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"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.
      At a meeting called for the purpose and held in the old school house on North Park street, on June 5, 1828, it was "Unanimously Resolved: that it is expedient to form a conference preparatory to being constituted a church"; also "that the conference hold monthly meetings on the Saturday before the last Saturday of each month". Ten persons were present at this meeting, viz: Abner Carey, Harris Usher, L. P. Noble, Polly Wheeler, Charlotte Long, Mary Anne Cross, Phebe Cross, Elizabeth Carey, Hulda Silsbee, and Harriet Noble, none of whom are living. At this meeting Abner Carey was chosen moderator and L. P. Noble clerk. Agreeably to this last vote a second meeting was held on June 28th, and a valuable addition secured in the person of Orsamus Allen, who had completed a course of study in Hamilton Theological Seminary and now came here under the patronage of the New York Baptist missionary convention, for active service in the ministry of the gospel in response to letters of Mr. Nelson Payne, who, led the Bible study, whished to unite only with a Baptist Church. Articles of faith and a church covenant were presented at this meeting, but laid over for future consideration. July 16, 1828, legal notice having been given, a meeting was held in the school house for incorporation as "The First Baptist society in the village of Seneca Falls." The following persons were elected trustees: Ebenezer Ingalls, Harris Usher, John M. Wheeton, Jonathan Metcalf, Nathan Farnsworth, Samuel Bradley, L. P. Noble, Abram Payne, and Thomas Royston. These met immediately, chose John Metcalf, president, L. P. Noble, clerk, and Harris Usher, treasurer of the board of trustees, adopted a seal and appointed a committee to report to the board the terms on which a lot suitable for a church could be obtained. July 26, Fanny Spear united with the conference, and on August 30, Theophilus Cross and wife increased the constituent members to 14. Thirteen articles of faith and a church covenant were adopted at the same time. This is the foundation of the First Baptist Church in the village of Seneca Falls.
      On September 15 of the same year a council was called for the double purpose of receiving recognition as a church and of having Mr. Allen ordained. Only five of the nine churches invited responded, but four other churches sent representatives; so the council consisted of nineteen delegates from nine churches. At this council, the church received recognition and fellowship, and Rev. Orsamus Allen was ordained as its first pastor. The services were held in the Presbyterian "meeting house." At the covenant meeting following, October 25, Mr. Allen was formally chosen pastor, L. P. Noble, clerk, and Abner Carey, deacon. Mr. Allen's salary was "$200 per year and firewood." His pastorate closed March 25, 1832. His work was excellent: forty-five united by baptism, among whom, esteemed for their work's sake and remembered by the church to-day, were Nelson Payne, Alanson Morehouse, Mrs. Catharine Miller, and Mrs. Lucy Eastman.
      The first church edifice, erected on Center street, on the rear of the lot now occupied by the present structure, was a frame building 36X44 feet, with a steeple, and a basement under the whole. The lot was purchased of G. V. Sackett for $200. The building cost, as nearly as can be ascertained, $1,835.56. A lot was first selected on Bridge street, though Mr. Payne offered to give one on the north side of the river in the vicinity of Clinton street, south of New York Central railroad. Had that offer been accepted, the church would be spared the anxiety of a church site and church building on the north side of the river. The corner stone of the present church building was laid in 1868 and the building dedicated on March 4, 1869, Rev. W. H. Maynard, D. D., preaching the sermon. The cost of the lot, together with the house adjoining on the west, was $2,500, and the church building cost $11,800.
      The following is a list of the pastors and years of service since the church organization to present date: Rev. Orsamus Allen, two years, nine months; Rev. Henry C. Vogel, two years, nine months; Rev. John Jeffers, two years; Rev. Zenas Freeman, three years; Rev. E. R. Pinny, two years; Rev. Nathan Baker, four years, one month; Rev. William Leggett, one year, two months; Rev. J. B. Pitman, two years; Rev. Ira Smith, eight months; Rev. C. C. Hart, seven months; Rev. William Rees, one year; Rev. Ferris Scott, five years, four months; Rev. Ira Bennett, two years, nine months; Rev. B. F. Garfield, two years, three months; Rev. William R. Wright, five years, two months; Rev. T. E. Williams, six months; Rev. R. B. Montgomery, one year, two months; Rev. John Gilchrist, two years, six months; Rev. Seward Robson, four years, four months; Rev. S. H. White, two years, two months. Rev. S. M. Newland, the present pastor, began his pastorate April 1, 1892.

List of Members
Mrs. Phoebe Dey, (oldest Mrs. Harriet Preston Miss Mary E. Huff
living member) Mrs. Evaline E. Smith David W. Ayers
Mrs. Saloma Wessel W. H. Van Tine Mrs. Mary McBain
Mrs. Sarah A. RobertsMrs. Selina G. Van Tine Mrs. Lena Dresser
Miss Catharine MeClary Mrs. Mary E. Craig Edward M. Boucher
Mrs. Rachael Burnett Mrs. Mary E. Warner Mrs. Nancy A. Coats
Mrs. Caroline Buck Mrs. Clara A. Bradley Boyd Peter A. Stahl
Mrs. Mariette Nichols Mrs. Harriet Stahl Mrs. Emma L. Doty
Mrs. Aurelia O'Neil Mrs. Jael Lienhart George H. Stull
Mrs. Rosalina Thomas Lewis French Mrs. Annie E. Hawley
Mrs. M. H. Adkinson Thomas Grogatt John Speed
Miss Mary M. Burtnett Miss Jennie Wicks Mrs. Susan Howell
Mrs. Sarah U. Hopkins Mrs. Nancy W. Larzelere Mrs. Flora F. Diltz
Miss Sarah Keeler Mrs. Emma E. Siegrest Eugene Shook
Mrs. Mary Alley Miss Etta Thompson Miss Blanche Hoster
Miss Delia Webster Mrs. Josephine Thornton William Lay
Mrs. E. J. Beach Mrs. Mary A. French Alvah Stahl
Mrs. Anna Siegrest Mrs. Minerva Matkin Mrs. Elizabeth Sprague
Miss Carrie Miller Miss Lena R. Barrett Mrs. A. Rhymer
Mrs. David Philips Alby T. Diltz Miss Lydia M. Harrison
Dr. R. B. Covert Charles E. Cartwright John Pow
Mrs. Sarah A. CovertMrs. Anna Cartwright Mrs. Mary A. Pow
Miss Mary E. Sisson James Miller Miss Amanda Wheeler
Erastus C. Beach Mrs. Sarah Miller Rev. S. M. Newland
Olof Sylvander Mrs. Elizabeth H. Burch Mrs. Julia A. Newland
Mrs. Matilda Sylvander Miss Una M. Young Ransford Button
Mrs. Fanny E. Davis Mrs. Filinda Crumb Mrs. Eliza C. Button
Mrs. Mary Corwin Mrs. Lotta T. Lane Mrs. L. M. Powell
Henry Lienhart Mrs. Jennie Ayers Miss Katie Harder
Norman Gott Mrs. Matilda Ivins Mrs. Matilda Clark
Fred Siegrest Mrs. Jessie B. Grogatt John Brooks
Mrs. Caroline Gott James D. Huff Mrs. Julia Barrett
Mrs. Harriet Van Order Mrs. Maggie E. Huff Mrs. Anna Proudfoot
Miss Lena Royston Miss Cora Covert George Rice
Jacob H. Flickinger Miss Nellie Jones Mrs. Hattie L. Rice
Mrs. Martha L. Flickinger Miss Lulu Crumb Mrs. Anna Wheeler
Mrs. Lilly Vanderbilt Miss Carrie Gott Mrs. Mattie Lay
Miss Jessie Hopkins Miss Ada Huff Mrs. Nellie Sutherland
Mrs. Mary Reed Miss Libbie Huff Miss Edith Miller
Mrs. Susan Stevenson Miss Grace Stahl Miss Libbie Earle
Miss Mary Lienhart Samuel Pickard Miss Anna Brown
Miss Lucy Lienhart Mrs. Samuel Pickard Grant Risley
Miss Martha Lienhart Miss Eva Pickard Miss Ella Ayers
Lewis Burch Jessie S. Cory Mrs. Lena Barrett
Mrs. Catharine Peck Mrs. Carrie E. Cory Miss May Millman
Albert L. Baker Mrs. Anna Bordner Mrs. Mary Doty
Mrs. Martha E. Baker Miss Julia E. Bordner Mrs. Mary Sanderson
Mrs. Lilly Gambee William E. Bordner Mrs. Mary Brown
Frederick E. Morehouse Lewis N. Howell Clinton E. Davis
Mrs. Lyda Morehouse George W. Howell Mrs. Lydia V. Davis
Edwin I. French Miss Annie L. Howell Miss Nora E. Watson
Mrs. Edwin I. French Miss Florence F. Howell Miss Addie Smith
Miss Delia Jordan Mrs. Elizabeth Stahl Clifford Humphrey
Thomas Brooks Eugene Logan Mrs. Margaret Randall
Charles S. Wright Orville D. Young Mrs. James Beach
Mrs. Charles Wright Miss Hattie Howell Mrs. Fannie Hudson
Mrs. E. J. Risley Miss Jennie E. Worden Mrs. Nellie Cox

Transcription provided by Rick White.
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