1865 Census T

Town of Carlton - T

TECUMSEH William 38 M OH Laborer 224-D1
  Harriet 36 Wife Niagara    
TENNANT Rensselaer R. 37 M Genesee Merchant/Hotel 7-D2
  Eva V. 36 Wife Herkimer    
  L. C. 15 Daughter Herkimer    
TERRILL Jerome       See ALLEN 113-D1
THOMAS John 54 M Wales Wagon Maker 199-D1
  Mary L. 50 Wife Wales    
  Francis 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Frederick 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
THOMAS Morris 51 M Wales Farmer 198-D1
  Mary E. (Hoadley) 38 Wife Jefferson    
  James M. 15 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Ann Eliza 12 Daughter Orleans Farmer  
  Cora B. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry Jay 2 Son Orleans    
POTTER Emma 17 F Orleans Domestic  
THOMPSON Cyrus 62 M Oneida Farmer 56-D2
  Charlotte H. 54 Wife Washington    
  Martha M. 30 Daughter Genesee Teacher  
  Lloyd G. 28 Son Genesee Farmer  
  Edwin D. 16 Son Genesee Farmer  
  Carrie W. 10 Daughter Genesee    
THOMPSON Elias 26 M Orleans Farmer 96-D2
  Joanna 29 Wife Orleans    
  Frank 4 Son Orleans    
  Eveline 8 mo. Daughter Orleans    
THOMPSON Clarissa 10 Boarder Orleans    
THOMPSON Rachel 6 Boarder Orleans    
THOMPSON Irene Barrus 46 F Ontario Married (2) 171-D1
  Isaac E. 24 Son Monroe Cooper  
  Mary 9 Daughter Orleans    
BARRUS Mary 72 Mother VT Widow (2)  
THOMPSON James L. 56 M Orleans Farmer 95-D2
  Delora 56 Wife VT    
  Ellen 16 Daughter Orleans    
TIBBETTS Lois AnnParish 49 F VT Widow (2) of Amos 183-D2
  Franklin 13 Son Orleans    
  Fanny 12 Daughter Orleans    
SPAULDING William 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
TOMBLIN         See PARSONS 204-D2
TOMBLIN Ira B. 57 M VT Farmer 57-D2
  Caroline C. 53 Wife MA    
  Henry F. 30 Son Orleans Married  
  Dexter M. 18 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Eugene L. 14 Son Orleans    
CHAMBERLAIN Electa 75 Mother-in-Law MA Widow of Fitch  
OSTRANDER Mary 18 F Orange Domestic  
TOOLE Hugh 32 M Ireland Laborer 5-D1
  Eliza 30 Wife Ireland    
  Anna 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 10 mo Daughter Orleans    
TOOLEY Eliza       See KNAPP 212-D1
TOOLEY George       See HADSTEAD 243-D1
TOUSLEY Marilla       See DUTCHER 221-D2
TUBBS James 74 M MA Laborer 151-D1
  Harriet E. 53 Wife Onondaga    
TUBBY William 61 M England Farmer 136-D1
  Susan 55 Wife England    
  Robert 16 Son England    
  Mary A. 13 Daughter England    
TUHY James 40 M Ireland Farmer 122-D1
  Catherine 40 Wife Ireland    
  Ellen 7 Daughter Orleans    
TUNGATE Thomas 22 M England Farmer/Single 123-D1
TUNGATE Mary 52 Mother England Widow of Samuel  
TUNGATE Mary H. 15 Sister Ontario    
TURNER Mary A.       See BLOOD 18-D2

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