1865 Census R

Town of Carlton - R

RACKHAM         See BENTLEY 147-D2
RACKHAM Robert 53 Hus #2 England Miller 234-D2
  Mary A. (Timm) 60 Wife England    
  John S. 26 Son Niagara    
  Joshua 23 Son Orleans    
DOYLE Mary 16 F Canada Domestic  
RAMSHAW Maria       See McKENDRY 39-D2
RANSOM Thomas 83 M Washington Farmer 165-D1
  Sarah 80 Wife CT    
RAWSON Horatio 57 M NH Farmer 33-D1
  Ann (Gage) 60 Wife Washington    
GAGE Nancy 87 Mother-in-Law RI Widow of William  
REED Lorenzo 28 M Otsego Farmer 57-D1
  Anna D. (Lovell) 24 Wife Orleans    
REED Reuben 59 M Otsego Farmer 48-D1
  Lucy M. (Andrews) 44 Wife Otsego    
  Ambrosell A. 24 Son Otsego Farmer  
  Benona M. 23 Son Otsego Farmer  
  Mary H. 21 Daughter Otsego    
  Adelbert M. 19 Son Otsego Farmer  
  Edward 15 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Kate 11 Daughter Orleans    
REED Reuben R. 51 M Orleans   239-D2
  Emily M. (Hale) 40 Wife Orleans    
  Emily J. 4 Daughter Orleans    
REYNOLDS Allen B. 46 M Putnam Farmer 90-D2
  Eliza Jane 31 Wife Niagara    
  John B. 10 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Harriet E. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella C. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Hannah M. 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Caroline H. 2 Daughter Orleans    
BURNETT H. A. 24 Boarder Orleans Single Female  
RIBBOANN Henry       See BROWN 195-D2
RICH Albert 60 M NH Shoemaker/Widower of Eliza 5-D2
  Sarah 30 Daughter Orleans Dressmaker  
  Albert K. 17 Son Orleans Machinist  
RILEY Thomas       See HENRY 270-D2
ROBBINS         See HENRY 270-D2
ROBERTSON John 39 M Madison Farmer 245-D1
  Hannah 39 Wife Orleans    
  Fred 8 Son Orleans    
  Frank 5 Son Orleans    
BULLMAN Elmira 16 Adopted Monroe    
KELSEY Henry 15 Boarder Orleans Farm Laborer  
ROBINSON A. C. Rev. 59 M PA Clergyman 188-D2
  Polly 57 Wife VT    
  Mary 5 Child Wayne    
CAIN Charles 90 Father-in-Law Rensselaer Farmer/Widower  
ROBINSON Charles 28 M Niagara Farmer 189-D2
  Carrie 25 Wife Ontario    
  Mary 7 Daughter Ontario    
  Frank 3 Son Niagara    
WILDER Fanny 69 Mother-in-Law VT Widow  
ROCHE Alexander 28 M Ireland Laborer 168-D1
  Ellen 26 Wife Ireland    
  Peter 9 mo Son Orleans    
ROLLINS Ira L. 38 M NH Carpenter 65-D1
  Julia F. 34 Wife Greene    
  Julia A. 10 Daughter Genesee    
  Charles L. 8 Son Orleans    
  Joseph H. 6 Son Orleans    
  George L. 4 Son Orleans    
  Lillian J. 1y 5m Daughter Orleans    
ROOT Aaron 64 M Washington Farmer 190-D2
  Abigail 64 Wife Herkimer    
  William 33 Son Orleans    
ROOT Daniel 66 M Orleans Farmer 108-D2
  Annis (Hastings) 62 Wife Canada    
  Delia 31 Daughter Orleans    
  Wallace 27 Son Orleans Farmer  
ROOT Edwin 31 M Orleans Butcher 153-D2
  Mary 29 Wife Orleans    
  Carrie A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Cora A. 2y 4m Daughter Orleans    
  Thomas E. 11 mo Son Orleans    
HILL Eliza 30 Boarder Orleans Married  
WELLS Leonard 22 Boarder Orleans    
ROOT Lewis 65 M CT Farmer 194-D1
  Cynthia 62 Wife Herkimer    
  Lewis 15 Child Orleans    
ROOT Ruth P. 28 F Chautauqua Married 206-D1
  Phebe 6 Daughter MI    
ROOT Thomas 33 M Orleans Farmer 253-D2
  Johanna (Fuller) 30 Wife Orleans    
  Reuben M. 10 Son Orleans    
  Frank 8 Son Orleans    
  Lewis 6 Son Orleans    
ROOT Warren 43 M Orleans Farmer 207-D2
  Phebe Ann (Fuller) 38 Wife Orleans    
  Jennie 16 Daughter Orleans    
  Victoria 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Emmet 6 Son Orleans    
  Nathan 3 Son Orleans    
  Alta 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
ROOT Webster D. 37 M Orleans Farmer 76-D2
  A. A. (Emma) 33 Wife Monroe    
  Elmer 14 Son MI    
  Nancy 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Oreston 7 Son Orleans    
ROSE         See HENRY 270-D2
ROSE Samuel       See HOWE 196-D2
ROSS Edward F. 40 M Monroe Farmer/Single 232-D1
COLEY Anna M. 62 Sister NJ Widow  
ROWLEY Henry 37 M Wayne Farmer 29-D2
  Eunice (Hatch) 31 Wife Schenectady    
  C. H. 2y 6m Son Orleans    
HATCH Reuben 16 Brother-in-Law Schenectady    
ROWLEY Stephen B. 61 M VT Farmer 31-D2
  Phebe (Wood) 39 Wife #4 Wayne    
  John 28 Son Orleans Farmer/Widower  
  Frank T. 3y 10m Son Orleans    
RUDD John Henry 37 M England Farmer 212-D2
  Helen M. (Scott) 20 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Sarah E. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  E. C. 3y 2m Son Orleans    
  Mariette 1 Daughter Orleans    
RUSSELL Michael       See WHALEN 97-D1
RYAN Alonzo 33 M Monroe Wagon Maker 141-D2
  Ann Eliza 30 Wife Monroe    
  E. C. 13 Daughter Monroe    
  Lina 9 Daughter Monroe    
  Rosa 7 Daughter Monroe    
  Emma 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    

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