Rensselaer County

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RENSSELAER COUNTY was taken from Albany in 1791.  Greatest length 30, greatest breadth 22 miles; centrally distant from New York N. 156, and from Albany E. 10 miles.  The eastern portion of the country is broken and hilly, and in some places rather mountainous and interspersed with fertile valleys.  The central and western part is diversified with hills, and a gently undulating surface.  It has extensive valleys and flats of alluvion, with a warm rich soil; and the uplands have an easy soil, well adapted to the various purposes of agriculture.  There are an abundance of mill sites, and the numerous streams irrigate every portion of the county.  This county had partial settlements at a very early period of our history, and has long sustained a very considerable population.  The whole of the county, except the towns of Schaghticoke, Pittstown, Hoosick and north part of Lansingburg and part of Troy, is comprised within the Rensselaerwyck patent, leased under the ordinary rent, in farms, at ten bushels of wheat the hundred acres.  The county contains 13 towns and the city of Troy.  Pop.  60,303.
Rensselaer County, New York; Excerpt From: Historical Collections of the State of New York, by John W. Barber and Henry Howe, 1844






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