1865 Census H

Town of Barre - H


HAIGHT Clara       See TRIPP 28-D1
HAIGHT John       See LATTIN 2-D1
HALE Luther 55 M St. Lawrence Farmer 122-D3
  Laura A. 49 Wife CT    
HALL         See HILL 245-D2
HALL A. B. 45 M Saratoga Farmer 296-D2
  Mary E. 42 Wife #2 Saratoga    
  Byron 13 Son Saratoga    
  Morella 10 Daughter Saratoga    
  Melvin 5 Son Orleans    
HALL Ann       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HALL Clark 51 M VT Farmer 19-D1
  Harriet 41 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Frank 22 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Walter 15 Son Orleans    
  Willis 6 Son Orleans    
  Edward 2 Son Orleans    
FLYNN Kate 15 F Ireland Domestic  
HALL Rell       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HALLOCK Issac 38 M Orleans Drover 153-D2
  Sarah 38 Wife Orleans    
BURNHAM Mary 8 Niece Genesee    
HALLOCK Rufus 63 Hus #2 VT Farmer 172-D3
  Susan (Tucker) 61 Wife NH    
  Mary 28 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Adeline 18 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Calvin 21 M MI Farm Laborer  
LeBAR John 25 M Oneida Farm Laborer  
BURNS Alanson 48 Boarder Franklin Widowed/Laborer  
HALLOCK Stephen 35 M Orleans Farmer 46-D1
  Sarah E. (Gibson) 25 Wife Monroe    
SMITH Herbert 13 M Orleans Apprentice  
HALPIN John 26 M Ireland Farmer 82-D1
  Laura L. (Hoag) 23 Wife Orleans    
  Frank E. 1y 6m Son Orleans    
HAMSTREET John 25 Hus #2 Otsego Laborer 193-D3
  Esther 37 Wife Saratoga    
BROWN Charles W. 15 Stepson Orleans    
BROWN Celina 13 Stepdaughter Orleans    
HANAGER M. 40 M Germany Laborer 278-D3
  Mary 24 Wife Germany    
  Mary 2 Daughter Orleans    
  Emma 9 mo Daughter Orleans    
HANFORD Ira M. 31 M CT Farmer 169-D2
  Cornelia A.(Raymond) 29 Wife Orleans    
  Louis R. 11 mo Son Orleans    
SAXTON Henry 22 M England Farm Laborer  
GOULD Mary J. 24 F Genesee Domestic  
HARDING Lewis Clark 48 M Otsego Farmer 211-D2
  Cornelia (Hatch) 46 Wife Monroe    
  Clark H. 19 Son Orleans    
  Cornelia Christine 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred H. 15 Son Orleans    
  Edwin S. 13 Son Orleans    
HARLING Francis 38 M England Farmer 129-D1
  Sarah (Walker) 33 Wife England    
  Agnes 14 Daughter Orleans    
  William 11 Son Orleans    
  Margaret 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Francis 6 Son Orleans    
  Hurd 4 Son Orleans    
  Sarah 1y 9m Daughter Orleans    
WALKER William 80 Father-in-Law England    
  Margaret 45 Sister-in-Law England    
HARMER Julia       See HITCHCOCK 115-D3
HARNETT William       See GILBERT 210-D3
HARPER Calista       See GRIFFITH 181-D2
HARRIS John       See PROCTOR 108-D2
HART Pat       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HART Joseph 45 M Orleans Farmer 42-D1
  Harriet A.(Cole) 30 Wife Orleans    
  Lucy K. 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
VanBUREN Maria 16 F St. Lawrence Domestic  
HART Joseph       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HART         See DARLING 290-D3
HARTWELL Solomon D. 24 M Orleans Farmer 298-D2
  Solomon 64 Father MA Farmer  
  Laura S. (Olmstead) 62 Mother Saratoga    
  Adeline 21 Sister Orleans    
HARWICK Andrew 83 Hus #2 Rensselaer Farmer 290-D2
  Eliza 59 Wife #2 VT    
WOODS Ellen 18 Daughter Orleans Single  
HATCH Emerson J. 38 Hus #2 MA Lbr. Foreman/PA 81-D1
  Sarah C. 37 Wife #2 Schenectady    
  William D. 11 Son Madison    
  Arthur A. 6 Son Madison    
  Artemus J. 6 Son Madison    
  Emma B. 3 Daughter Madison    
  Webster B. F. 6 mo Son Madison    
HATCH William A. 33 M Orleans Farmer 311-D2
  Helen M. 28 Wife Monroe    
  Effie 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Howard 3 Son Orleans    
  Henry 1y 8m Son Orleans    
HATCH Esther 66 Mother MA Widow of Solomon  
HATHAWAY Arthur 74 M MA   3-D3
  Christina C. (Dillon) 68 Wife Ulster    
  Mary 46 Daughter Ulster    
  Esther 28 Daughter Orleans    
HATHAWAY Gilbert D. 40 M Ulster Farmer 2-D3
  Betsey E. 32 Wife Orleans    
  Ida E. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Dora A. 3y 11m Daughter Orleans    
VanBUREN Lucinda 22 F Orleans Domestic  
LUCE Calvin W. 18 M MI Farm Laborer  
HAWLEY Harriet       See BIDWELL 127-D1
HAYDEN Clara       See CURTIS 182-D3
HAYLETT James 57 Hus #2 England Farmer 53-D3
  Hannah 62 Wife #2 England    
HAYLETT Robert 34 M England Farmer 50-D3
  Mary 30 Wife England    
  William 11 Son Orleans    
  James 9 Son Orleans    
  Laura 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Alfred 4 Son Orleans    
  Eliza 2y 1m Daughter Orleans    
HAYLETT Samuel 63 M England Farmer 51-D3
  Elizabeth 63 Wife England    
HAYNES Thomas 65 M PA Farmer 17-D1
  Mary 53 Wife Orleans    
  Myron 18 Son Orleans    
HEARN Fred       See FERRIS 270-D3
HEDGES Marvin 29 Hus #2 Orleans Carpenter 159-D2
  Mary 40 Wife Orleans    
  Mary 8 Daughter Orleans    
  Fred 5 Son Orleans    
  Marvin 4 Son Orleans    
  Douglas 3 Son Orleans    
  McClellan 1y 4m Son Orleans    
HELLER Peter 30 M Canada Blacksmith 24-D2
  Ann 27 Wife Canada    
  Alex 10 Son Canada    
  Susannah 8 Daughter Canada    
  Paul 6 Son Canada    
HENDERSON Henry 36 M Germany Farmer 47-D1
  Lucilla 30 Wife Germany    
  Fred 12 Son Germany    
  Charles 7 Son Germany    
  Caroline 4 Daughter Monroe    
HENNESSEY Dennis 29 M Onondaga Laborer 208-D3
  Adeline 22 Wife Rensselaer    
  Mary 3y 10m Daughter Monroe    
  John 6 MO Son Orleans    
HERRICK Byron B. 30 M Orleans Farmer 88-D2
  Emily (Joiner) 29 Wife Orleans    
  John H. 6 Son Orleans    
HERRICK Eli 70 M Dutchess Farmer 127-D3
  Harriet Matilda 67 Wife CT    
HERRICK Eliza L. (Parsons) 39 F Livingston (Widow of Alonzo) 125-D3
  Cora T. 9 Daughter Orleans    
HERRICK Harvey       See STREET 104-D2
HERRICK Luther N.       See BIGELOW 20-D2
HERRICK Martin 26 M Orleans Farmer 99-D2
  Hannah 23 Wife Orleans    
  Harmon 5 mo Son Orleans    
HERRICK Norman 59 M Madison Farmer 16-D3
  Catherine 51 Wife Monroe    
  Mary C. 28 Son Orleans    
  Daniel 23 Son Orleans    
ELSOM Lydia 12 F England Domestic  
HERRICK Richard J. 65 M Columbia Farmer/Widower of Flora 93-D2
  Franklin 32 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Rachael A. (Root) 30 Daughter-in-Law Orleans    
HERRICK Willard W. 35 M Madison Farmer 128-D3
  Clarinda M. 29 Wife Orleans    
  Adelia M. 9 Daughter Genesee    
  Effie C. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Carrie T. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Jane M. 3 Daughter Genesee    
  Willie A. 1y 4m Son Monroe    
DUTCHER Clinton 14 M MA Servant  
HEY Charles H.       See ISBELL 146-D3
HEY James 82 M - Wed 2 England Blacksmith 11-D3
  Henry 53 Son England Blacksmith  
  Mary 46 Daughter-in-Law England    
  Mary 20 Granddaughter Orleans    
  Ellen 18 Granddaughter Orleans    
  William 15 Grandson Orleans    
JACQUES Ellen J. ? F Orleans Domestic  
HIBBARD Erastus 33 M Orleans Cooper 163-D2
  Armenia 33 Wife Otsego    
  Eva 9 Dau Orleans    
HIBBARD Francis       See NOBLE 104-D3
HIBBARD Jabez 70 M CT Farmer 170-D3
  Eveline C. (Glover) 65 Wife MA    
  Elizabeth 17 Daughter Orleans    
WISNER Henry 22 M Canada Farm Laborer  
WISNER Lina 20 Lbr. Wife Canada    
HIBBARD Roscoe L. 30 M Orleans Farmer 172-D2
  Eveline 25 Wife IL    
  Addie 5 Daughter Orleans    
HIBBARD Royal 57 M VT Farmer 215-D2
  Henrietta 55 Wife Saratoga    
  George 20 Son Orleans    
ROMER Marion I. (Hibbard) 23 Daughter Orleans Wife of J. H. Romer  
HIBBARD Zenas F. 59 M VT Farmer 221-D2
  Amanda (Wrisley) 55 Wife MA    
HICKEY         See DEUEN 228-D3
HIESRODT E. A.       See BIGELOW 20-D2
HIGGINS Thomas       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HILL Esther       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HILL Horatio N. 39 M Orleans Farmer 7-D2
  Hettie (Bodine) 38 Wife NJ    
  Frank DeForest 14 Son Orleans    
  Fred D. V. 13 Son Orleans    
  Lillie E. 11 Daughter Orleans    
  William B. 9 Son Orleans    
  Clarissa A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Joseph H. 5 Son Orleans    
  Walter H. 3 Son Orleans    
  Mary A. 6 mo Daughter Orleans    
HILL Jacob B. 70 M PA Farmer 245-D2
  Mary 62 Wife Seneca    
  Mary S. 33 Daughter Monroe    
HALL Calvin 41 Son-in-Law Monroe    
HALL Elizabeth (Hill) 40 Daughter Monroe    
HALL Florence 8 Granddaughter Orleans    
HILL John W. 34 M Monroe Farmer 300-D2
  Elsie J. 30 Wife Monroe    
  Emma 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Willie 6 Son Orleans    
  Alvah 4 Son Orleans    
  Elmer 2 Son Orleans    
HILL Roderick R. 61 M CT Farmer 70-D2
  Catherine (Booram) 66 Wife NJ    
  Catherine Elizabeth 32 Daughter Orleans    
  Elsie 28 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah C. 18 Daughter Orleans    
HILLS Rensselaer 62 M Madison Farmer 85-D1
  Rhoda M. (Mason) 55 Wife MA    
  John R. 35 Son Madison    
  William F. 19 Son Orleans    
  Almina 16 Daughter Orleans    
HILLS Honor 86 Mother CT Widow of John  
HINCKLEY Isabella       See LOWDEN 73-D1
HINDS Livingston 24 M Orleans Farmer 21-D2
  Rosetta 21 Wife Orleans    
  L. E. 1y 4m Daughter Orleans    
HINDS Otto       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HINKSTON Samuel Orson 46 M Monroe Farmer 258-D2
  Susan 41 Wife Monroe    
HINMAN Nancy       See Orleans County Home 315-D2
HITCHCOCK Lee A. 47 M Oneida Farmer 115-D3
  Ann 36 Wife #2 Monroe    
  Sidney L. 21 Son Oneida    
  Fred 14 Son Orleans    
  Charles H. 12 Son Orleans    
  Matthew 8 Son Orleans    
  Dow H. 6 Son Orleans    
  Blanche 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Maud 2y 1m Daughter Orleans    
HARMER Julia 17 F England Domestic  
HITCHCOCK Samuel       See SANDERSON 173-D3
HIX George       See WEBSTER 79-D2
HIX James 24 M Orleans Miller 31-D2
  Carrie 22 Wife Orleans    


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