Mt. Pleasant Western Cemetery, Volney, Oswego Co., N. Y. pt. 2  

Many sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." Sincerely, Byron Rowlee Sr. at: [email protected]

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work.

This cemetery was transcribed by our frequent volunteer, Dianne Thomas, who luckily, likes long and detailed projects.  Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.  Many thanks and appreciation to you both. 

These cemetery lists provide much more information on the individuals than most cemetery lists, and the source of that information is usually listed, such as, Vital Records Volney, Vital Records Fulton, Burial Permit, etc., which helps in being able to further document your information.  Some of the names listed below have just a date or year, and the list does not indicate if that is when the individual was born or died. 

Dianne tells me that "if reference is made to a Churchill, it is a Judge Churchill that wrote of local history & happenings.  Also, HJ is Syracuse Herald Journal, PS is the Syracuse Post Standard.  Some of the names are annotated with a DD, but not sure what it stands for; Dianne called Oswego and they didn't know of a paper that would have been DD, as a reference."   Thank you Dianne for the additional information. 

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies / Town Historians

D - G

DANIELS Florence B.   b. May 30, 1892 Volney, NY d. Jan 8, 1962
dau of Giles FROST & Rachael BELL; wife of Frank M. DANIELS;
birth cert stated 5/27/1892 Vital Records - Fulton

DANIELS Frank M. b. Mar 10, 1882 Hastings, NY d. Feb 6, 1949
son of Munroe DANIELS; husb of Florence B. FROST Vital Records
- Fulton

DANIELS Katherine May b. 1929 d. July 25, 1931 dau
of Frank M. DANIELS & Florence B. FROST; aged 2 yrs 

DAY Julia A.   see Julia A. (DAY) BAKEMAN 

DAY Phoebe Elizabeth   see Phoebe Elizabeth

DAY Refina   see Rufina (DAY) DEPUY, WALES 

DECKER Ella M. b. Sept 18, 1880 Volney, NY d. Feb 27, 1956 
dau of George WOOD & Samantha CLARK; wife of Frank DECKER Vital
Records - Fulton


DELONG M. Varnera   see M. Varnera

DEMOTT Elisha  d. Sept 10, 1892 son of Jacob
DEMOTT & Hannah; aged 76yrs, 8m,4d Vital Records - Fulton


DENSMORE Betsy Celinda b. Mar 15, 1835 d. Jan 18, 1856
dau of Eli DISTIN & Sarah Ann GRETT; wife of Park (Pascal). DENSMORE
(or DUNSMOOR) m: 1/1/1854; aged 21 yrs Distin Bible has Parchael Dunsmore

DENTON Marcia  d. Feb 16, 1858 dau of James
DENTON & Charlotte; aged 5yrs,4m,23d 

DEPEW or DEPUY Bertha  d. Nov 22, 1913 dau
of Oscar Depew & Mary BAKEMAN; aged 42yrs, 6m,26d (VRV) Vital Records
of Volney

DEPEW or DEPUY Dan b. 1865 d. Nov 26, 1931 son of Job
F. DEPUY & Rufina DAY; husb of Etta;  aged 66 yrs Burial Permit

DEPEW or DEPUY Etta b. 1880 d. Nov 30, 1958 Syracuse,
NY wife of Dan DEPEW Burial Permit

DEPUY Amos Bert b. May 21, 1875 Volney, NY d. Oct 1, 1945 
son of Job F. DEPUY & Rufina DAY; husb of Iantha Gertrude GRANNIS,
m: 1/18/1905 Fulton & Volney Vital Records

DEPUY Chauncey Mitchell  d. May 2, 1935 Watertown,
NY aged 42yrs, 1m,26d Burial Permit

DEPUY Chester Grannis b. Sept 7, 1910 d. Jan 15, 1935
son of Amos Burtram DEPUY & Iantha Gertrude GRANNIS; unwed (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

DEPUY Clara b. 1905 Ohio d. Sept 7, 1978 Watertown,
NY aged 73 yrs 

DEPUY Harry Amos b. June 8, 1907 Volney, NY d. Mar 29, 1925
son of Amos Burtram DEPUY & Iantha Gertrude GRANNIS; unwed
Vital Records - Fulton

DEPUY Iantha Gertrude b. Nov 27, 1887 d. Aug 18, 1968
daughter of Widdman S. GRANNIS & Emma S. BAILEY  (Volney records
list father as John Grannis);wife of Amos Bert, m: 1/18/1905 (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

DEPUY Infant  d. Aug 13, 1892 Syracuse, NY
child of Rufina DAY (per Vital Records of Fulton); Grandson of Rufina Day
per burial permit 

DEPUY Jessie   see Jessie (DEPUY) HALL
Vital Records - Fulton

DEPUY Jessie Rufine b. Jan 20, 1914 d. Mar 23, 1917
child of Amos Bert DEPUY & Iantha Gertrude GRANNIS (VRV) Vital Records
of Volney

DEPUY Job F. 1820 - 1879 husb of Rufina DAY 

DEPUY John Harvey b. June 17, 1895 (Militia Enroll)
d. Aug 27, 1929 Orwell, NY aged 34y; son of Moses (per Patriot); WWI
Vet, Corp S.S.  Co 19 A.S.C. Burial Permit

DEPUY Moses Melvin b. Jan 10, 1863 d. Aug 1, 1917 son
of Job F. DEPUY & Rufina DAY (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DEPUY Rufina   see Rufina (DAY) DEPUY, WALES 

DEPUY Sylvester b. 1827 Volney, NY d. Dec 8, 1894 aged
67y, 16d; son of Henry DEPUY  Vital Records - Fulton

DEPUY Sylvia Elnora   see Sylvia Elnora 

DEWEY Jennie Maud   see Jennie Maud

DIETRICH David A.,  1921 husb of Nila A.

DIETRICH Nila A.  1921 wife of David A.

DISTIN Betsey Celinda   see Betsey

DISTIN Byron Claton b. Oct 19, 1883 Volney, NY d. Feb 25, 1963 
son of Eli Delos DISTIN & Jennie "Eliza" HUDGINS; husb of
Florence A. RANDALL, m: 10/19/1904  Vital Records - Fulton

DISTIN Eli b. July 10, 1808 Waddingford, CT d. June 26, 1850 
son of Joseph DISTIN Jr. & Hannah HALL;  husb of Sarah
Ann GREGG; aged 42y Distin/Rowlee Records

DISTIN Eli Delos b. Aug 26, 1850 d. Mar 2, 1935 son
of Eli DISTIN & Sarah Ann GREGG; husb of Eliza Jane HUDGIN "Jennie",
m: 2/23/1870 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DISTIN Eliza Jane "Jennie" b. July 10, 1853 Picton,
Canada d. Mar 18, 1940 dau of Alfred A. HUDGIN & Mary WILMER; wife of
Eli Delos, m: 2/28/1870 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DISTIN Elizabeth b. 1849 d. Apr 20, 1874 dau of Erastus
H. KELLOGG & Eliza KLOCK; wife of John W.; aged 24y,10m 

DISTIN Ethel Marie b. 1897  dau of William
REAR; wife of Harold M., m: 12/26/1918 

DISTIN Florence A. b. Oct 23, 1885 d. Oct 11, 1961
dau of David RANDALL & Amy LONSBURY; wife of Byron Clayton, m: 10/19/1904 
(DD) (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DISTIN Hannah b. 1783 Wallingford, CT (Distin Bible)
d. July 29, 1875 wife of Joseph DISTIN; aged 91y,10m;   

DISTIN Harold M. b. Feb 22, 1895 Volney, NY d. Jan 7, 1953 
Syracuse, NY son of Eli Delos DISTIN & Jennie "Eliza" HUDGINS;
husb of Ethel Marie REAR, m: 12/26/1918 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DISTIN Harriett b. Mar 30, 1806  Pittsfield
MA d. Oct 15, 1897 dau of Thomas HUBBARD & Lucretia Kimberly JOHNSON;
wife of (1)Charles H. MARKHAM, (2)John H.DISTIN, m: 10/12/1839 Vital Records
- Fulton

DISTIN John Hall b. Mar 17, 1813  New Haven,
CT d. Apr 13, 1897 son of Joseph DISTIN Jr. & Hannah HALL;  husb
of Harriet M. HUBBARRD, m: 10/12/1839 Vital Records - Fulton

DISTIN Joseph    d. May 30, 1864
son of Joseph DISTIN  & Olive PARKER; husb of Hannah HALL; aged

DISTIN Joseph Warren b. Apr 9, 1837 d. July 1, 1863
son of Eli & Sarah Ann GREGG; husb of Mary Diane BABCOCK, m: 12/19/1860
Fulton, NY; Co.D 147th Reg, died at Gettysburg, PA;1 son Adnay DISTIN 10/3/1861
- 1931 Seneca Falls, NY 

DISTIN Lucy Bernice   see Lucy (DISTIN) OSBORNE

DISTIN Nellie Mable   see Nellie Mable

DISTIN Olive Emily   see Olive E. (DISTIN)

DISTIN Sarah Ann b. Mar 12, 1812 Augusta, NY d. Aug 21, 1892 
dau of Wm. GREGG & Patty; wife of Eli DISTIN; aged 80y; birth
from Distin Bible Records Vital Records - Fulton

DISTIN Sarah Cornelia   see Sarah Cornelia

Burial Permit

DRAKE Eliza Ann b. 1838 d. July 25, 1839 son of Thomas
DRAKE & Abigail CROOKS; aged 1y,9d 

DRAKE Thomas S. b. 1811 Lysander, NY d. May 29, 1891
son of Otis DRAKE & Sarah STORY  both of MA; husb of Abigail CROOKS,
m: 8/23/1837; aged 79y,6m,15d Vital Records - Fulton

DRAKE Otis  d. Mar 22, 1858 husb of Sarah STORY;
Vet of War of 1812; aged 90y, 14d 

DRAKE Sarah  d. Feb 17, 1860 wife of Otis DRAKE;
aged 86y 


DRUCE Mary E.   see Mary E. (DRUCE)

DUBOIS Adelbert V. b. Dec 26, 1885 Fulton, NY d. Nov 12, 1951 
son of Val DU BOIS & May; husb of Flora E. HUTCHINGS Scriba
Vital Records

DUBOIS Amos Myron b. May 28, 1848 d. Jan 21, 1921 son
of Eli DU BOIS & Ruth Ann HINES; husb of Julia V. PERCIVAL 

DUBOIS Baby Boy stillborn Mar 26, 1937 son of
Lloyd DU BOIS & Ethel YOUNG (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DUBOIS Donald Thomas b. May 25, 1938 d. Sept 25, 1938
son of Lloyd DU BOIS & Ethel YOUNG (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DUBOIS Ethel Norene b. Sept 1, 1912 d. May 21, 1978
dau of Sidney YOUNG & Inez WHITE; wife of Lloyd M. DU BOIS Vital Records
- Fulton

DUBOIS Flora E.   see Flora E. (HUTCHINGS)

DUBOIS Iona  d. Oct 4, 1890 dau of Amos M.
DU BOIS & Julia V. PERCIVAL; aged 1m,20d Vital Records - Fulton

DUBOIS Emera S. 1880 - 1882 dau of Amos M. DU BOIS
& Julia V. PERCIVAL 

DUBOIS Julia   b. Feb 24, 1844 Scriba, NY d. Oct 25, 1918 
dau of Russell HUBBARD & Elma ADAMS (of Vernon, NY);
wife of Merritt DU BOIS Scriba Vital Records

DUBOIS Julia V. b. Mar 25, 1860 Volney, NY d. Dec 20, 1943 
dau of Chapman PERCIVAL & Sophia MYERS; wife of Amos Myron (VRV)
Vital Records of Volney

DUBOIS Lloyd M. b. Dec 25, 1906  son of Amos
Myron DU BOIS & Julia PERCIVAL; husb of Ethel Norene YOUNG 

DUBOIS Maria    

DUBOIS Octavia b. 1844 d. Dec 28, 1898 dau of Arthur
BURCHIM & Caroline POTTER (?); wife of Valentine DU BOIS; aged 52y 

DUBOIS Valentine b. June 6, 1840 d. Aug 30, 1920 son
of Eli DU BOIS & Josephine BENSON; husb of Octavia BURCHIM; Civil War
Vet (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

DUBOIS William    (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

DUNBAR Caleb  d. Mar 19, 1871 husb of Mannie;
aged 55y,8m 

DUNBAR Caroline   see Caroline (DUNBAR)

DUNBAR Emaline J.   see Emaline J.

DUNSMOOR Cornelia M.  d. Mar 21, 1878 dau of
Mr. HART; wife of Parke DUNSMOOR; aged 40y,11m 

DUNSMOOR Janette A.    see Janette

DUNSMOOR Jessie Eliza   see Jessie

DUNSMOOR Parke  d. Mar 21, 1878 husb of (1)Betsy
Celinda DISTIN, m: 1/1/1854 (from DAR records), (2) Cornelia HART; aged
40y,11m; QUESTIONABLE (2) believe the same as Cornelia DUNSMOOR, not Parke

DUQUETTE Flora E. b. Apr 13, 1889 d. June 5, 1971 dau
of Geo W. HUTCHINGS & Lucy E. CHESBRO; wife of (1) Adelbert DU BOIS
& (2) Roy L. DUQUETTE Fulton & Volney Vital Records

DUQUETTE Roy L. b. 1896 d. June 3, 1979 (Post Standard
paper) son of Thomas DUQUETTE & Ellen WHITE (PS); husb of Flora E.

DUSHARM Female stillborn Dec 2, 1937 dau of Evert
William DUSHARM & Elsa May DEPUY Vital Records - Fulton

DUTTON Anna F.   see Anna F., (DUTTON)

EBBLIE Grace b. Mar 1, 1879 d. Oct 18, 1976 dau of
Fred Austin LOOKER & Ella M. IVES; wife of William A. EBBLIE, m: 6/27/1906
(VRV) Vital Records - Fulton

ELMER Dorothy b. May 30, 1821 d. Oct 20, 1882 Oswego
NY dau of Nathan ROWLEE & Dorothy CARR; wife of William F. ELMER Rowlee

ELMER Willam F.  1819 - 1902 husb of Dorothy ROWLEE;
Civil War Vet, Corp., Co.K, 2nd NY Vol 

ELY Beulah M.  d. Sept 17, 1872 dau of G.R.
ELY & Carrie; aged 16y,2m 

ENGSTLER Joan Myrlene b. July 13, 1933 d. July 14, 1933 
dau of Lester ENGSTLER & Marion WRIGHT Vital Records - Fulton

ENSIGN Eliza M.   see Eliza (ENSIGN) BRIGGS

EVERTS Alvera   see Avlera (EVERTS)BROWN


ELMER Fannie H.   see Fannie H. (ELMER)TOMPKINS

FAIRBANKS Frank (Francis) Edward b. June 28, 1868 Volney, NY 
d. July 5, 1943 son of Edwin FAIRBANKS & Bridget RAFFERTY;
husb of Lucy CLARK Vital Records - Fulton

FAIRBANKS Frank    stillborn Mar 10, 1909 
son of Frank FAIRBANKS & Lucy CLARK 

FAIRBANKS Lucy Bernice b. 1878 Volney, NY d. Apr 25, 1942 
dau of Abithar CLARK & Margaret WARD; wife of Frank E.  (VRV)
Vital Records of Volney

FARRER Emily  d. Aug 10, 1828 dau of James
FARRET (DAR records); aged 3y,6m DAR Records

FONDA William L. 1847 - 1848 son of James FONDA
& Alzina B. 

FONDA Annette M.   see Annette M. (FONDA) HENDRICK
FONDA Alzina B. 1813 1852 wife of James FONDA 

FONDA Ella E. 1856 1856 dau of James FONDA & Alzina B.
FONDA Fitch E.  d. Oct 2, 1864 Co. D, 184th
Reg NY; Prisoner at Andersonville who was starved to death (Johnsons Oswego
Cnty History ..) 

FONDA Wilbur J. 1849 - 1857 son of James FONDA & Alzina B.

FONES George Solomon b. Feb 21, 1865 d. Jan 28, 1933
son of John FONES & Betsy SPARKS; husb of Jennie M. JENNINGS (VRV)
Vital Records of Volney

FONES Jennie M. b. May 22, 1867 Palermo, NY d. July 2, 1948 
dau of Orville JENNINGS & Emma IVES; wife of Geo. Solomon (VRV)
Vital Records of Volney

FONES Ralph 1887 - 1893 son of Geo. Solomon FONES
& Jennie M. JENNINGS 

FOSTER Anna F. b. May 12, 1853 Volney, NY d. Aug 11, 1885 
dau of Orison DUTTON & Sophia CHURCH; wife of Geo. B. FOSTER Vital
Records - Fulton

FOSTER Arnold Darius b. Nov 30, 1850 d. July 7, 1927
son of Darius FOSTER & Maryett BRIGGS (of Eaton, NY); husb of Libbie
L. IVES Scriba Vital Records

FOSTER Blanch L. b. Feb 28, 1876 Volney, NY d. Nov 4, 1947 
dau of Edgar SKEEL & Eliza OSBORN; wife of (1) Chester IVES
m: 3/5/ ????, (2) Chalres E. FOSTER, m: 10/5/1941 (Patriot) Vital Records
- Fulton

FOSTER Charles b. 1855 d. Aug 22, 1927 Schroeppel,
NY son of Thomas FOSTER & Jane SQUIRE; husb of Elizabeth S. WISE, m:
3/8/1883; aged 71y VRV/Burial Permit  

FOSTER Darius b. 1824 Volney, NY d. June 16, 1895 son
of Jedidiah FOSTER (of MA) & Ruth STOCKING; husb of Maryette BRIGGS;
aged 71y,4m Vital Records - Fulton

FOSTER Eliza Ann   see Eliza Ann (FOSTER)MERRITT

FOSTER Elizabeth S. b. 1859 d. Feb 9, 1848 New Haven,NY
dau of John WISE & Clarrissa SYKES;  wife of Charles FOSTER,
m: 3/8/1883; aged 88y, 10m, 1d VRV/Burial Permit

FOSTER Frederick b. 1801 d. Nov 23, 1843 husb of Lydia
CHARTER; aged 42y,7m 

FOSTER Frederick b. 1837 d. Oct 4, 1901 son of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; husb of Harriett A. SYKES (VRV) Vital Records
of Volney

FOSTER George B.   b. May 7, 1856 Volney, NY d. July 3, 1884 
son of Darius FOSTER & Maryett BRIGGS (of Eaton, NY); husb
of Anna F. DUTTON Vital Records - Fulton

FOSTER Harriett A.   b. Aug 20, 1847 d. May 19, 1925
dau of Francis SYKES & Jane SUITER; wife of Frederick FOSTER (VRV)
Vital Records of Volney

FOSTER Herman H. b. 1887 d. Oct 22, 1973 Oswego, NY
aged 87y Burial Permit


FOSTER Ira  d. July 2, 1862 son of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 29y, 11m 

FOSTER Jedediah  d. June 17, 1868 son of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 25y 

FOSTER Libbie L. b. June 16, 1852 d. Nov 28, 1879 dau
of John IVES & Rebecca BARTLETT; wife of Arnold D. FOSTER Ives Genealogy

FOSTER Lydia  d. July 16, 1873 dau of Mr. CHARTER;
wife of Frederick FOSTER; aged 71y 

FOSTER Lydia H.  d. Mar 29, 1865 dau of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 29y,5m 

FOSTER Maryette b. 1828 d. June 24, 1911 dau of Arnold
BRIGGS & Eliza ENSIGN; wife of Darius FOSTER; aged 83y Vital Records
- Fulton

FOSTER Priscilla  d. Feb 2, 1833 dau of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 6m 

FOSTER Samuel  d. Jan 24, 1835 son of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 10m 

FOSTER Sanford Samuel  d. Dec 15, 1909 son
of Frederick FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 72y, 11m, 23d (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

FOSTER Sarah  d. Nov 7, 1832 dau of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 2y, 7m 

FOSTER Sophronia  d. Aug 28, 1828 dau of Frederick
FOSTER & Lydia CHARTER; aged 2y, 2m 

FREEMAN Maria  d. Nov 28, 1902 dau of Nathaniel
LUDINGTON & Huldah TUTTLE; wife of ??? FREEMAN; aged 78y,2m (buried
on Leslie Lot, row 14) Vital Records - Fulton

FRIEDENBURGH Edward b. Dec 21, 1826 d. Dec 19, 1896
husb of Mary Ann HOWARD Burial Permit

FRIEDENBURGH Elizabeth   see Elizabeth

FRIEDENBURGH G.E. b. Dec 11, 1881 d. Sept 15, 1907  

FRIEDENBURGH Mary Ann b. June 13, 1830 Volney, NY
d. Apr 4, 1887 dau of Albert HOWARD & Lucy KNICKERBOCKER; wife of Edward
Vital Records - Fulton

FRIEDENBURGH W.E. b. June 6, 1879 d. Apr 9, 1880  


FROST Florence B.   see Florence B.  (FROST) DANIELS

FROST Giles b. Feb 3, 1853 Granby, NY d. Jan 12, 1921
son of Isaac FROST & Mary PECKHAM; husb of Rachel BELL Vital Records
- Fulton

FROST Mary b. Sept 2, 1883 d. Jan 23, 1884 dau of Giles
FROST & Rachel BELL 

FROST Rachel b. May 9, 1856 Volney, NY d. Dec 22, 1943
dau of Matthew BELL & Elizabeth SIKES; wife of Giles FROST Vital Records
- Fulton

GASPER Betsy  d. June 2, 1871 dau of Joseph
TUTTLE; wife of Freeman GASPER; aged 73y 

GASPER Freeman Ashford, CT d. June 1, 1888 son of
Joseph GASPAR (of France) & Eunice STANBY (England); husb of Betsy
TUTTLE; aged 94y,6m,20d 

GASPER Sophia  d. Dec 27, 1833 dau of Freeman
GASPER & Betsy TUTTLE; 16yr 

GATES Adeline   see Adeline (GATES)BARTLETT

GATES Edward H.  d. May 25, 1851 son of Lyman
GATES & Esther; aged 25y,9m,21d 

GATES Thomas J.  d. Jan 13, 1841  aged 1y,6m,7d
GAYLORD Charilla   see Charilla (GAYLORD)

GIBSON Charles Lyman b. S. Scriba, NY d. Dec 5, 1885
son of George GIBSON & Susan GREENMAN; aged 6m,24d Vital Records -

GIBSON George b. Nov 10, 1843 d. Jan 2, 1927 son of
Robert GIBSON & ?? AUSTIN (both of Canada); husb of Susan GREENMAN
(VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GIBSON Meda   aged 14y,6m,7d 

GIBSON Susan  d. Jan 24, 1896 dau of 
Adley GREENMAN & Lydia Ann TAYLOR; wife of Geo. GIBSON; aged 51y Scriba
Vital Records

GILBERT Elizabeth L.  d. Oct 4, 1851 wife of
Samuel P. ROOT; aged 33y,11m DAR Records

GILLETTE Lucy E.  b. 1840 d. July 2, 1904 dau of E.W.
KELLOGG & Eliza A. KLOCK; wife of Truman GILLETTE; aged 64y (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

GILLETTE Marie Catherine  d. Sept 6, 1890 dau
of Samuel PARKER & Vienna HUBBARD; wife of (1) Preston G. HOWARD, (2) 
unknown GILLETT Vital Records - Fulton


GOODFELLOW M. Varnera b. Mar 27, 1880 Volney, NY
d. Oct 12, 1961 dau of John DELONG & Gertrude ORMSBY; wife of John Wesley
GOODFELLOW, m: 2/28/1900 Vital Records - Fulton

GOODFELLOW Charles William b. 1844 d. Aug 24, 1931
Palermo, NY husb of Mary Lucretia WISE; aged 87y Burial Permit

GOODFELLOW Mary Lucretia b. Apr 25, 1849 d. Apr 25, 1920 
dau of John WISE & Clarissa SIKES; wife of Charles Wm. GOODFELLOW
(VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GOODFELLOW Minnie  d. Feb 16, 1875 dau of Charles
Wm & Mary Lucretia WISE; aged 2y,5m 

GOODFELLOW Samy H.  d. Feb 12, 1875 son of
Charles Wm & Mary Lucretia WISE; aged 5y,11m 

GOODFELLOW Wesley John  b. June 19, 1877 d. Sept 4, 1954 
son of Charles Wm. & Mary L. WISE; husb of M. Varnera DELONG,
m: 2/28/1900; Vet in Spanish American War, Pvt, Co. I, 203rd Rgt NY Inf
(VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GOODROWE Hattie  d. July 28, 1910 wife of Martin
GOODROWE: aged 49y 

GOODROWE L. Ruth 1895 - 1916   DAR Records

GOODROWE Martin b. 1863 Granby, NY d. May 27, 1899
son of John GOODROWE & Anges WOOD (both of Canada); wife of Hattie
Vital Records - Fulton

GOODSELL Ira  d. Nov 27, 1887 son of Jacob
GOODSELL & Phoebe WARNER; husb of Polly GREGG; aged 80y,5m,11d Vital
Records - Fulton

GOODSELL Lucene   see Lucene (GOODSELL)

GOODSELL Oscar  b. 1837 d. Feb 12, 1906 son of
Ira GOODSELL & Polly GREGG; unwed; aged 69y,6m (VRV) Vital Records
of Volney

GOODSELL Polly  d. 1876 dau of William GREGG
& Patty; wife of Ira GOODSELL  

GRAHAM Jane Ann   b. Apr 13, 1825 Volney, NY d. Jan 11, 1894 
dau of Cyril HILL & Mary TAYLOR; wife of Seth C. GRAHAM, m: 12/31/1846(Austin); 
aged 68y,8m,29d Vital Records - Fulton

GRAHAM Seth C. b. July 23, 1817 d. Jan 9, 1894 son
of Richard GRAHAM & Susan CROSS; husb of Jane A. HILL, m: 12/31/1846
(Austin); aged 74y,5m,18d Vital Records - Fulton

GRANNIS Iantha Gertrude   see Iantha

GRANT Abigail b. May 10. 1822 d. Aug 1, 1909 dau of
Henry BALDWIN & Ruth KELLOGG; wife of Edward GRANT, m: 1848; aged 87y,2m,21d
(VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GRANT Duane Arnold b. July 14, 1941 d. Mar 9, 1942
son of Wm. Ernest GRANT & Lillian HALL; (Mt Pleasant South lists being
buried at Sec D Lot 8, but stone is on West) (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GRANT Edward b. 1812 New Hartford, CT d. 1880 husb
of Abigail BALDWIN, m: 1848 

GRANT Edward E. b. Apr 24, 1863 Volney, NY d. Aug 30, 1946 
son of Edward GRANT (of CT) and Abigail BALDWIN; husb of Lillian SHERMAN,
m: 12/12/1901 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GRANT Elizabeth   see Elizabeth (GRANT)GWYN

GRANT Hattie Agnes b. 1859 d. Sept 9, 1925 Volney,
NY dau of Mr. PECKHAM;  wife of Truman GRANT; aged 65y Burial Permit

GRANT Julia E. b. Feb 10, 1860 d. Feb 27, 1932 dau
of Edward GRANT & Abigail BALDWIN; unwed (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GRANT Lillian B. b. Dec 29, 1918  dau of Clinton
Herbert HALL & Ella Mable ALLEN; wife of Wm. Ernest GRANT 

GRANT Lillian   b. Sept 12, 1862 d. Sept 9, 1929 
dau of Giles F. SHERMAN & Melinda RATHBUN; wife of Edward E.
GRANT, m: 12/12/1901 (VRV) (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GRANT Mabel Luella b. July 11, 1884 d. June 25, 1973
dau of Truman GRANT & Hattie A. PECKHAM; unwed Burial Permit

GRANT Margaret   see Margaret (GRANT)PLUFF
GRANT Mary R.   see Mary R. (GRANT)PARKER

GRANT Phoebe   see Phoebe (GRANT) BUNN, PARKER

GRANT Sarah Elizabeth   see Sarah Elizabeth

GRANT Truman b. Dec 31, 1856 Volney, NY d. Nov 25, 1934 
son of Edward GRANT (of CT) and Abigail BALDWIN; husb of Hattie A.
PECKHAM (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GRANT William Ernest b. Aug 8, 1912 d. Apr 13, 1979
son of Ernest Peckahm GRANT & Ruth Abby OSBORNE; husb of Lillian B.

GRAVES Huldah   see Huldah (GRAVES)ADAMS

GRAVES Wealthy  d. Dec 27, 1893 Ogdensburg,
NY aged 64y Burial Permit

GREEN Jennie A.   see Jennie A. (GREEN)PARKER

GREENMAN Adley b. Dec 2, 1816 d. Oct 16, 1882 husb
of Lydia Ann Taylor 

GREENMAN Lydia Ann b. June 25, 1822 Brownville,NY d. June 12, 1903 
dau of John TAYLOR( of R.I.) & Lydia Gates WESTMORELAND;
wife of Adley GREENMAN Scriba Vital Records


GREGG Polly   see Polly (GREGG) GOODSELL 

GREGG Sally  July 1, 1851 wife of B. GREGG; aged 78y

GREGG Sarah Ann   see Sarah ann (GREGG)DISTIN

GRIFFIN Hannah   see Hannah (GRIFFIN)SEARS

GROYN H.S.  d. Feb 28, 1894 aged 73y,3m,23d
Vital Records - Fulton

GUILDS Sylvia Elnora b. May 13, 1870 Volney, NY d. Dec 19, 1927 
dau of Job DEPUY & Rufina DAY; wife of (1) unk. TAYLOR,
(2) Frank GUILDS, m: 12/7/1915 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

GWYN Elizabeth b. 1864 Canada d. Apr 30, 1893 dau of Wm. GRANT & 
Betty (both of Scotland); wife of Wm. GWYN; aged 29y,11m,22d
Vital Records - Fulton

GWYN Hamond  d. Feb 28, 1894 son of Wm. GWYN
& Elizabeth GRANT;  buried 3/2/1894 (DD) 

GWYN Nellie  d. Mar 7, 1895 dau of Wm. GWYN
& Elizabeth GRANT; aged 8y,8m,1d Vital Records - Fulton

GWYN William   b. 1850 England d. Oct 3,1926 
Detroit MI husb of Elizabeth Ann GRANT; per Patriot paper, died in
Detroit; Burial permit states buried in Volney Center Cemetery 
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