Diary Della Peck
Della Maude Peck


For The Year 1894

Edited by

Her Granddaughter
Jayne Anne (Davis) Szaz

Raleigh, North Carolina

Editor's Notes

	In transcribing Grandma Ellis's diary, I have left her text as she wrote 
it, with a few exceptions. She did not use punctuation much and seldom to show
where one sentence ended and another began. For clarity, I have inserted punctuation
where needed. I have left words as she wrote them: to for too and two, untill for
until, etc. I also left words that she separated into two words but which should be,
or are today at any rate, one word: to day for today, Grand pa for Grandpa, etc. The
underlinings are hers. There are a few words that are impossible to understand; I
have transcribed them the best I could. In a couple of places, Grandma wrote about
an event, in both cases about a death, twice. One example is the death of Thomas Ball.
I have put in brackets [] letters or parts of words or words that I am sure Grandma
meant to write but did not. I think pie plant pie on May 28 is what we know as rhubarb pie. Because the reader will enjoy the diary more if he/she understands the
relationships among the persons mentioned in the diary, I give that information
to the best of my knowledge. Pa, Papa and Father was David George Peck, Della's father. Ma, Mamma and Mother was Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck, Della's mother. Jason was Jason Peck, Della's brother and only sibling. Alice was Alice (George) Peck, Jason's wife. Mrs. George was Alice's mother. Uncle Spencer was Spencer Olds, who married Sarah (Ball) Olds, sister
of Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck, Della's mother. . Aunt Sarah was Sarah (Ball) Olds, Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck's sister and
Della's aunt. Minnie was Minnie B. (Olds) Riley, daughter of Spencer Olds and Sarah
(Ball) Olds, wife of Prof. J. F. Riley and cousin of Della. Willy Riley was William H. Riley, son of Prof. J. F. Riley and Minnie
(Olds) Riley and cousin of Della. Grandpa Ball was Frederick Ball, father of Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck and
grandfather of Della Peck. Grandma Ball was Eliza Anne (Monroe) Ball, wife of Frederick Ball,
mother of Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck and grandmother of Della Peck. Thomas Ball was the brother of Frederick Ball and great uncle of Della
Peck. "The twins" referred to in an entry in the back of the diary were Vesta
(Riley) Forker and Livia (Riley) Foster. Lulu Peck was the daughter of Alfred Peck, son of Orange Peck and Charity
Alger Peck and brother of David George Peck. Lulu was a cousin of Della
Peck. Uncle Frank was Frank Peck, son of Orange Peck and Sarah Vanderwalker. Lena or Lina was Lena or Lina Simmons, daughter of Frank Simmons and Cora
(Peck) Simmons. Cora was the daughter of Orange Peck and Sarah
(Vanderwalker) Peck. Uncle Charles was Charles Ball, brother of Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck, Della's
mother. Aunt Ida was the wife of Charles Ball; I don't have her maiden name. Cecily was Cecelia Ball, daughter of Charles and Ida Ball and cousin of
Della Peck. Mary Ann Ball was the sister of Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck and aunt of Della
Peck. Francis Ball was the brother of Eliza Jane (Ball) Peck and uncle of Della
Peck. Bertha was Bertha Butts, the daughter of LaVerne P. Butts and Alta (Doyle)
Butts. Laverne P. Butts was the son of Adeline Ruth (Peck) Butts, sister
of David George Peck and aunt of Della, and James K. P. Butts. Howard Butts was the brother of LaVerne P. Butts. Aurthur (Arthur) Butts was the brother of LaVerne P. and Howard Butts. Harry Butts was the brother of LaVerne P., Arthur, and Howard Butts. Uncle Poke probably refers to LaVerne P. Butts. The basis for this statement
is information on the Peck family that was sent to me by another Peck
researcher. This information refers to LaVerne P. Butts as Polk Butts. Ida Wilson may have been the mother of Lester Wilson, who married Myrtle
Peck, daughter of John W. Peck and Margaret (Bundy) Peck. John W. Peck
was the son of Orange Peck and Charity (Alger) Peck. Mr. and Mrs. John Reed Ė I donít know who they were. They were not the
parents of Margaret Read, who married Uncle Raymond George Ellis; the
spelling of the surname is different, and Aunt Margaretís father was
George Oliver Read. Albert Peck was the son of Orange Peck and Charity (Alger) Peck and uncle
of Della Peck. Alfred Peck was the brother of Albert and son of Orange Peck and Charity
(Alger) Peck and uncle of Della Peck. Mrs. Ellis was Angeline (Button) Ellis, mother of Frank Ellis; she became
Della's mother-in-law. Freeman Ellis was Angeline (Button) Ellis's husband; he became Della's
father-in-law. F.H.E. was Frank Hervy Ellis, whom Della married. John Hunter was the fiancť of Geneva Mae Ellis, Della Maude (Peck) Ellisís
daughter, until she met Milburn McKinley Davis. The September 23rd entry mentions acquiring a bell. Below is the transcription of
an article that Geneva Mae (Ellis) Davis cut out of the Binghamton Press and pasted
into her scrapbook. This article is about the same bell, the one Frederick Ball
used when he owned and ran a ropewalk. It shows that its next owner was Della (Peck)
Ellis's nephew, Robert Peck, son of her brother, Jason Peck. We don't know who owned
the bell after Robert Peck died in 1945 of a heart attack at the age of forty-five.
He had no children to inherit it. Bell Recalls Early Days of the "Rope Walk" A heavy brass bell, believed to be at least 100 years old and a relic of
one of the first "rope walks" in this part of the country is a prized
possession of Robert Peck, policeman at the Binghamton state hospital. The bell was given to Mr. Peck by his aunt, Mrs. Della Ellis of New
Berlin. Research shows that it was used in summoning employees in the
manufacture of rope in the "rope walk" operated by Frederick and Thomas
Ball in the town of Pittsfield, Otsego County, near the old Ebenezer
Chapel, in the 1870s. Mrs. Ellis is a granddaughter of Frederick Ball. Manufacture of rope in those days was accomplished by twisting of the
fibers by a workman, who walked backward down the "rope walk," housed
in a building some 250 feet long, spinning the rope from the hemp strung
around his waist. The twist was imparted by a wheel, at first turned by
a boy, later by a horse or water power. Mr. Peck said the research revealed that the bell is at least 100 years
old, and that he has received several offers for it, ranging from $25 to
$50.--Binghamton Press [On June 24, 2005, Leigh Eckmair, librarian of the Gilbertsville Free Library,
Gilbertsville, Otsego County, New York, sent me information about PECK and BALL
from The Town of Pittsfield, A History, published by the Pittsfield Historical
Society in 2001. With the pages from the book Leigh sent a photocopy of the
clipping above about the Balls' bell. The clipping was taken from the Oneonta
Star of April 29, 1943, which was probably about the same time that the article
was published in the Binghamton Press and cut out and pasted in my motherís scrapbook.] The Diary of Della Maude Peck "Father presented this Diary to me as a Christmas Present in the year of 1893,"
Della Maude Peck wrote on the flyleaf of her new diary. Monday, January 1, 1894: Mr. [and] Mrs. Chappel were here today to see Mother. Tuesday, January 2, 1894: Uncle Spencer and I washed today. Alice came over. We
had counsel Dr. Hazard and Dr. Hand. Wednesday, January 3, 1894: Uncle Charles & Aunt Ida were here today. Thursday, January 4, 1894: Today was a very pleasant day. Alice came over and
helped me. Friday, January 5, 1894: It has been rainy today. Mother is a little better
except her leg. Saturday, January 6, 1894: Father and Spencer went to N[ew] Berlin today. I
mop[p]ed today and baked. Sunday, January 7, 1894: Uncle Spencer and I have been over to Grand Father
Balls. Uncle Frank went home Jan. 1, 1894. Monday, January 8, 1894: I have been washing today. There is but very little
snow on the ground. Tuesday, January 9, 1894: Father went to New Berlin and got me some yarn. I
commenced my mittens today. Wednesday, January 10, 1894: I made five pies and a cake and churned and
crocheted nearly a whole mitten for Ma. Jason and Alice set up with Ma until
3 o'clock January 9. Thursday, January 11, 1894: I have crocheted a mitten to day. Jason and Alice
have been to Morris. Uncle Spencer went to New Berlin to day and got me two
more balls of yarn. Friday, January 12, 1894: I finished Mother's mittens this afternoon. It has
been snowing and blowing all day. The Dr. did not come to day. Saturday, January 13, 1894: Uncle Spencer cut my corn this eve. Jason and Alice
set up with Ma part of the night. Sunday, January 14, 1894: Aunt Sarah came back from Grand Pa's this morning.
They sent Henry Chase for her last night. Monday, January 15, 1894: I have been to New Berlin to day. It is raining this
evening. Mother is some better. Tuesday, January 16, 1894: I started my mitten to day. I baked a cake and four
pies. Wednesday, January 17, 1894: It has been a beautiful day. I have washed and
mopped and worked all day. Thursday, January 18, 1894: Jason and Uncle Spencer went up to Thom. Ball's
this afternoon. Dr. Hazard did not come to day on account of going to Utica. Friday, January 19, 1894: Uncle Spencer went to Morris and up around by
Grandpa's. M.C. Gardner was killed by the cars to day. Saturday, January 20, 1894: Mrs. Lyman Deming stopped to see Mother to day
as she was agoing by. Dr. Hazard did not come to day. Cause sickness. Sunday, January 21, 1894: We heard of M.C. Gardner's death to day. Jason came
over and told us the first we heard. Monday, January 22, 1894 (this happened on Tuesday): Dr. Hand from South New
Berlin visited Mother to day on account of Dr. Hazard being sick. Tuesday, January 23, 1894 (this happened on Wednesday): I washed and hung the
clothes out and let them hang a few minutes and it commenced to rain and I had
to bring them in again. Wednesday, January 24, 1894 (this happened on Thursday): Cora Backus set up with
Ma last night untill three o'clock. I went to New Berlin to see Dr. Noyes but did
not see him. Thursday, January 25, 1894: Nothing written. Friday, January 26, 1894: I have been ironing this evening, ironed an hour and a
half. Dr. Hazard pronounced Mother some better to day. Jason and Alice are here
to sit up. Saturday, January 27, 1894: Alice and Jason and Uncle Spencer and I went to New
Berlin to day. Alice had three teeth pulled. I went to see Dr. J. B. Noyes. Sunday, January 28, 1894: Aunt Sarah and Spencer went over to Grandpa's and Uncle
Charles and Aunt Ida and Cecily came back with them and staid until 7:30 P.M. Monday, January 29, 1894: A terrible wind is blowing this eve. I washed, mopped,
set sponge for bread and cookies, and swept up stairs and washed the steps. Tuesday, January 30, 1894: It has been snowing and blowing all day and is very
cold. I haven't been out doors to day on account of the weather. Wednesday, January 31, 1894: Uncle Spencer's folks went home to day. They came
the 28 of December [18]93. Mrs. Harrison Backus set up with Mother all night
to night. Thursday, February 1, 1894: Mr. Holmes came home to night. He was married Jan.
24 in Delhi. I have been footing three pair of stockings this after noon. Friday, February 2, 1894: It has been a very pleasant day. I am now taking the
entire care of Mother days commenced Jan. 31. Saturday, February 3, 1894: The neighbors honored Mr. Holmes to night, their
first night in her new home. They were all treated to wedding cake and a
pleasant time reported. Sunday, February 4, 1894: We changed Mother's clothes for the first time since
Aunt Sarah went home. Had good luck, changed her night dress and wrapper. Monday, February 5, 1894: Ada Holmes commenced her work for us to day. Jason's
folks went home to day. A little mistake here (Tuesday). Tuesday, February 6, 1894: Ada Holmes commenced her work for us to day. Pa went
down to Mr. Bellways and got her where she was visiting. Wednesday, February 7, 1894: Bert and Eva will sit up to night. Ada and I went
up to Mr. Holmes's to day. They showed us the Wedding Presents. Had cake. Thursday, February 8, 1894: Nothing written Friday, February 9, 1894: Father went to New Berlin and Ada sent down to get
some peanuts and candy for the children. Town meeting comes on the 13th of Feb. Saturday, February 10, 1894: Thundered and lightened but I did not hear it. I
set up untill 1 o'clock last night. Dr. came to day and left me some medicine. Sunday, February 11, 1894: It has been snowing and blowing all day. Pa went up
to see Charles Matteson to day. He is a little better. Monday, February 12, 1894: It is snowing and blowing this afternoon. Ada washed
and mopped in the forenoon but did not hang the cloths out on account of the weather. Tuesday, February 13, 1894: Father has been to Peck town to town meeting today;
Jason did not go. Jason and Alice have gone over [to] William Allens. Wednesday, February 14, 1894: Mrs. & Mr. Chappell visited here today for dinner.
We had apple pie, fruit cake, cookies, potatoes, ham and gravy, pickles, onions,
bread & butter. Thursday, February 15, 1894: It has been blowing and snowing. I have worked on
my rug some to day, made the border for one end this eve. I am setting up. Friday, February 16, 1894: Papa went down after Eva to sit up to night. It is a
very cold day. Mr. Holmes called in to day, also Del. I have been baking. Saturday, February 17, 1894: Herbert has come down to sit up to night. Jason
and wife are over to Wm. Allens sawing wood. Ada washed to day. Sunday, February 18, 1894: It has been a beautiful day, this morning rai[n]ed
but soon cleared away and has been very pleasant. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes called
to night for the first. Monday, February 19, 1894: Ada went to Coon Town to her work to day. A beautiful
day it has been to day. I expect to go to New Berlin tomorrow. Tuesday, February 20, 1894: I went to New Berlin to day and had my ears inflaided
(?). Mamma is worse to night, her back and a cramp in leg. Wednesday, February 21, 1894: Jason and Alice came from Wm. Allen's to day and set
up with Ma a part of the night. Yesterday was a lovely day. Thursday, February 22, 1894: I went to New Berlin to day and visited Dr. J. B.
Noyes and Dentist Fish cleaned my teeth, or partly, will go again in 2 weeks. He
gave me a wash. Friday, February 23, 1894: Papa went over and got Alice yesterday to stay with Ma
while I went to New Berlin. She set up all night, went home this morning. Saturday, February 24, 1894: It has been the coldest day we have had this winter.
I am agoing to sit up and keep fire untill 12 o'clock. The 14th of Feb. is
Valentine's Day. Sunday, February 25, 1894: Papa went over to day to Jason's to get his over-shoe
mended. W. J. Pudney and Floyd McRorie was here this evening. Monday, February 26, 1894: Papa is sick, got up sick this morning. He has been
complaining for to or three days. Ma has a bad headache. Tuesday, February 27, 1894: Mr. and Mrs. Azlon Williams visited here to day.
Doctor was here to day and left Papa some medicine. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes called. Wednesday, February 28, 1894: Mother is able to help herself in bed to day for
the first. She can turn over in bed alone. I baked cookies and pies to day. Thursday, March 1, 1894: Aden Angell called here to night. Pa and Jason went to
N. Berlin to day, and I rec'd a letter from Aunt Sarah and Bertha. Friday, March 2, 1894: Jason and Alice went home to day. It has been a lovely day.
The first of Mar. was a beautiful day. Papa went over and drawn wood for Jason
to day. Saturday, March 3, 1894: Cheese meeting to day up in the white school house. Pa
went. Joe Mumbalo Salesman. I wrote to letters for Mr. F. Holmes to night. Sunday, March 4, 1894: I have been up to Charles Madison's to day. He is able to
sit up most of the time. Doctor came to day. Monday, March 5, 1894: I washed to day all but the flannels. I felt so miserable
I could not finish. Jason and Floyd McCorie will work here tomorrow if pleasant. Tuesday, March 6, 1894: Mamma set up in the chair to day for the first time since
she was confined. She set up twenty minutes. She came out in the sitting room. Wednesday, March 7, 1894: Floyd McCrorie commenced his work for us today. Ma set
up half an hour to day. Prof. Ruland visited N.B. Feb. 6 & 7. Thursday, March 8, 1894: I went to New Berlin today and had four teeth filled,
my front teeth. He did not finish cleaning them. Got another bottle of mouth wash.
Ma set up to day. Friday, March 9, 1894: Papa has been to Morris to day and up around by Grand-pa's
and found Grand-Ma very bad off. She had too sinking spells while Pa was there. Saturday, March 10, 1894: To day Uncle Spencer, Uncle Frank, Minnie, Sarah, and
Willy Riley came. Pa met them on the train. They came up to care for Grandma. Sunday, March 11, 1894: They all went over to Grand ma's to day. Charles came
over after them in the morning. Aunt Sarah and Spencer will stay up here a while. Monday, March 12, 1894: Alice washed for me to day and we ironed to night and I
baked a cake to day. Minnie & Frank went from here to the Depot. Tuesday, March 13, 1894: Jason and Alice went home to day. Papa drawed wood to
the house to day. Mamma sets up every day now. Wednesday, March 14, 1894: Mr. Abrahams Couses's funeral was held today. Pa did
not go on account of his cold and the weather. Ma got in to the chair (twice?)
to day. Thursday, March 15, 1894: I have been working on my rug to day. Alice came over
this morning and told us Jason was sick. She carried home some salt and milk. Friday, March 16, 1894: Uncle Spencer and Charles came over and staid untill
after dinner. Charles took a log to mill to make a boat. Finished my rug. Saturday, March 17, 1894: Doctor Hazard came to day. He said he thought Ma
would not walk much less than four weeks. We paid him $50 dollars five 5
for the special visit. Sunday, March 18, 1894: Papa and I went over to see Grand-Ma. He gave me a
towel and some napkins, to white ones, to red ones. She is some better than she
was last Sunday. Monday, March 19, 1894: Mamma raised her self up in bed for the first time. My
head has ached all day. I did not wash on that account. Tuesday, March 20, 1894: Father went over to GrandPa's to day and Uncle Spencer
came back with him. I have done a large washing to day. Wednesday, March 21, 1894: Uncle Spencer went home over to Grand pa's. Pa carried
him to light's corners after going to N. Berlin. Thursday, March 22, 1894: Toliver has just gone home. Jason worked here to day.
I baked sugar cookies, molasses cookies, bread to morrow. Friday, March 23, 1894: It rained to day. Jason worked here most of the day. Papa
went over to G Jason to get his slipper sewed up. Lillie Jacox was over to Jason's. Saturday, March 24, 1894: Uncle Charles brought Uncle Spencer and Aunt Sarah over
this morning. They staid over to Grand-pa's too weeks. Sunday, March 25, 1894: Uncle Charles came over this afternoon on foot, brought a
letter from Minnie, saying smallpox. Both of his children had cold. Monday, March 26, 1894: Uncle Charles came over with the horse and got Uncle
Spencer's folks and took them back over there, for the letter said smallpox was
raging and they had better stay. Tuesday, March 27, 1894: I did not wash to day on account of bad weather and my
head feeling so bad. I expect to get some glasses April 3 or 4th of Prof. Ruland. Wednesday, March 28, 1894: Jason came over this eve. Told us he had a fight with
Andrew P. Ma set to the table with us for the first time to day, moved table in here. Thursday, March 29, 1894: Mrs. George and Alice came over. Alice and I went down
to Eva's and school and over to Cora's. Alice was canvasing for a paper for her
mother. May-flowers. Friday, March 30, 1894: Papa went to New Berlin yesterday to see Doctor Hazard to
get some medicine for his dizzy spells. Jason was here to dinner to day. Saturday, March 31, 1894: Papa went to New Berlin and got his milk wagon. Jason
went with him. Mrs. George will go home tomorrow. Sunday, April 1, 1894: Dr. Hazard came. He left me some medicine. He said I needed
glasses. Ma put her plaid dress on for the first time since sick. Monday, April 2, 1894: I washed and ironed to day. I have neglected to write for
Monday and Tuesday, but fill the space now. Tuesday, April 3, 1894: Today I went to N. Berlin to see Prof. Loewenstein, the
Opitican. He was at Charly Holmes. My glasses cost $3.00. Wednesday, April 4, 1894: Will Pudney moved his engine here this afternoon. It
has been raining to day . Will moved his engine from Alfred Radleys. Thursday, April 5, 1894: To dinner I have to day five hired men, Jason, Will P.,
Andrew P., Bert Backus, buzzed wood here at the house all day. Friday, April 6, 1894: Mrs. and Mr. Chappel visited here to day. Alice came over
this after noon. Josiah Madison worked here to day. Saturday, April 7, 1894: I have made three pies, 2 apple, one lemon, the first
lemon pie I ever made, 1 cake, mopped, swept, washed the stairs and got dinner
for three men. Sunday, April 8, 1894: I went over to Jason's and to Parishes to get my ring made
smaller, cost 5 cents. There is quite a lot of snow on the ground, snows very hard now. Monday, April 9, 1894: Will Pudney's finished sawyering here to day. Carol Horstman
worked for W. J. Siever today. Tuesday, April 10, 1894: Alice went to the village on the lumber wagon with Papa
to day to see Prof. Loewenstein, but did not change her glasses. Wednesday, April 11, 1894: It has snowed and blowed nearly all day. Edd Reed and
Jason worked here in the forenoon, but it was so cold in the afternoon, did not
work. Thursday, April 12, 1894: To day Pa went over to Grand pa's to have Uncle Charles
help him make his milk wagon. It has snowed some. Fr iday, April 13, 1894: Papa went over to Uncle Charles to trade calves. He went
with the lumber wagon. Charles backed out of his bargain. It is a very pleasant day. Saturday, April 14, 1894: I went to New Berlin on the lumber wagon and Everett
Jacox road home with us and staid to supper and is now here. It is now about
ten o'clock. Sunday, April 15, and Monday, April 16, 1894: Nothing written. Tuesday, April 17, 1894: Flora Reed died this morning at 2 o'clock. Funeral
Thursday at 11 A.M. Wednesday, April 18, 1894: I went to Mr. Angells to an egg shell party to night. Thursday, April 19, 1894: I went to the funeral. Friday, April 20, 1894: Alice came over and staid all day. Saturday, April 21, 1894: I went to New Berlin to day and had three teeth filled.
50 cents a piece. I got my new veil today. Sunday, April 22, 1894: I[t] has rained all day. I went up stairs and laid down
all the afternoon and got up and helped to learn the calves to drink. Monday, April 23, 1894: Our milk goes to the factory for the first. It rained
nearly all day to day. Jason and Alice came over. He worked for a 1/4 of a day. Tuesday, April 24, 1894: Nothing written. Wednesday, April 25, 1894: Mamma went to New Berlin to see the Doctor, the first
time she has rode out since she was confined, which occurred Dec. 28. Thursday, April 26, 1894: Today Mother rode up as far as Charles Madison's. He is
feeling some better now for a few days. Ma's neck is lame tonight. Friday, April 27, 1894: I have washed the curtains in the bed-room and sitting-room
yesterday, cleaned the close press. ___ra is up here. Pa & Bert have gone to Charley's. Saturday, April 28, 1894: We suppose M.C. Gardner was buried to day. Pa & Jason
went to New Berlin. We had a clam soup for supper. Jason was here. Sunday, April 29, 1894:I went up to the Chappel to Sunday school for the first
time this year. Mrs. Leonard was here when I came back. Monday, April 30, 1894: I have washed and ironed and done the rest of the work
beside. Am quite tired. Jason is working here to day. Tuesday, May 1, 1894: I have washed the ceilings in the kitchen, mopped the floor,
baked molasses cookies and done the rest of the work. Jason is working for Charley M. Wednesday, May 2, 1894: Ma & Pa went to N. Berlin and around by John Reeds and they
gave us a little black puppy. It is 10 weeks old. Pa gave it to me. Thursday, May 3, 1894: I have cleaned the kitchen pantry to day and mopped the
pantry and kitchen, swept upstairs. Friday, May 4, 1894: I have been out this morning and got some dandelion greens
for the first this season. Ma helped pick them over. Pa plowed the garden. Saturday, May 5, 1894: Alice and I went to New Berlin on the lumber wagon and got our
new hats. Alice got hers, but I ordered mine and left it. Sunday, May 6, 1894: I went over to Jason's and it rained and I had to stay all
night. I was sick in the night. Pa & Ma went over to Grand ma's. Monday, May 7, 1894: Grandpa came to day. I have helped to cut seven bu[shels]
of potatoes. Alice helped us. Pa went to New Berlin to night. Tuesday, May 8, 1894: Pa, Jason & Grandpa are planting potatoes. Alice has cut
three bushel of potatoes for Jason. We had greens for dinner. The wind blows very hard. Wednesday, May 9, 1894: Alice dropped potatoes for Jason yesterday and helped to
cover some. Pa finished his potatoes except five rows. Thursday, May 10, 1894: Grandpa went home to day. I cleaned the milk room and
ironed, planted some posy peas in the garden. Jason wor[k]ed here some to day. Friday, May 11, 1894: It rained to day. Alice came over and brought some molasses.
I mopped and baked bread. Saturday, May 12, 1894: We visited at Mr. Chappels. I got my new hat to Miss Perkins.
Cost $2.12. Jason and Alice went to Morris Friday. Sunday, May 13, 1894:Papa, Mamma and I went over to Morris and took a drive on the
cemetary. Jason & wife came back with us. We called to Orvall Edwards. Monday, May 14, 1894: Everett Jacox whitewashed our walls with Plastico, bedroom,
sitting room, kitchen, charged 30 cents, 10 cents a room. Pa and I put the bedroom
carpet down. Tuesday, May 15, 1894: I have washed, ironed, bake[d] sugar and molasses cookies.
Am very tired and quite lame. Alice came over and got some dandelion greens. Wednesday, May 16, 1894: The state normal school of Oneonta is being built this
year. The Morris school house is being built. Uncle Alfred is one of the masons. Thursday, May 17, 1894:Mamma went to see Thomas Ball to day. He is very bad off.
Jason worked for Abner Leonard. I cleaned the dooryard off a little tonight. Friday, May 18, 1894: Pa & Jason went to Morris. We got our first dividend[d]
from the factory which was five $5.40 cents. George Kilking is the butter maker. Saturday, May 19, 1894:Father and Mother went to Laurens to day, staid to Howard
Butts all night. Albert is very sick, not expected to live but a short time.
Addie was down to Oneonta. Sunday, May 20, 1894:Father and Mother came home to day. Grandpa went up to see
Thomas Ball, who is very sick. He came this way and took dinner. Monday, May 21, 1894: Papa went this afternoon to help plant Thomas's corn. Mrs.
Leonard called in this afternoon. The wind blows very hard and caines. Tuesday, May 22, 1894: We put our new sitting room carpet down for the first time.
I took the old one myself. Pa put the new one down. Wednesday, May 23, 1894: Today has been quite warm, rained some toward night. I
have washed, mopped, baked. Jason is working for Charles Matteson. Our peas are up. Thursday, May 24, 1894: It has rained all day. I washed and ironed my shirt
waists for the first of the season. It has rained nearly every day this week. Friday, May 25, 1894: Father has been working on the ditch of to the factory,
and Ma rode up as far as Mrs. Leonards for the first time in several months.
Mrs. Nichols is papering. Saturday, May 26, 1894: Barnum's Circus at Oneonta today. Jason and Alice went.
Father and Mother went to New Berlin and bought paper for the kitchen. I staid
at home. Sunday, May 27, 1894: I went to the chappel to Sabbath School. Father and Mother
went over to Grand Father Ball's today. Monday, May 28, 1894: I washed, mopped and made pie plant pie for the first one
went. Went up [to] Mrs. Leonard in the afternoon. It has rained nearly all day. Tuesday, May 29, 1894: Circus to New Berlin to day, admission 25 cents. Cole and
Logwood Circus. Papa and I went. It was a very good circus. Wednesday, May 30, 1894: It has rained all day very hard. Jason expected to move
but on account of raining did not. Thursday, May 31, 1894: Albert Peck died last night at 11 o'clock. Funeral at
10 o'clock Saturday. The telegram came to Morris and Dell Gages brought it to
us. Jason moved to day. Friday, June 1, 1894: Father & Mother went to Laurens to attend the funeral of
Uncle Albert. Jason and Alice staid with me to night. Jason does the chores. Saturday, June 2, 1894: It is raining to day. I am alone all day. Jason is here
doing chors. It rains so hard our folks could not come home. Sunday, June 3, 1894: Father and Mother came from Laurens. Mr. and Mrs. John Reed
called here this afternoon. Monday, June 4, 1894: Today I did not wash on account of my ears. Tuesday, June 5, 1894: I am agoing to a bouquet social to Mrs. Leonards tonight.
There were about 28 people there. Wednesday, June 6, 1894 through Monday, June 11, 1894: Nothing written. Tuesday, June 12, 1894: Mrs. Alfred Peck came here. We went to Morris after her.
Uncle Alfred is working there. She intends to stay with us to or three weeks. Wednesday, June 13, 1894: I have been raking some this afternoon. Alice came up
and brought us red root greens and she canned her cherries. Thursday, June 14, 1894: It is raining, commenced in the morning. Can not hay it
to day on account of the weather. Friday, June 15, 1894 through Saturday, June 23, 1894: Nothing written. Sunday, June 24, 1894: Alfred and wife came up from Morris this morning before
breakfast. Will stay untill Monday morning. Childrens day today in the chappel. Monday, June 25, 1894: I have been washing to day. A social to Joseph Mumbalos
one week from tonight. I have ripped the sleeves from my black dress. Tuesday, June 26, 1894: Cora Backus and Miss Mary Pope, the school teacher, and
Eva called here tonight. The teacher is making her fair well calls. Wednesday, June 27, 1894: Papa drawed a load of straw to N. Berlin to day and a
load of hay yesterday.It has rained a little. Jason is working on the road for
Madison. Thursday, June 28, 1894: Father and Mother went to Grandma's today. Uncle Chas.
came over. Alice and I visited Mary Pope's school this afternoon. I et dinner
with Alice. Friday, June 29, 1894: I went down to Mrs. Backus's after some butter milk and
took Eva's patterns to her and she gave me a bouquet. Saturday, June 30, 1894: Anna Angell went over to her folkes after Minnie and
left the baby here with [us] untill she came back. It was very good natured. Sunday, July 1, 1894: Mr. & Mrs. Chappel, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ball and children
visited here to day. There were ten here to dinner. Father and Mother were to
Mr. Parishes. Monday, July 2, 1894: Mother is about sick abed with a cold. She felt the effects
of it Sunday. A festival to Joseph Mumbalos to night. I went. Tuesday, July 3, 1894: Mamma is sick abed to day. Dr. Hazard visited her,
pronounced her case influenza. We have three hired men to day. Wednesday, July 4, 1894: I have a terrible cold, caught it at the festival.
I celebrated the fourth at home. The Dr. left me some drops and powders. Thursday, July 5, 1894: Mamma is up and dressed most of the (sentence unfinished).
A lawn festival at the school house this eve, receipts for the church. Friday, July 6, 1894: I attended the festival July 5. There were about 25 people,
ice and cake served. Saturday, July 7, 1894: Father has gone to New Berlin. Sunday, July 8, 1894: I have staid at home all day. Alice and Jason were here
to supper. I went home with Alice. Monday, July 9, 1894: I washed to day and went a berrying, got berries for three
pies and a short cake, picked them in the orchard. Tuesday, July 10, 1894: Today I have baked bread, beans, pies, ironed, mopped
and done other work. We began haying today. It is raining now. Wednesday, July 11, 1894 through Saturday, July 13, 1894: Nothing written. Sunday, July 14, 1894: Papa and I went to Morris this afternoon. I visited
Mrs. A. G. Moore and daughter, Mrs. Dr. Allaben. Monday, July 15, 1894: Mrs. A. G. Moore, Mrs. Dr. Allaben and son Charles
visited here today. Also Jason and Alice are here. Tuesday, July 16, 1894 through Thursday, July 18, 1894: Nothing written. Friday, July 19, 1894: Finished haying to day except the lot of swail below
the barn, will finish when Papa returns from Bing[hamton]. Saturday, July 20, 1894: Father and Mother started for Binghamton on the 11
o'clock train. Jason and [no name given] took them to the train. Sunday, July 21, 1894: This evening Jason went after Grandpa for Thomas Ball
sent for him for he is very sick. Charles Radley came for Jason to go. Monday, July 22, 1894: Alice and I went over to Mr. Parishes and Jason was
there and we rode back. Ida Wilson came over this morning on the milk cart. Tuesday, July 23, 1894: Grandpa is here to night, came by the way of Tho. Ball.
He is staying all night. Wednesday, July 24, 1894: The tournament at New Berlin is to day. It is very
rainy. Mrs. George went to New Berlin with us. Chas. and Ida eat dinner with us. Thursday, July 25, 1894: Thomas Ball died tonight at half past 8 o'clock. Pa
and Ma went up to sit up with him. Pa and Ma staid up all night. Friday, July 26, 1894: The tournament was today instead of Tuesday as written above. (The entries for July 24, 25 and 26 above were crossed out in the diary. They were
written in the wrong days.) Saturday, July 27, 1894: Father and Mother came from Binghamton today. Jason,
Alice and I went to meet them. Sunday, July 28, 1894: Mamma washed out her fine clothes she wore and is working
quite hard. Monday, July 29, 1894: Father, Mother and I went up to see Thomas Ball this morn.
He is in a critical condition. Tuesday, July 30, 1894: I washed today and we made yeast and sugar cookies. Pa &
Ma have gone up to Thom. Ball's. Wednesday, July 31, 1894: Grandpa is here to night. He and I went up to see Thom
Ball this afternoon afoot. Thursday, August 1, 1894: Thomas Ball died tonight at half past 8 o'clock. Pa and
Ma went to sit up with him. They staid all night. Friday, August 2, 1894: The firemens' tournament at New Berlin was held today. I
went. It rained very hard. We got quite wet. Saturday, August 3, 1894: Thomas Ball's funeral was today at eleven o'clock. We
all went. Mr. and Mrs. Chappel went. Sunday, August 4, 1894: Father took me out to Uncle J. P. Butts at Laurens. Papa
came back the same day. Monday, August 5, 1894 through Wednesday, August 8, 1894: Nothing written. Thursday, August 9, 1894: This morning I rode down to Oneonta with Uncle Poke and
Vennie, went to Uncle Alfred's. Friday, August 10, 1894, and Saturday, August 11, 1894: Nothing written. Sunday, August 12, 1894: Today I ate dinner with Mary Graves of Oneonta, went
back up to Uncle Alfreds and staid with Lulu. Monday, August 13, 1894: After dinner to day I went over to Howards, staid too
nights. Tuesday, August 14, 1894: Fannie and I went down street this after noon, took
the children with us. Wednesday, August 15, 1894: To day I went to Aurthur Butts, staid three nights.
Bertha staid to Aurthurs with me one night. Thursday, August 16, 1894 and Friday, August 17, 1894: Nothing written. Saturday, August 18, 1894: I came home on the train to day. Bertha Butts came
with me and staid five days. Sunday, August 19, 1894: Jason and Alice came up to dinner to day. Monday, August 20, 1894 through Wednesday, August 22, 1894: Nothing written. Thursday, August 23, 1894: Bertha went home to day. Papa carried her, is coming
back today. Friday, August 24, 1894 and Saturday, August 25, 1894: Nothing written. Sunday, August 26, 1894: I picked hops for C. H. Woodard, went today in the lumber
wagon. Jason and Alice picked to the same place. Monday, August 27, 1894 through Friday, September 7, 1894: Nothing written. Saturday, September 8, 1894: I came home to night. Papa met me at New Berlin from
hop picking. Sunday, September 9, 1894 through Thursday, September 13, 1894: Nothing written. Friday, September 14, 1894: I came home from hop picking today, finished picking
last night. Price paid for picking 30 cents per box, $100 (or $1.00--no decimal
point) for tending. Saturday, September 15, 1894: Nothing written. Sunday, September 16, 1894: Father, Mother and I went over to Grandpa's today. When
we got home, found Frank Simmons & wife and Lena from Sidney. Monday, September 17, 1894: Frank Simmons left here for home. It is very warm and
pleasant to day. Uncle Frank drove up. Tuesday, September 18, 1894: Mamma & I washed, made pies, swept. Pa drawed 39
bu[shels] of potatoes to New Berlin for 45 cents per bushel. Wednesday, September 19, 1894: It has rained all day. It is called the line storm.
Jason went to Morris this morning. Thursday, September 20, 1894: It has rained a very little to day. Alice, Mrs.
George, Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Allen started for Connecticut this morn, took the train
at Oneonta. Friday, September 21, 1894: Jason came home to day, staid to Wm. Allens last
night. Jason went to Oneonta when Alice went to the train. Saturday, September 22, 1894: Jim and G. Dave Grant are digging potatoes for us
today. Papa went to New Berlin with a load of potatoes. Sunday, September 23, 1894: Father and Mother went over to Grand Father Balls,
and I walked up to the chappel and back. Got the Bell today. Monday, September 24, 1894: Today is a very cold wind. I have washed. Pa has been
with our load of potatoes and is agoing again. Tuesday, September 25, 1894: Guin & Dave Grant is working here today. It is quite
cold. We bought six eals of Fitch Watterman. Wednesday, September 26, 1894: We finished digging potatoes to night. We have sold
$62 dollars worth of potatoes at 45 cents per bushel. Thursday, September 27, 1894: To day Papa and Jason have gone to New Berlin with a
load of potatoes. Friday, September 28, 1894: This fore noon I picked, helped to pick 16 bu[shels]
of apples. I rec'd 10 cents for it. Saturday, September 29, 1894: Alice came home or to Morris from N. York, Albany,
Conn, Boston. She went in company with her mother, Mrs. Wm. Allen & Wife. Sunday, September 30, 1894: Father and Mother and Jason went over to Grand-pa's.
Grandma expected to come home with them but did not. Monday, October 1, 1894: Today we washed and ironed, we are getting ready for the
Morris fair which is the 2nd, 3rd, and 4 of October.
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