Oswego County, NY Cemeteries  

Oswego County, NY Cemeteries

Oswego County Cemeteries List

This was compiled by several resources, of all the known cemeteries in Oswego County, some of which, the records are available through the Oswego County Records Center, and local Historical Societies / Town Historians. 

Please note that some of these cemeteries are just a partial listing.

Out of the County Cemeteries with Oswego Family Burials:
Jacksonville Cemetery, Onondaga County - near Granby

Albion Centre Cemetery
Austin Burial Ground, Albion, NY
Nichols Cemetery - Albion, NY

City of Oswego
Riverside Cemetery - partial listing - Part 1
Riverside Cemetery - partial listing - Part 2
Riverside Cemetery - partial listing - Part 3

Amboy Center Cemetery 
Butler Cemetery
Cemetery at Five Corners
West Amboy Cemetery

North Boylston Cemetery
Phelps District Cemetery - Boylston
Moore Family Cemetery, Smartville Road, Boylston
Wells Family Cemetery, Boylston, NY

Constantia Center Cemetery
Constantia Center Cemetery Lot Owners
Feeler Family Cemetery, Cleveland, NY 
St. Mary's Cemetery, Cleveland, NY
Lakewood Cemetery, Cleveland, N.Y.
Cleveland N. St. Cemetery, aka Cleveland Cem. - Part 1 - Part 2
Bernhard's Bay Cemetery - partial list 
West Road Cemetery,Constantia, NY

 Mt. Adnah Cemetery Part 1 and Part 2 (Chubb family)
Case Memorial Mausoleum, Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, NY Photograph
St. Mary's Cemetery - partial listing

Small abandoned cemetery, located on Route 176
Hannibal Village Cemetery -
This takes you to the Cemetery index page on the 
Hannibal Historical Society pages.
Hannibal Center Cemetery 
This takes you to the Cemetery index page on the 
Hannibal Historical Society pages.
Fairdale Cemetery in Hannibal, NY - Parts 1-6

Hillside Cemetery, Central Square, N.Y.
Pine Grove Cemetery, Mallory, N.Y. (Grant Family)
Pine Grove Cemetery, Mallory, Partial Listing
Allen Cemetery - Hastings, NY

 Colosse Cemetery, Town Of Mexico, N. Y.
Wellwood  Cemetery, S. Mexico, N.Y.  [A - L]   [M - Z]
Arthur Cemetery, Mexico, N. Y.
Wells Family Cemetery, Mexico, NY
French Protestant Cemetery, Town of Mexico

Darrow Family Cemetery, Orwell
Chateaugay Cemetery, Orwell
Pekin Cemetery, Orwell
Caster Cemetery, Orwell

Clifford Cemetery, Town of Palermo

Some small cemeteries in Parish:
Merrits Corners, Parish Center, and Wrightson Cemetery
Pleasant Lawn Cemetery- Many more additional names (partial)

The following 4 cemeteries are a link to the 
NY GenWeb Archives Project - Oswego County, NY
Getman Cemetery
Bidwell Road Cemetery
Dutch Hill Road Cemetery
Pleasant Lawn Cemetery -(partial list)

St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery - partial listing of Donahue's 

Town of Oswego
RURAL-UNION CEMETERY, Town of Oswego, NY (partial list)

Greenboro Cemetery, Redfield, NY 
St. Joseph?s Cemetery, Redfield, NY

Daysville Cemetery, Pulaski, Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3
McClelland Cemetery - Pulaski, N.Y. 
Holmes Family Cemetery, Pulaski, N.Y. 
Blue Springs (aka Ferguson) Cemetery, Richland, NY
Willis Cemetery, Fernwood, NY
Pulaski Village Cemetery, Richland, Oswego Co., NY

Sandy Creek
Rice Family Burial Plot
Noyes Cemetery, Sandy Creek 
Stevens Cemetery, Town of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co. NY
Scripture Cemetery, Sandy Creek
North Road Cemetery, Sandy Creek

 Carr Cemetery in Scriba
South Hall Road Rural Cemetery
Blossom Cemetery, County Route 1 Scriba - offsite on NYGenWeb Archives
Whittemore Cemetery, Section Scriba - Volney, Part 1 [A - J] & Part 2 [K - Z] 
Mattison Cemetery, Scriba, NY - partial listing
Peck Cemetery, South Scriba, NY - partial listing
Riverside Cemetery - partial listing - Part 1
Riverside Cemetery - partial listing - Part 2
Riverside Cemetery - partial listing - Part 3
Riverside Cemetery - partial listing - Part 4

Old Phoenix Cemetery, Town of Schroeppel
Gilbert Mills Cemetery, Town of Schroeppel
Pennellville Cemetery, Town of Schroeppel

Bell Cemetery
Ives Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery, Bundyville
Van Buren Cemetery - Part 1 [A - L] and Part 2 [M - Z]
Van Valkenburgh Cemetery
  Volney Center Cemetery,  A - B - C     D - E - F 
Volney Center Cemetery Thumbnails
MT. PLEASANT SOUTH CEMETERY [ A - D ]   [ E, - J ]  [K - R ]  [ S - Z ]
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery "Unmarked Graves"
Mt. Pleasant Western Cemetery  [A - C ]   [ D - G ]  [ H - L ] [ M - R ] [ S - Z ]
Whittemore Cemetery, Section Scriba - Volney, Part 1 [A - J]and Part 2 [K - Z]
     Mt. Pleasant South Side Cemetery Assoc. Lot Owners Index
Sixteenth Cemetery (aka Volney Rural Cem.) [A - G] and [H - Z]
North Volney Cemetery  [A - G]    [H - K]   [L - R]    [S - Z]

West Monroe
McAlister Family Cemetery, West Monroe
Toad Harbor Road Cemetery, West Monroe
Nutting Cemetery, West Monroe, NY 
Nutting Cemetery Photographs Burgess/Smith line

Happy Valley Cemetery
Happy Valley Cemetery Index and Land Record for cemetery property
 Williamstown Cemetery (Fairview) 
Lewis Family Cemetery, Williamstown, NY
Madison Cemetery, Williamstown, NY
1Winsor-DeGraff Cemetery, Williamstown, NY

Johm Sissom Family Burials
1/9/06Oswego County, NY Burials

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