Agard Cem., Catharine, NY  

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Agard Cemetery
Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY

(AKA St. John Cemetery /North Settlement Cemetery)

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

Located on the south side of Rt 224 1.7 miles east of the intersection of
Rt 228 (east of Odessa).  All stones checked in Sept 1996 by W. E. Fenton.
Any line with an * after it was a name not found on a stone.
Info on those people came from the D.A.R. records & some additions
made to them.  Anything in (    ) is not written on the stone.
The cemetery does not appear to have been mowed in 1996
and a lot of stones are down or broken.

Town of Catharine

Adamy, Daniel S  b.1832  d.1892
       Huldah (his wife)  b.1840 d.1903

Agard, D M (M.D.)  d.4-12-1870 age 50-4-4
       Leanora his wife  d.3-14-1875 age 49
Agard, Eaton  d.10-7-1863 age 73
       Catherine his wife  d.8-13-1877 age 89
       Maria their dau  d.7-22-1823 age 5
Agard, Eaton J  b.11-30-1822  d.2-24-1884
       Jane Coryell his wife  b.1-15-1828  d.4-21-1910
Agard, George son of Samuel & Lydia  d.12-11-1831 age 4
Agard, Lodoiske dau of Rev. Horace & Polly  d.7-22-1820 age 8
Agard, Maria  d.8-26-1869 age 75-7-25
Agard, Noah  d.7-26-1840 age 84  SOLDIER OF THE REV
       Lucinda his wife  d.1-6-1841 age 82
Agard, Sally wife of Samuel  b.9-25-1785  d. age 29

Beardsley, Elizabeth  d.5-2-1876 age 22-10-8
Beardsley, Elizabeth B wife of Lewis 1st  d.2-12-1873 age 68-9-11
           Nancy wife of Lewis 1st  d.6-19-1867 age 65-8-16
Beardsley, Levi  b.6-21-1801  d.1-28-1883
           Lorain his wife  b.11-12-1803  d.2-25-1866
           Clarissa Ann their dau  d.5-14-1834 age 7-1-7
Beardsley, Matt Hopkins son of E J & L J  d.10-30-1862 age ?
Beardsley, Minerva M wife of G C  b.12-16-1811  d.3-28-1845
Beardsley, Stephen  d.8-19-1871 age 73
           Maria his wife  d.1-29-1874 age 74
           Sally his wife  d.7-15-1830 age 28

Bennett, Aaron  d.3-27-1835 age 80-1-16
         Ruth his wife  d.3-17-1832 age 76-10-15
Bennett, Esther wife of David  d.2-22-1863 age 72 *
Bennett, James  d.9-22-1820 age 45
         Alice his wife  d.4-27-1849 age 75-3-25
Bennett, James N  d.4-17-1817 age 9
Bennett, Mary wife of Henry  d.5-18-1864 age 41yr 3mo

Benson, Julia Anna dau of Miles & Rachel  d.2-28-1876 age 18-3-5
        Mary J dau of Miles & Rachel  d.9-20-1853 age 6mo 4d

Booth, Col. Elijah  b.5-10-1773  d.7-14-1841
       Rachel his wife  b.12-28-1771  d.10-1-1841 *
Booth, Solomon S  d.9-9-1864 age 66yr 5mo
       Frances G his wife  d.9-30-1841 age 43
       Frances their dau  d.9-27-1841 age 3
       Henry Deloss their son  d.8-14-1828 age 1mo 17d
       Myron Deloss their son  d.1-29-1817 age 18

[Bolyen or Bullen] "Boylan", David  d.2-28-1863 age 72
[Bolyen or Bullen]                  Anna his wife  d.2-21-1861 age 67-1-9   [Anna Pease]

Brown, Arthur S  b.1845  d.1923
       Serina K his wife  b.1847  d.1923
       Freddie W their son  b.8-19-1872  d.10-25-1872

Buckley, Lucy A wife of Peter  d.6-12-1843 age 25-10-15
         ??? son of Peter & Lucy  d.5-4-1843 age infant
Buckley, Sally wife of Andrew  d.12-17-1852 age 68-6-20
         Laura dau of Andrew & Sally  d.9-15-1822 age 11mo 15d

Burt, William W  d.1-4-1881 age 29-9-16

Butts, D S - no data  CO D 14TH NYHA
Butts, Horace  d.4-7-1851 age 38-11-23
       Avis S his wife  d.4-14-1886 age 69yr 8mo
       Daniel S their son  d.4-17-1873 age 26
       Ruby M their dau  d.5-21-1861 age 18-11-15

Catlin, Sophia wife of William  d.10-20-1842 age 28-7-18

Cone, Norman J  d.9-24-1866 age 31-0-6

Cornell, Joseph  b.1837  d.1897  CO E 141 NY VOL

Cronce, Mary wife of Smith  d.8-20-1849 age 25-7-17
        Alonzo son of Smith & Mary  d.10-7-1842 age 1yr 8mo
        Gilbert son of Smith & Mary  d.11-7-1845 age 2yr 5mo

DeGraw, Theodore M  d.3-6-1882 age 48yr 5mo
        Ward son of Theodore & Martha  d.2-23-1881 age 1-5-11

DeWitt, Frank son of A S & C E  d.7-21-1863 age 7yr 10mo
        Fred S son of A S & C E  d.10-29-1858 age 2yr 1mo

Erway, Don L son of J & S  d.5-1-1873 age 3-11-9
Erway, James  d.1934 age 74-2-5 *

Fitzgerald, Sarah A wife of Jacob  d.12-9-1862 age 42 *
                    dau of Walter & Elenor Rae

Flynn, James  d.1934 age 74-2-5 *

Ganung, Fred E son of G S & F M  b.1-14-1874  d.6-23-1874

Genung, Henry  d.12-29-1843 age 72

Gibbs, Israel  b.1818  d.1901
       Lucinda M Beardsley his wife  b.1825  d.1888
       Frances their dau  d.6-6-1860 age 6 *

Graham, Samantha A wife of Robert  d.3-15-1873 age 28-7-24

Harvey, Dellie A wife of George W  d.12-10-1873 age 22-4-19
        Charlie H son of G W & D A  d.8-27-1873 age 4mo

Hazen, Hannah A  b.1828  d.1903
Hazen, Rev. I L  d.10-2-1869 age 82-4-7
       Catherine his wife  d.10-4-1841 age 54-7-9

Hendershott, Maude M dau of Frank & Nellie d.10-19-1874 age 1-9-4 *

Hibbard, Daniel  d.7-25-1821 age 78

Hopkins, F Cornelia  d.6-7-1884 age 54
Hopkins, Joseph F  d.12-27-1883 age 81
         Charlotte (his wife) d.2-24-1892 age 86-10-8
         Lucy Amanda dau of Jos’/Charlotte b.10-25-1839 d.2-26-1841
         Lydia Eliza’ dau of Jos’/Chrlotte b.6-7-1837 d.3-30-1841
         ???  son of Joseph & Charlotte  d.1-18-1846 age infant
Hopkins, S M  d.5-9-1875 age 31
Hopkins, Willis L b.1852  d.1939
         Elizabeth Prince his wife  b.1851  d.1936

Jackson, Charles W Jr. son of Charles/Betsy d.12-15-187? age 47-1-1

Jones, Capt. L J - no data  CO K 14TH REG NYHA
Jones, Mason  d.8-19-1853 age 66-6-25
       Hannah his wife  d.9-1-1819 age 30-0-9
       Catherine his wife  d.5-18-1862 age 67-10-2
       Elijah son of Mason & Catherine  d.1-14-1843 age 18-5-26
       Mason son of Mason & Catherine  d.12-14-1840 age 4-0-8
Jones, Mehander P  d.11-11-1849 age 23-3-6

Ladue, David  d. ?  age 56 *
       Armena his wife d. ? age 67 *

Lewis, Catherine d.1-12-1870 age 71-11-21
Lewis, Charles B  d.5-23-1868 age 62-0-20
       Olive his wife  d.3-15-1826 age 22-6-14
Lewis, Cyrus  b.3-25-1804  d.5-11-1885
       Patty his wife  d.2-26-1864 age 57-8-5
Lewis, Francis  d.7-10-1878 age 72-1-13
       Harriet A his wife  d.1-30-1897 age 81-10-1
       Fredrick Wm their son  b.11-25-1853  d.12-27-1873
       Sarah their dau  b.11-26-1848  d.12-11-1867
       William Henry their son  b.10-26-1838  d.10-3-1843
Lewis, Fredrick  d.1-1-1849 age 37-0-27
Lewis, Mary F  b.1851  d.1923
Lewis, Samuel  d.2-17-1868 age 96-6-26
       Mehitable his wife  d.10-3-1845 age 69-6-8
       Abel their son  d.9-3-1844 age 27-9-10
Lewis, Zachery A  b.8-22-1783  d.3-15-1852
       Sarah Thompson his wife  b.11-16-1779  d.8-3-1851

Lockerby, John  d.4-27-1859 age 91-0-18 *
          Sally his wife  d.4-7-1826 age 62-5-16 *
Lockerby, John H  b.1828  d.1906
          Margaret his wife  b.1851  d.(5-13-1928)
Lockerby, Robert  d.1-28-1819 age 84
          Sarah his wife  d.4-30-1825 age 75
Lockerby, Sally M wife of Walter H  d.4-15-1853 age 27-0-12
Lockerby, Samuel  b.4-4-1787  d.10-30-1855
          Eliza his wife  b.5-12-1797  d.4-20-18?? *
          Lucina their dau  d.4-2-1845 age 11-1-12

Mallory, Calab  d.2-10-1871 age 80-1-2
         Polly his wife  d.2-19-1870 age 83-7-9
Mallory, Ebenezer  d.12-13-1816 age 54-8-11
Mallory, Ira son of A & Emily  d.1-8-1855 age 1-6-11
Mallory, Roswell  d.4-12-1847 age 53-6-3
         Anna his wife  d.11-16-1852 age unreadable
         Clarina their dau  d.5-5-1834 age 4-11-12

Merchant, Enoch  d.2-26-1848 age 79-11-16
          Molly his wife  d.10-29-1843 age 70-11-11
Merchant, Juliet wife of Bixby  d.5-19-1866 age 46-7-21
          Charlotte F dau of Bixby/Charlotte d.6-16-1848 ge 1-10-22
          John Henry son of Bixby/Charlotte d.9-20-1843 age 1-1-20
Merchant, Rebecca  b.1852  d.1874

Miller, Content wife of Elisha  d.1-2-1866 age 76-7-18
Miller, Samuel B  b.5-3-1812  d.4-9-1894
        Lavina his wife  b.3-11-1817  d.3-11-1899
        Ophlia their dau  d.1-15-1859 age 1yr 9mo

Mix, Charles son of William & Lowly  d.9-2-1845 age 7-11-17
     William son of William & Lowly  d.9-24-1841 age 5-10-15

Nevins, Rev. J W  d.5-14-1881 age 80
        Marinda C his wife  b.12-4-1801  d.11-3-1858
        Anna his wife  d.4-8-1869 age 53-5-11

Parmerter, Sabrina wife of Stephen  d.2-10-1851 age 69
           Harriet dau of Stephen/Sabrina  d.9-14-1820 age 2-7-20 *
Parmerter, Stephen  d.4-12-1822 age 22yr 7mo

Phelps, Charles son of T J & Alzadia  d.8-20-1862 age 10-11-20
Phelps, Myron  b.1828  d.1883

Potter, Charles - no data
Potter, Eddie - no data
Potter, Elihu  b.8-25-1802  d.1-11-1833
Potter, Etta - no data
Potter, Jane M - no data
Potter, Satie  d.4-18-1875 age ? *

Prince, Abel C  d.10-10-1884 age 54yr 4mo
        Melissa C his wife  d.9-5-1886 age 58yr 10mo
Prince, Ann Catherine wife of James  d.5-15-1892 age 58yr 10mo *
Prince, Aronie dau of A & Eliza Ann(Merchant)d.7-1-1849 age 1-11-11
Prince, Charles  b.1810  d.1890
        Margaret C his wife  b.1812  d.1900
Prince, Harriet wife of A H  b.1846  d.1899
        K Lucinda dau of A H & H L  b.12-9-1879  d.9-3-1889
Prince, Heber  d.2-1-1870  age 23-8-5
Prince, James N  d.11-17-1870 age 67-3-20 *
        Arme Catlin his wife  d.11-15-1892 age 86
        Charles (their son)  d.8-16-1866 age 25-7-12
        William H their son  d.12-29-1840 age 12-5-17
Prince, Joseph T  b.7-23-1845  d.7-13-1916
        Jane S Ray (his wife)  b.11-22-1843  d.8-6-1926
        Florence M their dau  d.9-19-1880 age 4mo 11d
Prince, Munson  d.11-3-1868 age 63-5-23
        Elizabeth H his wife  d.11-7-1851 age 38-0-25
        Susan H his wife  d.9-18-1891 age 71-8-17
        Susan dau of Munson & Susan  b.8-15-1863  d.9-20-1863 *
Prince, William H  b.7-25-1777  d.7-20-1853 born Weston, Conn
        Rebecca his wife  b.4-9-1780  d.11-16-1853 b.Weston, Cn
        Ruth C their dau  b.5-15-1817  d.12-12-1853

Rae, James  d.11-8-1863 age 43-8-16
Rae, Jeanette  b.1823  d.1904 *
Rea, John “Father”  b.1824  d.1914
     Jane “Mother” (his wife)  b.1832  d.1917
Rea, Myron W  b.1850  d.1914
Rae, Walter  d.12-4-1855 age 74
     Elnor his wife  d.5-7-1838 age 41-7-14
     William their son  d.11-12-1836 age 18yr 5mo
Ray, Walter  d.1-17-1840 age 92
     Anna his wife  d.1-17-1835 age 84
     James their son  d.1-31-1859 age 87

Ray, William  d.12-22-1883 age 48yr 4mo
     Jennie Bell dau of Wm & Hester  b.2-6-1869  d.5-20-1888
     Johnie son of Wm & Hester  d.7-30-1874 age 10mo 15d

Roberts, Adaline wife of Bensel  d.5-12-1854 age 19-5-8
                 dau of Esekiel & Phebe Terry

Rosebrook, Catherine wife of Lorenzo  d.12-13-1854 age 30yr 5mo
Rosebrook, David B  d.4-4-1876 age 61 *
           Jane his wife  d.12-21-1878 age 56-11-4
Rosebrook, J DeMott son of L R & M A  d.10-22-1870 age 11mo

Shelton, Mary Burt  d.11-6-1897 age 40-9-28

Silvester, Ruth dau of Ira A & Oliva  d.3-11-1841 age 2yr 6mo

Smith, Jacob  d.12-16-1882 age 77-6-28
       Laura his wife  d.7-3-1886 age 71-6-15
Smith, Jacob V  d.11-26-1855 age 30-11-13
       Caroline (his wife)  d.3-29-???? age 30-11-13
       Delphena their dau  d.10-27-1853 age 7mo 8d
       Martha M dau of Jacob & Caroline  d.4-10-1855 age 3mo 10d
Smith, Samuel A  b.1845  d.1906

Starr, Frances Wood wife of A E  b.1852  d.1898 *
Starr, Georgette  b.1850  d.1859
Starr, J L  b.1825  d.1898
       Susan his wife  b.1826  d. ?
Starr, Jay  d.6-15-1885 age 9

Stoughton, Andrew  d.4-28-1866 age 62-10-21
           Mary his wife  d.5-13-1874 age 61-5-21
           Francis their son  b.12-6-1867  d.11-21-1878

Strang, Azbak  b.10-12-1815  d.10-11-1883
Strang, John b.7-25-1808  d.7-20-1887
        Julia his wife  d.1910 age 69 *
Strang, Susan  b.1826  d. ? *
Strang, ??? son of Amos Leonard  b.2-13-1827  d.7-23-1823 *

Terry, Charles son of Charles & Sarah  rest unreadable
       ??? dau of Charles & Sarah  d.11-?-1852 age 1d
Terry, Ezekiel  b.7-17-1796  d.6-20-1865
       Phebe (his wife)  d.2-5-1800 age ?
Terry, Franklin  b.6-16-1820  d.5-8-1907  CO F 50 NY ENGR
       Rosetta his wife  b.11-18-1823  d.2-27-1904
       Boney their son  d.2-9-1862 age 10-5-9
       John their son  d.12-24-1864 age 5-1-6
       Warren their son  d.1841 age 1
       ??? their dau  d.11-?-1852 age 1d *

Thompson, Charles N son of Norman & Sarah  d.1-24-1845 age 2-9-10
          Sarah b dau of Norman & Sarah  d.1-28-1845 age 4-9-25
Thompson, Florence E dau of Guy & Lucella  d.3-2-1859 age 2d *
          John H son of Guy C & Lucella d.9-23-1850 age 2mo 3d
Thompson, Philo M  d.11-30-1868 age 42
          Charles son of P M & E J  b.11-17-1852  d.6-3-1866
          Jay Austin son of Philo & Eliz  b.9-9-1855 age 11mo 14d

Tibbits, Almira wife of Herman  d.5-27-1857 age 25-10-18

Wager, Mary Ellen  b.1848  d.1952

Wakeman, Mariah  d.12-6-1862 age 35

Washburn, Olive M Lewis wife of Henry  b.7-27-1829  d.(12-29-1915)

Waterhouse, Mary Ann wife of Charles  d.4-15-1851 age 21-6-21

Whitney, Hattie wife of W W d.10-14-1860 age26 dau of S & F G Booth
Whitney, Margaret J wife of Sylvester  d.12-5-1873 age 28-9-13

Winnie, Frank son of Walter & Angelica  rest unreadable

Wood, Frances A Starr wife of A E  b.1852  d.1898
Wood, Harrison  b.1827  d.10-12-1896
      Esther his wife  b.1830  d.1865
      Louise his wife  b.1826  d.1882

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