1875 census, Hector, Schuyler co., NY, p.2
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1875 Census--Town of HECTOR, p.2
Schuyler co., NY
Many thanks to Helena Howard of Schuyler co., NY,
who hand-copied this from the original at the courthouse...
and also to Rebecca Hyer of  Schuyler co., NY who did the typing.

Format:    Name;  Age in years;  Relationship to head;  Birthplace;  Marital status;  Occupation.
Separated into Family Groups.  In order of visitation.

dtr = daughter
m = married
s = single
w, wid = widowed
F = female
M = male
mo = months

TOWN OF HECTOR                1875              PAGE  2
SMITH       Lameraux  58 head Seneca m Farmer
            Louis  57 wife Seneca m
            Rhuany  23 dtr Tompkins s
            Mary E 20 dtr Schuyler s
            Maggy  17 dtr Schuyler s
BELL        John  19 servant Schuyler s Farmer
BUDD        Mahlon  74 head New Jersey m  Farmer
            Effy  73 wife New Jersey m
            Abraham D 30 son Tompkins  Contractor
STOUT       John  47 head Seneca wid Farmer
            Arthur  13 son Seneca
            Adell  11 dtr Seneca
            Irwin  9 son Seneca
            Meron  7 son Seneca
            Charles  5 son Seneca
            Ona  3 son Schuyler
SNYDER      Abraham  46 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Marian H 38 wife Steuben m
            Joseph  18 son Schuyler s
            Kaitie E 15 dtr Schuyler
            Elsworth  11 son Schuyler
            Clarence  9 son Schuyler
            Hunio  2 son Schuyler
LOW         Peter  35 head Ulster m
            Mary  M 30 wife Tompkins
            Frank  5 son Schuyler
            George   2 son Schuyler
GRANT       Delos  25 servant  Tompkins s Farm Hand
CLARK       Henruth  25 servant  Tompkins  House Servant
LOW         John  37 head Ulster m Farmer
            Matilda  35 wife Tompkins m
            Cynthia  14 dtr Schuyler
            Emma  10 dtr Schuyler
            Dewitt  6 son Schuyler
            Betsy  4 dtr  Schuyler
            Ines  2 dtr Schuyler
NEWKIRK     Jacob  27 servant Tompkins s Farm Hand
LOW         James  32 head Ulster m Farmer
            Sarah  20 wife Schuyler  m
            Fred  3 son Schuyler
LOW         Abraham   79 head Dutchess m Laborer
            Julie A 65 wife Dutchess m
            William  40 son Greene s Laborer
MILLER      Jane  42 boarder Greene wid Laborer
SNICK       Analiza  30 -F boarder Ulster wid
            Eugene  10 boarder Schuyler
            Mary  6 boarder Schuyler
            Eva  6 boarder Schuyler
CLARK       Ana  79- F head VT wid  Farmer
            Juliette  56 dtr Tompkins s
MATHEWS     Cynthia  25 boarder Steuben s
PREDMAN     Romongo  27 head Tompkins m Farm Laborer
            Delia  24 wife Seneca
            Sarah A 4 dtr Schuyler
            Alvira  2 dtr  Schuyler
TITUS       Timothy  W 05/37 head Seneca m Farmer
            Sarah M 47 wife Tompkins
CUNNINGHAM  Irene  23 dtr Tompkins wid
WESCOTT     James  69 head Rhode Isl. m Farmer
            Sophean  60 wife Chenango
            Martin  25-M son Tompkins s Farmer
            Emily  21 dtr Schuyler s
KNAPP       Albert  41 head Tompkins m Laborer
            Elizabeth  37 wife Albany
            Albert B 12 son Schuyler
            William N 9 son Schuyler
            John R 5 son Schuyler
MERICK      William H 32 head Aleghany m Farmer
            Emma  31 wife Saratoga
            Adelia   9 dtr Schuyler
            Emett H 5 son Schuyler
            Albert  3 son Schuyler
WESCOTT     Albert  35 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Cynthia  30 wife Wisc.
            Sena  10/12 -F dtr Schuyler
CLARK       Catherine  50 servant NJ wid House Servant
DEAN        Frank  22 head Tompkins m Laborer
            Effy  22 wife Tompkins
            Mahlon R 12/04 son Schuyler
KNIGHT      John  67 head Orange m Farmer
            Susan  62 wife Orange
            Kate  16 dtr Schuyler
DURLAND     Robert C 36 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Carry  30 wife Tompkins
            Conoly M 5 son Schuyler
            Kay  2 dtr Schuyler
CATLIN      David C 60 head Conn. m Laborer
            Susan A 47 wife Ulster
            Mary A 23 dtr Ulster s
            Alvira A 17 dtr Seneca s
            Sarah K 9 dtr Seneca
            Cory A 5 dtr Seneca
EVERTTS     Abraham H 57 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Sarah  50 wife Tompkins
            George  22 son Tompkins s
            Ana  24 dtr Tompkins s
            Frank  17 son Schuyler s
            Eugene  11 son Schuyler
            Irvin  9 son Schuyler
            Judson E 4 son Schuyler
            Sarah I 19 dtr Schuyler s
or BALE     James  32 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Cassy  33 wife Seneca
            Ida M 3 dtr Schuyler
MATHEWS     Lilanson  68 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Nancy  52 wife Cayuga
JOHNSON     Carey  13 grand dtr Schuyler
MATHEWS     Andrew  31 head Tompkins
            Hariet  29 wife Onondaga
            Carry  9 dtr Schuyler
DEVITT      Robert  16 servant Schuyler s Farm Hand
EASTERBROOK Peter  51 head Steuben m Farmer
            Caroline  44 wife Tompkins
            Nathan  19 son Struben s
            Louisa  13 dtr Seneca
JOHNSON     Stratton  41 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mahala  43 wife Tompkins
            Lyman  10 son Schuyler
JACKSON     Alace  22 servant Tompkins s House Servant
ROBINSON    Oliver  41 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mariah  37 wife Tompkins m
            Carry  9 dtr Schuyler
            Ana  7 dtr Schuyler
            Parker  4 son Schuyler
HALL        Charles  22 servant MD s Farm Hand
MURPHY      Augustus  46 head Yates m Laborer
            Adaliza  36 wife Tompkins
            Sarah A 22 dtr Tompkins
            Wesley  13 son Tompkins
            Hanah  80 mother PA wid
            Melissa  49 sister Yates s
WHITEMAN    Francis  26 boarder Yates ?
JOHNSON     George  35 head Renselaer m Farmer
            Helen  33 wife Seneca
            Augusta  6 dtr Schuyler
HATT        Lewis  19 servant Schuyler s Farm Hand
JOHNSON     Derick  69 head Renselaer m Farmer
            Helen  67 wife Renselaer
JOHNSON     Emery  29 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mary  29 wife Tompkins
            Sarah  7 dtr Schuyler
            Derrick  5 son Schuyler
            Josephine  2 dtr Schuyler
HOUSTON     Maxfield  32 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Betsy  28 wife Tompkins
            Oakley  4 son Schuyler
MCNETT      John  50 servant Ireland wid Field Hand
COMPTON     Silvaness  62 head Orange m Farmer
            Debra  60 wife Cayuga
            Charles  18 son Schuyler s
MOORE       Ace  48 head Tompkins m
            Harriett  41 wife Tompkins
            Lucy R 17 dtr Schuyler s
            Cynthia  15 dtr Schuyler
            Burce  13 son Schuyler
            Henry M 11 son Schuyler
MATHEWS     Madison  50 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Helen  46 wife Tompkins
            Ada  9 dtr Schuyler
WILSON      Celia  18 servant Schuyler s House Servant
ELY         Myron  16 boarder Schuyler
HAZLETT     James  35 head Steuben m Farmer
            Mary  E 26 wife Tompkins
OWENS       Caroline  21 servant Tompkins s
WELLER      Leroy  23 servant Struben  Farm Hand
ELY         William  31 head Tompkins s Farmer
            Loretta  57 mother Yates wid
            Marie  24 dtr Tompkins s
GANONG      Charles  22 servant Tompkins s Farm Hand
MATHEWS     Daniel A 28 head Tompkins s Farmer
PROPER      William (?)  40 head Tompkins m Laborer
            Armenda  35 wife Tompkins
            Martha  18 dtr Schuyler s
            Lora  12 dtr Schuyler
            Joseph  8 son Schuyler
            Elcy  7 dtr Schuyler
HOUSEWORTH  Robert H 65 head PA m  Farm Laborer
            Elizabeth  47 wife Tompkins
            Ida  6 dtr Yates
KELLEY      John, Jr.   22 head Seneca m Farmer
            Salina  21 wife Schuyler
STILLWELL   Edwin  41 servant  Tompkins ? Farm Hand
or RAINS    William  54 head England ? Farmer
            Catherine  48 wife England ?
            John  18 son Genessee s
            William, Jr.   17 son Tompkins
            James  16 son Schuyler
            Eliza  14 dtr Schuyler
ROSLING     Pergrine  74 boarder England ?
            Sarah  87 boarder England ?
DARLING     Henry  31 head Tompkins  m Farmer
            Kate  30 wife Tompkins
FENTON      Eda  5 boarder Schuyler
BRODERICK   Winfield  23 servant Tompkins s Farm Hand
CASE        Ezra  49 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Eliza  38 wife Tompkins
            Fred  H 12 son Schuyler
            George  1 son Schuyler
FLETCHER    Benjamin  40 head Seneca m Farmer
            Sarah E 30 wife Seneca
            Elizabeth  10 dtr Schuyler
ROBINSON    Squire  66 head Putnam m Farmer
            Patty  36 wife Tompkins *was 48 in 1865
CHALEFONT   Mary  23 servant Tompkins wid House Servant
ROBINSON    Sabin  68 head Putnam m Farmer
            Sharlott  65 wie Putnam
            Mary  38 dtr Putnam wid
            Lavina  33 dtr Tompkins s
            Rheuben  31 son Tompkins
MATHEWS     Jerry  47 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Betsy  46 wife Dutchess
            Letta A 16 dtr Schuyler
            Mary  14 dtr Schuyler
            Liby  16 dtr Schuyler
BELL        Robtu  68 head Ireland m Day Laborer
            Jenny  67 wife Ireland
MATHEWS     Gilbert  40 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Henrietta  35 wife Chanango
THOMPSON    Amanda  60 boarder Tompkins wid
            Libby  25 boarder Tompkins s
MATHEWS     Ezekiel  54 head Cayuga m Farmer
            Catherine  53 wife Tompkins
            Minerva  16 dtr Schuyler
            Elmer  14 son Schuyler
            Marion  12 son Schuyler
            Mary  10 dtr Schuyler
MATHEWS     Stephen L 23 head Steuben m
            Lucy A 19 wife Schuyler
CHALAFINT   Andrew  47 head Virginia m Laborer
            Lizitta  39 wife Steuben
LAKE        Clark A 33 head Steuben m Farmer
            Hanah  34 wife Delaware
            Samuel R 1 son Schuyler
DEAN        Harry N 28 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Ann E 26 wife Tompkins
            Charles  H 6 son Tompkins
            Eda M 1 dtr Tompkins
JACKSON     George  M 32 head Tompkins wid Farmer
            Nathaniel A 7 son Schuyler s
            Electa  75 g mother PA wid
            Helen  14 sister Schuyler
COMPTON     Ezekiel  32 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Martha  33 wife Tompkins
            Charles  6 son Schuyler
            George   12/06 son Schuyler
BOYER       Derrick  55 head Cayuga  wid Farmer
COMPTON     Jacob  38 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Alvira   28 wife Tompkins
            Lilian  4 dtr Schuyler
TOWNSEND    William W 38 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Debara  37 wife Tompkins
            Orville  14 son Seneca
            Elisebeth  12 dtr Seneca
            Fred   9 son Seneca
            Delphine  7 dtr Seneca
            Julia  4 dtr Seneca
            Asa  1 son Seneca
MATHEWS     Daniel  64 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Emaline  61 wife Tompkins
WEST        George  39 head Seneca m Farmer
            Mary  39 wife Seneca
EGBERT      George  76 head NJ wid Farmer
TETAR/TETER/TETEI   EZRA  39 boarder Tompkins s
RICH        David  39 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Phebe R 35 wife Tompkins
            Miltie  A 15 son Schuyler
            Henry J 12 son Schuyler
            Orrin K 5 son Schuyler
            Clarence G/C? 3 son Schuyler
            Mary  60 mother Seneca wid
            May  34 dtr Seneca s
HUSTIN      William H 26 head Tompkins  Farmer
            Elner  57 mother Dutchess wid
            Jane  22 dtr Dutchess s
EDY         Rachel  60 boarder Tompkins wid
            Sarah  37 boarder Tompkins
            John  33 boarder Tompkins
LAKE        Martin  26 servant Steuben s Farm Hand
AUBLE       George  42 head Yates m Farmer
            Elisebeth  35 wife Tompkins
            Mary  E 12/11 dtr Schuyler
            Martha  30 sister Tompkins s
PURDY       Thomas  50 head Westchester s Farmer
            Elick  48 brother Westchester s
            Oscar  40 brother Westchester s
            Betsy  38 sister Westchester s
HORN        Phebe  12 servant Schuyler  House Servant
WALENBACK   Marshal  22 servant Schuyler s Farm Hand
BANKER      Charles  22 head  Yates m Laborer
            Hariett  24 wife Tompkins
            Walter P 2 son Schuyler
WALENBACK   Mary  60 servant Mich wid House Servant
            Henry  5 son Schuyler
BRODERICK   Ebenezer  67 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mary  63 wife Seneca
            Jane  23 dtr Tompkins s
            Lyman  21 son Schuyler s
            Arty  13 gr son Schuyler
            Herman  12 gr son Schuyler
WHITEMAN    John  45 head Tompkins  m Laborer
            Caroline  42 wife Tompkins
JEWELL      Calvin P 38 head PA m Farmer
            Mary C 26 wife Tompkins
            Elnora  5 dtr Schuyler
BAYLEY      Catherine  55 servant Orange s Farm Servant
DEVITT      John  15 servant Schuyler  Farm Hand
BOND        James  52 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Lotty  34 wife Tompkins
            Marion  9 dtr Schuyler
            Florence  7 str Schuyler
            Maud  1 dtr Schuyler
PRUDEN      Samuel  35 servant Tompkins m Farm Hand
COUSE/LOUSE William  45 head NJ m Farmer
            Sarah J 43 wife Tompkins
            William  H 21 son Schuyler s
            Etta  17 dtr Schuyler
            John R 13 son Schuyler
            Duane  9 son Schuyler
            Joseph  7 son Schuyler
MOORE       Paul  79 boarder NJ m
            Mercy  78 boarder Canada m
MILLIMAN    Andrew  65 head Rensalaer m Farmer
            Comelia  64 wife VT
MILLIMAN    Frank  34 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Lina  23 wife Tompkins
MOORE       Enoch  40 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Sarah  38 wife Tompkins
            Irvin  17 son Schuyler s
            Cora  13 dtr Schuyler
            Adda  2 dtr Schuyler
HUSTON      Leroy  29 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mary D 33 wife Tompkins
            Bun* W 3 son Schuyler         *may be an abbreviation/nickname?
TRACY       Alan C 62 head Washington m Farmer
            Amy  61 wife Tompkins
COTTRELL/COTTSELL   George  21 boarder Rensalaer s
SMITH       Whitelsey J 56 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mary  45 wife Seneca
            Carrie C 14 dtr Schuyler
SHERMAN     Julyan  57 head Tompkins wid
SMITH       Bennett  58 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mary  J 48 wife Tompkins
            Eugene  22 son Tompkins s
WRIGHT      Harvey J 22 head VT m Laborer
            Ella E 20 wife PA
EGBERT      George P 33 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Harriett  28 wife Tompkins
            Sarah E 5 dtr Schuyler
            Andrew M 3 son Schuyler
BLAIN       Harris   28 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Mary  27 wife Tompkins
            Ina  1 dtr Schuyler
            George W 6 son Schuyler
VOREES      Cordelia  33 head Seneca wid
            Phebe A 15 dtr Seneca
GARDNER     William  68 head Green m Farmer
            Dorcus  63 wife Green
WEST        John A 83 boarder Mass. wid
UPDIKE      VanRensaler  47 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Orvila  47 wife Seneca
            Harry S 17 son Albany
            Ida  15 dtr Seneca
            Alvah  12 son Schuyler
            Cora  7 dtr Schuyler
ARMSTRONG   Anon E 60 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Sally  M 58 wife Tompkins
EVERTTS     Jarius  29 head Tompkins s Farmer
            Eunis  32 sister Tompkins s
            Mary  23 sister Tompkins
MALONE      Martin  17 servant Ireland  Farm Hand
EVERTTS     Charles M 34 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Emma F 26 wife PA
            Wilbur W 7 son PA
            Alfred JR 4 son Schuyler
            Minina  1F dtr Schuyler
GREEN       Ella  14 servant PA s House Servant
NIVISON     Almond  26 head Seneca m Laborer
            Sharlott  26 wife Tompkins
            Alvy  2 son Schuyler
            Edna  12/08 dtr Seneca
VANWORMER   William H 38 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Hellen  36 wife Tompkins
            Sarah  5 dtr Schuyler
SMITH       Emaline  48 servant Tompkins s House Servant
JOHNSON     Mary A 37 head Chemung wid
            Cary  13 dtr Schuyler
            Miney E 11 dtr Chenango
            Hatty  9 dtr Schuyler
            William  7 son Schuyler
GILLETT     John A 75 head VT m Teacher
            Rebecka   56 wife Ontario
            Alice  14 dtr Chenango
HANLEY      James  34 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Erminda  31 wife Tompkins
HAMMOND     John  39 tenant Ireland s Farm Hand
JOHNSON     Delia  32 tenant Steuben s House Servant
PARSONS     William  40 head Monroe m Laborer
            Sarah A 44 wife Tompkins
            Mary J 10 dtr Monroe
HUNTER      May A 57 head ONeida wid
            Sidney   17 son Schuyler s
            Abraham L 15 son Schuyler
PHELPS      Henry   22 head Schuyler m
            Theana  20 wife Schuyler
STEPHENS    Charles  65 head CT m Merchant
            Olive E 58 wife Tompkins
            Ella  9 dtr Tompkins
REYNOLDS    Ida  18 boarder Schuyler
STEPHENS    Charles, Jr.   24 head Seneca m Carpenter
            Ella  21 wife Wisc.
            Grace  12/03 dtr Schuyler
BURGE       David  52 head CT m Physician
            Samantha E 29 wife Tompkins
            May  17 dtr Albany
            Julia  15 dtr Schuyler
            Grace  9 dtr Schuyler
            Gertrude  6 dtr Schuyler
            Benjamin E 4 son Schuyler
            Charles W 2 son Schuyler
FOSTER      Asa  44 head Yates m Farmer
            June R 41 wife Tompkins
            Francis  A 18 dtr Schuyler
            Mary A 15 dtr Schuyler
KENYON      Samuel  19 servant Schuyler s Farm Hand
EVANS       Daniel T 58 head Ulster m Laborer
            Elisabeth  45 wife Montgomery
DICKERSON   John  61 head NJ m Farmer
            Sarah M 51 wife NYC
            Margaret  25 dtr Tompkins s
            Maty  18 dtr Schuyler s
            Emma  16 dtr Schuyler
URGERHART   Donald  32 head Scotland m Farmer
            Sarah  28 wife Ireland
            Donald 2nd  1 son Ontario Co.
BROWN       Jane S 22 tenant Ireland s Farm Hand
PRUDEN      Mahlon H 40 head Tompkins m Produce Dealer
            Elisabeth  29 wife NJ
            Ana M 4 dtr Schuyler
            Mary  A 2 dtr Schuyler
            Nancy  76 mother NJ wid
            Phebe A 43 sister NJ wid
DICKERSON   William  29 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Delia F 30 wife Tompkins
PRUDEN      Lanny  68 boarder Tompkins wid
YAW         Putnan  45 head Oneida m Farmer
            Ann  50 wife Putnam
            Philip  14 son Oneida
CHASE       Isaac  45 head Cateraugus m Farmer
            Aby G 45 wife Canada
            May  9 dtr Oneida
THUR        Sarah E 81 mother RI wid
HOLLIS      Adalake  18 boarder Mich s
KINGSLEY    Munro  30 head Tompkins m Carpenter
            Jane  27 wife Tompkins
            Lulu G 6 dtr Schuyler
            William  1 son Schuyler
HALL        Edward D 47 head Orange m Laborer
            Sarah A 34 wife NYC
            George W 5 son NYC
            Mary M 3 dtr NYC
HOWELL      Sharlott  47 head Tompkins wid
            Layfaette  15 son Tompkins
            Hatty  13 dtr Tompkins
BROWN       Charles F 34 boarder Mass m Ship Carpenter
            Matty C 23 wife Tompkins
            Walter S 3 son Tompkins
JOHNSON     John M 67 head Ontario m Farmer
            Elmira  67 wife RI
            Myron  6 son Steuben
HAZLITT     David  65 head NJ m
            Louisa  42 wife Tompkins
HANLEY      Caroline  69 head Cayuga wid
            Mary A 32 d Tompkins s
TYLER       Joseph A 60 head Greene Co.  s Farmer
            Iseah H 67 brother Greene Co.
            David D 65 brother Greene Co.
            Mary A 62 sister Greene Co.
VAN WORMER  Mary  E 30 servant Tompkins  s House Servant
MC NETTEN   Emma  18 servant Schuyler
DUDLEY      Charles  17 servant Schuyler  Farm Hand
            Fred  15 servant Schuyler  Farm Hand
KENYON      Frank  28 servant Schuyler  Farm Hand
JOHNES      Sarah  27 head Tompkins s
            Chanty  35 sister Seneca s
HOWELL      Geery  72 head Orange wid Farmer
HUFF        Augustus  43 servant Seneca m Farm Hand
            Emma  45 wife Tompkins m
HOWELL      Cora  7 gr dtr Schuyler
SWICK       William S 32 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Juliett  26 wife Tompkins
            Cora M 12/05 dtr Schuyler
DICKENS     Ester  52 servant Tompkins wid House Servant
BUNN        Jacob  42 head Tompkins  Farmer
            Almira  37 wife Mich m
            Fred M 17 son Mich
            Frank E 13 son Schuyler
            Nitlie  8 son Schuyler
MURPHY      Anson  42 head Steuben m Laborer
            Ruth  22 wife Tompkins
            Anah  14 dtr Schuyler
            James A 12 son Tompkins
            John U 1 son Schuyler
HALL        Samuel  42 head Tompkins m Farmer
            Helen M 34 wife Tompkins
            Millie  15 son Schuyler
            Carry  11 dtr Schuyler
            Ida M 4 dtr Schuyler
WILSON      James  77 uncle Scotland wid
WILSON      David  57 head Scotland wid Farmer
            Emaline  53 wife Seneca
            Sarah E 14 dtr Schuyler
WAKELY      Leander R 41 head Chenango m Farmer
            Abby  36 wife Seneca
            Corwin  7 son Schuyler
VEALEY      John W 45 head Steuben m Farmer
            Lydia A 35 wife Tompkins
            Charles  9 son Schuyler
            Burge  7 son Schuyler
            Mirian/ urian  4 dtr Schuyler
            George  1 son Schuyler
HAGAR       Ann  65 head NJ wid
            Charles   47 son Tompkins s Merchant
            Charles H 19 gr son Chango s
TRACY       Gustavus H 32 head Tompkins m Physician
            Helen M 31 wife Tompkins
            Alen R 9 son Schuyler
HALL        Mary  49 head Tompkins wid Farmer
            Andrew  21 son Schuyler
            Mary F 18 dtr Schuyler
EDGETT      George W 40 boarder Otsego
GEROW       Nelears (?) F 62 head Delaware m Wagon Maker
            Elizabeth  60 wife Delaware
BLAIN       Theren  21 boarder Tompkins m Laborer
            Helen  22 wife Tompkins
LYBOLT      Jacob J 41 head Steuben m Blacksmith
            Emily  39 wife Steuben
            William D 18 son Schuyler
            Stephen  J 17 son Schuyler
            Hatty  7 dtr Schuyler
            Oscar W 2 son Schuyler

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