The following names are listed in the same order here as on the  census. Since the 1850 does not list “spouse”, I have put “wife” only where I know it to be true. These names are in original order because I like to know who the neighbors were and note which children are out of chronological order, sometimes revealing nieces & nephews. You will see redundant information in some households because I personally wanted the list alphabetized and did not want to lose the immediate associations with the heads of household in the process of having a program do this for  me.  I find it less time consuming to look for them on the other list first and easier to spot the soundex variables, before referring to this one for more details.


Please accept the fact that there are probably errors although I try to be very careful; this should only be used as a guide and you should, of course, order the film or request a  copy of the page(s) [Dwellings = “D” following each name] for those who are of your interest (to double check for yourself.) I have stared at some of these names in total, for hours, and still can’t figure out what some of them are. If you can correct me in any way, add some information (be it spouse or not, middle names, relationships) please send an email to me and the changes will be made. Thank you to those of you who contacted me in regard to this list when it was partial, the changes/additions/ and filled-in blanks have been applied.   ,… Rebecca                              [email protected] 






Dunham, Ephraim 65y; wife Eunice 63y ; w/ Colegrow D1  Ephraim b. MASS. Eunice b. RI

Dunham, Silas 32y D1

Dunham, Melissa 28y  D1

Dunham, Ann 22y D1

Dunham, Samuel H. 26y  D1

Colegrow Hannah 61y. Dunham household D1

Hazen, Nathaniel 78y  (alone) D2  Nathaniel b. NH

Webster, Ebeneser 22y; with Margaret 24y; w/ Avery D3

Webster, Thomas E. 1y: w/ Avery D3

Avery  John 27y; with Maria 20y w/ Webster D3

Avery, Floyd 1y; w/ Webster D3

Barnes, Philip 52y with Jane 40y; w/ Flint D4  Philip b. VT

Barnes, Elvira 20y  D4

Barnes, Simion 19y D4

Barnes, P.Brooke 16y  D4

Barnes, Denison 12y D4

Barnes, Jeremiah R. 10y  D4

Barnes, Rebecca B. 8y  D4

Barnes, Helen A. 6y D4

Barnes, Julia A. 4y  D4

Barnes, Lydia __. 1y  D4

Flint, Julia A. 48y w/ Barnes D4

Geams (?), George 26y; with, Polly A. 23y D5

Martin, Stern (?) 32y; wife Amanda 28y D6  Amanda b. VT

Martin, Nudad (?) W. 9y D6

Martin, Austin 6y  D6

Martin, Hobert D. 4y  D6

Martin, A_na  W. 1y m. D6

Burnside, Nancy 52y w/ Waldron D7

Waldron, Elisabeth A. 13y w/ Burnside D7

Schermerhorn, John 33y & with Ruth  32y D8

Schermerhorn, William 10y D8

Schermerhorn, Albert 9y D8

Schermerhorn, Clarissa 8y D8

Schermerhorn, Didama  2y  D8

Schermerhorn, Marvin 1y D8

Barber, David 27y; with Mary Ann 21y D9

Burnside, James C. 46y; with Adelia 42y D10

Burnside, Didama 19y D10

Burnside, Delos 18y D10

Burnside, Nelson 16y  D10

Burnside, Chester A. 15y  D10

Burnside, Emergene  11y f. D10

Burnside, Mariah 8y D10

Chauncey, Russel R. 75y; with Mabel 70y D11 Mabel b. MASS

Chauncey, William R. 33y  D11

Chauncey, Mary A. (wife of Wm.R?) 31y D11

Chauncey, Austin 2y D11

Chauncey, Alfred  1y D11

Aylsworth, Sylvenus (?) 39y; wife Phebe A. 25y D12

Aylsworth, Catharine E. 7y D12

Aylsworth, Meriah L.  3y m. D12

Woodcock, James B. 52y; wife Sally 52y D13 Sally b. CT

Woodcock, Ann 24y D13

Woodcock, Isaac 23y D13

Woodcock, Jennie (?) 16y f. D13

Woodcock, Hannah 14y D13

Woodcock, Daniel 12y D13

Woodcock, John 15y D13

Woodcock, George 27y; with Lydia 28y; w/ Ethan D14

Woodcock, James B. 1 m. old; w/ Ethan D14

Ethan, Elisa A. 2y; w/ Woodcock D14

Spencer, Horace D 42y; wife Margaret 38y D15

Spencer, Elen C. 17y f. D15

Spencer, Martha A. 15y D15

Spencer, Edgar G. 12y D15

Spencer, Catharine C. 8y D15

Spencer, Carlton O. 6y D15

Spencer, Mary A. 5y D15

Spencer, Lucern H. 3y m. D15

Spencer, Emily __.  1y D15 (middle initial U. or V.?)

Spencer, Nathan 52y; with Catharine 67y; w/ Derby D16 Catharine b. MASS

Spencer, Amos D. 28y D16

Spencer, Caroline 25y (w or sib. of Amos?) D16

Spencer, Mary S. 22y  D16

Derby, Chanceller 16y w/ Spencer D16

Marble (?), Henry L. 32y; wife Olive R.or K. 30y D17

Marble (?), Mary L. 2y D17

Son, William  34y; Mary 38y?; w/ Curry D18 (Son?, Lon?, Jon?)

Son, Mary  J. 13y D18

Son, Josephine 10y D18

Son, Helen A.  8y D18

Son, Abby E.  9y D18

Son, Hannah E. 5y D18

Son, Ella M. 3y D18

Son, William H. 1y  D18

Curry, Richard 30y w/ Son D18

Spencer, Uriah  52y; with  Esther 51y; w/ Willard D19

Spencer, Deborah  72y D19

Spencer, Philip D.  20y  D19

Spencer, Israel 18y D19

Spencer, Martha 16y D19

Spencer, George  13y D19

Spencer, John 12y D19

Spencer, Joseph 11y  D19

Willard, L___ 82y f. w/ Spencer D19

Curry, Elijah 40y D20

Curry, Nancy 60y (Elijah’s mother?) D20

Curry, Elijah 5y D20

Curry, Marvin L. 3y  D20

Curry, Asa  7y D20

Curry, Viola  1y D20

Curry, Sally 45y (Elijah’s wife?) D20

Richmond, Ethan 67y; with Nancy 55y D21

Richmond, Hannah C. 17y D21

Youman, Anthony 31y; with Roanna M. 27y D22

Youman, Heimilten (?) 2y D22  [probably Hamilton]

Burnside, Amos 27y; wife Thankful J. 19y; w/ Derby D23

Burnside, Catharine (Sigsbee) 72y w/Derby D23

Derby, John  14y w/Burnside D23

Burnside, Evert S. 41y; wife Catharine D. (Dean) 35y; w/ Kelly D24

Burnside, William Henry Harrison 13y D24

Burnside, John Tyler 9y  D24

Burnside, Horace L. 6y  D24 (saw mill)

Burnside, Byron S. 1y D24 (saw mill)

Kelly, Sally M. 17y  w/Burnside D24

Burnside, James E. 44y; wife Polly (Kellogg) 30y; w/ Derby x2  D25 (Moves To IOWA)

Burnside, Warren 16y D25

Burnside, Menzo  12y  D25

Derby, James 51y w/ James E. Burnside D25

Derby, Willard 18y w/ Burnside D25

Dibble, David M. 26y; with Mary A. 22y D26

Dibble Jane 1y D26

Rider, Charles 27y (wife d.? or none?) D27

Rider, Samuel 25y D27

Rider, Sally C. 23y (wife of Samuel? or sister?) D27

Sommers, Maria C. 18y; w/ Rider D27

Rider, Stephen E.  3 m.old  D27

Dibble, Lyman 49y (wife?) D28

Dibble, Charry 60y (wife of Lyman?) D28 Charry b. CT

Dibble, Henry 19y D28

Dibble, Joseph 17y D28

Dibble, Sally __. 14y (mid. initial “J”?) D28

Dibble, Fietta M. 13y f. D28

Dibble, Lyman Jr. 21 D28

Brown, William 34y; (wife?) D29

Brown, Hannah 24y (wife of Wm.?) D29

Brown, Andrew 5y D29

Brown, Lyman 2y  D29

Peaslee, Robert 50y; wife Cornelia 54y; w/ Dunham D30

Peaslee, Ann 22y D30

Peaslee, Olive  19y  D30

Peaslee, John 16y  D30

Peaslee, Horace 14y D30

Peaslee, Euretta  13y f. D30

Dunham, Delila 24y; w/ Robert Peaslee D30

Quackenboss, David 32y (wife?) ; w/ Morenas (?) D31

Quackenboss, Mary (wife of David?) 22y D31

Quackenboss, Mary A. 2 m.old  D31

Morenas (?), Almina 45y; w/ Quackenboss D31

Short, Timothy 38y (wife?) D32

Short, Maria 22y (wife of Timothy?) D32

Short, Loretta A. 10y  D32

Short, Helen M. 1 m.old  D32

Short, Calvin  26y D32

Short, Elen 17y (wife of Calvin?) D32 (could be Elsa?)

Peaslee, Thomas 67y; with Polly 57y; D33 Polly b. CT

Burnside, Thomas 48y; wife Levina (Barber) 45y; w/ Deits D34

Burnside, Sylvester 21y D34

Burnside, Yerusha 17y D34

Burnside, William 15y D34

Burnside, Delmer 13y D34

Burnside, Sobrina  10y  D34

Burnside, Franklin 7y D34

Deits, Didama 26y w/ Thomas Burnside D34

Woodcock, George 31y; wife Cornelia 30y D35

Woodcock, Samuel 8y D35

Woodcock, Seymor 7y D35

Woodcock, George Jr. 4y D35

Woodcock, __l__y  2y m. D35 (looks like Volney)

Woodcock, Lois __.  1y D35 (mid. initial “J”?)

Wightman, Paul 38y; with Julia 36y; w/ Smith D36

Wightman, Jane A. 10y D36

Wightman, Anna M. 7y D36

Wightman, Helen F. 4y D36

Smith, Nathan 12y; w/ Paul Wightman D36 Nathan b. “New Brunswick”

Wilber, Lewis  37y; with Cynthia 34y ; w/ Rider D37

Rider, Silas 11y; w/ Lewis Wilber D37

Rose, Elan 40y; with Orilla H. 43y; D38

Rose, Sally 16y D38

Rose, John W. 14y D38

Rose, Nathan D.W. 12y D38

Rose, Orphia A. 10y D38

Rose, Lewis __. 3y D38 (mid. initial “W.”?)

Rose, Esther L. 10 mo. old D38

Peterson, James __. 40y D39 (mid. initial M.?)

Peterson, Martha J. 32y (wife of James?) D39

Peterson, Almon B. 12y D39

Peterson, Amos E. 10y D39

Peterson, James D. 4y D39

Peterson, Peter M. 2y D39

Moore, Thomas 52y; with Elisabeth 56y D40

Moore, Silas 14y D40

Moore, Sarah 13y D40

Moore, George T. 11y D40

Wightman, Oliver 42y; with Ann 33y; w/ Hurl (?) D41 Oliver b. RI

Hunt (?), Elisabeth 60y; w/Wightman D41 Elisabeth b. RI (looks like “Hunl”)

Wightman, Nancy 65y D41

Wightman, Rosaltha 9y D41

Wightman, Amanda 8y D41

Wightman, Edmond 5y D41

Wightman, Cornelia 3y D41

Wightman, Charles H. 6 mo. old D41

Gurney, Jesse 45y; with Polly 43y D42

Gurney, Elizabeth 78y D42

Gurney, Milton 19y D42

Gurney, John J. 17y D42

Gurney, Chester 13y D42

Gurney, Elisa A. 10y; twin of Mary A. D42

Gurney, Mary A. 10y; twin of Elisa A. D42

Gurney, Lucy J. 6y D42

Gurney, Benjamin 58y D43 w/ Sisson & Brooks

Gurney, Maralia (?) 35y f. D43 (3rd letter of given name could be c or s ?) “Maralia” b. RI

Gurney, John R. 24y D43

Gurney, Cook 14y D43

Gurney, Hiram 17y D43

Sisson, Abby 78y; w/ Benj.Gurney & E.R. Brooks D43 Abby b. RI

Brooks, Elen R. 8y; w/ B.Gurney & Sisson D43 (might be odd attempt at Elsa?)

Wilber, James 34y; with Mary E. 28y; w/ Hart?, & Bud? D44

Hart, Ruth 58y; w/ Miller, Bud?, & Wilber D44

Bud (?), Erastus 18y; w/ Miller, Hart?, & Wilber D44 (looks like “Buel”)

Wilber, Sarah E. 6y; w/ Miller, Hart?, & Bud? D44

Wilber, Mercy 4y D44

Wilber, Cynthia A. 1y D44

Wightman, William 26y; with Catharin 26y D45 William b. RI

Wightman, Melvin 1y D45

Wightman, George 16y D45

Gurney, David S. 33y; with Eunice 30y D46

Gurney, Margaret 5y D46

Gurney, Maria A. 4y D46

Gurney, Stephen 2y D46

Aylsworth, William 56; with Elizabeth 53y; w/ Howland D47 Willaim b. RI

Aylsworth, John J. 30y D47

Aylsworth, Betsey E. 13y D47

Aylsworth, George E. 11y D47

Aylsworth, Delevan 9y D47 (looks like “Delersen”)

Aylsworth, Chancellor M. 6y D47

Howland, Sarah 76y; w/ Wm.Aylsworth D47

Austin, Ludwick 39y D48

Austin, Phebe 73y D48

Austin, Esezetta 37y D48

Talmage, John 55y; with Joanna 51y; w/ Brisban & Pangman D49

Talmage, Jerome 19y D49

Talmage, Harriet 16y D49

Talmage, George 14y D49

Talmage, Carlton 12y D49

Talmage, Emer 9y f. D49

Brisban, Simon 21y; w/ Talmage & Pangman D49

Pangman, Betsey 14y; w/ Talmage & Brisban D49

Thompson, John 63y; with Joanna 64y; w/ Hinman? D50

Thompson, Catherine 46y D50

Hinman (?), John 22y; with Lucy 20y; w/ Thompson D50

Bennett, Aaron 45y; with Sally 46y; w/ Hunt, Green, & Moreduff? D51 Aaron b. VT

Bennett, Nancy Ann 15y D51

Bennett, Morel 13y D51

Bennett, Delevan 11y D51

Hunt, Lucy 75y; w/ Bennett, Moreduff? & Green D51

Moreduff (?), James 48y; w/ Bennett, Hunt, & Green D51

Green, John 30y; w/ Bennett, Hunt, & Moreduff? D51 John b. Ireland

Livingston, William 37y; with Lovice ? 38y D52 (her name? Lorice? Lovise?)

Livingston, Lorenzo 8y D52

Livingston, Adelia 7y D52

Livingston, John 4y; twin to James D52

Livingston, James 4y; twin to John D52

Osborn, Levi B. 47y; with Elizabeth 37y; w/ Prindle & Jackson D53

Prindle, Nancy E. 23; w/ Osborn & Jackson D53

Jackson, James 12y; w/ Osborn & Prindle D53

Gurney, Isaac 30y; with Mahala 27y D54

Gurney, Maraba 4y f. D54

Gurney, Martha 2y D54

Gurney, Maria 4 mo. old D54

McKown, James 32y; with Joanna 22y D55

Morehouse, James 44y; with Betsey 38y; w/ Rich?, Millan?, & Vroman D56

Ric__, William H. 13y; w/ Morehouse, Millan?, & Vroman D56 ( surname might be Rick, Ricke Rich, or Riche?- see D58 also)

Ric__, Mary L. 10y; w/ Morehouse, Millan?, & Vroman D56 ( surname might be Rick, Ricke Rich, or Riche?-see D58 also)

Morehouse, Matilda J. 4y D56

Millan (?), Elizabeth 12y D56 w/ Morehouse, Vroman, & Rich?

Vroman, Thomas 22y D56 w/ Morehouse, Millan?, & Rich?

Rose, Ithamer 42y; with Margaret 43y D57

Rose, James 13y D57 (his age could be a very sloppy 13 or 18)

Ri_hi_, David 45; with Jane 30y; D58 looks like Richis; David & Jane b. in Ireland

Ri_hi_, Ann 3y D58 (looks like Richis)

Ri_hi_, Margaret J. 6 mo. old D58 (looks like Richis)

McKown, Patrick 37y D59 Patrick was b. Ireland

McKown, Lorcena ? 81y D59

McKown, Mary E. 5y D59

Agra_, Ann 58y; w/ McKown; D59, Ann b. in Ireland; last name could be Aynar, Agnar, Agrar?

Olds, Benjamin 36y; with Lucinda 31y; Benjamin b. in MA D60

Olds, Mary A. 14y D60 Mary b. in MA

Olds, Frederick 9y D60 Fred b. in MA

Olds, Washington 8y D60 Washington b. in MA

Olds, Albert 7y D60 Albert b. in MA

Tubbs, Hyde 46y; Lucy 48y D61

Tubbs, Amos 18y D61

Tubbs, Margaret 13y D61

Tubbs, George 7y D61

Brown, Elisa 49y f. D62 Elisa was b. in CT

Brown, Perrin 24y m. D62

Brown, Lucetta 23y D62

Brown, Jackson 21y D62

Brown, Andrew 18y D62

Brown, Nathan 16y D62

Brown, Elizabeth 14y D62

Brown, Josiah 11y D62

Brown, Mary A. 8y D62

Brown, Amos 6y D62

Woodcock, Isaac 77y; with Mary 72y D63

Woodcock, Nancy 22y D63

Sergents, Stephen 23y D64

Sergents, Miranda 15y D64

Hatch, Samuel 23y; with Hannah 25y; w/ Tubbs D65

Hatch, Eliza 4y D65

Hatch, Lucy A. 2y D65

Tubbs, Anna V. 70y; w/ Hatch D65 Anna was b. CT

Pratt, Eliha 64y; with Mary 56y D66 Eliha b. MA

Pratt, Daniel 18y D66

Applebee, Clark 28y; with Margaret 24y D67

Applebee, Orcelia 6y D67

Applebee, Charlotte 4y D67

Applebee, Orson 2y D67

Swift, __achens 35y; with Mary 32y; w/ Sullivan D68 (given name looks to begin with Z,T, or G.?)

Swift, Stephen 8y D68

Swift, Jerome 5y D68

Swift, Lester 3y D68

Swift, Hannah 8 mo. old D68

Sullivan, Ann 15y; w/ Swift D68

Smallin, Martin T. 35y; with Cornelia 30y D69

Smallin, Elizabeth 73y D69

Smallin, Edgar 9y D69

Smallin, Mary E. 4y D69

Beach, Edward 37; with Betsey 39; w/ Colby & M___il__? D70 Ed was b. in CT

Colby, Lois 35y; w/ Beach & Ma_il__? D70

M___il__, Esther 7y; w/ Beach & Colby (Mosbila, Morville, Marville, Masbila?) D70

M___il__, William 6y; w/ Beach & Colby D70

Beach, Nancy 2y  D70

Beach, Lydia A. 1 mo. old D70

Colby, Nelson 2y D70

Swift, Stephen 34y; w/ Till_tson & Seabolt D71

Till_tson, Susan C. 24y; w/ Swift & Seabolt D71

Till_tson, Julia A. 11y; w/ Swift & Seabolt D71

Swift, Orrin P. 3y D71

Swift, Gilbert N. 1 mo. old D71 (mid. initial could be H.)

Seabolt, Elmiron 11y m.; w/ Swift & Till_tson D71

Hunt, James M. 36y; with Sarah 27y D72

Hunt, Celestia A. 7y D72

Hunt, Elisabeth 5y D72

Hunt, Catharine J. 1y D72

Sergents, Joseph 47; Menirva 47y; D73  Menirva b. CT

Sergents, Tamar 79y f. D73 Tamar b. MA

Sergents, Minerva 28y D73

Sergents, Mary L. 22y D73

Sergents, Ealech? 21y D73 (looks like Eabeh, Ealecb, like to think it’s a poor Erlich)

Sergents, Morel 19y D73

Sergents, Harriet E. 11y D73

Sergents, Monroe 10y D73

Tubbs, John 38y; with Mary 44y; w/ Weston D74

Weston, Polly 74y; w/ Tubbs D74 (could be Wiston? without the dotted I )

Tubbs, Chester W. 14y D74

Tubbs, Editia 12y D74

Tubbs, Mary 10y D74

Tubbs, Melvin A. 7y D74

Platt, Lewis M. 51y; with Sally 46y D75 Louis b. MASS

Platt, Gloud 23y; wife Arian 23y; w/ Woodcock D76

Woodcock, Isaac 23y; w/ Gloud Platt D76

Johnson, David 35y; with Roxanna 30y; w/ Utter D77

Johnson, Orrin 7y D77

Johnson, Merinca (?) 2y f. D77 (could be Miriam or Mervina?)

Utter, Charles W. 16y; w/ David Johnson D77

Smallin, Abram 29y; with Mercy 37y; D78  Mercy b. NH

Smallin, Lucy L. 14y D78

Smallin, John  J. 12y  D78

Smallin, Betsey P. 10y D78  Betsey b. NH

Smallin, Ruth A. 7y D78

Smallin, Franklin B. 5y  D78

Smallin, Rosaltha A. 4y  D78 (shouldn’t this be “Rosetha” or “Roseetha”?)

Smallin, Daniel P. 2y D78

Smallin, Sally M. 3 m.old  D78

Platt, Daniel Jr. 44y; wife Sally 45y D79

Platt, Mary 19y D79

Platt, Marcia  16y  D79

Platt, Sally M. 13y  D79

Platt, James __. 11y D79 (mid. initial probably N.)

Newman, Joshua 33y; with Sally 32y  D80

Newman, Lester 6y D80

Newman, William 2y D80

Newman, Rachel  3 m.old  D80

Seabolt, Jacob 51y; with Margaret 45y  D81

Seabolt, Harriet 10y D81

Seabolt, David W. 7y D81

Utter, Isaac 47y; with Abagail 47y; D82

Utter, Marion 12y D82

Utter, Catharine 10y  D82

Utter, Helen M. 7y D82

Utter, Louisa 5y D82

Wager, Philip 42y; with Alecta 45y; w/ Fox D83

Wager, Hamilton 21y D83

Wager, Sally A. 19y D83

Wager, Morel 9y D83

Fox, Elizabeth 4y; w/ Wager D83

Cable, Marvin H. 38; with Betsey K. 28; w/Brown D84 (surname looks like Cabb or Calele)

Cable, Sally 11y D84

Cable, John T. 10y D84

Cable, Polly A. (8y?) D84 (age is scribbled over)

Cable, Johnathan 6y D84

Cable, Joanna 4y D84

Brown, Nathan 16y; w/ Cable D84

Hunt, Abner 59; with Sally 49y; D85 Abner b. in VT

Hunt, Sally Ann 19y D85

Hunt, Nancy M. 16y D85

Hunt, George W. 12y D85

Brand, Abner 43y D86

Brand, Maria 24y D86

Brand, John 7y D86

Brand, George 4y D86

Shutts, Fito 65y; with Phebe 57y D87

Shutts, Ruth 15y D87

Shutts, Nelson F. 13y D87

Gunn, Quartus 62y; wife Calista 60y; D88; Quartus b. MA, Calista (Ruggles) b. CT

Gunn, Fanny A. 20y D88

Vanderboe, Jasper 66y; with Ar_e? 56y; D89 She, Aroe/Arae?,  was b. in MA

Vanderboe, Amelia D. 11y D89

Hoose, Reuben 27y; with Laura 32y D90  Laura was b. in VT

Hoose, Elsa 5y D90

Hoose, Carlton E. 2y D90

Hoose, Hamilton 1y D90

Broadman, William 39y; with Hannah 35y D91

Broadman, Elizabeth 15y D91

Broadman, Triphena? 13y D91

Broadman, Malon D. 11y D91

Broadman, Edward __. 8y D91 (mid. initial F.?) Edward was b. in PA

Shutts, John 46; with Petsey; w/ Bennett 48y D92

Shutts, George A. 19y D92

Shutts, Sally E. (12 or 14y?) D92 (splotched with ink)

Shutts, Mary A. 8y D92

Shutts, Simon 70y D92

Shutts, Petsey 68y D92 this Petsey was b. in CT

Bennett, Eliza 42y D92; w/ Shutts

Chamberlain, Harvey 37y; with Emily 35y D93

Chamberlain, Joseph 17y D93

Chamberlain, Helen V. 12y D93

Chamberlain, Marion 5y D93

Chamberlain, Jane 1y D93

Chamberlain, Peleg 69y; with Sylvina 58y; D94 w/ Hooker? & Butler; Sylvina was b. in MA

Chamberlain, Triphena 14y D94

Chamberlain, Jerusha 11y D94

Hooker, Mary 45y; D94 w/ Chamberlain & Butler; Mary b. in England

Butler, William 13y; D94 w/ Chamberlain & H__ker

Chamberlain, Heman 67y; with Drucilla 52y D95 Drucilla b. in VT

Chamberlain, Polly 19y D95

Chamberlain, Lewis A. 16y D95

Chamberlain, Sally 14y D95

Chamberlain, Carlos 10y D95

Hoose, Mathias 71y; with Eunice 64y D96

Hoose, Benjamin 21y D96

Hoose, John 34y D96

Hoose, Mahala E. 17y D96

Butler, Elizabeth C. 44y D97

Butler, Alonzo M. 20y D97

Butler, Amos 15y D97

Butler, Julia 12y D97

Lewis, Abram 32y; with Sally M. 26y; w/ Vanderboe D98

Lewis, Milissa 7y D98

Lewis, Joseph H. 5y D98 (don’t feel sure about mid. initial)

Lewis, Nelson 2y D98 (no mention of twin; this could be a “loopy” 3 if not a close birth to Thomas)

Lewis, Thomas 2y D98 (no mention of him having a twin sibling)

Lewis, Eli 3 mo. old D98

Vandeboe, Sylvina 1y; w/ Lewis D98

Van Deboe, John 25y; with Electa 18y; w/ Sperry D99

Van Deboe, Walace 1 mo. old D99

Sperry, Theodore 5y; w/ Van Deboe D99

Porter, Henry jS. 37y; with Elener 28y; w/ Seabolt D100

Porter, Horace B. 5y D100

Seabolt, Charity M. 17y; w/ Porter D100

Record, Edward 36y; with Gitrinda? A. 31y D101 (might this last name be Ricord with a dot over the “o”-don’t know if dot or blot?)

Record, Marcia 12y D101

Record, Lucinda 11y D101

Record, Harriet 10y D101

Record, Eliza 8y D101

Record, Mary Ann 7y D101

Record, Emily 5y D101

Record, Elen? or Elsa? 3y D101

Record, Margaret M. 7 mo. old D101

Snyder, Anthony 41y; with Roxy 42y D102

Snyder, Harriet M.  20y D102

Snyder, Hannah 10y D102

Snyder, Mary J. 9y D102

Snyder, Adaline 6y D102

Snyder, George A. 1y D102

Hooker, Robert 36y; with Yerusha 27y; w/ Collison D103 Robert b. England

Hooker, Edwin D. 9y D103

Hooker, Elen 7y D103

Hooker, Robert 2y D103

Hooker, Harriet 4 mo. old D103

Collison, Fredrick 21y; w/ Hooker D103 Fredrick was b. in England

Cornwell, William D. 44y; with Phidelia 35y D104

Cornwell, Mary D. 19y D104

Cornwell, Anrelia 17y D104 (could be Amelia or Arrelia?)

Cornwell, Rhoda A. 15y D104

Cornwell, Lovica 12y D104

Cornwell, Harriet E. 4y D104

Cornwell, Lydia 3y D104

Burnside, Hudson 45y; wife Elisa 41y; w/ Brown D105

Burnside, Andrew J. 21y D105

Burnside, Jane C. 19y  D105

Burnside, Lester 15y D105

Brown, Ruth  J. 7y; w/ Hudson Burnside D105 [adopted dau.]

Dibble, Thomas 72y; wife Chloe 75y; w/ Cornwell  D106  Thomas b. CT; Chloe b. CT

Cornwell, Lucy 35y; w/ Thomas Dibble D106 (Comwell or Cornwell?)

Cormwell, Marion M. 12y; w/Thomas Dibble D106

Cornwell, Electa M. 8y; w/ Thomas Dibble D106

Cornwell, Cela G. 6y m.; w/ Thomas Dibble D106

Cornwell, Sally A. 3y ; w/ Thomas Dibble D106

Cornwell, Stephen M.S. 1y; w/ Thomas Dibble D106

Long, Peter 29y; with Betsey 28y D107

Long, Yerusha 3 m.old; D107

Burnside, Gloud T. 70y; w/ 2nd wife Lydia 56y; w/ Walling & Seabolt D108

Burnside, Elisa 27y D108

Burnside, John 21y D108

Burnside, Lucy 16y D108

Burnside, Washington 17y D108

Walling, Judson 13y; w/ Gloud T. Burnside D108 (looks like “Judson”)

Seabolt, Louisa 15y; w/ Burnside D108 (who is she?)

Burnside, Ephraim 75y; wife Betsey 72y D109  Betsey b. PA

Burnside, Nancy 33y  D109

Burnside, Elisabeth, 30y D109

Burnside, Alfred 27y; wife Marcia 25y; w/ Boyce & Elliott; D110

Boyce, James 17y; w/ Alfred Burnside D110

Elliott, Mary C. 8y; w/ Alfred Burnside D110

Talmadge, Hiram 50y; with Martha 53y D111

Talmadge, Martha 13y D111

Talmadge, Delbert  9y D111

Jacobs, Joseph H. 32; w/ Shelters D112

Shelters, Maria 42y; w/ Jacobs D112

Shelters, Caroline 17y; w/ Jacobs D112

Cady, William 44y; with Abagaile? 38y; D113 William b. MA

Cady, ________ 12y D113 (looks like Toebiah or Joeshiah)

Cady, John M. 8y D113

Cady, Catherine 2y D113

Stevens, Ethen 61y; w/ Seabolt D114 Ethen b. CT

Seabolt, Eliya 19y; w/ Stevens D114 (could be Eliza ‘cept this person’s zs look like s & ys look like z)

Woodcock, Hyde 20y; with Lucy 18y D115

Woodcock, Richard 1 mo. old D115

Grassfield, David 60y; with Sally 57y D116

Grassfield, John 28y D116

Grassfield, Cornelia 25y D116

Grassfield, Sarah A. 16y D116

Grassfield, S_rdi_  __. 12y m. D116 (looks like Sardis W.)

Cable, Egbert 31y; with Nancy 30y; w/ Spencer & Mood D117

Cable, Debrah A. 6y D117

Cable, Serepta __. 4y f. D117 (could be Seressta? mid. initial F.?)

Cable, Mary E. 2y D117

Cable, Lucy J. 10 mo. old D117

Spencer, Pheba E. 59y; w/ Cable & Mood? D117 (mid. initial could be A.) Pheba b. CT

Mood, John 24y; w/ Spencer & Cable D117 (could this name be Moot ? or Mook ?)

T__ner, John age?; Cornelia 31y; w/ Webster & Schmidt D118 (his age 30?; Surname Tanner, Turner, or Tamner?)

T__ner, Charlott 10y D118  (her name looks like Charbott!?)

T__ner, Reuben 4y D118

T__ner, Mary J. 3 mo. old D118

Webster, Mir__  17y f. ; w/ T__ner & Schmidt D118 (given name Mirey? or Mirau?)

Schmidt, Hamilton 46y; w/ Webster & T__ner D118

Schmidt, Lucy 21y; w/ Webster & T__ner D118

Schmidt, Margaret L. 3y; w/ Webster & T__ner D118

Cable, Sarah 64y D119 Sarah b. CT

Cable, Polly 40y D119

K____, Darias 26y; w/ Gore D120 (name looks like Kowin ?)

Gore, Martha 51y; w/ K_____? D120

Gore, Ebineazer H. 14y; w/ K____? D120 (just spelling it the way I see it)

Woodcock, Gilbert 28y; with Charlott 26y D121

Woodcock, Delos 8y D121

Woodcock, Rosetha 6y D121

Woodcock, Elen 2y D121

La____hen, _______ 44y m.; with Betsey 43y D122 (given Yatmon or Gatmon?; surname Lamphen? He was b. MA )

La____hen, David 11y D122

La____hen, Shazack ? 7y m. D122

La____hen, Phebe M. 1y D122

Dean, George 46y; with Phebe 49y; w/ Scott & Hooker D123 George & Phebe b. in England

Dean, William E. 21y D123

Dean, Edmond 19y D123

Dean, George 18y D123

Dean, Daniel 13y D123

Dean, John 12y D123

Dean, Thomas 10y D123

Dean, Alfred 3y D123

Scott, Melissa E. 20y; w/ Dean & Hooker D123

Hooker, Stephen 38y; w/ Dean & Scott D123; Stephen b. England

Boynton, Ebenezer 67y; with Electa 62y; w/ Brown D124 Eb b. NH and Electa b. MA

B___n, Chancy 15y; w/ Boynton D124 His name looks like a very sloppy Bourn Boorn = Brown ?

Risley, Norman 63y; with Mary 64y; w/ Tubbs D125 Norman b. CT and Mary b. MA

Tubbs, Emeline L. 34y; w/Risley  D125

Whitney, Amaziah 45y; with Margaret S. 31y; w/ Utter D126  Margaret b. Scotland

Whitney, James A. 10y D126

Whitney, William Robert 8y D126

Whitney, Jesabel D. 3y D126

Utter, Augustus 18y; w/ Whitney D126

Potter, John W. 25y; with Mary L. 20y; w/ Holembeck D127

Potter, James 1y D127

Holembeck, John 15y; w/ Potter D127 (2nd letter possibly an “a”?)

Ball__, Ransom 46y; with Miranda 47y D128 Ransom & Miranda b. VT (surname? Ballen, Ballar, Balleu ?)

Ball__, Matilda 15y D128

Ball__, Philena 11y D128

Ball__, Abagail J. 9y D128

Ball__, Miron S. 7y D128

Rose, Nathan 53y; with Deborah 50y D129

Rose, John 27y D129

Rose, Lavina 20y; D129

Rose, Eli 10y; D129

Thompson, John T. 31y; wife Sally (Burnside) 27y; Seward & Burnside; D130

Thompson, James 8y D130

Thompson, Arthur 10 m.old  D130

Burnside, Sarah 65y (mother to Sally?); w/ J.T.Thompson  & Seward D130

Seward, John B. 20y; w/ Burnside & J.T.Thompson D130

Herd, John 55y; with Margaret 50y; w/ Jay & Utter D131  John b. VT

Jay, Seth H. 15y; w/ Herd & Utter D131

Utter, George 22y; w/Herd & Jay D131

Warner, Samuel H. 42y; with Mary A. 41y; D132  Blacksmith  Samuel b. VT

Warner, Martha C. 15y D132  (not sure about this dwelling’s surname Wames ? Warren ?)

Warner, Ann Eliza 13y D132

Warner, Caroline A. 11y D132

Warner, Jane M. 7y D132

Warner, Joel T 5y D132

Shumway, Henry 40y D133

Shumway, Dorcas 24y (wife or dau. of Henry?) D133

Shumway, Martha  10 m.old  D133

Shumway, William 11y  D133

Moak, Jacob J. 23y; with Harriet 19y; (Mook, Maak?) D134

Moak, Delbert? C.  4 mo. old; D134

Davis, John W. 45y; with Rachel M. 33y D135

Davis, Jeremiah M. 14y  D135

Davis, Lawrence W. 12y D135

Davis, James A. 8y D135

Davis, Francis M. 7y  D135

Davis, Mary A. 1y  D135

Shepherd, Ransom 29y; with Eunice 31y; w/ Davis D136

Shepherd, Austin 3y  D136

Davis, Jeremiah 14y; w/ Ransom Shepherd D136

Salisbury, Alanson 24y; with Polly 16y; w/ Bu--  D137

Bu--, Mary 49y (~alone) D137 (looks like Buel, Bush, Bucl, Bud, mother-in-law?)

Sperry, Nathan 44y; wife Jane A. 41y; w/Chase  D138  Nathan b. MASS

Chase, Erastus D. 16y; w/ Nathan Sperry D138

Sperry, Robert E. 5y D138

Sperry, Jane A. 3y  D138

Grassfield, Peter 45y; wife Leafy 42y; w/*Chamberlain D139 Leafy b. VT

Grassfield, Lerois? 18y m. D139 (probably Lewis?)

Grassfield, MayAnn 6y D139

Chamberlain, Elisa A. 28y D139 *C-tkr Note “been counted by mistake”.

Wightman Bennett E. 36y; with Deborah 34y; w/Covenhaven D140 Bennett b. RI

Wightman, Orcelia A. 11y f. D140

Wightman, Mary A. 15y D140 

Covenhaven, Columbus 28y; with Sarah 32y; w/ Wightman D140 Sarah Coven--- b. RI (see Conover)

Covenhaven, Milton 8y D140    (some in family also known as Conover )

Covenhaven, Eugene  5y D140  ( some in family also known as Conover )

Hathoway, Christopher 31y; wife Lorinda 26y D141

Hathoway, Celia 7y D141

Hathoway, Mary 4y D141

Hathoway, Hannah 2y  D141

Linton, Hugh 59y; with Margaret 57y   D142  Hugh & Margaret b. Ireland

Linton, James 27y D142  b. Ireland

Linton, Margaret A. 28y  b. Ireland

Platt, Andrew H. 29y; wife Hannah 29y; w/ Johnson D143

Platt, Merlin J. 5y D143

Platt, Viola D. 2y  D143

Platt, George E. 11 mo. old D143

Johnson, Calvin 15y; w/ Platt D143

Vandenburgh, Wilhelmus 66y (deaf); with Susan 56y D144

Vandenburgh, Martha 18y D144

Chamberlain, Hiram A. 38y; with Sally A. 24y  D145

Chamberlain, Miron  15y D145

Chamberlain, Mary M. 12y  D145

Chamberlain, Lydia  11y D145

Chamberlain, Betsey A.  1y  D145

Virgil, William 55y; with __liny? or _lmy? 44y  D146 (ink blot on her name)

Beaty, John A  55y; with Elisabeth 47y  D147  John & Elisabeth b. Ireland

Beaty, Catharine 16y b. Ireland D147

Beaty, Sarah 12y D147 (no note of having twin sister)

Beaty, Mary 12y  D147 (no notation of being twin of Sarah; which means little)

Beaty, Margaret  9y  D147

Beaty, Eliza J. 5y  D147

McCormick, John 33y; with Sarah 36y;  John & Sarah b. Ireland D148

McCormick, Margaret E.  7 m.old  D148

Olds, Ephraim O.  54y; with Orilla 53y; w/ Campaigne & Wager  Ephraim b. MASS D149

Olds, Phidelia  24y f.  D149

Olds, Ephraim O. 21y  D149

Campaigne, James 22y; w/ Olds & Wager D149 (looks like Campaigus, Cermpaique)

Wager, Mary A. 12y; w/ Olds & Campaigne D149

Beaty, John 30y ; with Jane 21y D150  both b. Ireland

Wright, Armstrong 21y; with Maria 20y; Armstong b.Ireland D151

Wright, Henry  1y  D151

Roberts, James 22y; with Ann 20y D152

Reynolds, Amos A. 39y; with Betsey 31y; Betsey b. on “Atlantic Ocean” D153

Reynolds, Nancy 11y D153

Reynolds, Har---  A. 9y f. D153 (Hanil? lazy version of Harriet?)

Reynolds, Eugene  7y m.  D153

Reynolds, Henrieth  5y f. D153 (or Henriette ?)

Chase, Dean 70y; with Anna 66y D154  Dean b. VT; Anna b. MASS

Dunham, Andrew C. 38y; wife Calista H. (Gunn?) 35y; w/ Talmadge D155 [D155 is a Hotel]

Dunham, Morell 16y  D155

Dunham, Ephraim 14y D155

Dunham, Mary S.  8y D155

Dunham, Quartus  6y  D155

Dunham, Elisa J.  4y D155

Dunham, Florence E. 1y D155

Talmadge, Sobrina 20y; w/ Dunham D155

Pierce, James 48y; with Rebecca 46y D156

Pierce, Bathsheba 12y  D156

Pierce, Delos 4y  D156

Walling, Sally 39y D157 (she is alone w/2 sons)

Walling, Milton  15y  D157

Walling, Wilson  11y  D157

B----n, Stephen C. 27y; with Laura 22y; (looks like Boorn; could be sloppy Brown ?) D158

Chamberlain, Claudius 52y; with Martha 50y; D159

Chamberlain, Eliza A. 28y D159

Chamberlain, Adison 27y D159

Chamberlain, Lucy  23y  D159

Chamberlain, Miren 20y D159

Chamberlain, Mary  19y  D159

Chamberlain, John  16y  D159

Chamberlain, Henry 13y D159

Chamberlain, Rosanna 10y D159

Chamberlain, Edgar 8y  D159

Chamberlain, Milton 6y D159

Chase, George W. 39y; wife Mary A. 35y; w/ Linton & Wilson D160 [22,000 $ farm]

Chase, Azro (?) 13y D160

Wilson, Robert 26y; w/ Chase & Linton  D160

Wilson, Simon B. 21y; w/ Chase & Linton (clerk) D160

Linton, Elisa 22y b. Ireland D160; w/ Chase & Wilson

Morrison, Henry 60y; with Elisabeth 53y D161

Morrison, Hannah M. 16y D161

Morrison, Hiram 13y  D161

Carpenter, Joseph 67y; wife Hannah 66y; w/ Banker? D162 Joe b. MASS; Hannah b.CT [Joseph was a physician]

Carpenter, Nathaniel O. 29y (a merchant) D162

Carpenter, Julia E. 25y (Nathaniel O’s wife or sister ?) D162

Ba_ker, Mariah 16y; w/ Joe Carpenter D162 (name looks like Banker?)

Carpenter, Franklin B. 32y; with Loraine M. 28y D163

Carpenter, Julia E. 7 mo. old  D163

Carpenter, Nathaniel 71y; w/ Wright, Babcock, & Thompson. Nathaniel b. VT D164

Wright, Esther 69y? or 60?; w/ Nathaniel Carpenter, Babcock, & Thompson D164 Esther b. VT

Wright, Ruth C. 31y  (dau. of Esther?/ niece of Nathaniel Carpenter?) D164

Babcock, William H. 27y; w/ Nathaniel Carpenter, Wright, & Thompson D164

Thompson, Niram? C.  25y m.; w/ Nathaniel Carpenter, Babcock, & Wright D164

Dunham, David C. 32y; with wife Louisa 22y D165 (she was Louisa; not “Lovica” as census reads)

Dunham, Morell H. 1y D165 (he spelled his name with 2 ‘l’s, unlike the census information)

Dunham, Lester H. 5 mo. old D165

Houghton, Daniel 70y; with wife Betsey 76y; D166 both b. in MA

Houghton, Caroline 33y D166

Houghton, Harriet D. 4y D166

Bowdish, William 48y; with Hannah 46y D167

Seward, Porter 54y; with Catharine 40y; w/ McDonald & Cunningham D168

Seward, Charles 25y D168

Seward, John B. 22y D168

McDonald, William C. 29y (possibly 24y?); with Catharine C. 24y; w/ Seward & Cunningham D168

Cunningham, Dwight 14y; with Seward & McDonald D168

Brownell, David 56y; with Mary 50y D169 (looks like Brownish?)

Brownell, Daniel 24y D169

Brownell, Eliza 22y D169

Brownell, Emma J. 13y D169

Brownell, Charles 23y D169

Brownell, Mary A. 23y D169 (wife of Charles?)

Houghton, Daniel D. 40y; with wife Bethiah P. 45y; D170 Beth was b. in CT

Houghton, Eliphalet 18y < had already been counted in Middlefield; was crossed off. D170

Houghton, Waldo 14y D170

Houghton, Mary 8y D170 (mid. initial Y, J., or L?)

Stever, Cuyler 55y; with Sarah 51y D171

S—der, Delos W. 29 or 24y; with Emma M. 27y; w/ Rose D172 (? Slider or Slides with accidental dash over l ?)

S—der, Charles H. 6y D172

Rose, Nathaniel 20y; w/ S—der D172

Rose, Jacob 16y; w/ S—der D172

Cass, Silas 64y; with Purma ? 66y f. D173 Silas was b. MA

Cass, Daniel 40y; with Desire 46y D174

Cass, Hannah A. 19y D174

Cass, Nathan 17y D174

Cass, Fanny E. 13y D174

Cass, William 11y D174

Cass, Edwin H. 8y D174

Cass, Jane A. 3y D174

Groves, Ezra C. 33y; with Betsey A. 30y D175

Groves, Jerahmeel 4y D175

Hoose, Hannah 54y D176

Hoose, Elmira 27y D176

Hoose, Stephen H. 14y D176

Daniel, Hewey __c. 26y; Elvira 23y D177 Hewey b. Ireland; (abrev. name? Jacob?- looks like Hewey Inc. Daniels )

Daniel, Daniel or David 1y D177 (looks like Daniel; how could that be?)

Daniel, Elisa 2 mo. old D177

Daniel, Eliza 40y D177 Eliza b. Ireland

Daniel, Timothy 12y D17 Timothy b. Ireland

Harvey, Asa P. 57y D178

Harvey, Polly 36y D178

Harvey, Eunice 14y D178

Harvey, George H. 12y D178

Harvey, John J. 10y D178

Harvey, William M. 8y D178

Harvey, Mathius 6y D178

Harvey, Austin 4y D178

Harvey, Lucy (J.?) 1y D178

Bennett, William H. 33y; with Maria 35y; w/ Young, Wager, Swartout D179

Bennett, Francis 13y f. D179

Bennett, Fennamon 9y D179

Bennett, George 4y D179

Bennett, Jane E. 2y D179

Young, Nancy 62y; w/ Bennett, Wager, Swartout D179 Nancy b. “Ma?” This person has been using “Mass” for MA so I’m not sure.

Wager, Mary J. 19y; w/ Bennett, Young, Swartout D179

Swart_out, Catharine 20y; w/ Bennett, Young, Wager D179 (looks like Swastwout)

Houghton, Delos 37y D180

Houghton, Dorcas 43y D180

Houghton, Mahala E. 18y D180

Houghton, Delos N. 14y D180

Houghton, Lester 9y D180

Groat, Henry 47y; with Anna 43y D181

Groat, Norman 22y D181

Groat, Sylvester 14y D181

Groat, Anna 10y D181

Groat, Harriet M. D181

Holbrook, Virgil 28y; with Ara Ann 25y D182 (probably Arianne ?)

Holbrook, Mary (K.?) 5 mo. old D182

Holbrook, Virgil 10y D182

Walling, Ebenezer 70y; w/ Campaigne, Becke, & Pierce D183

Campaigne, Samuel 27y; with? Ruth 22y; w/ Walling, Beeke, & Pierce D183

Campaigne, Mary R. 1y; w/ Walling, Beeke & Pierce D183

Becke, Jane 16y; w/ Walling, Campaigne, & Pierce D183 (could be Beeke?)

Pierce, Benjamin 13y; w/ Walling, Campaigne, & Becke D183

Bloodfood, James 56y; with Mary 50y; w/ Son D184 Mary b. in CT

Bloodfood, Willard 24y D184

Bloodfood, Maria 26y D184

Son, Josephine 10y; w/ Bloodfoo_ D184

Chamberlain, Elisha 36y; with Sobrina 42y D185

Chamberlain, Clarinda 19y D185

Chamberlain, Sarah 17y D185

Chamberlain, Christopher __. 16y D185 (middle initial A. or H.?)

Chamberlain, Lorenzo 10y D185

Chamberlain, Lydia M. 14y D185

Hathaway Ephraim R. 26y; with Polly 27y D186

Hathaway, Emily J. 6y D186

Hathaway, Parmelia 3y D186

Holbrook, Lurancy (?) 56y f. D187

Holbrook, Liba (?) 24y m. D187

Holbook, Otis L. 8y D187

Davis, Judson 25y; with Mary 25y D188

Somerville, Thomas 48y; with Elizabeth 47y; D189 Thomas and entire family b. in Ireland

Somerville, Robert 18y D189

Somerville, Thomas 16y D189

Somerville, James 13y D189

Somerville, Joseph 10y D189

Dykeman, Henry 27y; with Polly 26y; w/ Sally & Mary Ann D190 << Boarding House

Dykeman, Sally; w/ Henry, Polly, & Mary Ann 17y  D190

Dykeman, Mary Ann 9 mo. old; w/ Henry, Polly, & Sally  D190

Stewart, William 28y D190 << D190 Boarding House Wm. b. in Ireland

Fitzgerald, Thomas 22y D190<< D190 Boarding House Thomas b. in Ireland

Linton, Joseph 29y D190 << D190 Boarding House; Joseph b. in Ireland

Neal, Michael O. D190 << D190 Boarding House (there is a dot after O; though I wonder, O’neal?); Mike b. in Ireland

Somerville, Alexander 20y D190 <<Boarding House; born in Ireland

Colwell, Joseph 22y (2nd letter a or o) <<D190 Boarding House; born in Ireland

Conner, James 21y<< D190 Boarding House; born in Ireland

C___ing, Mathew 28y (Canning or Cunning?) <<D190 Boarding House; born in Ireland

MaCabe, Peter 24y<<D190 Boarding House; born in Ireland

Hignor, Benjamin 20y<<D190 Boarding House

Orr, David 14y<<D190 Boarding House

Dunham, William 24y<<D190 Boarding House

Davis, John 27y<<D190 Boarding House

McNelly, Barney 25y<<D190 Boarding House; born in Ireland

Buel, Delos 17y (last name? B__l or Bud ?) << D190 Boarding House

Hadder, William 20y (could be Hodder?) <<D190 Boarding House; born in Ireland

Chase, Brazilla 17y<<D190 Boarding House

Buel, Nisson 22y (could be Bud ?) <<D190 Boarding House

Arnold, Isaac 44y<<D190 Boarding House

McNelly, Rebecca Ann 20y<<D190 Boarding House

Orr, Matthew 70y <<D190 Boarding House

Boardman, Levi Y. 48y; with Hannah 45y D191 (Levi’s mid. initial Y?)

Boardman, Edward 21y D191

Boardman, Levi 19y D191

Boardman, Eliza 14y D191

Seaver, Daniel H. 40y; with Esther C. 33y; w/ Kelsey & Beebe D192 Esther b. in MA

Seaver, Adelbert 11y D192

Seaver, Sarah V. 9y D192

Seaver, Lucy D. 7y D192

Seaver, Julia 5y f. D192

Seaver, Mary 1y D192

Kelsey, Sarah 70y; w/ Seaver & Beebe D192 Sarah b. in MA

Beebe, Martha 17y; w/ Seaver & Kelsey D192

Seaver, __enas (?) 43y; with Clarissa 43y; w/ Northrop D193 Clarissa b. in MA (given Zenas or Genas?)

Seaver, Philor D. 8y D193

Northrop, Susan 14y; w/ Seaver D193

Seaver, Daniel 13y D193

Fellows, Betsey 52y; w/ Hubbard D194

Fellows, Diana 24y D194 (could be 29y?)

Fellows, Mary 20y D194

Fellows Affia M. 19y D194

Fellows, William E.R. 14y D194

Hubbard, Samuel 20y; w/ Fellows D194

Goddard, Warren 53y; with Daina 46y; w/ Lason D195

Goddard, Hannah 21y D195

Goddard, Edward 17y D195

Goddard, Joseph W. 16y D195

Lason, James 20y; w/ Goddard D195

Goddard, William 40y; with Ann 38y; w/ Brown & Swackhammer D196

Goddard, Luvalia 15y D196 (was this mean to be Luella or Luvella?)

Goddard, Maria 13y D196

Goddard, Malinda 11y D196

Brown, George 14y; w/ Goddard & Swackhammer D196

Swackhammer, Josiah 22y; w/ Goddard & Brown D196 Josiah b. NJ (or a confused N.Z. for New Zealand?)

Chase, Charles 27y; with Abigail 21y; w/ Delong D197

Chase, Esther L. 1y D197

Delong, Elizabeth 60y; w/ Chase D197 Eliz. b. CT

Hayn_r, Abagail 50y D198 (last name Hayner, Haynor)

Hayn_r, Roena 15y D198 (last name Hayner, Haynor)

Hayn_r, William A. 12y D198 (last name Hayner, Haynor)

Roberts, Henry 42y; with Lucy A. 35y; w/ Hayner ? & Sperry D199

Roberts, Ann E. 11y D199

Hayner, George 26y; w/ Roberts & Sperry D199

Sperry, Stephen 22y; w/ Roberts & Hayner D199

Sperry, Alanson 39y; with Sally 35y D200 Alanson b. MA

Sperry, Nathan W. 18y D200

Sperry, Davis P. 14y D200

Sperry, Alvin 11y D200

Sperry, Fanny 9y D200

Sperry, Samuel W. 4y D200

Sperry, Di______ M. 2y D200 (looks like Dimsins; thinking Denison ?)

Sperry, Francis M. 1 mo. old D200

Sperry, Mathew 42y; with Affia M. 37y D201

Sperry, Gideon F. 17y D201

Sperry, Henrietta E. 11y D201

Sperry, Betsey A. 4y D201

Sperry, Olive 60y D201 Olive b. MA

Sperry, Naomi V. 22y D201 (mid. initial might be U.?)

Sperry, Rhoda 68y; w/ Chase D202 Rhoda b. in CT

Sperry, Isaac 27y D202

Chase, Cynthia J. 9y D202

Hayner, Ethan B. 37y; with Clarinda D. 35y; w/ Williams D203

Williams, Elisabeth 3y; w/ Hayner D203

Hayner, Abagail 1y D203

Lampher, Arnold Jr. 47y; with Ac___th 41y f. D204 Arnold b. MA (lady’s name Acenith?)

Lampher, Arnold 21y D204

Lampher, Edward T. 17y D204

Lampher, William 15y D204

Lampher, Orlando A. 12y D204

Lampher, Orrin 9y D204

Lampher, Orson 7y D204

Lampher, Orinda 5y D204

Lampher, Delinda 3y D204

Chandler, George 28y; with Polly A. 23y D205 Geo. b. VT, Polly b. MA

Chandler, Levi L. 5y D205

Chandler, Horace 4y D205

Chandler, Sylvina E. 2y D205

Sperry, Peter 58y; with Ursula 51y; w/ Jones D206 Peter b. MA, Ursula b. CT

Jones, Electa 26y; w/ Sperry D206

Jones, Robert W. 1 mo. old; w/ Sperry D206

Milk, Elkanok 73y; with Mary 72y; w/ Sperry D207 Elkanok(?) b. MA,  Mary b. CT

Sperry, Elkanok M. 11y; w/ Milk D207 (could this be Elkanoh?)

Sperry, Daniel D. 35; with Lucretia 30y D208

Sperry, Clarissa A. 14y D208

Sperry, Justus 8y D208

Sperry, Helen 2y D208

Nellis, Abram 38y; with Harriet 35y D209

Nellis, Norman 11y D209

Nellis, _____ 9y D209 (major ink smear; could be George ?)

Nellis, Eutharin 7y D209

Nellis, Mary A. 5y D209

Nellis, Martha __. 4y D209 (mid. initial J.?)

Nellis, Henrietta A. 1y D209

Prindle, Charles 44y; with Lydia M. 42y D210 Charles b. CT,  Lydia b. MA

Prindle Ann C. 19y D210

Prindle, John H. 16y D210

Prindle, Tyler D. 9y D210

Prindle, Jabez 70y; with Sally 68y D211 Jabez & Sally born in CT

Van Debar, Calvin 31y; with Sally A. 26y D212

Van Debar, Orlando M. 6y D212

Van Debar, Jordan 3y D212

Pe_____, Hugh 48y; with Emeline 41y; w/ Hammond D213 Hugh b. Ireland (name Pechles, Pechas, Peebles ?)

Pe_____, Bradford 17y D213

Pe_____, William 15y D213

Pe_____, Mary J. 12y D213

Pe_____, Ann M. 9y D213

Pe_____, Elizabeth 7y D213

Pe_____, Nathaniel 4y D213

Pe_____, Emma P. 3y D213

Hammond, Nancy; age “not known”; w/ Pe_____ D213 Nancy was b. in Ireland

Wright, Dean 57y; with Rula 63y; w/ Locke? Rula b. CT D214

Wright, Parmelia 23y D214

Wright, John 22y D214

Lo_ke, Clarissa 26y; w/ Wright D214 (name Looke or Locke?)

Lo_ke, Julia 4y; w/ Wright D214 Julia b. Wisconsin

Fellows, William 43y; Nancy 41y D215 Nancy b. MA

Fellows, William A. 17y D215

Fellows, Warren S. 14y D215

Fellows, Russel S. 12y D215

Fellows, Austin M. 7y D215

Fellows, Aaron O. 3y D215

Webster, Dow M. 23y; with Amanda __. 19y D216 (her mid. initial R. or K.)

Webster, Elener A. 6 mo. old D216

Fellows, Gideon E.S. 41y; with Rachel 42y; w/ Sperry D217

Fellows, Susanna 14y D217

Fellows, Betsey 12y D217

Fellows, Clarissa 10y D217

Fellows, Elnathan 9y D217

Fellows, Amos 7y D217

Fellows, Arthur 3y D217

Sperry, Jabez 16y; w/ Fellows D217

Hubbard, Oliver 50y; with Lavina 44y D218 Oliver b. CT

Hubbard, Ann E. 23y D218

Hubbard, Rensselaer 12y D218

Hubbard, Percy 8y D218

Hubbard, Adelbert 5y D218

Hubbard, Ezra 35y; with Maryette 28y D219

Hubbard, Almilda (?) 8y f. D219

Palmer, Stephen 45y; with Susan 33y; D220 w/ Hammond Stephen b. England

Palmer, Joanna 14y D220

Palmer, Elizabeth 6y D220

Palmer, Charles 4y D220

Palmer, Austin 3y D220

Palmer, George W. 10 mo. old D220

Hammond, Charity 21y; w/ Palmer D220

Sides, William 60y D221 Wm. b. in PA

Sides, Hannah 40y D221 Hannah b. in PA (wife of Wm.?)

Sides, Matilda 7y D221

Sides, Emanuel 6y D221

Sides, George 4 mo. old D221

Snyder, Henry D. 31y; with Janet B. 37y; w/ ?__t__can? D222

Snyder, Frederick H. 9y D222

Snyder, George B. 7y D222

Snyder, Rachel J. 5y D222

Snyder, Henry L. 3y D222

Snyder, Francis E. 1y f. D222

___t__can ?, Delos 18y; w/ Snyder D222 (__itrocan or __etrocan?)

Jones, Caleb 81; with Lovdin? 61y f. D223 (her name, Lo_d__) She was b. in CT

Holdridge, John 38y; with Harriet 36y D224

Holdridge, George 17y D224

Holdridge, Joanna 15y D224

Holdridge William H. 13y D224

Holdridge, Russel 11y D224

Holdridge, Betsey J. 6y D224

Holdridge, Bethiah R. 2y D224

Brownell, Alfred 27y; with Ann E. 26y; w/ M____? D225

M_____, James 15y; with Brownell; James was b. England D225 (looks like Morren, Mrrrrn?)

Kelley, Daniel 51y; with Mary 51y D226

Perry, Betsey 54y D227

Perry, Walter 18y D227

Perry, Olney 16y m. D227

Perry Catharine 14y D227

Perry, Mary 11y D227

Cyphers, John 30y; with Fanny 28y D228 John b. in PA

Cyphers, Sylva M. 7y D228

Cyphers, John L. 2y D228

Thompson, Samuel J. 37y; with Sarah 36y D229

Thompson, Becksmith A. 13y D229 (given name Beckwith? Beckmith?)

Thompson, Roxanna 11y D229

Thompson, James R. 3y D229 (mid. initial R. or K.)

Thompson, Duane S. 1y D229

Thompson, James B. 26y; Mary 19y D230

Kelley, Roger 44y D231 Roger b. MA

Kelley, Rhoda 70y D231

Kelley, Thomas 26y; with Catharine 26y D231

Kelley, Elvira? 2y; with Thomas & Catharine D231

Chase, Samuel 61y; with Lydia 54y D232 Samuel b. VT

Chase, Mary C. 18y D232

Chase, Reuben C. 15y D232

Chase, Alphonse D. 13y D232

Chase, Juliette E. 10y D232

French, Milton 50y; with Ruth A. 42 D233 w/ Thompson; Milton b.CT & Ruth in MA

French, Elvira 18y D233

Thompson, Abner W. 21y; w/ French D233

Tipple, Peter J. 45y; with Ann 40y D234

Tipple, John H. 22y D234

Tipple, Catharine A. 16y D234

Tipple, Sylvester W. 14y D234

Tipple, Ortensia M. 11y D234

Tipple, Valder H. 8y D234

Tipple, Edgar 5y D234

Tipple, Uriah 2y D234

Sperry, Daniel 50y; Maria 45y D235

Sperry, Sally F. 23y D235

Sperry, Betsey M. 21y D235

Sperry, William 19y D235

Sperry, Jabez 17y D235

Sperry, Calista C. D235

Sperry, Henry D. 37y; with Caroline 35y; D236 w/ F__ller; Henry b. MA, Carol b. CT

Sperry, Dimis A. 13y f. D236

Sperry, Miles H. 10y D236

Sperry, Datus E. 8y D236

Sperry, Mary Ann 5y D236

Sperry, Emily J. 2y D236

Fuller, Samuel B. 22 or 23y; D236 w/ Sperry

Perry, Johnathan 78y D237

Perry, Parmelia 62y D237

Perry, Hannah 52y D237

Perry, Rachel 40y D237

Perry, David 44y; with Amy 43y; w/ Hamelton D238

Perry, Milton S. 14y D238

Perry, Alma 8y D238

Hamelton, John 24y; D238 w/ Perry

Perry, Free Love 36y; D238 (recorded as 2 given names)

Hewitt, Francis M. 54y f. D239 w/ Thomson Francis was b. CT

Hewitt, Francis M. 25y f. D239

Thomson, John 28y; D239 w/ Hewitt

Hubbard, Elijah 76y; with Sally 66y; D240 Sally b. Maine

Hubbard, John 19y D240

Palmer, Daniel 56y; with Celia 45y D241 Daniel & Celia b. in England

Palmer, Fredrick 18y D241 Fred b. England

Palmer, Mary Ann 16y D241 Mary b. England

Palmer, Betsey 11y D241

Palmer, John 10y D241

Palmer, Henry 7y D241

Palmer, Daniel Jr. 5y D241

Palmer, Sarah 78y D241 Sarah b. England

Webster, Miron 46y; with Armenia 43y; D242 w/ Adams & Shutts

Webster, Harriet A. 22y D242

Webster, Owen B. 7y D242

Webster, Noyes D. 3y D242

Shutts, Henry 25y; with Sarah J. 19y; w/ D242 Webster & Adams

Shutts, Betsey A. 2y; with Henry & Sarah; D242 Webster & Adams

Shutts, Niles W. 1 mo. old; with Henry & Sarah D242 w/Webster & Adams

Adams, Sally 65y; w/ Webster & Shutts D242 Sally b. VT

Bush, Peter 21y; with Mary 16y 243

Bush, John 61y; with Mary 51y D244

Bush, John E. 7y D244

Tompkins, Nehemiah 64y; with Charity 63y D245

Tompkins, Chloe 21y D245

Chase, Josiah 51y; with Elizabeth 44y D246 w/Wilder, [Sursener?,] Cunningham, & Delong

Chase, Mary __. 16y D246 (mid. initial L? or C.?)

Chase, Asa 75y D246 Asa was b.MA

Wilder, Leah L. 18y D246 w/ Chase

S--------?, Albert M. 5y D246 w/ Chase, Wilder, Cunningham, & Delong (Looks like Sursener?)

Cunningham, John 24y D246 w/ Chase, Wilder, Delong [& Sursener (?)]

Delong, Clarissa 26y D246 w/ Chase, Wilder, Cunningham, (& Sursener?)

Delong, Alvin D. 1y; with Clarissa D246

F-----, Elijah E. ,.. see Elijah E. Ferry

Ferry, Elijah E. 3_ y; with Sally 33y D247 w/ Chase, Scofield, Morehouse, & Wilt

Ferry, Elijah E.; above w/ wife Sally: D247 He was a lawyer, am not sure about this surname; age 34, 37, or 39.

Ferry, Julian 10y D247

Scofield, Byron 24y D247 w/ [Ferry?], Chase, Morehouse, & Wilt

Chase, Edward 22y D247 w/ [Ferry?], Scofield, Morehouse, & Wilt

Morehouse, Clarissa 50y D247 w/ [Ferry?], Scofield, Chase, & Wilt

Wilt, Josephine 18y D247 w/ [Ferry?], Scofield, Chase, & Morehouse (no notation of being twin of George)

Wilt, George 18y D247 w/ [Ferry?], Scofield, Chase, & Morehouse (no notation of being twin of Josephine)

F-------, John 36y; wife Jane 28y (likely Fink; could be Frisbie?) D248

F-------, Elias A. 8y D248

F-------, Norman 5y D248

Wilsey, James 68y ; w/ Chase  D249

Wilsey, Sylvia 48y (wife of James?) D249

Wilsey, John C.  16y D249

Chase, Mary C. 22y; w/ James Wilsey D249

Chase, Sylvia J. 19y; w/ James Wilsey D249

Martin, Page 28y; with Mary Ann 22y D250

Martin, Mahitable 2y D250

Martin, John D. 1 m.old  D250

Hazen, Atha? 44y D251

Hazen, William M. 12y D251

Hazen, Levi R. 10y D251 (mid.I could be K)

Roberts, Orrin 47y; with Paulina 40y D252

Wilson, James 60y; wife? Lorinda 49y; w/ Hazen & Nussille? D253 “Lorinda” b. Vt

Wilson, William 19y D253

Hazen, Polly 72y; w/ James Wilson & Murrill ? D253 Polly b. MASS

Murrill, Martha A. 10y; w/ Wilson & Hazen D253 (could be Nussille, Nurrills ?)

Smallin, John 52y; with Mahitable 54y; w/ Bush D254

Bush, Augustus 24y; w/ John Smallin D254

Bush, Margaret 20y (wife of Augustus), w/ John Smallin D254

Bush, John W. 2 m.old, w/ John Smallin D254

Chase, Abel 37y; with Elisabeth J. 27y; D255

Chase Amelia M. 3y D255

Chase, Gertrude  11 m.old; D255

Tompkins, Robert 45y; with Elisabeth 46y; w/ Chase D256

Tompkins, Franklin 19y; D256

Tompkins, Samuel 18y  D256

Tompkins, Charity 15y D256

Tompkins, John 13y D256

Tompkins, Clarissa 7y D256

Chase, Cyrus 23y; w/ Robert Tompkins D256

Cook, Harvey W. 40y; with Betsey A. 34y; w/ McComber & Davis D257

Cook, Mary E. 11y D257

Cook, Albert 6y  D257

Cook, Lovina 4y  D257

Cook, Elen? 2 m.old (could be “Elisa” or Elsa? ) D257

McComber, Resconi 74y m.; w/ Cook & Davis ; Resconi b. MASS D257

Davis, Rachel 18y; w/ Cook & McComber D257

Wilson, Wilsey 31y  D258

Wilson, Julia A. (wife of Wilsey?), 23y  D258

Wilson, Albert F.  3y  D258

Pierce, Abram 45y; wife Polly 45y; D259

Pierce, T. Jefferson 14y  D259

Pierce, Delia J. 11y  D259

Waterman, Samuel, 55y; with Ella 56y; D260

Nessle?, Conrod 63y; with Ann 67y; w/ Waterman, Kelly, Crippen D261 (looks like Nessh or Nessle)

Nessle?, Clarissa 27y D261

Waterman, Amanda 19y ; w/ Conrod Nessle? D261 (Amanda had just married in the last year)

Kelley, Thomas 15y ; w/ Conrod Nessle? D261

Crippen, George M. Crippen 1y; w/ Conrod Nessle? D261

B-----, Christian 41y; with Polly 37y (name looks like Brown ) D262

B-----, Abram R. 18y D262

B-----, Nancy M. 16y D262

B-----, Lois  1y  D262

B-----, Peter S. 8y  D262

B-----, Rebecca S.  6y  D262

B-----, George F.  4y  D262

B-----, Mary L. 2y  D262

B-----, Susan  5 m.old  D262

Beebe, Russel 47y; with Susanna 37y; Russel b. CT  D263

Beebe, Martha A. 12y D263

Beebe, Warren  9y  D263

Beebe, Melvina  6y  D263

Beebe, Melissa 4y  D263

Risandorf (?), George 45y; with Lucretia 38y D264 (looks like Residorf ? )

Risandorf, Mary Ann 18y D264 (looks like Residorf ? )

Risandorf, Velitta L. 13y D264 (looks like Residorf ? )

Risandorf, Sarah E. 9y D264 (looks like Residorf ? )

Risandorf, Martha 6y D264 (looks like Residorf ? )

Risandorf, Susan V. 1y D264 (looks like Residorf ? )

Chase, William R. 27y D265

Chase, Lydia A. 23y D265 (is she wife of Wm.?)

Chase, Manly 14y D265 (is he brother of Wm.?)

Waterman, Elisha 60y D266

Waterman, Arthusa 44y f. D266

Waterman, Martin 20y D266

Waterman, Silas 16y D266

Waterman, Catherine 8y D266

Griswold, Wickham 66y; with Lucy 62y D267

Griswold, Wickham H. 22y D267

Griswold, Elvira 18y D267

Griswold, John 16y D267

Crippen, Philip 62y; with Sally 60y D268

Crippen, Philip Jr. 33y D268

Crippen, Lucy 24y D268

Surnberger, Martin 26y; with Alice 22y D269 (is this the proper spelling?)

Surnberger, Mary E. 1y D269

Surnberger, Mary A. 13y D269

Fields, John 40y; with Amanda 39y D270

Fields, William 14y D270

Fields, Randolf 13y D270

Fields, Mary J. 10y D270

Bus_nell (?), Joshua J. 49y; with Rhoda D271 (Bushnell or Bucknell?)

Bus_nell, William Y. 21y D271

Bus_nell, David 8y D271

Bennett, Moses 53y; Polly 51y D272 Moses b. VT (is there a Dunham connection here?)

Bennett, Lester 21y D272

Bennett, Mary 17y D272

Bennett, George 12y D272

Bennett, Warren 9y D272

Dykeman, Jacob 60y D273

Dykeman, Phebe A. D273

Dykeman, Olive E. 4y D273

Dykeman, Mary 1y D273

Hoose, Nelson 25y with Mary 26y; D274 w/ Clark

Hoose, Charles D. 4y D274

Hoose, Jane A. 2y D274

Clark, John 32y with Elisa 28y; D274 w/ Hoose

Clark, Catharine A. 4y D274 w/ Hoose

Clark, Mary J. 2y D274 w/ Hoose

Wilber, Samuel M. 39y with Nancy M. 38y; D275 w/France

Wilber, Mary 16y D275

Wilber, Jacob 15y D275

Wilber, James 11y D275

Wilber, Harvey H. 7y D275 (not labeled as twin to George)

Wilber, George L. 7y D275 (not labeled as twin to Harvey H.)

Wilber, Abram M. 5y D275

Wilber, Lydia J. 1y D275

France, Florinda 20y D275 w/ Wilber

Ingres, Amos 20y with Sarah 20y D276

Essex, William 56y D277 w/Bassinger

Essex, __itty 25y f. D277 (looks like Y or G, wonder if it’s K)

Essex, Albert B. 7y D277

Bassinger, Ellis 11y D277 w/ Essex

Follitt, Jacob 46y D278 w/ Brown

Follitt, Ann J. 20y D278

Follitt, Emily K. 18y D278

Follitt, Mary 6y D278

Follitt, Luther 70y D278 Luther b. NH

Brown, Stephen 21 D278 w/ Follitt

Brown, Isaac 19y D278 w/Follitt (age could be 14y?)

Chase, Willard 63y with Betsey 56y D279

Chase, Samuel 32y D279

Chase, Polly 18y D279

Chase, Miles 16y D279

Chase, Daniel 14y D279

Chase, Robert  12y; D279

Simmons, Joseph 37y; with Betsey 37y  D280

Simmons, Sumner N. 14y D280

Simmons, Stephen P. 12y D280

Simmons, Philor E. 8y m. D280 (could be Philer)

Chase, John 31y; with Catherine 25y  D281 (spelled “Chases” on census)

Chase, Menzo  2y D281 (is there a Dunham connection here?)

Bostwick, Hiram 44y; with Nancy 41y; w/ Chase  Hiram b. CT D282

Bostwick, R.H. 15y m.; (given could be River, Rina, Riner ?) D282

Bostwick, Betsey A. 13y D282

Bostwick, Mary A. 10y  D282

Bostwick, Sylvester L. 6y D282

Chase, Ulman 25y; w/ Hiram Bostwick D282

Chase, Pendence 19y (wife of Ulman/ just m. in last year) w/ Bostwick D282 (Pendence or Prudence?)

Spencer, William C. 32y; wife Elisabeth 30y  D283

Spencer, Julia 7y D283

Spencer, Eugene  5y  D283

Spencer, Irvin  2y  D283

Bennett, William 26y; wife Hannah 23y D284

Bennett, Joanna  1y  D284

Follitt, Halsey 36y; wife Martha L. 32y; w/ Beebe & Howe D285

Follitt, Francis A. 11y D285

Follitt, James H. 8y  D285

Follitt, Ashley C.  5y D285

Beebe, Hiram 20y; w/ Howe & Follitt D285

Howe, George 20y; w/ Beebe & Follitt D285

Stever, Charles 24y; wife Clara 19y (m. within the last y.) Charles was harness maker D286

Stever, Robert 21y (wagon maker) D286

Benedict, Amos 65y; wife Betsey 55y; w/ Moore D287

Benedict, Mary 23y D287

Benedict, George 27y D287

Benedict, Harriet (wife of George?) 26y D287

Benedict, George Jr. 3y D287

Moore, Clarissa 19y D287 (sister to Harriet?); w/ Amos Benedict D287

Wilson, Richard 32y with Mary A. 30y D288 w/ Wilcox & Snyder

Wilson, Margaret 58y D288 w/ Wilcox & Snyder

Wilson Loduska 20y D288

Wilcox, John 18y D288 w/ Wilson & Snyder

Wilcox, Anette 12y D288 w/ Wilson & Snyder

Snyder, Samuel 31y D288 w/ Wilcox & Wilson

Clark, Nathan 32y with Elvira 20y D289 Nathan is the Inn Keeper

Clark, Leslie B. 2y with Nathan & Elvira D289

Clark, John 65y b. MA with Nathan & Elvira D289

Fuller, Sally 25y D289 << Hotel

Graves, Charles 26y with Elvira 22y D289 << Hotel

Olds, Derastus M. 17y D289 << Hotel

Bronk, William R. 25y with Eliza 25y D290

Bronk, Catharine 6y D290

Bronk, Margaret L. 4y D290

Benedict, Rebecca 60y b. MA D291 w/Chase & Hoose

Chase, Sarah A. 29y D291 w/ Benedict & Hoose

Benedict, Emily 21y D291 w/Chase & Hoose

Benedict, Philor E. 18y D291 w/Chase & Hoose

Benedict, Ada A. 14y D291 w/Chase & Hoose

Chase, Helen 8y D291 w/ Benedict & Hoose

Chase, Benedict 7y D291 w/ Benedict & Hoose

Chase, Ella 5y D291 w/ Benedict & Hoose

Hoose, Levi 29y D291 w/ Benedict & Chase

Flint, Amos 32y with Lucy A. 26y  D292

Flint, Florence A. D292

Flint, Lester 13y D292

Brasee, Jeremiah 27y with Lorinda A. 24y D293

Brasee, Lanora R. 5y D293

Brasee, Naomi 3y D293

Brasee, Susan M. under 10 mo. old (2, 3, or 8 mo. perhaps?) D293

Hull, William 30y with Elisabeth 29y D294

Hull, Helen 3y D294

Hull, Emma 1y (mid. initial J.?) D294

Brown, Benjamin 27y with Roseth 26y D295 w/ Mills

Brown, Demetrius 6y D295

Brown, Charles 5y D295

Mills, John 23y D295 w/ Brown

Milks, Johnathan 60y with Laura 56y D296 Jonathan b.MA, Laura b. CT

Milks, Julia 19y D296

Milks, John 17y D296

Silver, Henry T. 36y D297 w/ Allen

Silver, Agnes 24y D297 w/ Allen (is she wife of Henry?)

Silver, Amos 7y D297

Silver, Huldah J.A. 4y D297

Silver, Helen 2y D297

Allen, Elisabeth 54y D297 w/ Silver

Olmsted, Darius 29y with Mary 23y D298

Olmsted, Silas H. 1y D298

Hotkins, Ashley 45y m. with Christie 37y D299 w/ Son & Kelley (did census taker mean Hotchkins?)

Hotkins, William 6y D299

Hotkins, Mary 1y D299

Son, Helen 22y D299 w/ Hotkins & Kelley (maybe Hotchkins?)

Kelley, Lysander D. 26y D299 w/ Hotkins & Kelley (maybe Hotchkins?)

Brown, Amos H. 52y with __ally S. 42y f. D300 w/ Stevenson & McDonald (f. name Dally?- she was b. MA)

Brown, Carlton 23y D300

Brown, Harvey W. 21y D300

Brown, Hamilton 19y D300

Brown, Maria P. 6y D300

Brown, Mary E. 2y D300

Stevenson, Erving 16y D300 w/ Brown & McDonald

Brown, Florence 8 mo. old (male) D300 w/ Stevenson & McDonald

McDonald, Elisa 20y D300 w/ Brown & Stevenson Elisa b. Ireland

Delong, Alanson 29y? with Mary 30y D301 w/ Badeau

Delong, Gibson W. 7y D301

Badeau, Mana 21y D301 w/ Delong

Chase, Levi 58y with Elizabeth 56y D302 Levi b.VT

Chase, Mahala 32y D302

Swartout, Aaron 27y with Jane E. 29y D303 w/Hoag

Swartout, Lovica 1y D303

Hoag, Abagail 22y? D303 w/Swartout

Lo_dell, Luceus 27y with Hannah M. 26y D304 (surname Lohdell or Lobdell?)

Lo_dell, Mary E. 3y D304

Lo_dell, Adelbert 1y D304

Clark, William D. 36y with Ladusky 31y D305

Clark, __drail? 10y m. D305 (looks like lower case I & capitol A; iAdrail )

Clark, Henry 3y D305

Clark, James 2y m. D305 (could be Jamis?)

Cooley, William W. 31y D306 w/ Residorf

Cooley, Hannah C. 25y D306 w/Residorf

Residorf, Mary A. 16y D306 w/Cooley

Chase, Jarey? 27y m. D307 w/ Haines

Chase, Margaret 32y D307 w/ Haines (wife of “Jarey”?)

Haines, Elisa 56y D307 w/ Chase

Ingersoll, Isaac 24y with Jane 21y D308 Isaac b. CT

Ingersoll, Lewis P. 3y D308

Ingersoll, Henry A. 1y D308

Tompkins, Austin 24y with Lois 26y D309

Hayner, Harvey M. 32y with Amanda M. 25y D310

Wilcox, Henry 32y with Hannah 28y D311 Henry b. CT

Wilcox, Albert 35y D311 Albert b. CT

Wilcox, Stephen 9y? D311

Hastings, George 36y with Caroline 37y D312

Hastings, Sophrona 28y D312

Howe, Lavina 55y D313 w/ Beebe

Howe, John 31y D313

Howe, Ann 17y D313

Howe, Angela 16y D313

Beebe, William 18y D313 w/ Howe

Kelley, Almon 34y with Mary A. 32y D314

Kelley, Rhoda S. 12y D314

Kelley, Burditt 8y D314

Wright, German 28y with Harriet 27y D315 w/ Sperry

Wright, Francis D. 3y f. D315 

Sperry, Martin  39y  D315 w/ Wright

Story, James 33y; with Huldah A. 31y  D316 (looks like Stomp?)

Story, William __. 10y  D316  (mid.Initial, D, Q, -?-)

Story, Genah B. 6y  D316  (could be Gerah)

Hartwell, William N. 29y; with Emeline 23y D317

Hartwell, George 5y D317

Hartwell, Charles H. 2y D317

Slingerland, Isaac 50y; with Mary A. 50y; w/ Tipple & Hayes. D318 (12,000$ farm); Mary b. CT

Slingerland, Stephen R. 28y  D318

Tipple, Charles 20y; w/ Isaac Slingerland D318

Heyes, Washington 22y; w/ Isaac Slingerland D318

Slingerland, Eugene 10y D318

Chase, Charles 61y ; w/ Houghton D319  Charles b. VT

Chase, Elisa 19y D319

Houghton, William W. 14y; w/ Charles Chase  D319

Brown, Stephen P. 57y; w/ --yres & 2 children?   D320 [Boarding House] Steven is listed as Farmer and first.

--yres, Lucy 49y  D320 [Boarding House] Did she m.2 Stephen P. Brown? last name looks like Treyre or Ingres?

--yres, Sarah J.?  9y  D320  (mid.I looks like J, or I,..) surname Ingres?

--yres, William J.? 5y  D320 (mid.I same as sister’s) surname Ingres?

Armstrong, Jane 23y  b. Ireland D320 [Boarding House]

Agnaw, Margaret 19y b. Ireland D320 [Boarding House]

S---------, John 35y b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House] name looks like She___con or Shannon

Armstrong, John 25y  b.Ireland  D320 [Boarding House]

Agnaw, James  25y  b.Ireland  D320 [Boarding House] possibly roomed w/ Robert

Agnaw, Robert 21y  b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House] possibly roomed w/ James

McDonald, Daniel  22y  b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House] possibly roomed w/ Dennis

McDonald, Dennis 13y  b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House] poss. enumerated w/ Daniel

No_naw, Timothy 38y b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House] looks like Noxnaw or Nosnaw

Smith, Patrick 25y b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House]

McK____, Archabold 24y b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House] looks like McKure or McKuse

Zinnurnan (?), Frederick 32y b.Germany D320 [Boarding House] is this Zimmerman?

Cadwell, William 24y b.Ireland D320 [Boarding House] Is this Caldwell?

Dolin, L ---------  22y m. b.Ireland  D320 [Boarding House] looks like La___rene.

Hughes, James  26y  b.Ireland  D320 [Boarding House]

Agnaw, Andrew  61y  b.Ireland  D320 [Boarding House]

Hull, Abraim  20y or 30y   D320 [Boarding House] probably 20y

Surrenberger, Edward  10y or 19y  D320 [Boarding House]

Surrenberger, Joseph  19y  D320 [Boarding House]

Stewart, Alexander 25y; with Margaret 24y; w/Wright  Alex b. Ireland & was a tanner  D320 [Boarding House]

Wright, William 5y; w/ Alexander Stewart D320 [Boarding House] William b. Ireland        

Bostwick, Gersham   76y ; with Clarissa 66y; w/ Sha_er  D321 (Shaper or Shafer)  Gersham & Clarissa b. CT

Sha_er, Fadelia  31y f.  D321 w/ Gersham Bostwick  (is she widowed dau. of Gersham?) Shaper or Shafer?

Sha_er, Elsina  7y f. D321 w/ Gersham Bostwick Surname Shaper or Shafer?

Sha_er, Amelia 5y  D321 w/Gersham Bostwick Surname Shaper of Shafer?

Bostwick, Elmer  39y ; w/ Gersham Bostwick D321 Elmer b. CT

Bostwick, Philor  42y; with Hannah 43y; w/ Furgessen;  Philer b. CT D322

Bostwick, Philor J. 14y D322

Bostwick, Dana  12y  D322

Furgessen, Stephen  35y; b. MASS; D322 w/ Philer Bostwick

Furgessen, Clarissa 21y (wife of Stephen?) D322 w/Philer Bostwick

Furgessen, John S.  4y  D322  John b. Michigan

Furgessen, Helen A.  1y  D322  Helen b. Michigan

Smith, Jesse  45y; with Rebecca A. 34y  D323

Smith, Melissa  6y  D323

Smith, Furguson  4y  D323 

Wilcox, John  62y; wife? Elmira 43y; w/ Campbell;  John b. CT.  D324

Campbell, Thadeus  9y; w/ John Wilcox D324

Cass, Laban W. 35y; wife? Rebecca 39y  D325

Cass, Martha  17y  D325

Cass, George  10y  D325

Myres, George H. 28y  D326 w/ Ruth (--?--)  

______, Ruth 28y; w/ George H. Myres_  D326  (Looks like “Tripp”

______, Joseph  8y; w/ Ruth _____ & George H. Myre_ D326 looks like “Tripp”

Morrison, James 27y; wife? Maranda 22y; w/ Fitzgerald D327  James b. Canada

Morrison, Adolphus  8 m.old  D327

Fitzgerald, Henry 27y; wife Ellen 25y; w/ James Morrison D327  Henry & Ellen b. Ireland

Fitzgerald, James  7y  D327  b.Ireland

Fitzgerald, Mercy  5y  D327 b.Ireland

Fitzgerald, Thomas  4y  D327  b.Ireland

Benedict, Eli 30y D328

Benedict, Mary C. 21y  (wife of Eli Benedict?)  D328

Benedict, Martha ? 2y  (scribbled) D328

Benedict, Mary  4 m.old  D328

Bennett, Nathaniel __. 25y; wife Rebecca 25y; w/ Myre_ & Dunham D329 (his mid. initial A. or C.?)

Myres, Ephraim  31y; w/ Nathaniel A. Bennett & Dunham D329

Myres, Maria  56y; w/ N.A.Bennett & Dunham D329 (is she mother of Rebecca, Ephraim & Nancy?)

Myres, Nancy 17y; w/ N.A.Bennett & Dunham D329

Dunham, George 25y; w/ Bennett & Myres D329  (listed as “farmer” as is Ephraim & Nathaniel / not laborer!?)

Palmatier, James 38y; with Elisabeth 34y; D330

Palmatier, John 16y D330

Palmatier, Agnes  14y  D330

Palmatier, Ezra 10y  D330

Palmatier, Harmon  7y  D330

Palmatier, Catharine 3y  D330

Hallock, William 64y; w/ Purdy  D331  Wm. b. CT

Purdy, Sarah 40y; w/ William Hallock  D331

Bennett, Ansil 27y ; with Lovina 25y; w/ Myres & Hallock; Ansil b. VT  D332

Bennett, Alice 4y  D332

Bennett, Josiah W.  1y  D332

Myres, Mary A.  17y; w/ Ansil Bennett D332

Hallock, Stephen 18y; w/ Ansil Bennett D332

Bennett, Elis L. 26y; wife Amanda M. 24y (m. in last year) D333

Barnes, Ansil 39y; wife Phebe 32y; w/ Soule?; Ansil b. VT D334

Barnes, Attison  10y  D334

Barnes, Larissa N. 8y D334

Barnes, Melvin C. 5y  D334

Barnes, Asa L. 4y D334

Barnes, Lois E.  2y  D334

Barnes, Mary  81y  D334;  Mary b. CT

Soule, Davis  18y; w/ Ansil Barnes D334

Barnes, Joseph L. 41y; with Eliza 39y;  Joseph b. VT  D335

Barnes, William __. 18y D335 (mid. initial G or Y.?)

Barnes, Mary A. 16y D335

Barnes, Judson 13y D335

Barnes, Joseph E. 11y D335

Barnes, Lydia L. 9y D335

Bennett, Simeon 24y D336

Bennett, Ann 18y D336

Bennett, Chandler 29y D336 b. VT

Ketchum, Lorenzo 36y with Sally 36y D337

Ketchum, Sarah 4y D337

Ketchum, Samuel 3y D337 (mid. initial L.?)

Ketchum, Jonathan 1y D337

Ketchum, Sarah 7_y D337 (looks like 74y) Sarah b. VT

Ketchum, Jonathan 48y D337

Ketchum, Phebe 46y D337

Ketchum, Lucy 40y D337

Wickham, Henry 52y with Lucy 43y D338 w/ Sullivan

Wickham, Stephen 20y D338

Wickham, Elias H. 17y D338

Wickham, Lemuel 14y D338

Wickham, Shepherd 12y D338

Wickham, Thadeus 12y D338 (no mention as twin of Shepherd)

Wickham, Lucy 8y D338

Wickham, Lucinda 5y D338

Wickham, Henry Jr. 1y D338

Sullivan, Eva Ann S. 18y D338 w/ Wickham Eva b. Canada

Haynor, Sebastian 64y with Sarah 58y D339 Sarah b. MA

Haynor, George 22y D339

Haynor, Job (or Joe?) 18y D339

Haynor, Catharine 26y D339

Haynor, Eliza 10y D339

Haynor, John 27y D340 w/ Mowers?

Mo----, Susanna 30y D340 looks like Mowers

Queal, William S. 28y with Sally E. 25y D341

Queal, Mary E. 4y D341

Queal, John 2y D341

Halloch, Daniel 56y with Nabby 55y D342 w/Newcomb (surname supposed to be Hallock?)

Halloch, Lucy 18y D342

Halloch, Susanna 16y D342

Newcomb, Charles 8y D342 w/ Halloch

Had__, Joseph 78y with Desire 70y D343 Desire b. CT ; surname looks like Hade or Haden

Wilber, Uhnathan 52y with Almy 51y  D344 w/ B__son  Almy b. CT

B__son, Sarah 23y D344 w/ Wilber (surname Bubson or Bulson?)

B__son, Augusta S. 1y D344 w/ Wilber

Van Dyke, Peter 35y with Louisa 29y D345

Van Dyke, Hiram P. 7y D345

Van Dyke, Mary 3y D345

Wade, James C. 32y with 32y old female D346 w/ Hallock & ___ney? His wife’s name looks like Ham or Flem

Wade, William 1y D346 (mid. initial with large ink blot could be M.)

Hallock, William 22y D346 w/ Wade & ___ney?

___ney, Sally A. 29y D346 w/ Wade & Hallock (last name looks like Torney or Forney)

Wade, Lewis 43y with Abagail 38y D347

Wade, John 13y D347

Wade, Holbert 10y D347

Wade, Betsey 8y D347

Wade, George 1y D347

Soule, Lois 61y D348 Lois b. RI

Soule, David 28y D348

Soule, Louisa 21y D348

Soule, Hamilton 16y D348

Bennet, __.W. 33y with Elenor 29y D349 w/Myres & Hallock;  __.W. born in VT (his first initial had ink blot on it)

Bennet, Watsen C. 12y D349

Bennet, Amos H. 9y D349

Bennet, Esther L. 7y D349

Bennet, Mary S. 4y D349

Bennet, Lucy E. 2y D349

Myres, Betsey 13y D349 w/ Bennet & Hallock

Hallock, Thankful 21y D349 w/Bennet & Myres

Olmsted, Henry B. 39y with Catharine 33y D350 w/ Bem__?

Olmsted, Susanna 16y D350

Olmsted, Stephen E. 14y D350

Olmsted, Charles W. 11y D350

Olmsted, Sarah 9y D350

Olmsted, Malon M. 7y f. D350

Olmsted, Milton C. 5y D350

Olmsted, Henry K. 2y D350

Olmsted, Willett 8 mo. old D350

Bemus, G_____ 77y b. MA with Susannah 74y b. NH; D350 w/Olmsted Given; Zacheus or Gadheus?

Mallory, Harvey 48y with Betsey M. 36y D351 Betsey b. VT

Mallory, Mary E. 13y D351

Mallory, Sarah M. 10y D351

Mallory, William H. H. 8y D351

Mallory, Joseph E. 6y D351

Mallory, Emeline 3y D351

Mallory, Winfield I. 10 mo old D351

Mallory, Ebenezer 80y with Sarah 80y D352 Eb & Sarah b. in CT

Mowers, Barnard 44y with Rebecca J. 31y D353

Mowers, William A. 9y D353

Mowers, Alonzo 3y D353

Hoose, Richard 62y with Amanda 52y D354

Hoose, David 26y D354

Hoose, Matilda 19y D354

Hoose, Sylvester 13y D354

Cass, Phil___ 26y with Ruth M.23y D355

Cass, Anvilla M. 10 mo. old D355

Wade, Joseph N. 35y with Samantha A. 34y D356

Wade Hannah __. 6y D356

Wade Arletta 3y D356

Wade, Benjamin 24y with Elizabeth F. 20y D357 (Benj. age could be 29y?)

Wade, Joseph W. 5y D357

Wade, Melvin L. 2y D357

Wade, Margaret 14 mo. old? D357 (age looks like 14 mo. old)

Blivin, Eliza 42y D358 w/ Wade

Blivin, Benjamin M. 46y D358

Blivin, Charles R. 11y D358

Blivin, Greene 4y D358

Blivin, Antonette 1y D358

Wade, Calvin L. 40y D358 w/ Blivin

Blivan, Gre___ 74y m.  b. RI D359 w/ Arnold (looks like Gresne, might be Greene?)

Blivan, Harriet 51y D359

Blivan, ____ 47 or 49y f. D359 Given looks like Roby,.. is this a variation, nickname, for Robert? = Robby?)

Arnold, Juliette? 12y D359  w/ Blivan (or Juliesta?)

Arnold, Mary C. 9y D359 w/ Blivan

Blivin, William 42y with Laura 35y D360

Blivin, Roby M. 15 D360

Blivin, Rowland G. 13y D360

Blivin, William S. 11y D360

Blivin, Phebe J. 8y D360

Blivin, Sarah J. 6y D360

Blivin, Azra I. 1y D360

Stantenburgh, Henry L. 25y with Mary 20y D361

Stantenburgh, Mary E. 1y D361

Johnson, William 50y with Polly 47y D362

Johnson, Maria 18y D362

Johnson, Catharine 14y D362

Johnson, Lucy A. 12y D362

Johnson, Josiah 10y D362

Johnson, Arte_as 7y D362

Johnson, Albert 2y D362

Palmatier, Henry H. 66y with Elisabeth 51y D363 w/ McNelly

Palmatier, William 17y D363

Palmatier, Mary 15y D363

Palmatier, Nathaniel 13y D363

Palmatier, Amos 9y D363

McNelly, Elizabeth 3y D363 w/ Palmatier

Van ___t, George 40y with Sarah L. 37y D364 Van Laut or Van Zant?

Van ___t, Joseph H. 14y D364

Van ___t, Daniel 12y D364

Van ___t, Sarah 8y D364

Van ___t, Melissa 6y D364

Van ___t, Mary L. 4y D364

Van ___t, George 2y D364

Van ___t, Francis M. 1 mo. old m. D364

Sing, John 55y D365 w/ Wilder John was b. in England

Sing, Anna 66y D365 w/ Wilder (wife of John?)

Wilder, Melissa 13y D365 w/ Sing

Van ___t, Christopher 28y with Betsey 28y D366 w/ Wager Van Laut or Van Zant?

Van ___t, Martha  2y  D366

Van ___t, Esther 68y b. RI D366

Wager, Perry 20y D366 w/ Van Laut

Adams, Philor 53y with Deborah 48y D367 Deborah b. CT

Adams, Hannah 16y D367

Adams, Ansarilla 13y D367

Adams, Caroline 11y D367

Adams, Ada 6y D367

Adams, Henry 1y D367

Borst, John J. 77y with Sarah 67y D368

Borst, Leroy 17y D368

Merril, Levi 41y with Electa 41y D369

Merril, Esther 14y D369

Merril, Henry J. 12y D369

Merril, Martha M. 7y D369

Olmsted, William 32y with Julia A. 32y D370 w/ Carpenter

Olmsted, David M. 8y D370

Olmsted, Orphelia V. 6y D370

Olmsted, William F. 4y D370

Olmsted, Charity 2y D370

Carpenter, Mary E. 14y D370 w/ Olmsted

Utter, Stephen 48y with Lydia 48y D371

Utter, Sarah 19y D371

Utter, Stephen D. 16y D371

Utter, Abner 14y D371

Utter, Samuel 12y D371

Utter, Henry 12y D371 (no mention of twin, might have quit bothering)

Utter, James M. 4y D371

Utter, Sarah 96y* D371

Marble, Sylvester 27y with Jane 23y D372

Nuell, Banubar 27y with Harriet 19y D373 (supposed to be Newell maybe or is this Mull?)

Nuell, Elizabeth 2y D373

Nuell, Florence A. 2 mo. old D373

Roberts, Leander 33y with Fanny E. 28y D374

Roberts, Emily R. 8y D374

Roberts, Mercy A. 5y D374

Wager, Martin 44y; wife Esther 45y D375 Esther b. VT

Wager, Oliver  P.  20y D375

Wager, Homer D. 17y D375

Wager, Freeman F. 13y D375

Wager, Alinda A. 3y D375

Wager, Jacob 42y with Emma 35y D376 w/ Niffin & Merill

Niffin, Mary  11y; D376 w/ Merill & Wager

Niffin, Sarah  9y; D376 w/ Merill & Wager

Wager, Frederick  3y; D376

Wager, Calista  2y; D376

Merill, Catharine  69y; w/ M. Wager & Niffin  D376

Houghton, Edward 32y w/ Catharine J. 27y D377

Houghton, Seward 7y D377

Houghton, Simion 6y D377

Houghton, James R. 3y D377

Houghton, Tompkins 39 w/ Phebe 39y D378

Houghton, Alonzo 17y D378

Houghton, Edward L. 15y D378

Houghton, William M. 12y D378

Houghton, Henry H. 9y D378

Houghton, Mary A. 3 mo. D378

Houghton, Jonas 63y w/ Hannah 61y & Weaver D379 Jonas b.VT & Hannah b. NH

Weaver, John L. 9y & Houghton D379 (Alpha’s son?)

Houghton, Jonas M. 29y w/ Elsa 29y D380

Houghton, Martha A. 8y D380

Houghton, Stephen 5y D380

Houghton, Arthur F. 2y D380

Hummell, Peter 46y; with Hannah 43y  D381 w/ Munson

Hummell, Doratha A. 12y f.; D381

Hummell, Emeline 9y;  D381

Hummell, Elizabeth   6y  D381

Hummell, Delila  5y  D381

Hummell, Nehemiah A. 3y D381

Munson, Major 38y with Roxy Ann 38y D381 w/ Hummell

Munson, Albert E. 15y D381

Munson, Mary A. 12y D381

Munson, Alice B. 7y D381

Hummell, Nicholas 47y with Nancy 47y D282

Hummell, Roxy 21y D282

Hummell, Frederick 16y D282

Hummell, Manzer 9y D282

Hummell, Sabra 3y D282

Hummell, John T. 19y with Roxy 20y D283

Surnberger, John 60y with Catharine 46y D284

Surnberger, Margaret J. 15y D284

Surnberger, George 13y D284

Surnberger, Charles 12y D284

Surnberger, Mary 8y D284

Surnberger, William 6y D284

Hummell, Eli 40y with Jane 35y D385

Hummell, Margaret 9y D385

Hummell, James 2y D385

Hummell, Abagail 1 mo. old D385

Beers, Derrick 29y with Margaret 26y D386

Beers, Rosalia 5y D386 (is this supposed to be Rosalee?)

Beers, Rachel E. 2y D386

Orr, Ann M. 56y D387

Orr, Mary L. 14y D387

Orr, Jane 12y D387

Banker, Friend 42y with Sarah 39y D388 Friend b. MA

Banker, Martin 15y D388

Banker, Jesse 11y D388

Banker, _enry 11y D388 no mention of having twin bro.,.. given name Henry? (if so, seriously sloppy H.)

Banker, Thorn 8y D388

Banker, Bennett C. D388  (I suppose this could be Burnett but think not)

Banker, Freeman 4y D388

Banker, Friend E. 2y D388

Arnold, Sally M. 36y D389

Arnold, Harriet A. 13y D389

Arnold, John 11y D389

Arnold, Armenia 9y D389

Arnold, James 5y D389

Arnold, Aaron 2y D389

Arnold, Hannah M. 1y D389

Eldridge, Daniel 44y with Dolly 38y D390 w/ Barringer & Butler

Eldridge, Ruth E. 14y D390

Eldridge, Clarinda 12y D390

Eldridge, Mary 8y D390

Eldridge, Elizabeth 6y D390

Eldridge, Edward 4y D390

Barringer, Dewit C. 26y D390 w/ Eldridge & Butler

Butler, Sumner E. 20y D390 w/ Eldridge & Barringer

Swartout, Sarah 57y D391 w/ Nive_

Swartout, Euphania 18y D391

Swartout, Joseph 13y D391

Swartout, Martha 10y D391

Swartout, Jared 33y with Lucy 24y D391

Swartout, Elizabeth 10 mo. old; w/ Jared & Lucy D391 w/ Nive_

Nive_, Peter 30y D391 w/ Swartout (looks like Niver, maybe Niven?)

Edson, Elijah 29y with Delia 26y D392 w/ Butler

Edson, Emily 8y D392

Edson, Mary Ann 5y D392

Butler, Edward 21y D392 w/ Edson

Butler, Westley 21y D392 w/ Edson

Palmatier, Henry 40y with Polly 40y D393

Palmatier, Bartholmeu 16y D393

Scrambl__, John __. 29y with Mary A. 29y D394 (his name looks like John H. Scrambline)

Wilcox, Richard 28y with Hannah 21y D395

Wilcox, Josephine 1y D395

Bennett, John 28y with Lydia 20y D396 w/ Howe & Shaw

Howe, Delos 22y D396 w/ Bennett & Shaw

Shaw, William 13y D396 w/ Bennett & Howe

Cyphers, James 27y with Caroline 24y D397

Cyphers, David L. 6y D397

Cyphers, James 4y D397

Becker, Philip 38y with Mary 36y D398 w/ Wagman & Wilson

Becker, Mary E. 7y D398

Becker, Julia M. 5y D398

Wagman, Jacob 15y D398 w/ Becker & Wilson

Wilson, Stewart 25y D398 w/ Becker & Wagman

Hubbard, Daniel 74y with Sally H. 72y D399 Daniel & Sally b. CT

Hubbard, Lina_ 32y m. D399 (looks like Linar or Linas wonder if Limar, like Lamar )