1865 Shelby F

Town of Shelby - F

FAIRCHILD Benjamin 35 M Erie Laborer 29-D1
  Calista 28 Wife Monroe    
  Mabel 7 Daughter Allegany    
  Frances 4y 6m Daughter Allegany    
  B. L. 2 Son Monroe    
CARPENTER Asel 64 Boarder Washington Laborer  
FALK Jacob 46 M Herkimer Teamster 320-D2
  Melinda 45 Wife #2 Herkimer    
FALK James A. 41 M Herkimer Boatman 97-D2
  Catherine 38 Wife MA    
FARLEY Josephine       See NIXSON 335-D2
FARLEY Thomas       See ARNOLD 211-D1
FARNHAM Chandler 64 M VT   270-D2
  Susan (Geer) 55 Wife Genesee    
FARNHAM Olive       See ELLICOTT 4-D2
FAUROT Thomas 47 M Ontario Laborer 133-D1
  Artie 34 Wife Wayne    
  Linus 4 Son Orleans    
  William 1 Son Orleans    
  Mary 1 Daughter Orleans    
FEARBY Thomas 53 M England Farmer 197-D2
  Ann 52 Wife England    
  Melissa J. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  William G. 1y 3 m Grandson Orleans    
SMITH Elizabeth 22 Boarder England Married  
FEENEY James 40 M Ireland Laborer 344-D2
  Catherine 30 Wife Ireland    
  John A. 8 Son Orleans    
  James 6 Son Orleans    
  Hannah 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Mariah 1y 1m Daughter Orleans    
FERRIS Peter 47 M Otsego Farmer 173-D1
  Maria 50 Wife Montgomery    
FERRIS Sanford 42 Brother Otsego    
TROW William 26 Boarder England Laborer  
FESSENDEN Merrill       See STILWELL 61-D2
FIELD Orrin D. 55 M MA Carpenter 69-D1
  Nancy 40 Wife Genesee    
  Harriet 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Ada 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 7 Daughter Orleans    
  William 1 Son Orleans    
FINCH Adeline       See BATHRICK 38-D1
FINCH Francis H. 30 M   Photographer 340-D2
  Jane 29 Wife Saratoga    
  Frank 12 Son Cortland    
  Josephine 7 Daughter Orleans    
MANN Amanda 25 Sister   Married  
MANN Florence E. 5 Niece IL    
BANNAN Julia 30 F Ireland Domestic  
FITZGERALD Michael 35 M Ireland NYC Railroad 296-D2
  Kate 30 Wife Ireland    
  Bridget 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Martin 4 Son Orleans    
  William 10 mo Son Orleans    
FITZGERALD Patrick 55 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 292-D2
  Ellen 50 Wife Ireland    
FLANDERS Samuel 38 M NH Laborer 235-D1
  Sarah 32 Wife Orleans    
  Louise 11 Daughter Genesee    
  Daniel 8 Son Genesee    
  Ida 1y 5m Daughter Genesee    
FLETCHER Henry 36 M Schoharie Teamster 433-D2
  Mary J. 23 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Charles H. 2y 8m Son Orleans    
FLOREY         See REYNOLDS 387-D2
FLOREY Alex       See RYAN 398-D2
FLYNN Abel 34 M Niagara Boatman 327-D2
  Catherine (McGurn) 29 Wife Canada    
  Carrie 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 6 Son Orleans    
  Lewis 4 mo Son Orleans    
FOLEY John 40 M Ireland Laborer 333-D2
  Bridget 40 Wife Ireland    
  Thomas 17 Son Orleans    
  Catherine 15 Daughter Orleans    
  John 13 Son Orleans    
  Johanna 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Michael 9 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Delia 6 Daughter Orleans    
FOLEY Timothy 50 M Ireland Farmer 96-D2
  Bridget 45 Wife Ireland    
  James 21 Son Ireland    
  Bridget 19 Daughter Ireland    
  Mary 16 Daughter Ireland    
  Timothy Jr. 9 Son Orleans    
  Thomas 7 Son Orleans    
FORREST William 45 M Yates Farmer 102-D2
  Maria 35 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Ada 16 Daughter Niagara    
  Carrie 9 Daughter Niagara    
  Eva 8 Daughter Niagara    
  Willie 3 Son Niagara    
LHITMAN George 21 M Germany Laborer  
ADRIAN Minnie 17 F Germany Domestic  
FOX Christine       See THAYER 211-D2
FRARY James M. 37 M Orleans Farmer 117-D2
  Elizabeth (Shattuck) 37 Wife Niagara    
  George M. 14 Son Genesee    
  Delores E. 11 Daughter Genesee    
  Burt M. 3 Son Orleans    
COOPER George 21 M England Laborer  
FREEMAN Charles 62 M Saratoga Farmer 123-D2
  Louisa 60 Wife Cayuga    
  Sarah 34 Daughter Orleans    
  Emily 29 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles Jr. 27 Son Orleans    
FREEMAN Henry L. 29 M Orleans Farmer 122-D2
  Mary A. (Kendall) 22 Wife Wyoming    
VAUGHN Sidney A. 25 M Niagara Laborer  
FREEMAN Isaac 53 M Niagara Farmer 135-D2
  Sally (Hamlin) 45 Wife Erie    
  Bathsheba 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Timothy A. 18 Son Orleans    
  Ella Louisa 7 Daughter Orleans    
FREEMAN James 65 M Saratoga Farmer 124-D2
  Polly 67 Wife VT    
  Jane 26 Niece Niagara    
FREEMAN Jeremiah 61 M Saratoga Farmer 121-D2
  Nancy (Posson) 55 Wife Schoharie    
  Nelson 32 Son Orleans Widower  
  Adelaide 17 Daughter Orleans    
FREEMAN John F. 86 Father Washington Widower (2)  
FREEMAN Samuel 60 M Cayuga Farmer 105-D2
  Ann 45 Wife #2 Canada    
  Julia 1y 11m Daughter Orleans    
CARLISLE Lydia J. 13 F Orleans    
FREEMAN Wilson 35 M Niagara   110-D2
  Clarissa (Eddy) 32 Wife Otsego    
  Edgar 7 Son Niagara    
  Ada 3y 2m Daughter Niagara    
FREEMAN Fanny 64 Mother VT Widow  
FREEMIRE William 58 M Schoharie Farmer 191-D2
  Elizabeth 50 Wife Montgomery    
  Sarah 15 Daughter Orleans    
FULLARD         See HARVEY 115-D2
FULLER Daniel G. 50 M Rensselaer Farmer 220-D1
  Sarah 47 Wife MA    
BICKFORD Helen 14 Adopted Orleans    
FULLER Darius 43 Hus #2 Orleans Farmer 86-D2
  Elizabeth Henderson 34 Wife #2 Orleans nee GARTER  
DOWNS Fred L. 10 Adopted Orleans    
McDONALD Mary 18 F Scotland Domestic  
FULLER Earl       See BERRY 7-D1
FULLER Erastus 43 M Orleans Farmer 19-D2
  Lydia 37 Wife Rensselaer    
  Myron 9 Son Orleans    
  Martha 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane 6 Daughter Orleans    
  George 4 Son Orleans    
  Clara H. 1y 5m Daughter Orleans    
BRADDOCK Susan 39 Sister-in-Law Washington    
BRADDOCK Chauncey 37 Brother-in-Law OH Blacksmith  
BRADDOCK John 10 Nephew Orleans    
BRADDOCK George 2 Nephew Orleans    
FULLER Lucinda       See SUMMER 8-D2
FULLER Stephen B. 49 M Madison Farmer 77-D1
  Sarah A. 44 Wife Niagara    
  Helen 17 Daughter MI    
COOK Delacy 12 F Oneida Domestic  

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