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1825 census, Catharine, Schuyler co., NY - p1
1999, 2000 --These pages are part of the Schuyler co., NY Genweb page.  Not for commercial use.
1825  CENSUS,  TOWN  OF  CATHARINE  (incl. Montour) - p.1
Catharine was part of  Tioga co., NY until 1836 when it became part of Chemung co., NY.
Then, in 1854, it became part of Schuyler co., NY.  In 1860, the Town of  Montour was taken from Catharine, so records before 1860 include Montour.
Re-typed from copies of the originals, by Linda Z. O'Halloran.
Contributed by Vanda Greenwood.

A = all males in family, including the head of household.
B = all females in the family.
C = all males subject to militia duty, between ages 18-45.
D = all males qualified to vote in state and county elections.
E = all males in the family who are aliens, not naturalized.
F = all persons in the family who are "paupers".
G = all persons in the family who are persons of colour, not taxed.
H = all persons in the family who are persons of colour, who are taxed.
I = all persons of colour in the family who are taxed and qualified to vote
    in county and state elections, not to be incl. in column I.
J = all married females under the age of 45.
K = all unmarried females between the ages of 16-45.
L = all unmarried females under the age of 16.
M = all marriages of females living in the household in the previous year.
N = Male births during the previous year.
O = Female births during the previous year.
P = Male deaths during the preceding year.
Q = Female deaths during the preceding year.

[Email Linda if you want to know how many acres, meat cattle, sheep, hogs, cloth and mills were owned by the family.]

Note:  On the first & last pages of this copy, some columns were cut off (shown by X).
Typist's comments in [ ].


AGARD, Noah            23-1------2xxxxxx
AGARD, Samuel          4312-----11xxxxxx
AGARD, Eaton           3111-----1-xxxxxx
AYRES, Henry           3312-----1-xxxxxx
AYRES, John            1111-----1-xxxxxx
ANDRUS, Thadeus        2211-----1-xxxxxx
ADAMY, Peter           3111-----1-xxxxxx
ADAMY, Daniel          3111-----1-xxxxxx

BUNDY, Elisha          36-1--1--12xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, David        3312------1xxxxxx    [BARDSLEY = BEARDSLEY]
BARDSLEY, Lewis        4121-----1-xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Michael C.   1111-----1-xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Eli          4222-------xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Ammon        51-1-----1-xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Elam         32-1-----1-xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Elias        52-1-----1-xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, James        5311-------xxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Lewis 2d     4111-----1xxxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Levi         1211-----1xxxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Elijah       42-1-----1xxxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Philo (A.?)  3311-----1xxxxxxx
BARDSLEY, Zechariah C. 53-1-----1xxxxxxx
BROWN, Hiram           1211-----1xxxxxxx
BROWN, Noah            22-1------xxxxxxx
BONNY, Amos            36-1-----1xxxxxxx
BEERS, Wakeman         34-1-----1xxxxxxx
BULKLEY, Ebenezar W.   5244-1---1xxxxxxx
BOOTH, Ransom E.       2211-----1xxxxxxx
BURT, Ebenezar         1211-----1xxxxxxx
BAKER, Daniel          3311-----1-2--1--
BOWERS, Isaac          4211-----1-1-----
BULKLEY, Andrew        53-1-----1-2--1--
BOWN, William          4531-----1-4--1--
BEEBE, Augustus        32-1-----11--1---
BURRITT, John (H.?)    3432-----111-----
BRISCO, Nathan         4211-----1-1--1--
BNNETT, Samuel         16-1-----1-5-----    [surname was probably BENNETT]
BARDSLEY, Stephen      2411-----1-2-----
BOTH, Elijah           4234-------1-----    [surname was probably BOOTH(E)]
BENNETT, Aaron         11-1-------------
BENNETT, Benjamine     3211-----1-------
BRINK, Jacob           54-1-----112-----
BRINK, George          5222------1------
BIRINK, Solomon        3111-----1-------
BRINK, Abram           2211-----1-1-----
BENNETT, Abram         3312------1------
BATES, John            2211-----1-1--1--
BARBER, Reuben         12---------1-----
BARBER, James          43-------1-2-----
BATES, Ira             1311-----1-2-----
BATES, Aaron           4512------21-----
BRAUDRICH, Brice       34-1-----112-----
BRYON, Jacob           43-1------11-----
BRYON, John            1311-----1-2-----
BARTON, Luke           3411-----1-3-1--1
BARDSLEY, Hiram        1211-----1-1-----
BULKLEY, Samuel        3122-----1---1---

COUCH, Jonothan P.     2211-----1-1-----    [owned a SAW MILL]
COOPER, Aaron          2111-----1------1
COOPER, John           22-1-------1-----
CLARK, Silas           66-1-----113-----
CUSHING, Moses         13-1-----1-2-----
CATLIN, Phineas 2d     3411--1--1-2-----
CLAUCHERTY, John       52--2----1-1-----
CLAUCHERTY, Elick      12--1----1-1---1-
CURTIS, Charles        2211-----1-1-----
CURTIS, Jonas          22-2------1------
CATLIN, Leman          4211-----1-1-----
CORYELL, George        8422-----211-----    [owned a SAW MILL & GRIST MILL]
CORYELL, Abram         3111-----1-------
CATLIN, Phineas        4612-----113-1---    [owned a SAW MILL & GRIST MILL]
CLYMER, William S.     1311-----1-2--1--
CLARK, Samuel          44-1-----1-3-----
CLARK, Peter           5411-----1-3-----
CLARK, Elias           11-1-------------
CUSACK, Jacob          8312-------1-----
CHAPMAN, John          6211-----1-1-1---
COE, Shelden           11-1-----1-------
COLE, Jeremiah         41-------1---1--1
CROFUT, Ebenezar B.    74-1-----112-----

DARLING, Joseph L.     13-1-----1-1-----
DOWNING, David B.      2222-----1-1-----
DAVIS, Justus D.       2211-----1-1-----
DAVIS, Nathaniel       5222-------1-----
DRAKE, James           21-1-------------
DRAKE, Daniel          42-1-----1-1-----
DENTON, Nehemiah       21-1-----1-------
DEGRAW, Abram          43-1-----1-2-----
DRESSER, Ephraim       5211-----1-1-1---
DAILY, Walter          2211-----1-1--1--

ERWAY, Philip          4211-----1-1-1---
ERWAY, Isaac           72-1-----1-1-----
ELIOT, Thomas          11-1-----1-------

FROST, Joseph          2211------2------
FROST, Joseph Jun.     1211-----1-1-----
FLETCHER, Josiah       3311-----2-1-----
FROST, Diamon          2211-----1-1-----
FROST, Jonothan        44-1-----112-----
FROST, John            5111-------------
FROST, John Junr.      12-1-----1-1--1--
FOOT, John             73-1-----111-1---    [owned a SAW MILL]
FOGLE, Frederick       43-1-----111-----
FINTON, Elijah         67-1-----115-----
FOSTER, John           2122-----1-------
FOOT, Adam             3111-----1-------

GRAVES, John           11--1------------
GILBERT, John          21-1-----1-------
GANONG, Isaac          63-1-----111-1---    [sometimes spelled GANUNG]

HINMAN, Elijah S.      5511-----1121----
HIBBARD, George        4311-----1-2-----
HOWARD, Josiah         35-1-----122-1---
HURD, Abram            12-1-----1-----1-
HALL, Lyman            11-1-----1-------
HALL, Nathan           2311-----1-2-1---
HICHCOCK, Jonothan     5322------2------    [usually spelled HITCHCOCK]
HAVELAND, Cornelius    1411-----1-3--1--
HAMILTON, Rosetta      4222-----1--1----
HILTON, Elial          54-1-----1-3--1-1
HALL, James            23-1-----1-2--1--
HAVILAND, William      4212------1------
HOMES, John            64-3-----1-3--1--    [surname might be HOLMES]
HIGGINS, Isaac         4411-----1-3-1---
HALL, Samuel           5211-----1-1-----
HOWARD, Robert         24-1-----112-----
HOYT, Jared            23-2------2------
HOYT, David            33-1-----1-2-----

JONES, Marcus          32-1-----1-1--1-1
JONES, Mason           4211-----1-1-----
JOHNSON, Stephen       52-1-------1-----
JOHNSON, Shubell R.    33-1-----1-2-----
JACKSON, John          2212------1------
JACKSON, George        3212-----1-1-1---
JOHNSON, Benjamin      34-1-----1-3-----

KNOWS, Leonard         3321-----111-----    [surname might be KNOWLES]
KNOWLS, Simon          45-1-----1-4--1--    [   "      "    "   "    ]
KNAP, Maurice          42-1------1------    [usually spelled KNAPP]
KNAP, David            1211-----2-1-----

LAWRENC, Samuel        57-1--1---33-----    [usually spelled LAWRENCE]
LOCK, James            44-1-----1-3-1---
LOCKERBY, Robert       35-1-----1-4-----
LOCKERBY, Samuel       4211-----1-1-----
LOCKERBY, John         21-2-------------
LOCKERBY, Benjmine     33-1-----1-2-----
LEWIS, Thompson        1111-----1-1--1--
LEWIS, Zechariah A.    3211-------1-----
LEWIS, Samuel O.       5534-----131-----
LEE, David             44-1-----1-3-----    [owned a GRIST MILL]
LEE, William           5311-----111-----
LYON, Jessee           3211-----1-1-----
LYON, Walter           3322-----12--1---
LYON, Asa              5222--1--1-1-1---
LYON, Henry            3411-----112-----
LANING, Ralph          24-2-----112-1-1-
LOVELL, William        31-1-----1-----1-
LOVELL, James          5411-----112--1--
LYON, Joseph           42-1-1---1-1-----
LAWSON, Henry S.       5212-----1-1-----
LUCE, William P.       2211-----1-------
LEE, Israel            4312-----11--1---

MILLER, Barnabas       5421-----113--1--
MITCHEL, Charles       2211-----1-1-----    [usually spelled MITCHELL]
MITCHEL, Jesse         5311-----1-2--1--
MITCHEL, John          3411-----111-----
MEEKER, Robert         84-1-----112--1--
MANTA, John L.         35-2-------3-----
MILLS, Peter           2111-----1-------
MILLS, George          21-1------1-----1
MASSAKER, Abram        24-1-----1-3-1111
MOSS, Joshua           35-1-----1-4-1---
MORRISS, John N.        22-1-------1-----
MALLORY, Roswell       3111-----1-------
MALLORY, Ebenezar      11-1-------------
McCLURE, John          22-1-------1-----
McCLURE, THomas        2411-----1-3--1--
MALLETT, Diamon        7422------21----1
MALLETT, Levi          42-1-----1-1-----
MERCHANT, Enoch        4512-----121----1
MERCHANT, Arlow        1111-----1-------
McCARTY, Charles       8312-----12------
MILLS, Thomas          4411-----113-----
MARVIN, Ebenezar       2211-----1-1--1--
MIX, Titus F.          3411-----1-3-----
MORRIS, James          41-1-----1---1---
MILLS, John            5222-------1-----
MILLER, Gurden         13-1-----1-2-----

NICOLS, Lemuel         8633-----2221----
NICOLS, Mary           -2--------1------

OLMSTEAD, David        3312-----1-1-----
OLMSTEAD, David Jun.   5311-----111-----
OLMSTEAD, Coleman      53-1-----1-2-----
OUSTERHOUT, Polly      3611--1--132-----
OWENS, Gilbert         4211-----1-1-----
OWENS, Niel            1211-----1-1-----
OWENS, Dougle          3111-----1-------

PARMENTER, Stephen     35-1-----1-4--1--
PRINCE, William        4222-------1-----
PATCHIN, Isaac         3311-----1-2-----
PERSONS, Uriah         2311-----1-2-----

ROSE, Martha           111--------------
ROGERS, Elijah         22-1-----1-1-----
ROGERS, Josephus       27-1-----115-----
ROGERS, Henry          42-1-----1-1-----
ROCKWELL, Margaret     5321-------1-----

STARKS, Justus         2311-----111-----
SHERWOOD, Salmon            10333------2------    [note: 1st column has 10 males]
SHELTON, Lemuel        6412------12-----
SHELTON, John          2111-----1-------
SHELTON, Ague          1111-----1-------
SHELTON, Nicols        2111-----1---1---
SUMMERS, Isaac B.      17-7-----1-6-----
SHIPMAN, Isaac         44-2-----1-3--1--    [could be SKIPMAN]
SHAUNCE, John          4411-----1-2-----
SMITH, Joshua          2211-------1-----
STEAL, William         28-1-----116-1-1-
STUART, John           8411-----112-----
SATURLY, Ephraim       4511-----1-4-----    [usually spelled SATTERLY]
SYLVESTER, Levi        2212------1------
SEMERS, Selick         33-1------11-----

THOMPSON, William      3211-----1-1-----
THOMPSON, Daniel D.    1211-----11------

UPDIKE, John           35-1-----1-4xxxxx

WEBLEY, John           3612------32xxxxx
WILCOX, Richard        52-1-----1-1xxxxx
WEBLEY, William        1211-----11-xxxxx
WALKER, Levi           3311-----111xxxxx
WYGANTS, John          2411-----2-2xxxxx
WYGANTS, Jonothan      36-1-----1-5xxxxx
WILCOX, Loyd           3111-----1--xxxxx
WAKELY, Roswell        4322-----1-2xxxxx
WALLIS, David          3111--1--1--xxxxx
WONSER, Abraham        3311-----1-1xxxxx
WASHBURN, Daniel       31-1-----1--xxxxx
WAKEMAN, Abijah        12-1-----1-1xxxxx
WINTON, Samuel         6632-----113xxxxx

VANZANT, James         45-1------13xxxxx
VANGORDER, James       5211-----1-1xxxxx


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