1854 Map of Hannibal, Oswego Co., NY  
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1854 Map of Hannibal

Recently, a fellow genealogist, Richard Daniel Atwell III, with ties to Hannibal made me aware of an 1854 map of the County of Oswego which actually shows the individual household locations of the residents.  He found it in the Newberry Library in Chicago, IL., and he was able to make two digitized scans of the area relating to Hannibal.  Many thanks to Richard for sharing this wonderful map with us.

Many of Hannibal's early families can be found on the two map files including DeMott, Gillis, Rice, Peckham and Rice whose genealogies are already posted on the Hannibal web site.

A note of interest:  "Hannibal Center" was orginallly spelled "Hannibal Centre" and "South Hannibal" was originally called "Hulls Corners" after its first settler, Burr Hall.

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Top section of the map.
1854 Map of Hannibal, top section

This part shows a large portion of the Town of Oswego to the north of the Town of Hannibal.  This was orginally part of the Town of Hannibal until 1816 when the Town of Oswego was created.  The hamlet of Wheelers Corners shown in the northeast corner of the Town of Hannibal was later changed to the name of North Hannibal.

1854 Map of Hannibal, bottom section
Bottom section of the map.

This shows the major portion of the Town of Hannibal including the Village.  Hannibal Center is shown south the Village and to the extreme south is Hulls Corners later renamed South Hannibal.  To the east of the Village is hamlet of Fairdale, although it isn't identified as such on the map.

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