1865 Ridgeway W

Town of Ridgeway - W


WHALEN Elisha S. 47 M Saratoga Produce Dealer 220-D2
  Catherine (Groff) 42 Wife Orleans    
  Ida M. 16 Daughter Orleans    
LOOMIS Hannah 67 Aunt Otsego Single  
GROFF Hester A. 28 Sister-in-Law Orleans Milliner  
GROFF Sarah 26 Sister-in-Law Orleans Milliner  
WHALEN Ellen 26 F Ireland Widow of James 287-D2
  Mary Ann 6 Daughter Ireland    
  Bridget 4y 6m Daughter Ireland    
  James 2y 6m Son Ireland    
  John 2 mo Son Orleans    
WHALEY Christopher Dr. 66 M CT Physician 96-D2
  Caroline E. (Perry) 40 Wife #3 Orleans    
  Clara E. 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles R. 19 Son Orleans    
FEENEY Elizabeth 18 F Ireland Domestic  
SEXTON Pamelia 30 Boarder   Single  
WHALING Jay       See DAUCHY 160-D3
WHEDON Oscar 41 M VT Merchant 158-D2
  Julia (Winchester) 35 Wife VT    
  Ella L. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 6 mo Son Orleans    
NEEMAN Sophia 23 F Germany Domestic  
WHEDON Theodore 26 M Onondaga Farmer 502-D2
  Sarah R. 28 Wife Orleans    
  Eva E. 1y 3m Daughter Orleans    
WHIPPLE William 37 M PA Farmer 432-D2
  Catherine M. (Watson) 31 Wife Orleans    
  Watson H. 5 Son Monroe    
  Willis 2y 6m Son Monroe    
COOPER Mary 16 F Orleans Domestic  
COLE George 30 M Erie Farm Laborer  
WHITAKER Samuel B. 52 M England Farmer 482-D2
  Esther (Ashby) 49 Wife England    
  Ann C. 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Hannah 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles A. 18 Son Orleans    
  Willie E. 11 Son Orleans    
  Fred 6 Son Orleans    
WHITAKER Hannah 70 Mother England Widow of Samuel  
WILSON Mortimer V. 25 Boarder Orleans Single  
WHITBECK         See WELLS 206-D2
WHITE Elizabeth 62 F MD Widow (2) 249-D3
  Adelia A. 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida J. 7 Granddaughter Orleans    
WHITE Frederick       See HANDY 372-D2
WHITE James       See KEARNEY 108-D2
WHITE James 50 M Ireland Laborer 311-D2
  Margaret (Casey) 47 Wife Ireland    
  Bridget 23 Daughter Ireland Dressmaker  
  Michael 20 Son Ireland Teamster  
  Ellen 17 Daughter Ireland    
  James 16 Son Ireland    
  John 14 Son Orleans    
  Daniel (Twin) 10 Son Orleans    
  Dennis (Twin) 10 Son Orleans    
  Margaret 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas C. 6 Son Orleans    
WHITE John       See RYAN 321-D2
WHITE Mary E.       See UPHAM 213-D2
WHITLESEY Agnes       See LAPP 114-D2
WHITLESEY Nettie       See PARKER 31-D2
WHITMAN Oliver 58 M VT Farmer 12-D3
  Laura 56 Wife VT    
WHITMORE Joseph       See McDERMOTT 247-D2
WHITON         See WILKINSON 115-D2
WHITTLETON Benjamin 33 M England Farmer 204-D3
  Charlotte (Wayman) 23 Wife England    
  Cora 3 Daughter Orleans    
WAYMAN Sarah 61 Mother-in-Law England Widow of Samuel  
WHITTLETON George 29 M England Farmer 117-D1
  Mary A. (Stockwell) 26 Wife Orleans    
  Frank L. 8 Son WI    
  George E. 6 Son WI    
  Thomas Edwin 4 Son Orleans    
  Phebe E. 1 Daughter Orleans    
WHITTLETON Isaac       See WILLIAMS 211-D3
WHITTLETON Jacob       See DIBBLE 213-D3
WHITTLETON James       See HOOKER 196-D3
WILDA Amanda       See GOOLD 89-D2
WILKINSON George N. 45 M Cortland Soldier 115-D2
  Arvilla E. 45 Wife Orleans    
  Charles E. 18 Son Orleans Telegrapher  
  Clara H. 16 Daughter Orleans    
  George N. Jr. 14 Son Orleans    
WHITON Emma L. 10 Niece Wyoming    
WHITON Eva May 7 Niece Wyoming    
HOGAN Margaret 23 F Ireland Domestic  
REYNOLDS Henry 15 Boarder Niagara Telegrapher  
WILLETT Merrick W. 37 M Orleans Farmer 447-D2
  Edith J. (Pratt) 30 Wife Orleans    
  Adella A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Flora 7 Daughter Orleans    
  William 4y 6m Son Orleans    
  Charles 2y 6m Son Orleans    
PRATT Harriet Squires 67 Mother-in-Law VT Widow of Elisha  
WILLIAMS Asel 45 M Orleans Farmer 211-D3
  Matilda 36 Wife Niagara    
  Henry A. 18 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Caroline 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Eva 8 Daughter Orleans    
WHITTLETON Isaac 16 M England Farm Laborer  
WILLIAMS Henry 36 Hus #2 NJ Laborer 185-D2
  Ann 32 Wife PA    
  Mary H. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Frances E. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet L. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles H. 4 Son Orleans    
  Levi A. 1y 10m Son Orleans    
WILLIAMS William 46 M Orleans Farmer 98-D1
  Sylvia 39 Wife Orleans    
PETERS Lydia 11 Niece Orleans    
PETERS Hugh 9 Nephew Orleans    
PETERS Ida 65 Mother Orleans Widow (2)  
WILLIS Charles J.       See HARRINGTON 217-D1
WILLIS D. James 26 M Monroe Telegrapher 98-D2
  Frances 23 Wife Orleans    
  Julia D. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Nina 1 Daughter Orleans    
DOLAN Mary A. 25 F Orleans Milliner  
DOLAN Elizabeth 21 Sister Orleans Milliner  
DOLAN Ellen 13 Sister Orleans    
WILLIS George R. 42 M VT Farmer 39-D1
  Sally 42 Wife Wayne    
  William 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  George R. 16 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Dennison 13 Son Orleans    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
  Byron 3 Son Orleans    
  Fannie 1y 1m Daughter Orleans    
WILMARTH Harrison 24 M Orleans Butcher 4-D2
  Mary E. (Johnson) 22 Wife Orleans    
SUTTER Martin 40 M Germany Laborer  
SUTTER Josephine 27 Laborer's Wife Germany    
SUTTER William 9 Laborer's Son Orleans    
SUTTER Peter 7 Laborer's Son Orleans    
SUTTER Mary Ann 4 Laborer's Daughter Orleans    
SUTTER Catherine 1y 5m Laborer's Daughter Orleans    
WILSON Delia       See SCOTT 394-D2
WILSON Edward E. 32 M Orleans Farmer 56-D1
  Esther J. (Andrews) 29 Wife Orleans    
  Anna J. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Truman D. 3y 11m Son MI    
WILSON James 30 M Ireland Miller 138-D2
  Susan 27 Wife Ireland    
  Fred 8 Son Orleans    
  Hugh 5 Son Orleans    
WILSON Jerome B. 41 M Genesee Farmer 415-D2
  Agnes F. 34 Wife Orleans    
  William V. 14 Son Orleans    
  Amy A. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Craig J. 4y 3m Son Orleans    
  Cora F. 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
WILSON John       See BARRETT 142-D3
WILSON Mortimer       See WHITAKER 482-D2
WILSON Robert 45 M England Laborer 307-D2
  Sarah 35 Wife Ireland    
WILSON Walter 47 M Washington Farmer 95-D1
  Jane A. 38 Wife Greene    
  Charles S. 8 Son Orleans    
  Ruth 6 Daughter Orleans    
  George W. 2y 9m Son Orleans    
WINCHELL Isaac 49 M Wayne Farmer 365-D2
  Florilla 33 Wife Ontario    
  William H. 13 Son Niagara    
  Horatio N. 9 Son Niagara    
  Harriet J. 4y 10m Daughter Niagara    
WINCHESTER Benjamin 61 Hus #2 MA Shoemaker 113-D2
  Abigail J. 34 Wife #3 Monroe    
  James E. 8 Son MI    
  Harry E. 4 Son MI    
  Helen M. 9 mo Daughter Orleans    
WINCHESTER J. B.       See KNAPP 39-D2
WINTERS James 32 M NJ Farmer 442-D2
  Mary C. (Newton) 26 Wife NJ    
NEWTON Robert 28 Brother-in-Law NJ    
WOOD Elizabeth       See DEAN 244-D1
WOOD Robert P. 52 Hus #3 Monroe Farmer 196-D1
  Hannah 56 Wife #2 DE    
SHOLES Diantha 74 Mother Saratoga Widow of Abel (3)  
WOOD Silas       See LOTT 4-D3
WOOD Sylvia       See WETMORE 30-D1
WOOD William 53 M VT Harness Maker 207-D1
  Catherine 46 Wife Orleans    
  Louise 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 16 Son Orleans Scholar  
  William 10 Son Orleans    
WOODARD William       See STRICKLAND 194-D3
WOODHULL         See COBB 95-D3
WOODHULL Abel 50 Hus #2 Canada Farmer 166-D1
  Mary (Thompson) 46 Wife #2 Oneida    
  Adelbert 18 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Minnie 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Elmer 16 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Wendell T. 9 Son Orleans    
  Eugene 7 Son Orleans    
  Edwin 4 Son Orleans    
  Ellen 4 Daughter Orleans    
WOODROE Matthew 58 M PA Laborer 446-D2
  Bridget 58 Wife Ireland    
  Eliza J. 22 Daughter Canada    
  James 21 Son Canada    
  Matilda 20 Daughter Canada    
WOOLSTEEN Jara       See McNEAL 187-D3
WOOLSTON John 37 M England Farmer 202-D3
  Ann 40 Wife England    
  Elizabeth 10 Niece Ontario    
CORWIN John 20 M Ireland Farm Laborer  
WORLAND         See ABELL 176-D1
WORMER John 65 M Germany Laborer 461-D2
  Christina 35 Wife #2 Germany    
  Jacob 20 Son Germany Laborer  
  Charles 3 Son Orleans    
HASTINGS John 7 Adopted Orleans    
WRIGHT Elizabeth       See DANIELS 127-D3
WRIGHT Josiah A.       See BECKER 460-D2
WRIGHT Ruel E. 52 M Montgomery Carpenter/Widower 73-D3
  Orrilla 11 Child Niagara    
  William 31 Son Monroe Cooper  
  Amanda 29 Daughter-in-Law Niagara    
BULLEN Henry W. 2 Nephew Niagara    
BULLEN Mary 70 Mother Greene Widow  

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