Otsego County, New York

Otsego County, New York

This site contains a collection of information, public domain documents, vital statistics, images and queries relating to genealogy and family history research in Otsego County, NY.

Disclaimer:  Since 1996, this site has grown, thanks to contributions from volunteers and visitors with an interest in Otsego County.  It now contains facts from public and private records as well as text from local histories and publications containing biographies. Please keep in mind that not all things in print are 100% accurate. As was often the case, history books were skewed by the opinion of the author. In the case of biographies, two things should be kept in mind. Usually,  biographies are included in history books for a fee and they depict the person or family as they want to be perceived, not necessarily including all facts, especially omitting non-flattering facts.  

My name is Rene' Treffeisen your Otsego County Host. PLEASE do not email me to ask me to research your ancestor, or how/where to look next. I have put aside fascinating projects of my own just to keep up with the web site. Any information that I may have on YOUR family is already listed on the website. All resources are listed below. However, please come back often, as I am constantly adding new information to the site.

**While I welcome and encourage submitted material, I reserve the right to approve or deny said material**

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1770 Wallace Land Patent



Bibliography of major source materials for Town of Worcester History

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1868 Atlas

French's Gazetteer of New York - Otsego County Provided by Shirley Farone

OTSEGO COUNTY - Geographical and Historical - Edwin F. Bacon Ph B. - transcribed and submitted by Karen Flanders Eddy

Otsego County History 1778-1878 Mini-Bios, Early Settlers  and Contributers Index - transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed

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