1865 Census F

Town of Carlton - F

FACE Daniel G. 49 M Greene Blacksmith 46-D1
  Frances 29 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Ballard D. 14 Son Orleans    
FARR Chester W. 48 M Orleans Farmer 71-D1
  Sally A. 44 Wife Madison    
  Ellen M. 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Ada M. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Frances L. A. 9 Daughter Orleans    
HORNER Matthew 45 M England Farm Laborer/Widower  
HORNER John 15 Son England Servant  
FAUROLI L. B. 46 M Ontario   37-D2
  E. W. 44 Wife #2 PA    
MORRIS A. W. 80 Mother-in-Law NJ Widow  
FERDUN Adeline       See GOOLD 71-D2
FERDUN Charles F.       See WOODS 246-D1
FERDUN Hannah       See CURTIS 74-D1
FERDUN Samuel       See MANN 189-D1
FERRIS Albert 34 M CT Farmer 75-D2
  E. J. 28 Wife Orleans    
  L. J. 7 Son Orleans    
  Mary 5 Daughter Orleans    
FIELDS Solomon 66 Hus #2 CT Farmer 35-D1
  Jane 72 Wife CT    
  William 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
FISH Sarah W. 60 F NH Widow (2) of John 6-D2
  Moses 13 Son Orleans    
BADGLEY Aurelia 20 Granddaughter Orleans    
BADGLEY S. A. 3y 4m Great Granddaughter MI    
FLEMING Katherine       See GAVIN 22-D2
FLETCHER William       See BLANCHARD 97-D2
FOLLETT George       See HENRY 270-D2
FORBES John L. 34 M Genesee Farmer 129-D2
  Ellen 34 Wife Onondaga    
  Smith R. 7 Son Orleans    
  Francis E. 4 mo Son Orleans    
FORD Thomas 35 M England Laborer 23-D1
  Jeanette (Jeffrey) 31 Wife England    
  George 9 Son England    
  William 7 Son England    
  Thomas H. 5 Son Orleans    
  Alice 3y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Edgar 1y 6m Son Orleans    
FORTUNE Lawrence 30 M Ireland Laborer 180-D1
  Catherine 25 Wife Ireland    
  William 8 mo Son Orleans    
FOWLER Robert C.       See WHALING 135-D2
FRENCH William 46 M NY Laborer 147-D1
  Mahala 32 Wife Canada    
  Mary M. 1y 2m Daughter Orleans    
FROST A. C. Dr. 40 Hus #2 Onondaga Physician 240-D2
  Jane A. 48 Wife #2 Madison    
  Mary J. 8 Daughter Ontario    
BUCKINGHAM Frances 23 Stepdaughter Chenango Single  
FROST Herman       See BLANCHARD 97-D2
FULLER Alzina       See GODFREY 179-D1
FULLER David 46 M Orleans Farmer 211-D2
  Joan (Sebring) 40 Wife Orleans    
  George 19 Son Orleans    
  Olin 17 Son Orleans    
  Andrew 12 Son Orleans    
DILL Elizabeth 15 F Scotland Domestic  
FULLER Earl D. 31 M Orleans Farmer 262-D1
  Julia A. 24 Wife Orleans    
  Earl N. 1y 7m Son Orleans    
FULLER Elizabeth (Sherwood) 57 F CT Widow of Thomas 210-D2
  Myron S. 24 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Theodore 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Harriet E. 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Julian H. 15 Son Orleans    
FULLER G. L. 24 M Orleans Farmer 208-D2
  E. 20 Wife Orleans    
  G. S. 1y 4m Son Orleans    
FULLER Harrison B. 26 M Orleans Farmer 107-D2
  Martha B. 24 Wife Orleans    
FULLER Philo 24 Brother Orleans Farmer  
FULLER Edwin 23 Brother Orleans Farmer  
FULLER Josephus 21 Brother Orleans Farmer  
FULLER Harmon 64 Father PA Farmer  
FULLER Polly (Barnum) 62 Mother Cayuga    
FULLER Ida 40 F Orleans Married 105-D2
WARNER Ethlean 15 Child Orleans    
WARNER C. B. 8 Child Orleans Male  
WARNER Ozro 5 Child Orleans    
FULLER Joseph P. 59 Hus #2 Wayne Farmer 261-D1
  Mary A. (Mrs. Dean) 51 Wife #2 CT    
DEAN William N. 27 Stepson Canada Farmer  
DEAN Sanford H. 12 Stepson Orleans    
BRIGGS Hattie 5 Adopted Madison    
THOMAS Mary 16 F Genesee Domestic  
FULLER Lyman 57 M PA Farmer 61-D2
  Roxanna (Barnum) 55 Wife Niagara    
FULLER Nathan R. 30 M Orleans Farmer 62-D2
  Abby (Root) 25 Wife Orleans    
  Charlotte D. 2y 2m Daughter Orleans    
CORNELL Augustus 14 M Orleans Servant  
FULLER Reuben 65 Hus #3 PA Farmer 209-D2
  Harriet (St.John) 56 Wife #3 Schenectady    
  Lewis 20 Son Orleans    
ST. JOHN Seymour 19 Stepson Saratoga    
LEWIS Mariette 25 F Washington Domestic  
FULLER Reuben Elmer 33 M Orleans Farmer 117-D2
  Celia 31 Wife Orleans    
  Hattie D. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Alvah A. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
FULLER Ida 18 F Orleans Domestic  
BRADSHAW John 24 M Rensselaer Farm Laborer  
FURRELL Aretas       See GRAY 30-D1

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