1865 Yates C

Town of Yates - C

CADY Calista L. 45 F Orleans Single 91-N
CADY Livinia 67 Mother VT Widow of Joseph  
CADY Nathan W. 37 Brother Orleans    
CADY Almond B. 24 Brother Orleans    
CADY Hannah C. 17 Adopted Daughter England    
WELCH John 14 Adopted Son Canada    
DANIELS James 38 Mother England Servant  
CALVERT Margaret       See COAN 186-S
CARPENTER Hiram 43 Mother Washington Farmer 12-N
  Phebe (Thompson) 33 Wife Orleans    
  Eva 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 7 Son Orleans    
  Martha 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Hortense 2y 4m Daughter Orleans    
CARPENTER Roderick M. 42 M Madison Farmer 172-N
  Fanny 33 Wife Madison    
  Emma 16 Daughter Orleans    
  James 14 Son Orleans    
  Franklin 11 Son Orleans    
  Mary J. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Caroline 3y 10m Daughter Orleans    
  Clara 2y 2m Daughter Orleans    
CHAFFEE Samuel C. 54 M Onondaga Farmer 124-N
  Harriet (Yates) 50 Wife Montgomery    
  Emily 15 Adopted England    
LOMBARD Jennie 13 Niece Orleans    
CHAMBERLAYNE Israel Rev. 69 M Otsego Methodist Clergyman 101-S
  Joanna (Price) 65 Wife NJ    
  William W. 38 Son Wayne    
  Kate J. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Louisa F. 19 Daughter Orleans    
PARSONS Mary E. 31 Daughter Genesee Widow of W. D.  
PARSONS Francis W. 4 Grandson OH    
CHASE Frederick A. Rev. 32 M Cayuga Presby. Clergyman 211-S
  Julia 24 Wife MI    
CHASE Isaac 39 M Saratoga Butcher 217-S
  Sylvia A. 38 Wife Saratoga    
  Rosa V. 12 Daughter Fulton    
  Frances A. 9 Daughter Orleans    
CHASE Lorinda       See SPAULDING 74-N
CHESTERFIELD Josiah       See ST.JOHN 39-N
CHURCH         See SINCLAIR 242-S
CHURCH         See FISK 192-S
CHURCH Samuel 83 Hus #4 MA Farmer 166-S
  Hannah 64 Wife #2 MA    
CHURCH Seth P. 43 M VT Farmer 158-N
  Julissa (Barry) 39 Wife Orleans    
  Emma J. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Orson L. 12 Son Orleans    
  Elnora M. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Wilbur B. 8 Son Orleans    
  Ward 6 Son Orleans    
  John 3y 3m Son Orleans    
  Fred A. 9 mo Son Orleans    
CHURCH William 52 M NH Farmer 38-N
  Sena (Barry) 46 Wife Orleans    
  Jeremiah 17 Son MI Farmer  
BARRY Richard 80 Father-in-Law Saratoga Widower of Eliz. Muncey  
BULLOCK Cynthia 22 Niece MI    
PAYNE Lyman 14 M Monroe Farm Laborer  
CLARK Charles 40 M VT Laborer 207-S
  Delia 40 Wife Ireland    
  M. R. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  George 3y 8m Son Orleans    
CLARK Cyrus 58 M Greene Farmer/Married (2) 138-S
  Milton 26 Son Orleans Farmer  
CLARK Hellen 19 Cousin Orleans    
CLARK Daniel 45 M Orleans Farmer 150-S
  Jane (Blanchard) 45 Wife VT    
  Kate 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 19 Son Orleans Student  
CLARK Eli 41 M Herkimer Merchant 182-N
  Mary A. 45 Wife MA    
  Emma 20 Daughter Orleans    
  John E. 18 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Eli 10 Son Orleans    
  Mary 7 Daughter Orleans    
CLARK Elizabeth 72 F MA Widow 227-S
LEWIS Emeline 14 F Orleans Boarder  
CLARK George 43 M Orleans Farmer 181-N
  Anna 45 Wife Orleans    
  George J. 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Abigail A. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Zachary T. 16 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Hattie 15 Daughter Orleans    
GRANT Alexander 20 M Canada Farm Laborer  
CLARK Harvey 81 M CT Farmer 151-S
  Betsey 74 Wife CT    
CLARK Herbert Dr. 44 M Orleans Physician 159-N
  Jane W. 38 Wife Livingston    
  Carrie 2y 7m Daughter Orleans    
CLARK Isaac 55 M Herkimer Farmer 141-N
  Sophronia 52 Wife MA    
  Waterman 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Adelbert 15 Son Orleans Farmer  
WILLIAMS Alonzo 29 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
CLARK James 47 M England Blacksmith 113-N
  Margaret 43 Wife Ontario    
  James E. 21 Son Ontario Carpenter  
  Joseph 17 Son Wayne Blacksmith  
  William H. 14 Son Seneca    
  Irene 11 Daughter Wayne    
  Ellena 8 Daughter Wayne    
  Melborne 5 Son Wayne    
  Eugene 2y 9m Son Wayne    
  Lizzie 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
CLARK James 39 M Ireland Farmer 243-S
  Mary 40 Wife Ireland    
  Annie 14 Daughter Canada    
  Alexander 13 Son Canada    
  James 11 Son Canada    
  Hellen 8 Daughter Monroe    
  William 4 Son Monroe    
  Langdon 2y 9m Son Monroe    
CLARK Lambert 58 M CT Farmer 93-S
  Hannah 56 Wife Washington    
  Wilbur A. 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Morris F. 12 Son Orleans    
CLARK Rodney 67 Hus #2 Greene Farmer 137-S
  Priscilla Paxon Doty 67 Wife #3 Rensselaer    
  Henry J. 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Adelphine 20 Daughter-in-Law Saratoga    
HAWLEY Fanny 48 Daughter PA Widow  
HAWLEY Philo 10 Grandson Niagara    
CLUTE Jacob S. 48 M Montgomery Farmer 85-S
  Elsie A. 42 Wife Fulton    
  Wendell P. 18 Son Fulton Farmer  
  David 14 Son Fulton    
  John 12 Son Fulton    
  Sarah A. 10 Daughter Fulton    
  Jacob S. 6 Son Niagara    
  Phebe 6 Daughter Niagara    
  Elizabeth 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 2y 8m Son Orleans    
COAN Heman 66 M CT Shoemaker 186-S
  Mary A. (Calvert) 48 Wife #2 Genesee    
  Robert F. 16 Son Orleans Laborer  
CALVERT Margaret 50 Sister-in-Law Genesee Single  
COE Tunis Henion 47 M Yates Farmer 66-S
  Lucy C. (Kennedy) 48 Wife Saratoga    
  Stephen A. 14 Son Orleans    
  Frank L. 12 Son Orleans    
  Electa L. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Delia A. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles B. 3y 3m Son Orleans    
COE Lena Henion 74 Mother NJ Widow of Stephen  
KENNEDY Hannah M. 45 Sister-in-Law Saratoga Single  
PRINGLE Stephen B. 25 M Monroe Laborer  
CONDE Albert O. 59 M Oneida Farmer 69-N
  Ophelia (Allen) 56 Wife Saratoga    
  Anne 24 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
  Albert O. 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Fred 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Carrie 12 Daughter Orleans    
ALLEN Olive 84 Mother-in-Law CT Widow  
CONE Elizabeth       See LOMBARD 81-N
CONGER James 38 M Orleans Farmer 44-N
  Mary (VanAernum) 29 Wife Orleans    
  Adelbert 10 Son Orleans    
  Frank 9 Son Orleans    
  Willie 5 Son Orleans    
CONGER William 46 M Orleans Farmer 186-N
  Julia A. (King) 37 Wife Monroe    
  Francis 15 Son Orleans    
  Hattie L. 8 Daughter Orleans    
CONGER Esther 79 Mother CT Widow of Zenas  
KING Phebe 62 Mother-in-Law Cayuga Widow  
CONNELLY Orson 22 M Saratoga Farmer 111-S
  Hellen 19 Wife Orleans    
  Annie M. 1y 3m Daughter Orleans    
CONNELLY William G. 55 M Saratoga Farmer 110-S
  Henrietta 48 Wife Saratoga    
  Harriet 12 Daughter Orleans    
COOK John 36 M England Farmer 54-S
  Elizabeth 34 Wife England    
  William H. 11 Son Orleans    
COON Asa 57 M Onondaga Laborer 51-S
  Emily 54 Wife Washington    
  Cyrus 29 Son Onondaga Laborer  
FIELDS Lucinda 22 Boarder PA Widow  
FIELDS Sabrina 2y 3m Boarder's Daughter Orleans    
COON Israel 47 M NJ Farmer 70-N
  Huldah (Chaffee) 46 Wife Onondaga    
  Orpha A. 28 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 20 Son Orleans    
  Adelaide 18 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
  Elvira 15 Daughter Orleans    
  George 13 Son Orleans    
  Jane 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Adele 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 6 Daughter Orleans    
COON Christine Finch 73 Mother NJ Widow of David  
COON Olive Root 32 F Herkimer Widow of George 48-N
  David 15 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Cynthia 13 Daughter Orleans    
  George L. 6 Son Orleans    
COOPER George 45 M England Farmer 61-N
  Mary 45 Wife England    
  Sarah 12 Daughter Orleans    
  John H. 10 Son Orleans    
  Hannah 8 Daughter Orleans    
  James 5 Son Orleans    
  Frances 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Clara 1y 3m Daughter Orleans    
COOPER Mary J.       See FISHER 62-N
COOPER William 66 Hus #2 Ireland Farmer 75-S
  Harriet 47 Wife #2 Ontario    
PETTIT Hellena 14 F Orleans Domestic  
CORNWELL John J. 31 M Orleans Laborer/Single 13-S
CORNWELL Sarah McCollum 75 Mother PA Widow of Moses  
CORNWELL Lafayette 9 Nephew Canada    
COSTELLO John       See DONNELLY 136-N
CORRIGAL William 42 M Scotland Shoemaker 115-N
  Martha (Crosby) 36 Wife Wayne    
CROSBY Alanson 71 Father-in-Law Dutchess Farmer/Widower  
COX George 27 M England Wagon Maker 150-N
  Eva M. 24 Wife IN    
CRIBBENS Michael       See GRAGG 116-S
CROSBY Alanson       See CORRIGAL 115-N
CULVER Allen 25 M Orleans Farmer 109-S
  Eliza 17 Wife Fulton    
  Luella 3 mo Daughter Orleans    
CULVER Allen J. 54 M Dutchess Farmer 159-S
  Pamelia J. 53 Wife Dutchess    
  Henry 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Araminta 15 Daughter Orleans    
HENION Augusta 23 Daughter Orleans Married  
CULVER Sylvanus 73 Hus #2 Columbia Farmer 25-N
  Ruth Kenyon Ticknor 54 Wife #3 Onondaga    
TICKNOR Seth 28 Stepson Orleans Farmer  
TICKNOR Benjamin 21 Stepson Orleans Farmer  
LAWRENCE Mary T. 33 Stepdaughter Orleans Married  
ROOT Olive A. 20 Stepdaughter Orleans Married  
CUMMINGS William       See BARRY 173-N
CUMMINGS Andrew J. 57 M Onondaga Merchant 137-N
  Emeline (Herrick) 51 Wife Montgomery    
  Burdett 17 Son Onondaga Clerk  
DENSMORE Samuel B. 29 M Orleans Merchant  
DANIELS Charlotte 42 F England Domestic/Widow (2)  
CURTIS Matthew 35 Hus #2 England Farmer 67-S
  Mary 37 Wife England    
HOUSEMAN George 4 Adopted Orleans    

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