1865 Ridgeway C

Town of Ridgeway - C


CANHAM         See HARMER 147-D1
CANHAM James 32 M England Laborer 146-D1
  Elizabeth 38 Wife England    
  Sarah J. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  George 8 Son Orleans    
  John 4 Son Orleans    
CAPPELL James 47 M VT Joiner 154-D1
  Jennie 33 Wife Saratoga    
CAPPELL Adrian 70 Mother VT Widow  
CARBONE Christine       See FAIRMAN 243-D2
CARD Edwin M. 30 M Orleans Saloon/Single 81-D2
CULVER Fanny Jewell Card 52 Mother Orleans Widow (2)  
JEWELL Ada 16 Niece PA    
JEWELL Alice 11 Niece Orleans    
BARRETT E. R. 21 Boarder Orleans Clerk  
BIDLEMAN Eugene 26 Boarder Niagara Clerk  
BIRD Sarah 20 F Canada Servant/Widow  
BURNS Kate 20 F Ireland Servant  
DALE Joseph 23 Boarder Canada Moulder  
DATES Dwight 20 Boarder Tompkins Clerk  
GALLIVAN Michael 22 Boarder Canada Wagons  
GRIFFIN Thomas 25 Boarder IL Carpenter  
LOTHERIN Louis 36 Boarder Germany Merchant  
LOTHERIN Morris 30 Boarder Germany Merchant  
MAHAR Patrick 24 Boarder Ireland Blacksmith  
PHELPS O. L. 24 Boarder New York Clerk  
RUSSELL John S. 25 Boarder Canada Blacksmith  
SERVOSS S. 14 M Orleans Servant  
CARD John W. 34 M MA Grocer 225-D2
  Mary Elizabeth 28 Wife Orleans nee McKEAN  
  Earl W. 4y 3m Son Orleans    
McKEAN Ann L. 65 Mother-in-Law Dutchess Widow  
GIBBS John 17 Boarder England Clerk  
CARMAN James 63 M Dutchess Carpenter 147-D2
  Eliza 63 Wife Dutchess    
CARPENTER Orrin 68 M VT Farmer 467-D2
  Delana 65 Wife MA    
  Orrin F. 37 Son Orleans Farmer  
CARR Benjamin P. 39 M Allegany Lumberman 180-D1
  Sybil A. (Raymond) 45 Wife Ontario    
  Sybil 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Martha 7 Daughter Orleans    
  William 3y 7m Son Orleans    
CARR David 60 M Otsego Farmer 220-D1
  Lorinda 27 Wife #2 Chemung    
  Charles 5 Son Orleans    
CARR David 36 M Wyoming Tanner 197-D1
  Mary Ann 30 Wife Orleans    
  Carrie J. 7 Daughter Orleans    
CARROLL Ann 38 F Ireland Widow of Geo. Lewis 75-D2
  Thomas 37 Hus #2 Ireland    
LEWIS John 16 Son Niagara    
LEWIS Margaret 14 Daughter WI    
LEWIS George 13 Son IL    
LEWIS Frank 11 Son Orleans    
LEWIS Mary Ann 9 Daughter Orleans    
LEWIS Katy 7 Daughter Niagara    
LEWIS Anna 6 Daughter Orleans    
CARROLL Dennis 52 M Ireland Laborer 257-D1
  Mary 48 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 22 Daughter Ireland    
  Joseph 10 Son Orleans    
  Susan 4 Daughter Orleans    
CARROLL James 50 M Ireland Laborer 354-D2
  Ann 50 Wife Ireland    
CARTER Edward       See BOWEN 445-D2
CARTER Edward 70 M England Farmer 37-D3
  Jane 64 Wife #2 England    
  Arthur 27 Son England Wagon Maker  
  Martha A. 24 Daughter-in-Law Canada    
  Eva Mae 3y 5m Granddaughter Orleans    
  Ida I. 1y 6m Granddaughter Orleans    
CASE Cornelius       See BLACK 182-D1
CASEY James 45 M Ireland Laborer 312-D2
  Johanna 30 Wife Ireland    
  Daniel 13 Son Orleans    
  Michael 12 Son Orleans    
  Bridget 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary Ann 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Simon 4y 6m Son Orleans    
  Ellen 2y 1m Daughter Orleans    
CASTLE Maggie       See HEATH 177-D2
CASTLE Reuben S. 45 M Monroe Produce Dealer 106-D2
  Sarah A. (Bathgate) 38 Wife Orleans    
  George G. 18 Son Orleans    
  Jessie M. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Jennie L. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Elizabeth F. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  William B. 3 Son Orleans    
CASTLE Sheldon 76 Father CT Tailor/Widower  
DOLAN Catherine 22 F Canada Domestic  
CASWELL Charles 36 M Orleans Farmer 145-D3
  Eusebia (Davis) 33 Wife Cattaraugus    
DAVIS Levi 71 Father-in-Law VT Farmer  
DAVIS Lorena 70 Mother-in-Law VT    
CASWELL Isaac 65 M Herkimer Farmer 144-D3
  Adeline (Tuttle) 55 Wife #2 Ct    
  Marcus 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
CATON John 40 M Ireland Laborer 539-D2
  Mary 35 Wife Ireland    
  Margaret 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Michael 10 Son Orleans    
  Hannah 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 5 Daughter Orleans    
CAURTMAN Benjamin 60 M England Laborer 510-D2
  Hannah (Haylett) 55 Wife England    
CAURTMAN George       See GOTTS 384-D2
CHAMBERLAIN Henry G. 46 M NH Carpenter 184-D2
  Celia L. 39 Wife VT    
  Henry G. Jr. 17 Son Canada    
  Julia H. 15 Daughter Canada    
  Bronson M. 13 Son VT    
  Cora R. 9 Daughter VT    
  Francis 1y 10m Son Orleans    
CHAMBERLAIN William H. Dr. 33 M` Cattaraugus Physician 325-D2
  Ella (Hewes) 28 Wife Orleans    
  Anna L. 1 Daughter Orleans    
CHAMBERLAIN Harry T. Dr. 24 Brother Cattaraugus Physician  
ROACH Anna 19 F NY Servant  
JAMES Willie 12 M Orleans Servant  
CHAPMAN Elizabeth       See ACHILLES 120-D1
CHASE         See PARKS 111-D2
CHASE Amanda Turner 62 F Wayne Widow of Horace 209-D2
  Louis J. 26 Son Orleans Painter  
  Noah C. 23 Son Orleans    
CHASE Ansel 57 M Otsego Farmer 18-D3
  Elvira 54 Wife Otsego    
  Lurinda 24 Daughter Niagara    
  Allen 22 Son Niagara    
  Elvira 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Emily N. 12 Daughter Orleans    
CHASE Arad J. 46 M Monroe Streets Commissioner 123-D2
  Margaret Jane 42 Wife Orleans    
BLAKELY Charles 19 Boarder Unknown Clerk  
BUCK E. W. 43 Boarder Monroe Preacher  
COLE Darius W. 54 Boarder Saratoga Engineer  
COLE Jane M. 44 Boarder's Wife Saratoga Wife #2  
FAY A. J. 37 Boarder New York City Tailor/Widower  
PINEY Mary 14 F Monroe Domestic  
CHASE Marcus 41 M Orleans Post Office 231-D2
  Marietta (Ryan) 36 Wife Orleans    
  Charles H. 8 Son OH    
  Julia R. 2y 11m Daughter Orleans    
  Jennie H. 10 mo Daughter Orleans    
TOOHY Mary 27 F Ireland Servant/Widowed  
TOOHY John 6 Son Orleans    
MYHILL Alfred 19 Boarder England Clerk  
CHEESEMAN Elias 66 M Rensselaer   254-D1
  Orphana 55 Wife MA    
  Elias 25 Son Orleans Dentist  
  Catherine H. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane 31 Adopted England    
CHICHESTER William 70 M Long Island, NY Cooper 61-D2
  Ruhannah 60 Wife #2 Canada    
  Frances H. 29 Daughter Orleans    
  Cornelia 27 Daughter Orleans Milliner  
  Albert Wm. 22 Son Orleans    
  Walter 17 Son Orleans    
  John L. 14 Son Orleans    
ROBERTSON Lucinda 56 Sister Albany Tailoress/Widow  
CHILDS Henry A. 27 Hus #2 Orleans Lawyer 94-D2
  Julia Billard Freeman 26 Wife Onondaga    
  Cora 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 11 mo Daughter Orleans    
  John E. 3 mo Son Orleans    
KIRTMAN Anna 17 F England Domestic  
CHRISTIAN Martha       See HAWKINS 319-D2
CHRISTIE Hannah       See TEMPLE 189-D1
CHRISTY Henry 65 M VT Cabinet Maker 205-D2
  Lucy (Peck) 56 Wife VT    
  Wealthy M. 35 Daughter St. Lawrence Teacher  
  Charles H. 17 Son Orleans    
CHURCHILL Major 66 M Onondaga Farmer 14-D3
  Mary Ann (Deline) 50 Wife Montgomery    
  Mercy 15 Daughter Niagara    
  Wellington 13 Son Niagara    
CHURCHILL Rosa       See BOWDEN 222-D2
CLANCY David       See RYAN 291-D2
CLARK         See ALCORN 226-D2
CLARK         See RESSEGUIE 20-D3
CLARK         See WEST 96-D3
CLARK Aaron 37 M Livingston Hotel 92-D2
  Elcy 28 Wife Genesee    
  Cora 3 Daughter Orleans    
CONKEY Nancy 18 F Ireland Domestic  
CLARK Calvin 53 M Oneida Peddler 94-D1
  Lucina 47 Wife #2 Wayne    
  Augusta 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Myron 17 Son Orleans Scholar  
  Florence A. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Laura E. 8 Daughter Orleans    
CLARK James       See BRUCE 60-D2
CLARK John       See SPENCER 42-D2
CLARK John 65 M Ireland Miller 160-D2
  Nancy (Lane) 60 Wife Ireland    
  Ann 28 Daughter Orleans Tailoress  
  Julia 22 Daughter Orleans Milliner  
CLARK John 39 M Ireland Laborer 206-D1
  Jane 30 Wife Ireland    
  Mary E. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Charlotte 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Viola A. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  William J. 3y 5m Son Orleans    
  Charles 2y 5m Son Orleans    
  Andrew 2 mo Son Orleans    
CLARK Joseph A.       See SWEET 33-D3
CLARK Julia       See GOOLD 89-D2
CLARK Samuel H. 46 M PA Printer 130-D2
  Jane C. 49 Wife Columbia    
  Samuel H. Jr. 21 Son PA Printer  
MACK Margaret 19 F Ireland Domestic  
CLARK Sarah 57 F DE Widow of William 58-D3
  Emma 13 Daughter Orleans    
CLAYPOLE Joseph 45 M England Farmer 68-D1
  Mary 32 Wife England    
BLACK John 8 Boarder Orleans    
CLEVELAND Erin 45 M St. Lawrence Nurseryman 189-D2
  Laura M. 53 Wife VT    
  Cynthia E. 19 Daughter St. Lawrence    
  Gilbert M. 18 Son St. Lawrence    
  Luther E. 14 Son Niagara    
  Luman M. 11 Son Niagara    
CLEVELAND Huldah       See GOODWIN 22-D3
CLOSS William 60 M Canada Barber 315-D2
  Rachel 62 Wife #2 Ulster    
BRUN Rosanna 62 Boarder Tompkins    
CLUMAN Mary 30 F Ireland Widow 14-D2
  Mary 7 Daughter Orleans    
  James 5 Son Orleans    
CLUTE Abram Z. 45 M Schenectady Tailor 258-D2
  Selina 41 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Lena C. 18 Daughter Monroe    
  Edgar Z. 10 Son Niagara    
  Alvah 4y 2m Son Orleans    
AXTELL Franklin R. 39 Boarder Albany Blacksmith/Widower of Dolly  
CLYDE Joseph       See SPENCER 42-D2
CLYDE William       See LEWIS 192-D2

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