1865 Ridgeway L

Town of Ridgeway - L

LACEY Robert 48 M England Farmer 244-D3
  Eliza 38 Wife #2 Ireland    
  Jane E. 20 Daughter England    
LAFFERTY Libbie       See FANCHER 232-D1
LAHEY James       See KEARNEY 108-D2
LAHEY Margaret       See WAYNE 68-D2
LAHEY Thomas 40 M Ireland Laborer 504-D2
  Margaret 40 Wife Ireland    
RYAN Lawrence 9 Nephew Niagara    
LAINE George       See SMITH 91-D2
LALLEY John       See LALOR 201-D1
LALOR Martin 45 M Ireland Shoemaker 201-D1
  Ann 40 Wife Ireland    
  Margaret A. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward 7 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Catherine 3y 4m Daughter Orleans    
LALLEY John 70 Boarder Ireland    
LANCTON Patrick 32 M Ireland Laborer 2-D1
LANCTON Catherine 60 Mother Ireland Widow  
LANDAUER         See SPENCER 42-D2
LANE Joyce M. 66 F Ireland Widow of Thomas 306-D2
  James 30 Son Orleans Boatman/Army  
  Thomas 23 Son Orleans Laborer  
LAPP William 52 Hus #2 PA Carpenter 114-D2
  Hannah 53 Wife PA    
  Martha E. 20 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
WHITTLESEY Agnes 60 Boarder MA Widow (2)  
LATTIMER Lewis 46 Hus #2 Ireland Laborer 361-D2
  Mary A. 29 Wife Ireland    
  Elizabeth 1 Daughter Orleans    
MONTGOMERY William 10 Stepson Orleans    
MONTGOMERY Thomas 5 Stepson Orleans    
LATTIMER William 41 M Ireland Joiner 32-D2
  Ann Maria 40 Wife Montgomery    
  Marietta 11 Daughter Erie    
BIGGS Alfred 50 Boarder Canada Miller/Widower  
MORTON James 50 Boarder   Carpenter  
PHELPS John 20 Boarder Canada Miller  
WILLIAMS William 24 Boarder Canada Miller  
LAUDERBACK Mary 29 F Germany Widow 16-D2
  Louisa 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
LAVIN Patrick 29 M Ireland Laborer 337-D2
  Rosanna (Shanley) 21 Wife Ireland    
  Mary Ann 4y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Joseph 1y 2m Son Orleans    
SHANLEY Jane 60 Mother-in-Law Ireland Widow  
SHANLEY Martin 30 Brother-in-Law Ireland Shoemaker  
LAW Jane J.       See HOOD 10-D1
LAWLESS Joseph V. 52 Hus #2 MA Shoemaker 175-D3
  Minerva 26 Wife #3 MA    
  Mary 6 Daughter MA    
  Homer 3 Son MA    
LAWRENCE Lucy       See HAINES 15-D1
LAWRENCE Maria F. Stevens 33 F Orleans Widow (1) of John Flintham Widow (2) of Henry C. Lawrence 240-D1
  Mattie S. 6 Daughter IN    
  Annie 3y 9m Daughter IN    
FLINTHAM Mary L. 12 Daughter MO    
FLINTHAM William 10 Son MO    
LAWS Timothy       See KEARNEY 378-D2
LeCLERE Louisa       See PARKHURST 143-D3
LEIPEND Edmund 37 M Germany Laborer 356-D2
  Anna 28 Wife #2 Germany    
LEMLOR Mary W.       See WATSON 239-D2
LEOFFLER         See VanSTONE 224-D3
LESTER Ann       See LUSK 85-D2
LETTIS John 40 M Ireland Laborer/Army 279-D2
  Katherine 35 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 10 Daughter Erie    
LEVALLEY John 55 M Oneida Farmer 375-D2
  Seraphine M. 38 Wife #3 Orleans    
  Jane C. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Lydia M. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Seraphine B. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  John J. 6 Son Orleans    
  Lina 3y 5m Daughter Orleans    
McDONNELL Mary 21 F Scotland Domestic  
LEWIS         See CARROLL 75-D2
LEWIS         See WELD 119-D3
LEWIS Augustus 41 M Prussia Tailor 192-D2
  Kesiah (Clyde) 45 Wife Otsego    
  Jessie 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Augustus F. 5 Son Orleans    
  Matthew 3y 2m Son Orleans    
CLYDE William 56 Brother-in-Law Otsego Single  
LEWIS Elijah 29 M Orleans Farmer 92-D3
  Viola H. 23 Wife Niagara    
HAWLEY Fanny 45 F PA Servant/Widow  
HAWLEY Philo 10 Servant's Son Niagara    
LEWIS Eliphalet 76 M NJ Farmer 123-D3
  Harriet 45 Wife Madison    
  Ellen M. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Eri C. 19 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Alvira A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
LEWIS Elisha       See WEST 96-D3
LEWIS Franklin Smith 52 M Oneida Farmer 64-D1
  Mary Ann (Hood) 47 Wife Orleans    
  Eliza 27 Daughter Orleans    
  Otis S. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Rosetta R. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles F. 12 Son Orleans    
LEWIS Frederick F. 42 M Oneida   237-D1
  Emma W. 30 Wife Ulster    
  Irving D. 3y 6m Son Orleans    
  Frederick A. 5 mo Son Orleans    
REED Anna 11 Adopted Orleans    
LEWIS John 60 Hus #2 NJ Farmer 7-D3
  Nancy Tracy English 37 Wife #2 Tompkins    
  Agnes 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 7 Son Orleans    
  Sarah 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 4 Son Orleans    
  Dory 1y 4m Daughter Orleans    
ENGLISH William 14 Stepson Orleans    
LEWIS Levi 68 M VT Farmer 234-D3
  Harriet 43 Wife Wayne    
  Albert 14 Son Orleans    
  Harriet 12 Daughter Orleans    
  John 10 Son Orleans    
  Marley 5 Daughter Orleans    
LIEB Lawrence 25 M Germany Painter/Railroad 331-D2
  Caroline 24 Wife Germany    
LIEB Rosa       See ADLER 268-D2
LINSLEY Mary       See JACKSON 152-D1
LOCKETT Robert 40 M England Laborer 521-D2
  Emma 42 Wife England    
  Robert 14 Son England    
  Selena 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Remina 8 Daughter Orleans    
LODER Solomon 47 M NJ Sawyer 80-D2
  Sarah A. 42 Wife Cayuga    
  Maria 18 Daughter Seneca    
  Mary E. 16 Daughter Seneca    
  Charles E. 13 Son Seneca    
  Arthur B. 6 Son Wayne    
LOOMIS Hannah       See WHALEN 220-D2
LOTHERIN         See CARD 81-D2
LOTT Abram 48 M Montgomery Farmer 4-D3
  Elizabeth (Wood) 42 Wife Rensselaer    
  Wilbur 20 Son Orleans Soldier  
  Ruth A. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Ambrose H. 13 Son Orleans    
  Joseph M. 9 Son Orleans    
  Benjamin 5 Son Orleans    
  Mary 3 Daughter Orleans    
WOOD Silas 75 Father-in-Law MA Widower of Martha  
RICH Eliza 20 F OH Domestic  
LOTT William H. 32 M Orleans Farmer 8-D3
  Martha Ann (Johnson) 29 Wife Orleans    
  Frank F. 3 Son Orleans    
AXTELL Alpheus 17 M Unknown Farm Laborer  
LOWBER Charles A. 54 M MD Miller  
  Emily (Safford) 42 Wife #2 Albany    
  Alethe 19 Daughter Niagara    
  Emily 15 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Mary 28 F Ireland Domestic  
LOZIER Ezekiel 66 M Washington Carpenter 275-D2
  Mary 57 Wife CT    
  William 39 Son Wayne Millwright/Army  
  Charles 25 Son Niagara Carpenter  
WARNER George E. 22 Son-in-Law Orleans Baker/Soldier  
WARNER Harriet (Lozier) 23 Daughter Niagara    
WARNER Mary H. 2 Granddaughter Orleans    
IVES Nellie 11 Granddaughter Orleans    
LOZIER Harrison 29 M Orleans Carpenter/Army 261-D2
  Mary Ann 28 Wife Ireland    
  Jenette 4y 10m Daughter Orleans    
  Harrison 3y 4m Son Orleans    
LUSK William B. 46 M Niagara Innkeeper 85-D2
  S. E. 39 Wife St. Lawrence    
  Frances A. 19 Daughter Niagara    
  George W. 11 Son Niagara    
BUSH Edwin 27 Son-in-Law Monroe Innkeeper  
BUSH Helen E. Lusk 21 Daughter Niagara    
LESTER Ann 35 F Ireland Servant/Married (2)  
HEALY Alice 37 F Ireland Servant/Single  
McCORMICK Thomas 29 Boarder Rensselaer Harness Maker  
McWHORTER Samuel 16 M Orleans Servant  
LYMAN William 57 M CT Farmer 181-D3
  Mariah 57 Wife Rockland    
LYNCH Mary       See WELD 89-D3
LYON Alexander 58 M Montgomery Farmer 134-D1
  Mary A. 54 Wife VT    
  Florence F. 15 Daughter Orleans    
LYON Andrew J. 35 W Madison Traveling Agent 230-D2
  Mary M. (Harrington) 30 Wife Chenango    
  Mary Ella 12 Daughter Allegany    
  May Florence 6 Daughter Otsego    
  Alice J. 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
HARRINGTON Cara 22 Sister-in-Law Chenango Single  
LYON Daniel       See BAKER 203-D1

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