12.50 which I leave to my son-in-law John Goodwin as token of my regard. Signed 21 March 1814. Witnesses, JohnC. Hayt, Betsey Beardsley, Joseph S. Sydney. P.54.

McLEFFERTY       Henry, late of town of Romulus d. intestate. Power to administer granted to Elizabeth McLefferty and Wm. W. FoIwell, 12 May 1814. Page 58.

DRAKE       Aurella, late wife of Caleb B. Drake, town of Ulysses, died intestate. Caleb B. Drake granted power to administer and dispose of goods within six months. 20 May 1814. Page 59.

EMERICK       Jacob, town of Fayette, d. intestate. Simon Emerick and Jacob Brown were appointed administrators 4 July 1814. Page 60.

CARMAN       Richard, town of Hector, d. Intestate. Caleb Carman, town of Ovid, granted administration. 5 July 1814. Page 61.

DUMOND       Peter B., town of Ovid, dec. Wife, Margaret; son, John under age; Executors: Joseph Coddington, Jacob Shepherd, signed by his mark(X) 2 Aug. 1814. Witnesses:David Smith and Alvin Dibble. Page 62.

PONTIUS       John, town of Fayette. To my wife Catharine a room in house we live in now, one third of garden north of house. Oldest son George Pontlus, second son John, Samuel third son, youngest son Jonathan, part lot number 29 In township of Fayette. My eldest dau., Catharine Keeler, wf. of Henry Keeler; my second dau., Peggy Pontius, wf. of George Pontius, my youngest dau., Mary Monzer, wf. of Henry Monzer, my grant-son, John Backman, son of my eldest dau., when he comes of age. I appoint my eldest son George Pon5tius and 2nd son John Pontius executors. Signed by his mark (X) 21 March 1814. Wit.: Joseph Bachman, Ludwig Stuflet?, John Hoster. Page 68.

WHARTON       Henry, dec. town of Ovid, petit. granted 19 August 1814 to wf. Eleanor Wharton. Will made 15 Jan. 1814, wit by Abraham Irvin, RIch'd Henderson, Abraham Bodine. Page 71.

OWEN       Jonathan, decease of the town of Ulysses. Will: son Nathaniel, my children Jesse and Polly, wf. of Moses Browne, and Joseph and, Sarah, wf. of JohnCoddington, and, Eleanor, now or late wf. of Daniel Holmes,Susannah wf. of Daniel Browne, sons Jonathon and Aaron Kortright. Signed by his mark Jonathon(X) Owen, 19 August 1814. Wit. Robert Swarthout, Orson Dolph, John X Moore. Page 74.

Wills and Letters, Book A, 1804-1813, from the Surrogate's Office, Seneca County Court House, Waterloo.

RICKEY       Daniel Rickey, deceased. Will presented for probate 15 Feb. 1813. Robert Rickey and John Rickey of Town of Ulysses, executors. Will. I, Daniel Rickey, Senr., of Township of Ulysses . . . weak in body Wife Jerush Rickey shall live in the dwellling house where I now live and have all the furniture and two milk cows and four sheep and said stock to be kept and supported of the same place where I now live . . . My four sons, viz, Robert, John, David, and William, do keep the house in good repair and a sufficiency of fine wood and also find her, my wife, in a sufficiency of provisions of all kinds that she may want during her natural lifetime. Pay debts. Balance to be divided equally amongst my six children now living, viz, Robert, John, Daniel, William, Margaret E. Bess(?], and Charity Williamson. Divide land into 4 equal parts, where I and my sons now live. $100 to Margaret Bess[?] and $100 to Charity Wiliamson. My grandson Daniel Rickey, son of widow Rickey, and her son John Rickey $80 each at age 21 yrs; if they die before age 21, then money to be divided equally amonst their surviving sisters. Executors: son Robert Rickey and son John Rickey. 3 Feb. 1813. Daniel Rickey signed with a mark. Witnesses: James Dowling, Russel Andrews, John Force. Presented for probate 15 Feb. 1813. p.246

Wills and Letters, Book A, 1804-1813, from the Surrogate's Office, Seneca County Court House, Waterloo. Letters of Guardianship A2, 1805

HAGERMAN       Isaac, of Ovid. Will written March 20, 1804. Widow Catherine: sons John V.N. Hagerman, Jacob, David. Daughters Anne, Caty, Sally. Everything to spouse to raise children unless she remarries. 1/7 of estate to each when children are grown. Wit.: Jared Sandford, Lewis Halsey, Wm. Hagerman. Exec: Catharine Hagerman, Wm. Hagerman, Grover Smith, apt. June 7, 1804.

KELLY       David, of Ovie, intestate. Petition by Chas. Kelly of Ovid, June 13, 1804. Chas. Kelly appointed administrator. Chas. Kelly of Ovid appointed guardian April 11, 1805, of Sarah Kelly, 9 yrs. on 14 Oct. last, Mary Kelly, 6 on 5th May last, Wm. Kelly, 3 yrs. 3rd May last, Elizabeth Kelly, 1 yr. 26th Oct. last, children of David Kelly, on affidavit of mother, Mary Kelly. Children entitled to real and personal property in Seneca Co.

YERKES       James, of Ovid. Will written June 11, 1804. Mentions wife Rachael, son Stephen. "Move my family to State of Pennsylvania amongst my relations, purchase a house and live together until youngest child comes to age 21, then sell. Each daughter $2. Divide the rest between wife and two sons." Wit. William Dunlap, Joseph Yerkes. Exec.: Rachael Yerkes and Stephen Yerkes apt. June 28, 1804.

HILL       Thomas, of Ovid, intestate. Samuel Fountain of Milton appointed administrator July 6, 1804

SEBRING       John, intestate. Fulkerd SEbring, John Van Tuyl, of Ovid appointed administrator Oct. 2, 1804

CHANDLER       Wm. of Romulus, intestate. Rhoda Chandler, Ovid, appointed administrator Dec. 10, 1804

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