1865 Census A

Town of Albion - A

ABBEY Clara A.       see CURRY 146
ABEEL Howard 45 M Greene Co. Merchant 569
  Mary B. (Mather) 34 Wife Orleans Co.    
  James M. 11 Son Orleans Co.    
  Mary L. 1 Daughter Orleans Co.    
Mather Fannie (Bryant) 75 Mother-in Law VT Widow of James  
White Mary 20 F Ireland Servant  
Clark Samuel 15 M Orleans Co. Clerk  
ACHILLES Henry L. Col. 58 M NH Principal of Phipps Seminary 462
  Caroline (Phipps) 52 2nd Wife Oneida Co.    
Coomy Michael 30 M Ireland Porter  
Coomy Ellen 25 F Ireland Servant  
Hoban Maria 35 F Ireland Cook  
Hoban Emma 11 F Monroe Co. Servant  
ACKER Allen 41 M Wayne Co. Machinist 219
  Etta 38 Wife Wayne Co.    
  Eliza 10 Daughter Dutchess Co.    
  William 6 Son Wayne Co.    
ADAMS Lyell T.       see BINGHAM  
ADLER Simon 33 M Germany Clothing 218
  Theresa 27 Wife Germany    
Fox Henry W. 34 M Germany Cutter  
ALBERT Michael 29 M Otsego Co.   721
Albert Catherine 65 Mother Otsego Co. Widow  
Albert Anninda 23 Sister Otsego Co.    
Queal Alexander 12 Nephew Otsego Co.    
ALLEN Julia 26 F Orange Co. Widow 521
  Mary 7 Daughter Broome Co.    
  Fred C. 5 Son Broome Co.    
  George A. 3 Son Orleans Co.    
ALLEN Mary H.       see YOUNG 659
ALLEN Warren L. 60 M Saratoga Co. Newsdealer 265
  Martha 59 Wife Washington Co.    
ALLEN William H.   see JACKSON     625
ALLIS Thomas W. 66 M Ontario Co. Farmer 722
  Elizabeth (Clements) 60 Wife Washington Co.    
Allis Helen (Bement) 29 Daughter-in-law Ontario Co. Wife of Nathan  
  George B. 8 Grandson Orleans Co.    
ALVORD Elizabeth 50 F Livingston Co. Widow of Calvin 524
  Clarence 12 Son Monroe Co.    
Disbrow Richard 30 Son-in-law Niagara Co. Daguerre  
Disbrow Emily (Alvord) 18 Daughter Livingston Co.    
Kinney Arthur 35 Boarder New York Co. News Dealer  
Calhoun James 24 Boarder New York Co. Carriage Trimmer  
O'Brien Mary 18 Boarder Niagara Co.    
AMES Sally 68 F MA Widow 657
  Kate 39 Daughter MA    
Wetherbee Nabby (Ames) 32 Daughter MA    
Wetherbee Sarah 9 Granddaughter WI    
Wetherbee May 6 Granddaughter WI    
AMOS Charles       see SMITH 668
ANDERSON Abram 43 M VT Harness Maker 477
  Mary 31 Wife Saratoga Co.    
  Harry 8 Son Orleans Co.    
  Mary 2 Daughter Orleans Co.    
ANDERSON Mary       see BINGHAM 544
ARGAR Mary       see EMERSON 300
ARMSTRONG Henry 41 M Orleans Co. Pension Agent 707
  Mary A. (Cole) 25 Wife Monroe Co.    
  William 1 Adopted Son MI    
Willihan Eliza J. 12 Sister-in-law Monroe Co.    
ASHBY George C. 53 M England Painter 592
  Mary 58 Wife England    
  George 22 Son England    
  Susan 21 Daughter England    
  Charles 19 Son England    
ATWELL Eli 28 M Orleans Co. Farmer 765
  Mary A. (Miller) 25 1st Wife Orleans Co.    
Atwell Joseph James 65 Father VT Widower of Lovina  
ATWELL James 34 M Orleans Co. Teamster 489
  Elsie B. 28 Wife Orleans Co.    
  Ella E. 3 Daughter Orleans Co.    

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