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February 1901 Horse ? Sleigh, Daysville, NY
(Contributed by Julie Robst)

1860 Gazetteer 
History of Pulaski
History of Oswego Co., NY 1789-1877, Town of Richland
More History on Pulaski - lodges, Grange, Pulaski Academy, The Press 
Churches in Town of Richland - History and names 
1867 Topographical Atlas of Oswego Co. , North ? South NY
1867 Topographical Atlas of Oswego Co. , Richland NY Pulaski Village +Names
History of Richland Pulaski Democrat in 1923
1911 Pulaski Past And Present, Richland, NY
1895 Landmark's History Book of Richland, Oswego County, NY

Obituary of Wilford Woodruff 
Biography of Charles H. Cross 
Biography of Robert LeRoy Ingersoll 
Biography of Captain Ira Doane
Biography of James M. Betts, M.D
Biography of Don A. King 
Biography of William Strong
Biography of Thomas W. Dixon - Pulaski 
Biography of George Washington Litts, Port Ontario
History of the Holmes Family and its settlement in S. Richland
Part 1    Part 2     Part 3 Part 4    Part 5
Eleazer Richardson ? Descendants - Manchester and Bristol, Vt. and Richland, N.Y. , 1774-1913.  This is an offsite link to the USGenweb Archives.  Scroll down to:  History 
Family Migration: Adelbert Meril Gates, Pulaski 
Biography of JOB KELSEY BELDING, Mexico
Biography Daniel P. Smith , Richland ? Mexico, NY
Biography of Marcus Edick, Richland, NY
Biography of Thomas, Israel and Pliny Jones
Biography of Frances Zufelt, Richland, NY 
Biography of Benjamin Briggs Ingersoll, Richland, NY
Biography of Albert Bohannon, Richfield, NY
Biography of John C. Pride, Richland, NY
Biography of Israel Ballard Family, Richland, NY
Biography of JABIN WOOD, Mexico ? Richland, NY
Biography of Sawin Twitchell, Richland, NY
Biography of Simeon Duncan ? Sisters, Town of Richland, NY
Biography of Abner, John, Joshua and Sarah Greenwood, Town of Richland, NY
Biography of Frederick Dorwin, Pulaski, NY
Biography of Joseph M. House, Parish, Richland ? Mexico, NY

Daysville Cemetery, Pulaski - Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
McClelland Cemetery, Pulaski
Holmes Family Cemetery, Pulaski 
Blue Springs (aka Ferguson) Cemetery,Richland
Willis Cemetery, Fernwood, NY
Pulaski Village Cemetery, Richland, NY

1820 Federal Census Town of Richland
Census of 1850 on The Richardson Family, Richland, NY

Congregational Church in Pulaski 1834 - 1852 Deaths
First Congregational Church of Richland, NY 1846-1854

1908 Masonic Directory Pulaski NY
Newspaper articles from the Pulaski Democrat
Marriage Notices from the Pulaski Democrat
1830 Pathmasters, Richland, N.Y. 
1838 Overseers of Highways, Richland 
Vesta Lucretia Smart Cates Diary - Pages 1-8
Deaths, Marriages, Articles (1834-1849), Richland, NY

Revolutionary War Pension of Rufus Price
Civil War Soldiers Town of Richland
1861 - 1865 Civil War Deaths in Richland 

Photo's of Salmon Falls, Pulaski, NY

1902 Pulaski High School Training Class

1865 Deaths in the Village of Richland
1865 Marriages in the Village of Richland
Azmon Woodruff Obituary


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Photographs contributed by Julie Robst

Horse and Buggy 1902, Daysville, N.Y.
Horse ? Buggy 1902
The women in this photo are Mrs. Charles Jones and Frances Morse. Possible friends of my g-grandmother, Stella Tollerton Smart, who took this photo in Daysville, September 1902.
1904 Hay Wagon, Daysville, N.Y.
1904 Hay Wagon
The Hay wagon photo is my great grandfather, Frank Smart, taken at his farm in Daysville, NY  (located on now-a-days County Route 28, about 2 miles east of State Route 3).
1923 Milk Truck, Daysville, N.Y.
1923 Milk Truck
The Milk truck also belonged to Frank Smart and also taken at Daysville, NY
1918 Automobile
1918 Automobile
The 1918 Automobile I am not sure whose it was, and can not say who the men are in the front, but I do know that the two women in the back seat .. one is my great grandmother Stella Tollerton Smart and the other, (her daughter), my grandmother Vesta Smart Cates. I believe it was taken in the Daysville area.

Selkirk Lighthouse Spring 1902
The Selkirk Lighthouse was built in 1838.  For more information on the Lighthouse, visit Jim Walker's Website at:
Selkirk Lighthouse Spring 1901
 Selkirk Lighthouse Spring 1901
The Selkirk Lighthouse was built in 1838.  For more information on the Lighthouse, visit Jim Walker's Website at:


Town Historian
  Shawn P. Doyle
  85 Lake Street
  Pulaski, NY 13142
  (315) 298-3620

Village of Pulaski Historian
Mary Lou Morrow
17A Lewis St., 
Pulaski, NY 13142 
(315) 298-5235 


Message from Shawn Doyle, town historian and Half-Shire President. 
   "The Town of Richland Bicentennial Committee has begun cleaning up the abandoned Ferguson/Blue Spring Cemetery on Stowell Dr. just east of Richland hamlet.  With the permission of the property owner (Schoeller Technical Papers) we have cut the field grass and pulled many of the brambles.
    On the web posting done in 2002 by Last & Ackerman, 16 stones were found. We have an earlier survey from 1972 that lists 19 stones, and today we verified all but one.  We are in communication with descendants of the Ferguson and Robbins families.  Ebenezer Robbins was a Revolutionary War vet, and we hope to place a new stone for him by next year. Most of the people in this cemetery are related to one another, they all lived in this region when Stowell Dr. was the main stage coach road.
    To learn more about our rehabilitation efforts, contact Richland Historian towards renovation work which is gratefully accepted through Half-Shire Historical Society, PO Box 73, Richland, NY 13144."  Thanks! Shawn

Information was obtained from the Historical ? Statistical Gazetteer of New York State, R. P. Smith, Publisher, Syr., 1860, by J. H. French.
  RICHLAND----was formed from Williamstown, as part of Oneida co., Feb 20, 1807.  Orwell was taken off in 1817, Sandy Creek and Albion in 1825, a part of Mexico in 1836, and a part of Orwell in 1844.  It lies upon the shore of Lake Ontario, N. of the center of the co.  The surface is generally level or gently rolling, broken by the deep ravines of the streams.  The E. part is 250 feet above Lake Ontario, and Pulaski Village is 131 feet above,---giving to the town a decided westerly inclination.  The principal streams are Salmon River,1Deer and Sandstone Creeks; and upon each of them are falls, furnishing a large amount of water-power.2  Spring Brook is a small stream flowing from several large springs in the E. part of the town, and in the course of 3 mi. falls 150 feet.  The springs are perpetual, and rather increase than diminish in summer; so that the power furnished is abundant and constant.  The mouth of Salmon River furnishes a good harbor.  The underlying rock is the  Lorraine shales; the soil is a sandy loam, with some clay in the S.W. part, and is generally fertile.  Pulaski, (p,v.,) on Salmon River, about 3 mi. from its mouth, is on the half shire of the co. and was incorp. April 26, 1832.  It contains 4 churches, a courthouse, an academy,3 a newspaper office, a bank, and several manufacturing establishments.4  Pop. 1,168.  Port Ontario, (p.v.,) on Salmon River, near its mouth, contains about 50 houses; and Holmesville (South Richland p.o.) 1 church and 20 houses; Selkirk, at the mouth of Salmon River, contains a church, a U. S. lighthouse, and 30 dwellings.  Richland Station, on the W. ? R.R.R., is in the E. part of the town.  The first settlement was made near the mouth of Salmon River, in 1801, by Nathan TUTTLE, of Canada, and Nathan WILCOX and Albert BOHANNAN, from Rome.5  The first church (Cong.) was organized Jan 22, 1811; and the Rev. Oliver LEAVITT was the first settled pastor.  There are 7 churches in town.6

1. At the mouth of Salmon River is a harbor admitting vessels of light draught.

2. There are 19 sawmills, 8 shingle mills, 6 flouring and gristmills, 2 papermills, a tool factory, and several other manufacturing establishments in the town.

3. The Pulaski Academy was organized June 4, 1853.

4. 2 papermills, 4 flouring and gristmills, 3 sawmills, 3 tanneries, and a foundery and machine shop.

5. Among the early settlers were Hugh MONTGOMERY, in 1801.

John INGERSOLL, Benj. BULL, Israel JONES, John FARNHAM, and ____JOHNSON, in 1804.

Jeremiah MATTHEWSON, in 1807, and Ephraim and Justus FOX, in 1808. 

The first birth was that of Benj. INGERSOLL, Aug 28, 1804. 

The first marriage, that of Samuel CRIPPEN and Ruth TUTTLE, in 1804.

 The first death, that of a child of Nathan TUTTLE. 

The first inn was kept by Benj. WINCH, in 1806. 

The first store, by John MEACHAM, in 1810.

The first sawmill was built by John HOAR, in 1806. 

The first gristmill, by Jeremiah MATTHEWSON, in 1808. 

Milly ELLIS taught the first school, in the summer of 1808.

6. 3 Bap., 2 M.E., Cong., and Prot. E.

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