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Tombstone Inscriptions, Troy, Rensselaer Co., New York


Tombstone Inscriptions
In Cemeteries
In Troy, Rensselaer County, NY
Indicating a Foreign Place of Origin


Compiled by Loretta M. Nial

This manuscript is reproduced here as it appears in Ms. Nial's book.  It is on this site at her request so that people outside of Troy NY can have access to her wonderful work.

(all items in parentheses are Loretta Nial's notes)


Pages at the beginning and end of the Book
Compilers Notes  (how info was collected, abreviations, etc.)
A Few Dates  (Troy history to 1975)
Surnames in alphabet order
A to B
C to D
E to G
H to J
K to L
M to Maguire
M starts with McGuire
N to Q
T to Z plus a few Unknowns
Images from the Book
Political Wards' Boundaries Chart
Approximate Plan of Old R.C. Cemetery, Lansingburgh-Part 1
Approximate Plan of Old R.C. Cemetery, Lansingburgh-Part 2
Hand drawn map of Troy Cemeteries



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