1865 Census G

Town of Carlton - G

GAGE         See MERRICK 115-D1
GAGE Nancy       See RAWSON 33-D1
GALBRAITH Agnes       See ENGLISH 107-D1
GALE Alice J.       See WEAVER 135-D1
BARBUTT Nicholas 58 M Ontario Farmer 219-D1
  Mary (McIntosh) 55 Wife Albany    
  Mary 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Ella V. 19 Daughter Orleans    
GARRISON George       See CARY 257-D1
GARRISON William 47 Hus #2 Rensselaer Farmer 49-D1
  Mary 48 Wife Ontario    
  Charlotte 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Margaret 14 Daughter Orleans    
GATES John 44 M Orleans Farmer 91-D2
  Jane L. 34 Wife MI    
  John A. 1y 2m Son Orleans    
DALTON Edwin 16 M Orleans Servant  
ACKERSON David 22 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
GATES W. F. 45 M Orleans Farmer 112-D2
  Amorette A. 24 Wife #3 Orleans    
  F. B. 5 mo Son Orleans    
SCANLON Mary 19 F Ireland Domestic  
GAVIN Nicholas 33 M Ireland Farmer 22-D2
  Hanorah 29 Wife Ireland    
  Kate 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary 4 Daughter Orleans    
  James 2y 3m Son Orleans    
  Lenora 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    
FLEMING Katherine 40 Sister-in-Law Ireland Widow  
GAZE Edward       See HALL 59-D2
GIBBS Ezra 42 M Orleans Miller 260-D2
  Mary 33 Wife Allegany    
  Lunette 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Andrew 13 Son Orleans    
  Frank 8 Son MI    
  James 5 Son Orleans    
  Dewitt 3 Son Orleans    
GILBERT Francis 53 M Canada Laborer 154-D1
  Mary 41 Wife Canada    
  Joseph 17 Son Erie Laborer  
  Francis 15 Son Monroe    
  Anthony 12 Son Monroe    
  Edward 10 Son MI    
  Peter 8 Son MI    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Alfred 3 Son Orleans    
  Matilda 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    
GILBERT Leonard O. Dr. 60 M Montgomery Dr./Surgeon - Widower of Elizabeth 165-D2
  Salina 17 Daughter Orleans    
GILMORE Etsel B. 40 M Monroe Farmer 63-D1
  Amanda D. (Munson) 35 Wife Monroe    
  Nettie M. 5 Daughter Orleans    
GILMORE George W. 45 M Monroe Sawyer 175-D1
  Emily S. 28 Wife #4 Niagara    
  Ida 2 Daughter Orleans    
GILMORE John 65 M Saratoga Farmer 145-D1
  Delina (Sutton) 62 Wife Saratoga    
  George F. 29 Son Monroe    
  Rhoda D. 25 Daughter Monroe    
  Sarah L. 20 Daughter Monroe    
GILMORE John W. 31 M Monroe Sawyer 143-D1
  Phebe E. (Ketchum) 28 Wife Schenectady    
KETCHUM George M. 61 Father-in-Law NJ Mason  
KETCHUM Amy 58 Wife #2 Saratoga    
GODFREY Mather Peck 47 M Monroe Farmer 179-D1
  Eliza 42 Wife Herkimer    
  Libbie M. 14 Daughter Orleans    
  Nelson 12 Adopted Orleans    
MARTIN John 26 M Ireland Laborer  
COMSTOCK H. Henry 16 M Herkimer Laborer  
FULLER Alzine 20 F MI Domestic  
GOODRICH Chloe       See MAXON 47-D1
GOODRICH Franklin 48 M Canada Farmer 259-D2
  Sarah 34 Wife MA    
  Frank 11 Son Orleans    
  Henry 2 Son Orleans    
GOODRICH Peter 38 Hus #2 Canada Carpenter 80-D1
  Mary (Mrs. Dunn) 39 Wife VT    
  Louisa 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Lenora 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Mercy 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Albert W. 8 Son Orleans    
  Sarah J. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  George H. 5 Son Orleans    
  Harriet 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Edmund D. 1y 5m Son Orleans    
DUNN William E. 17 Stepson Orleans Laborer  
GOOLD Reuben K. 34 M Orleans Farmer 71-D2
  Electa J. (Kuck) 35 Wife #2 Orleans    
FERDUN Adeline 18 F Canada Domestic  
GRAHAM Elizabeth A.       See KUCK 70-D2
GRAHAM Mary       See SIMPSON 149-D1
GRAY Everett 56 Hus #2 NJ Farmer 30-D1
  Hannah (Mrs.Furell) 63 Wife #2 Ontario    
GRAY Sarah Everett 88 Mother NJ Widow of Jonas  
FURELL Aretas 33 Stepson Orleans Farmer  
GRAY Patrick 46 M Ireland Laborer 228-D1
  Margaret 34 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 5 Daughter Orleans    
  James 2 Son Orleans    
GREAR Levi       See VanDERKAR 176-D1
GREELEY Adelaide E.       See DUNHAM 106-D2
GREEN James 43 M Saratoga Laborer 233-D1
  Jane 39 Wife Columbia    
  James H. 16 Son Saratoga Laborer  
  Charles W. 14 Son Montgomery    
  Henrietta 12 Daughter Montgomery    
  Anne M. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  George 3 Son Orleans    
  Walter 1y 4m Son Orleans    
GRIFFIN Philander Rev. 47 Hus #2 Herkimer Clergyman 187-D1
  Mary M. 46 Wife OH    
WILSON Ellen 24 F Orleans Domestic  
GRISWOLD Joseph 63 M PA Farmer 231-D2
  Mary 48 Wife #2 Chautauqua    
  John 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Fanny 17 Daughter Orleans    
GROAK John       See ENGLISH 107-D1
GROAK Stephen 48 Hus #2 England Farmer 61-D1
  Sarah TisdaleCrippen 49 Wife Monroe    
  Charles E. 9 Son Orleans    
CRIPPEN Caroline 21 Stepdaughter Orleans    
GROVER Andrew       See WICKHAM 144-D2
GROW Jasper M. 57 M Seneca Farmer 64-D2
  Betsey Jane (Clark) 56 Wife Wayne    
  Charlotte M. 26 Daughter Orleans Teacher  
GROW Maltby C. 34 M Wayne Farmer 14-D2
  Mary 30 Wife Orleans    
WILSON Sarah 12 F Orleans Servant  

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