1875 CLARENDON Orleans, NY Census

1875 Census - Orleans County, NY

Town of Clarendon - W

WADSWORTH, BETSEY - SEE FINCHER                                  280-P29

WADSWORTH, HARMON           62 M        MONROE      FARMER       279-P29
    SARAH A.                61 WIFE     ONEIDA
    HIRAM                   34 SON      ORLEANS     FARMER

WAIT, JERRY                 45 M        COLUMBIA    FARMER         9-P 1
    HELEN M.                43 WIFE     WESTFIELD
    FRANK H.                19 SON      MONROE      NYC RR

WARD, HIRAM                 52 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       129-P13
    AMELIA                  55 WIFE     ORLEANS
    WINFIELD S.             21 SON      ORLEANS     FARMER
    FRANCES                 18 DAU      ORLEANS

WARNER, JAMES - SEE ELLIOTT                                      203-P20

WARREN, EUGENE              28 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       249-P25
    EVA                     28 WIFE     ORLEANS
    ADA D.                   4 DAU      ORLEANS
    RENA                     2 DAU      ORLEANS
    CORA                     1 DAU      ORLEANS

WARREN, JAMES               56 M        CONN.       FARMER         5-P 1
    LODASKY                 44 WIFE     ONONDAGA
    WILBUR                  22 SON      ORLEANS     FARMER
    EMELINE                 14 DAU      ORLEANS
    VANTIA                  11 DAU      ORLEANS
    CHARLES                  8 SON      ORLEANS
    RALPH                    5 SON      ORLEANS
    GRACE                6 MO. DAU      ORLEANS

WARREN, LEANDER             57 M        CONN.       FARMER         1-P 1
    AMELIA                  50 WIFE     MONROE
    FRANKLIN R.             24 SON      ORLEANS     FARMER
    EDWIN L.                22 SON      ORLEANS     TEACHER
    CLARENCE                10 SON      ORLEANS

WARREN, NATHAN O.           57 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       284-P29
    ELIZA                   58 WIFE     CONN.
    HELEN E.                26 DAU      ORLEANS     DOMESTIC
    WILLIS H.               15 SON      ORLEANS

WATERSON - SEE BENTON                                            358-P36

WEBSTER, HARRISON           30 M        ORLEANS     FARMER        31-P 4
    EMMA                    29 WIFE     WYOMING
    CHARLES                  4 SON      ORLEANS
    CLARK                    1 SON      ORLEANS
VENTON, CHARLES             19 M        ORLEANS     FARM LBR.

WEBSTER, WILLIAM            25 M        ENGLAND     DAY FARMER   248-P24
    MARY                    23 WIFE     ORLEANS
    BENJAMIN                 1 SON      ORLEANS

WEDDEL, JACOB - SEE WILCOX                                       114-P11

WEED, MARY - SEE COOK                                            185-P17

WELLS, WILLIAM              50 M        CONN.       FARMER       126-P13
    SALLY A.                46 WIFE     NY
    EMMA                    26 DAU      ORLEANS
    MARY                    20 DAU      ORLEANS     DRESSMAKER

WEST, FRANK - SEE GILLIS                                         125-P12

WETHERBEE, ADA - SEE BYRNS                                        82-P 8

WETHERBEE, ADA - SEE TURNER                                      199-P19

WETHERBEE, DAVID            44 M        ORLEANS     SHOEMAKER    229-P22
    MARY                    43 WIFE     ENGLAND
    ELLA R.                 20 DAU      ORLEANS     TEACHER
    ALICE M.                18 DAU      ORLEANS     MILLINER
    HARRIET A.              11 DAU      ORLEANS

WETHERBEE, IRA              69 M        FULTON      FARMER       180-P17
    ANNA                    26 WIFE     ORLEANS
    MARTHA               3 MO. DAU      ORLEANS

    WILLIAM                 34 SON      ORLEANS     FARMER
    SARAH E.                32 DAU      ORLEANS     HOUSEKEEPER
    EUGENIA                 14 GR.DAU   ORLEANS     DOMESTIC

WHIPPLE, DANIEL             56 M        MONROE      FARMER       357-P36
    ARVILLA                 41 WIFE     RENSSELAER
    ALONZO                  18 SON      ORLEANS     FARMER
    EDWIN                   16 SON      ORLEANS
    ETHAN                   11 SON      ORLEANS
    ALVA                     7 SON      ORLEANS

WHITNEY, MARY               45 F        ORLEANS     WIDOW         38-P 5
    WILLIE D.               19 SON      ORLEANS

WHITNEY, STELLA - SEE THOMAS                                     377-P39

WILCOX, DAVID P.            55 M        GENESEE     FARMER       114-P11
    BETSEY                  54 WIFE     MONROE
    DAY                     19 SON      WISCONSIN   FARMER
    NORA                    16 DAU      MICHIGAN
WILCOX, PRIEST              23 M        WISCONSIN   FARMER
    JOSEPHINE               22 WIFE     WAYNE
WEDDEL, JACOB               32 M        CANADA      FARMER BY MO.

WILLIAMS, ELIJAH L.         73 M        CONN.       FARMER       289-P30
    PATIENCE                62 WIFE     ONONDAGA
BEACH, ALVIN                12 GR.SON   ORLEANS

WILLIAMS, ELY               32 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       386-P40
    ROCELIA                 34 WIFE     ORLEANS
    DAVID                   12 SON      ORLEANS
    WALLACE                 10 SON      ORLEANS
    CLARENCE                 8 SON      ORLEANS
    MINA                     6 DAU      ORLEANS

WILLIAMS, EMMA M. - SEE MAY                                      168-P16

WILLIAMS, SAMUEL            35 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       292-P30
    AGNES                   35 WIFE     ENGLAND
    ALLEN                   11 SON      ORLEANS
    FRANCIS                  9 SON      ORLEANS
    VIOLA                    5 DAU      ORLEANS
    ROSAEINA                 2 DAU      ORLEANS

WILLOUGHBY - SEE KEYS                                            122-P12

WILSON, CHARLES             45 M        ENGLAND     MASON         93-P 9
    MARY                    46 WIFE     ENGLAND
    ROBERT                  17 SON      MONROE      FARMER
    ELIZA                   18 DAU      MONROE
    CHARLES                 15 SON      ORLEANS

WINCHELL, CHARLES           31 M        ORLEANS     REAL ESTATE  208-P20
    JANE                    28 WIFE     ORLEANS
WINCHELL, MARTIN            59 FATHER   NY          FARMER
    HANNAH                  53 MOTHER   ORLEANS
KIDNEY, LEWIS               24 M        ORLEANS     FARM BY DAY
    ELIZABETH               26 WIFE     NY
    ADA                  1 MO. DAU      ORLEANS

WINCHELL, CHARLOTTE - SEE LILIKENDIE                             323-P33

WINN - SEE DARROW                                                239-P23

WOOD - SEE PECK                                                  336-P34

WOODARD - SEE SNYDER                                              94-P 9

WOODARD, BENJAMIN - SEE CLARK                                    124-P12

WRIGHT, JOHN                40 M        ENGLAND     DAY LBR.     242-P23
    ANN M.                  40 WIFE     ORLEANS
    SARAH J.                18 DAU      ORLEANS     HOUSEKEEPER
    MARY J.                 18 DAU      ORLEANS     HOUSEKEEPER

WYMAN, FRANK A.             26 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       152-P14
    ELIZABETH               25 WIFE     MONROE
    LEWIS                    5 SON      ORLEANS
    JEDDY           1 YR 6 MO. SON      ORLEANS

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