1810 Census: Town of Pittsfield, Otsego County, NY

1810 Census: Town of Pittsfield, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by G William Beardslee - Greeley, Colorado

Head of HouseholdWM under 10WM under 16WM under 26WM under 45WM over 45-WF under 10WF under 16WF under 26WF under 45WF over 45--Other Free Persons
Adams, A.---11-----1
Adams, D.--2-1---2-1
Adams, E.--1---111-1
Adams, P--1---2-1
Angel, J.1--1--1--1
Atherton, S.2--1--1--1
Barber, J.1--1--2-1
Bardeen, M. -111--1--1
Barden, Z.-121--11-1
Baxter, B21--1-3---1
Baxter, S.--1---1-1
Beardsley, J.2231---1-1
Beardsley, W.1-1---1--1
Bennett, L.11-1--31-1
Bozwell, Wid.11-1--121-1
Bozworth, A.11-1---22-1
Briggs, J.1-1-1--1--1
Briggs, T.2--1--1---1
Brooks, J.1--1--1-2
Brown, Wid.111----1--1
Brownel, G.2-1-----2
Burdick, P.22-1--1--1
Burlington, G.1--1--2--1
Burnham, J ?3--1
Butler, W.3--1--3--1
Campbell, J.2--1--2--1
Campbell, S.1--1--21--1
Carpenter, G.1121--41-1
Carpenter, Wid.1-----21-1
Chapin, E.21-1--32-1
Chase, A. 333-1-2--1
Cheesbrough, J.122-1-2-2-1
Cone, J.--1-----1
Cone, J.H.3--1---1-1
Cone, J.O.-1112---1-1
Covey, C.-2--1--2--1
Crane, E. 112-1-12-1
Cribbner, E. C. 2--1--2-1
Dunning, M.2-1---4--1
Durant, E.-1--1---2-1
Eddy, B.2-21--131-1
Eddy, H.2121--221-1
Edwards, S.----1-21--1
Fairchild, Z.1-3-1-1-1
Fenton, J.11-1--11-1
Franklin, G.1-1-1-2---1
Goodridge, H.212-1-2--1
Gregory, S.---1--1-1
Hall, B.121-1-31-1
Hall, G. 2-2-1--1-1
Hall, G., Jr.2-1-----1
Harrans, F.---1--41-1
Herrington, F. (living with Herrington,S.)
Herrington, L. 2-1---1-1
Herrington, S.3--11-2---1
Holdridge, J.-211---11-1
Hopkins, G. 11-1--11-1
House, D.--1-1-1---1
Hull, J.1--1--3--1
Ide, L.2--1-----1
Ingraham, G.3-11--21-1
Ingraham, T.11-1--21-1
Johnson, J.3--1-----1
Keefer, C.--2-1-----1
Keefer, W.1--1--2--1
Kelsey, W.---1--2--1
Kelso, J.3--1--21--2
Kelso, S.2--1----1
Knight, A3-11--22-1
Lincoln, J.1--1--2-1
Livingston, S.2--1--21-1
Lotwell, J.1---1----1
Love, A.--1-1--2-1
Lyon, J.E.-1--1-11-1
McEntire, A.32--1-12-1
McEntire, E.-2-1-----1
Medcalf, L-11-1-12-2
Mellett, S.-21-1----1
Merriman, T.2-11----1
Miller, A--2-1-1---1
Miller, J.2--1--1--1
Miller, J.-1--1-----2
Miller, W.2--1--22-1
Nichols, B.1141--2--1
Noble, A.-1--1-1---1
Noble, H.--1---1-1
Noble, J. 1--1--1-1
Olney, T.--1-1-----1
Olney, W. ---1--1-1
Perry, B211-1-122-1
Plumb, A.2---1-1---1
Potter, J.-21-1-1---1
Potter, P. ?-1-1--11-1
Pratt, J.31--1-11-1
Puandle, O.G. ?---1--3-1
Runnion, J.--1---3-1
Sears, A. Wid.(living with Crane, E.?)
Sheldon, A.---1---1-1
Sheldon, T. ?2--1--1-1
Smedley, S.1--1--1--1
Smith, T.1-1---1-1
Spencer, A.2--1--1-1
Spencer, B2--1--3-1-1
Spencer, L.--1---11-1
Sumers, N----1-----1
Swift, S.2--1-----1
Taylor, P.--1-----1
Thrasher, D.--1-----1
Tracy, M.---1--1-1
Tyler, J.2-21--32-1
Tyler, W.2-11--1-1
Vaughn, J.---11-1-2-1
Vicery, M.-22-1-----1
Welch, B.4211--22-2
Welch, E.2--1--31-1
Welch, S.21-1--11-1
Whiting, A.11--1-11--1
Williams, ?--11--11-1
Williams, J.1-11---1-1
Williams, T.----1--11-2
Wing, B. 1-1---2-1
Wing, W.22-1--21-1
Winters, A21--1-1--1
Wood, A.--1-1-----1
Wood, C.-11-1-----1
Woodson, S.1-1---2-1

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