1865 Ridgeway H

Town of Ridgeway - H


HAINES Jesse 50 M Ontario Farmer 15-D1
  Phebe (Lawrence) 45 Wife Ulster    
  Mary 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 15 Daughter Orleans    
LAWRENCE Lucy 77 Mother-in-Law Westchester Widow  
HALL Erasmus D.       See PIERCE 219-D1
HALL Horace 50 M VT Shoemaker/Widower 27-D2
  William H. 23 Son Orleans Shoemaker/Army  
HALL Sophia Smith 76 Mother VT Widow of Hiland  
HALL Lydia       See DAVIS 168-D2
HALL Nelson F. 48 M VT Farmer 150-D1
  Elizabeth 45 Wife Monroe    
  Charles 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Hattie 18 Daughter Orleans    
HAMMOND Adelbert       See SPENCER 42-D2
HANDY John       See SERVOSS 463-D2
HANDY Nelson 50 M Orleans Tailor 76-D2
  Mary 45 Wife Saratoga    
  Emeline 18 Daughter WI    
  Ellen 16 Daughter WI    
  Catherine 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Dora 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Joel M. 5 Son Orleans    
  Nelson 1 Son Orleans    
HANDY Renech N. 36 Widower (2) Orleans Farmer/Widower of Esther E. 372-D2
MURDOCK Ella M. 19 Child Orleans    
SLACK Mary 17 F Orleans Domestic  
WHITE Frederick 17 M Canada Farm Laborer  
HANIFIN David       See DAVIS 428-D2
HANIFIN Johanna       See BEEMAN 420-D2
HANIFIN Michael 85 M Ireland Laborer 540-D1
  Kate 40 Wife Ireland    
  Johanna 16 Daughter Ireland    
  John 8 Son Orleans    
HANLON James 32 M Ireland Laborer 44-D1
  Ellen (Murray) 30 Wife Ireland    
HANRAHAN John       See GRIFFIN 507-D2
HANRAHAN Richard H. 38 M Ireland Laborer 313-D2
  Catherine R. 36 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 10 mo Daughter Canada    
WEBSTER Lizzie 2y 9m Child Canada    
HARDICK Daniel 55 M Saratoga Produce Dealer 211-D1
  Jane M. 54 Wife Rensselaer    
  Augustine T. 23 Son Saratoga Clerk  
  Harry R. 21 Son Saratoga Clerk  
  Frank W. 15 Son Saratoga School  
HARDING Maggie       See WELD 118-D3
HARLOW Edwin W. 29 M Orleans Harness Maker 132-D2
  Elizabeth C. (Topliff) 24 Wife Orleans    
HARLOW John M. 60 M Orange Harness Maker 283-D2
  Phebe A. 60 Wife MA    
  Arabella 33 Daughter Wayne    
  Helen M. 31 Daughter Wayne    
  Oresco M. 25 Son Orleans Druggist  
HARMER George A. 47 M England Farmer 147-D1
  Anna (Bacon) 44 Wife England    
  Ann 19 Daughter England    
  Julia 17 Daughter England    
  George 14 Son England    
  Maria 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Robert 1 Son Orleans    
CANHAM Susan A. Harmer 20 Daughter England    
CANHAM Robert 28 Son-in-Law England Laborer  
HARMER William 52 M England Farmer 118-D1
  Eliza 47 Wife #2 England    
  William 28 Son England Farmer  
  Charlotte 14 Daughter England    
  Eliza A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary A. 8 Daughter Orleans    
HARMON Milford       See KELLY 54-D2
HARPER Andrew T. 38 M Orleans Laborer 243-D1
  Alzora T. 48 Wife Wayne    
  Hattie A. 4 Daughter Chautauqua    
HARRIGAN John 48 M Ireland Laborer 339-D2
  Julia 40 Wife Ireland    
  Michael 14 Son Orleans    
  Margaret 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Elizabeth 8 Daughter Orleans    
  James 6 Son Orleans    
  William 4 Son Orleans    
  Emma 1y 4m Daughter Orleans    
HARRINGTON Anthony 35 M Ireland Miller 470-D2
  Bridget C. 19 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 9 mo Daughter Orleans    
HARRINGTON Cara       See LYON 230-D2
HARRINGTON Ellen A. Willis 31 F Orleans Widow of Horace R. 217-D1
  Willis L. 12 Son OH    
  Norman 6 Son OH    
WILLIS Charles J. 36 Brother Orleans Laborer  
HARRINGTON Frances       See BROWN 99-D2
HARRIS Joel 65 M RI Farmer 48-D2
  Rowena 66 Wife #2 Ontario    
  Mary 28 Daughter Orleans Milliner  
COLEMAN Clara 6 Granddaughter Orleans    
HARRIS Julius 48 M PA Farmer 140-D3
  Anna L. 38 Wife Madison    
  Helen M. 10 Daughter TN    
  Josephine 7 Daughter TN    
HARRIS Mary       See BULLARD 86-D2
HARRIS Sophia       See SCHUYLER 245-D2
HART Allen C. 38 M Saratoga Farmer 67-D1
  Julia 32 Wife Rensselaer    
  Frank 8 Son Saratoga    
  Hattie L. 6 Daughter Washington    
  Elmer E. 4 Son Washington    
GILBERT Oscar 21 M Genesee Farm Laborer  
HART Bescarn 57 M Saratoga Millwright 71-D3
  Filina 43 Wife Saratoga    
  Samuel 22 Son Livingston Farmer  
HART Lewis 47 M Saratoga Miller 72-D3
  Hannah 43 Wife Oneida    
  Willard M. 21 Son Orleans Miller  
HARTLEY Charles 40 M England Cooper 359-D2
  Lucy 25 Wife England    
  Anna 2 Daughter Orleans    
HASENOHR Urban 25 M Germany Barber 104-D2
  Laura A. 26 Wife Orleans Milliner  
  Jessie A. 5 Daughter Orleans    
HASENOHR Louisa 16 Sister Germany    
HASTINGS John       See WORMER 461-D2
HASTINGS         See VOORHEES 235-D3
HATFIELD William B. 47 M Westchester Carpenter 133-D2
  Rebecca 46 Wife PA    
  Henrietta E. 19 Daughter Tompkins Teacher  
  Hattie E. 17 Daughter Tompkins    
  Mary F. 15 Daughter Cayuga    
HAVENS Jasper       See PRESTON 456-D2
HAW Henry 45 Hus #2 England Farmer 535-D2
  Harriet 49 Wife #2 NJ    
  Sidney Eugene 10 Son Niagara    
HAWKINS Isaac S. 30 M Orleans Laborer 320-D2
  Sarah J. 28 Wife VT    
  Julia F. 3y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Emma L. 1y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Florence G. 8 Adopted Niagara    
HAWKINS Marietta       See CURRAN 542-D2
HAWKINS Norman D. 54 M Otsego Mechanic 187-D2
  Adelia 48 Wife Otsego    
  Catherine D. 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Lee B. 11 Son Orleans    
BOWMAN William 21 Son-in-Law Niagara Cooper  
BOWMAN Frances A. (Hawkins) 24 Daughter Orleans    
BOWMAN Ernest A. 10 mo Grandson Orleans    
HAWKINS Richard 57 Hus #2 Albany Saloon 319-D2
  Caroline 57 Wife Erie    
  Henry F. 24 Son Orleans Waiter  
  Mary E. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Augustus C. 19 Son Orleans    
  Charles R. 15 Son Orleans    
  Walter 13 Son Orleans    
RILEY William A. 11 Nephew Canada    
BURKE Richard 30 Boarder VA Farmer  
CHRISTIAN Martha 16 Boarder VA    
HAWLEY         See LEWIS 92-D3
HAWTHORN         See MAJOR 201-D3
HAY George Isaac       See BALDWIN 12-D2
HAYDEN Lyman W. 49 M Wayne None 234-D1
  Mary P. 44 Wife Orleans    
  Frank S. 23 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Laura P. 18 Daughter Orleans    
HAYNES Sylvanus 70 M CT   213-D1
  Elizabeth (Wetmore) 65 Wife Otsego    
  Elizabeth L. 22 Daughter Otsego    
HAYWARD Henry 31 M England Farmer 29-D3
  Lucretia 31 Wife Vermont    
HAYWOOD John       See SPENCER 42-D2
HAZARD William 46 M Rensselaer Laborer 100-D1
  Sarah 42 Wife Rensselaer    
HEALY Alice       See LUSK 85-D2
HEALY John W. 36 M Nova Scotia Farmer 433-D2
  Mary J. (Garrick) 32 Wife ME    
  James E. 14 Son MA    
  William A. 5 Son Orleans    
GARRICK Alexander 60 Father-in-Law Scotland Laborer  
HEARD John 48 Hus #2 England Teamster 329-D2
  Elizabeth A. 49 Wife #2 England    
  James H. 13 Son England    
CRONK John 28 Boarder Canada Laborer  
HEATH Henry 25 M Canada Laborer 186-D2
  Harriet 22 Wife Canada    
  Alexander 1y 6m Son Canada    
HEATH Orin 47 M Washington Merchant 177-D2
  Mariah (Fuller) 39 Wife Rensselaer    
FULLER Mary G. 71 Mother-in-Law RI Wife of Ezra  
CASTLE Maggie 18 F Wayne Domestic  
HEATH Thomas B.       See ALFORD 369-D2
HEATH William       See AMES 190-D1
HEDICK Margaret       See GROBOIS 22-D2
HEDLEY Edward 44 M England   471-D2
  Hannah W. 44 Wife OH    
  David B. 18 Son Orleans    
  James L. 16 Son Orleans    
  Rebecca L. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Alford E. 11 Son Orleans    
ROMP Sarah 17 F England Domestic  
HEISRODT Martin 70 M Dutchess Farmer 79-D1
  Hannah 51 Wife #2 Genesee    
  Marcus 16 Grandson MI Farmer  
  Annie E. 15 Granddaughter Orleans    
HELENBOLT John 26 M Orleans Farmer 537-D2
  Emeline (Bidleman) 23 Wife Orleans    
  George 3y 2m Son Orleans    
  John Levalley 7 mo Son Orleans    
JOHNSON James 20 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
HEMPHILL H. R. 40 F NH Widow 156-D3
  Mary C. 22 Daughter VT Postmistress  
  W. H. 14 Son MA    
ROGERS M. B. 25 Sister NH Single  
HENDERSON Levi S. 54 Hus #2 Onondaga Bricklayer 167-D2
  Sarah A. 51 Wife #3 Onondaga    
PARKER Amanda 74 Mother-in-Law CT Widow  
HENSTED Samuel L. 30 M Monroe Farmer 433-D2
  Cornelia A. 26 Wife Cayuga    
  Minnie E. 3 Daughter Orleans    
HERRICK Willis       See KNOWLES 187-D1
HESS Henry A. 74 M Herkimer Farmer 393-D2
  Prudy (Harvey) 74 Wife Washington    
  James H. 43 Son Onondaga Farmer  
  Jennie 32 Daughter-in-Law Chautauqua    
  Otto J. 11 Grandson IL    
  Evelyn 6 Granddaughter IL    
  Jennie 4 mo Granddaughter Orleans    
NICHOLS Marietta 19 F England Domestic  
HETSLER Frederick 41 M Monroe Peddler 253-D2
  Sarah A. (Clark) 37 Wife Orleans    
  Frank G. 12 Son Orleans    
HEVENOR Peter 47 M Dutchess Cigar Maker 24-D2
  Augusta D. 42 Wife Dutchess    
  Allen D. 21 Son Dutchess Cigar Maker/Army  
  John F. 16 Son Dutchess    
  Emma A, 11 Daughter Dutchess    
  Willis 9 Son WI    
HEWES Daniel T.       See SPENCER 42-D2
HEWES Sarah B. Ellicott 59 F Erie Widow of Horatio 163-D2
  Mary L. 23 Daughter Orleans    
  Edward A. 21 Son Orleans    
BLAKE Josephine Hewes 25 Daughter Orleans Widow  
BLAKE Edwin L. 11 mo Grandson Orleans    
ELLICOTT Andrew 24 Nephew Orleans    
McCRARY Mary 17 F Ireland Domestic  


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