1930 CARLTON, Orleans, NY Census - E

1930 Census - Orleans County, NY

Town of Carlton - E

EBBS, ARTHUR E.          43 HEAD                  NY, F/ENG, M/NY 37-11-43
                            AGE 1ST MARR 21       LBR
     JENNIE E. (CONKLIN) 40 WIFE, 1ST MARR 18     MI, F/PA, M/NY
     GEORGE W.           20 SON                   NY, LBR
     DOROTHY M.          18 DAU                   NY
     EMMA M.             16 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL
     ALFRED J.           14 SON                   NY, SCHOOL
     FRANK R.            10 SON                   NY, SCHOOL
     RUTH M.              8 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL
     CHARLES R.           5 SON                   NY

EBBS, CLYDE H.           40 HEAD                  NY, F/ENG, M/NY 37-12-146
                                                  AGE 1ST MARR 18, FARMER
     BERTHA MAY (KELLY)  38 WIFE                  NY, PAR/NY, 1ST MARR 16
     NORMAN E.           18 SON                   NY
     ALICE E.            16 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL
     ELSIE E.             7 DAU                   NY, SCHOOL
     CLAYTON MYRON        5 SON                   NY

EBBS, GEORGE             74 HEAD                  ENG, PAR/ENG   37-11-160
                            AGE 1ST MARR 28       FARMER, IMM 1874N
     EMMA A. (HILL)      74 WIFE                  NY, PAR/NY, 1ST MARR 28

ECCLESTON, ARTHUR I. MD  56 HEAD                  NY, PAR/NY     37-11-86
                                                  AGE 1ST MARR 24, PHYSICIAN
     ADELAIDE L.(BALDWIN)48 WIFE                  NY, PAR/NY

EDWARDS, DORA H. - SEE MATTISON                                  37-11-80

ELSIE, WILLIAM D. - SEE SCHARPING                                37-11-141

ENNIS, LAWRENCE - SEE OLMSTEAD                                   37-11-47

ERGOTT, LUTHER W.        23 HEAD                  PA, PAR/PA     37-12-160
                                                  AGE 1ST MARR 19, FARM LBR
     REBA M.             23 WIFE                  PA, PAR/PA, 1ST MARR 19
     ALICE K.             3 YR 5 MO. DAU          PA

ERGOTT, NELSON WARD      46 HEAD                  PA, PAR/PA     37-12-175
                                                  AGE 1ST MARR 22, FARMER
     SADIE K. (HOFFMAN)  44 WIFE                  PA, PAR/PA, 1ST MARR 20
     CLIFFORD M.         16 SON                   PA, SCHOOL
     DELVIN LARUE        13 SON                   PA, SCHOOL
     WARD E.             10 SON                   PA, SCHOOL
     CHESTER              9 SON                   PA, SCHOOL

ERWAY, REVA B. - SEE GRAY                                        37-11-188

ERWAY, VILBERT LEWELLYN  28 HEAD                  PA, PAR/PA     37-11-231
                                                  AGE 1ST MARR 22, FARMER
     CLETE A. (SCHENCK)  28 WIFE                  NY, PAR/NY, 1ST MARR 22
ERWAY, CLAYTON L.         9 BROTHER               PA, PAR/PA, SCHOOL
ERWAY, ISABEL M.          7 SISTER                NY, PAR/PA, SCHOOL
PARMELEE, CARL           28 BOARDER, WW1          NY, PAR/NY, SINGLE
                                                  STATE ROAD MECHANIC

EVANS, JAMES C.          67 HEAD                  CAN-ENG, PAR/ENG 37-11-69
                            AGE 1ST MARR 25       HARNESS SHOP, IMM 1874N
     MAY M.              66 WIFE, AGE 1ST MARR 24 CAN-ENG, PAR/ENG IMM 1885N

EVERETT, JACOB - SEE GRIMES                                      37-11-134

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