1865 Census W

Town of Barre - W

WAGE William S. 51 M Saratoga Farmer 260-D2
  Julia C. (Woodard) 48 Wife Saratoga    
  Edwin S. 29 Son Saratoga Married  
  William Pulaski 19 Son Orleans    
  Walter 15 Son Orleans    
WAGNER Andrew 42 M Germany Farmer 57-D1
  Pauline 37 Wife Germany    
  John 9 Son Orleans    
  Catherine 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Deborah 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Jenette 9 mo Daughter Orleans    
WAKEFIELD Benjamin F. 37 M Otsego Soldier 97-D1
  Millie 31 Wife Steuben    
  Bruce C. 5 Son Monroe    
  Waldo E. 3 Son Orleans    
WALKER         See HARLING 129-D1
WALKER Elizabeth       See MATTINSON 33-D1
WALSWORTH Hiram 33 M Genesee Farmer 129-D3
  Mary 28 Wife Orleans    
  Clara 8 Daughter Orleans    
  William G. 7 Son Genesee    
  Henry E. 4 Son Orleans    
  Otto J. 2 Son Genesee    
WARN Calvin       See SHOLTS 285-D3
WARD George T. 26 M MI Farmer 252-D3
  Mary J. 24 Wife Allegany    
WARD Lewis P. 24 Boarder MI    
WARNER Addison 28 M Orleans Harness Maker 73-D3
  Fannie (Briggs) 24 Wife Orleans    
BRIGGS Sarah 45 Mother-in-Law Orleans Husband/Alvin  
LOOMIS Austin 42 M Orleans Farmer  
LOOMIS Ann 43 Wife Orleans    
PALMER James 50 M Orleans Servant  
FLANSBURG Ada 14 F Herkimer Domestic  
WARNER Austin 31 M Ontario Farmer 213-D3
  Jane S. (Barker) 24 Wife Orleans    
BARKER Joseph 63 Father-in-Law England    
BARKER Elizabeth(Guernsey) 53 Step Mother-in-Law Schoharie    
GUERNSEY Thompson 24 Step Brother-in-Law Orleans Machinist  
STRATTON Frank 14 M Orleans Servant  
WARNER Chester 30 M Orleans Farmer 94-D3
  A. Malvina (Mosher) 25 Wife Orleans    
WARNER Lavina Thurston 62 Mother Oneida Widow of Leonard  
SWANN Augustus 34 M Ontario Laborer  
SWANN Mary Ann 34 Wife Orleans    
SWANN Frances 11 Daughter Orleans    
WARNER Dewitt Clinton 59 M Ontario Farmer 80-D3
  Polly 58 Wife Ontario    
  Electa 24 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles L. 15 Son Orleans    
WARNER Justin D. 34 M Orleans Farmer 102-D2
  Esther M. (Whiting) 28 Wife Allegany    
  Hattie J. 3 Daughter Orleans    
WARNER Myron H. 53 M Ontario Farmer 125-D1
  Julia 51 Wife Ontario    
  George 22 Son MI    
  Eugenie 18 Daughter Orleans    
WARNER Nelson 32 M Orleans Laborer 111-D3
  Lydia (Green) 36 Wife Onondaga    
WARNER Elijah 36 Boarder Orleans Laborer  
WARNER Daniel 16 M Orleans Servant  
WARNER Oliver C. 35 M Orleans Farmer 126-D1
  Mary A. 24 Wife Monroe    
  George 2 Son Orleans    
  Albert 1 Son Orleans    
WARNER Sheldon 32 M Ontario Farmer 88-D3
  Sarah J. (Porter) 32 Wife Orleans    
  George 9 Son Orleans    
  Electa J. 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Henry E. 1 Son Orleans    
CULLEN John 23 M Canada Servant  
WARNER William H. 29 M Orleans Laborer 110-D3
  Sarah 23 Wife Orleans    
  Leonard 2y 5 m Son Orleans    
WATERMAN John Hancock 53 M Otsego Farmer 241-D2
  Mary Bevier (Nimmons) 43 Wife Chenango    
  James 21 Son Cayuga    
  George M. 19 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Justus D. 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Kate M. 12 Daughter Orleans    
WATERMAN Thomas 59 M England Laborer 237-D2
  Ann 57 Wife England    
WATSON Charles 32 M England Farmer 217-D3
  Sarah 26 Wife England    
  Charles 3y 11m Son Orleans    
  Manley 3 mo Son Orleans    
WAURAUGH Jacob 58 M Germany Mechanic 306-D2
  Catherine 57 Wife Germany    
  Jacob 26 Son Germany Farmer  
  Daniel 18 Son Monroe Farmer  
  Philip 16 Son Monroe Farmer  
  Mary 13 Daughter Monroe    
  George 10 Son Monroe    
WEBER Sam 43 M England Farmer 268-D3
  Emma 40 Wife #2 England    
  James 1y 8 m Son Orleans    
MATTHEWS Edward 40 Boarder Orleans Farmer  
WEBSTER Charles H. 37 M Orleans Farmer 79-D2
  Sarah 36 Wife Columbia    
  Nellie J. 11 Daughter Canada    
GATES Mary A. 35 F Chautauqua    
HIX George 15 M Orleans Servant  
WEBSTER Jonah D. 34 M Orleans Farmer 297-D2
  Jane 28 Wife Niagara    
  Frances 7 Daughter Niagara    
  George 5 Son Niagara    
WELCH Patrick       See MALOY 189-D2
WELLS         See BOND 26-D1
WELLS Edward 36 M England Farmer 29-D2
  Sarah A. 34 Wife England    
  Sarah A. 14 Daughter England    
  Fred 11 Son England    
  John 7 Son England    
WELLS Frank 50 M Canada Laborer 160-D2
  Mary 37 Wife #2 Canada    
  Jennie 6 Daughter Orleans    
WELLS Gideon 38 M CT Farmer 183-D2
  Catherine (Beckwith) 35 Wife Monroe    
  Fred 7 Son Orleans    
WELLS Charlotte 74 Mother CT Widow of Luman  
TINSLEY Charles 15 M Orleans    
WELLS Lucy       See READY 62-D2
WEST Frederick 34 M England Farmer 91-D2
  Salina 30 Wife England    
  Thomas F. 11 Son Orleans    
  Mary S. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank W. 5 Son England    
WETHERBEE Albert 32 Boarder Orleans Farmer  
WESCOTT David 67 M Saratoga Farmer 113-D3
  Celinda 64 Wife CT    
  Harvey 42 Son Saratoga    
  Martha 40 Daughter Saratoga    
  Julia A. 39 Daughter Saratoga    
  Calvin B. 35 Son Orleans    
WESCOTT John 40 Son Saratoga Laborer  
  Elizabeth 29 Daughter-in-Law Canada    
  Martha 10 Granddaughter Orleans    
  Lucy 8 Granddaughter Orleans    
  Fred 7 Grandson Orleans    
  Frank 5 Grandson Orleans    
  Emma 2 Granddaughter Orleans    
WETHERBEE Albert       See WEST 91-D2
WETHERBEE Ansel 30 M Onondaga Farmer 105-D2
  Mary E. (Sheldon) 25 Wife Monroe    
  George A. 1 Son Orleans    
WETHERBEE Weston 65 M Onondaga Farmer 82-D2
  Mary Ann (Smith) 35 Wife #2 Warren    
  Weston 8 Son Orleans    
  Clarence A. 6 Son Orleans    
  L. D. 3y 9m Son Orleans    
  Eva Laverna 2 Daughter Orleans    
WHALEN Catherine       See SAGER 206-D2
WHEELER         See ELDRIDGE 224-D3
WHITCOMB Edwin E. 24 M Wayne Farmer 6-D2
  Adeline A. 23 Wife Monroe    
  Willie 2 Son Orleans    
WHITCOMB S. 50 M Wayne Farmer 313-D2
  A. S. 47 Wife Jefferson    
  F. H. 20 Son Wayne    
  Nellie 20 Daughter Genesee    
TOUSLEY H. 77 M VT Servant/Widower  
TOUSLEY Fidelia 46 F Jefferson Servant/Single  
WHITE Ferren J. 47 M VT Farmer 26-D2
  Laura 46 Wife Oneida    
  Frank 21 Son Cayuga    
  George 19 Son Cayuga    
  Ellen 17 Daughter Orleans    
WHITE Joseph       See SLUSSER 112-D3
WHITE Milton       See CULVER 195-D2
WHITING Lucy       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
WHITING Philo B. 24 M Orleans Farmer 13-D3
  Margaret A. 19 Wife Orleans    
WHITING Thomas S. 67 M CT Farmer 100-D2
  Polly (Crane) 62 Wife Onondaga    
  Horton 30 Son Onondaga    
  Agnes (Stevenson) 20 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
  Adelaide A. 10 mo Granddaughter Orleans    
WHITNEY Jeremiah 55 M Ulster Farmer 141-D3
  Mary S. 35 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Edward 20 Son Orleans    
  Willard D. 9 Son Orleans    
WHITNEY Jonas 41 M Orleans Farmer 50-D1
  Julia Emeline 42 Wife Erie    
  Louise J. 21 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles M. 19 Son Orleans Soldier  
  Herbert J. 11 Son Orleans    
  Frank P. 8 Son Orleans    
CHATTENDON Dewitt 7 M Orleans Servant  
WHITNEY Jonathan 72 M Ontario Farmer 49-D1
  Betsey A. 60 Wife VT    
  Stephen M. 35 Son Orleans    
  Ann J. 31 Daughter-in-Law Madison    
SIMMONDS Ivory 21 M Canada Laborer  
WHITTEN Samuel 50 M Genesee Farmer 9-D2
  Susan 42 Wife Fulton    
  Mary J. 15 Daughter Genesee    
  Ann E. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen H. 8 Daughter Orleans    
  William 6 Son Orleans    
  John 3y 11m Son Orleans    
  Harriet 1y 10m Daughter Orleans    
WICKHAM Jeanna       See BENTON 106-D2
WILCOX Dorcas       See BILLINGS 101-D3
WILDER E. H. 38 M Cayuga Farmer 230-D3
  Julia A. 39 Wife Orleans    
  Julius E. 12 Son Cayuga    
CARTER Eliza 43 Boarder Jefferson Widow  
ELDRIDGE Antoinette 17 F Orleans Domestic  
PRICKETT John 20 M England Laborer  
WILEY Frances       See BAILEY 133-D1
WILLIAMS Cora       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
WILLIAMS George       See MORSE 75-D2
WILLIAMS George R. 46 M Otsego Farmer 268-D2
  Abigail H. (Tracy) 43 Wife Otsego    
  Albert F. 17 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Adele A. 11 Daughter Orleans    
WILLIAMS Lemuel C. 40 M Otsego Farmer 266-D2
  Sarah E. 30 Wife Orleans    
WILLIAMS Samuel H. 44 M Otsego Farmer 267-D2
  Juliet 33 Wife Wyoming    
WILLIAMSON         See REED 77-D1
WILLIS William       See SHOLTS 285-D3
WILSON Caroline       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
WILSON Charles H.       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
WILSON Eli       See BUTTS 65-D1
WILSON Helen       See MORSE 75-D2
WILSON John       See WRIGHT 5-D3
WILSON John 35 M Scotland Laborer 260-D3
  Ellen 31 Wife Ireland    
  William 6 Son Orleans    
  Francis W. 4 Son Orleans    
  John 2 Son Orleans    
WILSON Matilda       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
WINE Cordelia       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
WINE John       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
WING Silas S. 31 M Oneida Farmer 249-D2
  Almira 26 Wife Oneida    
  Flora P. 1y 4m Daughter Genesee    
WIRT Henry J. 55 Hus #2 Ontario Farmer 245-D3
  Elizabeth 40 Wife #2 Canada    
  Frances 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 13 Daughter Orleans    
  Maude 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Grace 5 Daughter Orleans    
SUTHERLAND Alice 24 Stepdaughter Erie    
WIRT William H. 33 M Orleans Farmer 246-D3
  Elizabeth 31 Wife Orleans    
  Maude A. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Ernest 6 mo Son Orleans    
WISER Caroline       See SNYDER 84-D2
WISER Orrin       See REEVES 171-D3
WISNER         See HIBBARD 170-D3
WOLCOTT Oliver 67 M CT Widower of Mary Mumford 59-D2
BIRCH Theodore 33 Son-in-Law Wayne    
BIRCH Laura S. (Wolcott) 30 Daughter Orleans    
WOLFROM Morgan 54 M Wayne Farmer 194-D2
  Elizabeth 53 Wife Wayne    
  Theodore H. 22 Son Monroe Farmer  
  Cassius 19 Son Monroe    
  Caroline E. 17 Daughter Monroe    
  Jerome 14 Son Orleans    
WOOD Albert 36 M Otsego Farmer/Single 166-D2
  Rachael 67 Mother MA Widow of Joseph  
  Melissa 39 Sister Otsego    
  Harriet 38 Sister Otsego    
TORREY George 70 Uncle MA    
WOOD Nancy Mattison 42 F Columbia Widow of Dr. James  
  Phebe A. 13 Daughter Orleans    
WOODRUFF Lavinia       See FERGUSON 64-D3
WOODS Charles 55 M England Laborer 217-D2
  Ellen 30 Wife #2 Ireland    
  James 4 Son Canada    
WRIGHT Daniel G. 50 M Montgomery Farmer 105-D1
  Lucy (Lord) 46 Wife Wayne    
  Edgar M. 20 Son Orleans Teacher  
  Coville 15 Son Orleans    
  Genevieve 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Vjaletta 6 Daughter Orleans    
WRIGHT Percineth 61 F Columbia Widow of William  
DYKEAN Emily S. 30 F Yates Boarder  
DYKEAN Helen A. 8 F Yates Boarder  
WRIGHT Elisha Col. 73 M CT Farmer 5-D3
  Nancy (Phillips) 71 Wife MA    
WILSON John 48 M England Servant  
WRIGHT Jacob 80 M Columbia Farmer 132-D1
  Fannie (Davis) 78 Wife VT    
  Eber 55 Son Montgomery Farmer  
  Lucy 50 Daughter-in-Law Saratoga    
BATES Byron 19 M Unknown Laborer  
WRIGHT John 37 M England Farmer 233-D2
  Ann M. 37 Wife Orleans    
  John F. 11 Son Orleans    
  Mary Jane 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah Jane 9 Daughter Orleans    
  William H. 7 Son Orleans    
  Washington C. 5 Son Orleans    
  Jennie 10 mo Daughter Orleans    
WRIGHT Joseph A. 64 M Columbia Farmer 113-D1
  Melinda c. (Spencer) 53 Wife CT    
  Spencer A. 31 Son Orleans    
  Clark 27 Son Orleans    
  Augusta 20 Daughter Orleans    
  Ida C. 12 Daughter Orleans    
LORD Charles 18 M Orleans Laborer  
WRIGHT Justus W. 28 M Orleans Farmer 111-D1
  Delia A. (Lord) 27 Wife Genesee    
  Alfred E. 4 Son Orleans    
  Alma E. 3 mo Daughter Orleans    
WRIGHT Morris 33 M Orleans Farmer 251-D2
  Marion 29 Wife #2 Orleans    
  George L. 2 Son Orleans    
WRIGHT Washington 68 Father Otsego Farmer/M (2)  
WRIGHT Laura 50 Stepmother CT M (2)  
DELAND Miss Martha 21 Stepsister Orleans    
SHEELAR Adam 16 M Monroe Farm Laborer  
WRIGHT Thomas       See MILLER 203-D2
WRIGHT William 72 M England Farmer 279-D2
  Mary 72 Wife England    
WYBROW Harry 50 M England Ditcher 133-D2
  Mary A. 40 Wife England    
  Anna 14 Daughter England    
WYMAN Edward 28 M England Farmer 163-D3
  Sarah 28 Wife England    
  Anna E. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Louisa A. 8 Daughter IN    
  Ella G. 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Julia 2y10m Daughter Orleans    
  William 9 mo Son Orleans    
WYMAN Eliphalet 48 M Yates Farmer 248-D2
  Mary M. 43 Wife Columbia    
  Sarah 21 Daughter Yates    
  Perry 19 Son Orleans    
WYMAN H. H.       See GREEN 191-D3
WYMAN Samuel K. 44 M Yates Farmer 72-D2
  Luana (Bragg) 37 Wife Orleans    
  Ella Louise 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Leander 13 Son Orleans    
  Nancy Kate 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary L. 4 Daughter Orleans    

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