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Civil War Volunteers
New Windsor, NY

The following is a list of Civil War volunteers from New Windsor New York.   The list was compiled by Glenn Marshall, Historian for the Town of New Windsor, and is provided here by him for the research benefit of our readers.
Acker James   15th Cavalry    
Ackerman Daniel   124th Regt.    
Ackert William H      
Anderson George L      
Anthony J Newton Mozart    
Areson Stephen W 9th N.Y.Regt.    
Babcock Theodore W 166th Regt.    
Baird Ira H      
Baird Thomas   2nd Calvary    
Balf William C 3rd Regt. Co. B    
Beames John   168th Regt.    
Benjamin John F 2nd Calvary    
Benjamin Samuel A 2nd Calvary    
Bennett Garrett II 124th Regt.   Wounded at Gettysburg Died jan. 17, 1865 of pneum
Bennett James       substitute supplied by Daniel C. Chandler 3 yrs.
Bennett John W 124th Regt.   Prisoner Chancellorsville deserted on parole
Bigger Samuel   15th Artillery    
Bowen George L 7th Ind. Battalion   Discharged Jan. 1863
Bowers Harvey   Duryea's    
Bowles William J U.S. Colored    
Boyd Andrew M Co.B. 124th Regt   MIA June 6,1864
Bradley John   56th Regt.    
Brock Selah   124th Regt.   wounded at Gettysburg discharged Feb. 2,1864
Brown Charles   168th Regt.    
Brown Isaac V.D. 7th Battalion    
Brown John   2nd Calvary    
Brown John   Berdan's S.S.    
Brown Josiah H 2nd Calvary    
Brown Francis       substitute supplied by Lucas Oakley 3yrs.
Brundage J Howley Mozart    
Buckmaster Robert M 71st Regt.& Co. B 9th Regt.    
Bulkley Frederick   7th Battalion    
Burns John   124th Regt.    
Burns Martin   15th Artillery    
Burns Matthew   36th Regt.    
Burton William   Mozart    
Bush Joseph H 15th Artillery    
Butler John   166th Regt.    
Call Joel   166th Regt.    
Cameron William H 2nd Battalion    
Carr David   166ht Regt.    
Carr Solomon   124th REgt.    
Carroll Dennis   168th Regt.    
Casey Joseph N 124th Regt.    
Casey William   124th Regt.    
Chambers John   124th Regt. Co. G.   Died April 22,1864
Cherry Sylvanus B      
Clearwater William B      
Cloyd David C 87th Regt. Lieut. Resigned May 8, 1866 died at New Windsor
Cloyd James C 87th Regt.   wounded at Fair Oaks, discharged
Cohner Andrew       substitute supplied by Charles F. Burnett 3yrs.
Coldwell William   2nd Calvary   Discharged
Coleman George S 166th Regt.    
Coleman George W 124th Regt.   Killed at Chancellorsville
Conkling Edward   156th Regt    
Conkling Edward   156th Regt.    
Conkling James   156th Regt.    
Conkling Martin C 166th Regt.    
Conkling Peter R 166th Regt.    
Conner James R     substitute supplied by Shadrick V. Cooper 3 yrs.
Cook Francis   168th Regt.    
Cooper charles G 124th Regt. co. G    
Courter David L 87th Regt.    
Cox Robert       substitute supplied by Charles Caldwell 3 yrs.
Craig Robert C 168th Regt.    
Cranes Peter O     substitute supplied by Charles jones 3 yrs.
Cressy Charles T 124th Regt. Co. A Lieut. died of disease Jan.14,1864
Crowse William H 7th Battalion    
Curtis Robert   168th Regt.    
Cypher Henry L 56th Regt.    
Davis Charles   2nd Calvary    
Davis John   80th Artillery    
Davy George W 2nd Calvary    
Davy John James 2nd Calvary    
De Groat Hiram W 124th Regt.   went to 93rd Regt.
De GRoat Nelson   124th Regt.   died at New Windsor
Decker Garret   124th Regt.    
Derwin Joseph S 20th U.S. Colored    
Diamond Charles   20th U.S. Colored    
Dickson Francis   124th Regt.   went to 93rd Regt.
Doitline John   98th Regt.   also in 168th
Doty Ezra   98th Regt.    
Dougherty Robert   2nd Calvary    
Downing Charles   124th Regt. Co. E   served full term
Downs James   2nd Calvary    
Dutcher Timothy   Mozart    
Duzenberry Zenophen   124th Regt.    
Edwards Charles   124th Regt. Co. I   Killed at Gettysburg
Ellis A Van Horne 124th REgt. & 71st REgt. Colonel Killed At Gettysburg
Ellison Robert       substitute supplied by John R. Caldwell 3 yrs.
Ellsworth Frank   7th Battalion    
Ennis Michael   7th Artillery    
Ensign Charles A 124th Regt. Co. I    
Fairchild Andrew   63rd Regt.    
Faulkner Matthew   15th Artillery    
Fitzgibbons Patrick   7th Artillery    
Foot Horatio   7th Mass. Regt.    
Frohlick Rudolph     0/1864  
Fuller Alex D 7th Artillery & 63rd Regt.   re-enlisted Jan. 18,1864
Fulton Charles        
Gage Eli   87th Regt. Co. K    
Gardner Daniel S 124th Regt.   Wounded May 3, 1863 in hospital until December se
Garrison David   166th Regt.    
Garrison John W 166th Regt.    
Gerow Charles N 2nd Calvary    
Glen Edward   124th Regt.    
Goeklius Isaac N 124th Regt. Co.A   wounded at chancellorsville May 3, 1863
Graham William   2nd Calvary    
Greely Cyrus D 7th Battalion    
Griffin John       substitute supplied by James V.K. Miller 3yrs.
Harris George   2nd Calvary    
Hider William H 2nd Calvary    
Higgins Benjamin F 2nd Calvary    
Holland Martin       substitute suppliede by Robert R. burnett 3 yrs.
Hovercamp Jacob   16th Regt.    
Howard James E 7th Battalion    
Howe Ira F      
Hughs John H 56th Regt.    
Humphries George H      
Humphries Joseph   63rd Regt.    
Jennings Daniel C 124th Regt.    
Jennings Thomas   166th Regt.    
Johnson George B 2nd Artillery    
Johnson Thomas        
Jones William   2nd Calvary    
Kane Thomas D 56th Regt.    
Kelly John       substitute supplied by James H. Miller 3 yrs.
Kelly Marcus   U.S. Colored    
Kelly Nathaniel   2nd Calvary    
Kemp James H 7th Artillery   mustered out July 31,1865
King Thomas       substitute supplied by Thomas J. Fulton Jr. 3 yrs
King William H 2nd Calvary    
Kirk charles H 168th Regt.    
Kirk David   168th Regt.    
Kirkwood Andrew   6th Calvary    
Krampf Henry   15th Artillery    
La Fountain John   2nd Calvary    
Latham Samuel D 124th Regt.    
Leahy Patrick   168th Regt.    
Lee Edward       substitute supplied by David F. wood 3 yrs.
Lelan John       substitute supplied by John Jones 3 yrs.
Lent Henry   56th Regt.    
Lent James   56th Regt.    
Lynch William   15th Calvary    
Mabie Jeremiah   168th Regt.    
Mackay Edward   15th Calvary    
Mahan James   20th Conn.    
Malone John   168th Regt.    
Manly John   2nd Calvary    
Many Mortimer   36th Regt.    
Matthews James   7th Battailon    
Maxwell Robert   2nd Calvary    
Mayee Anton       substitute supplied by John Derbyshire 3 yrs Dec.
McCartney John   168th Regt.    
McConnell Andrew J      
McCormick Robert B 36th Regt. co.B    
McCullough Hamilton   2nd Calvary    
McIntyre Martin V 7th I. Battalion Lieut.  
McMahon Francis   124ht Regt. Co. G   wounded at Jones Cross Roads Nov. 27, 1863
McMahon Michael   56th Regt.    
Miller Charles   2nd Calvary    
Milliken James   15th Artillery    
Moffit James       substitute supplied by Benjamin Upright 3 yrs Dec
Morehead John   7th Battalion    
Morgan George   124th Regt.    
Morrow Frank   124th Regt.    
Morrow Stephen   2nd Calvary    
Morton Charles E   2nd Calvary  
Morton George C 2nd Calvary Lieut.  
Murphy John        
Murphy Martin V 2nd Met. Rifles    
Murray Horton       substitute supplied by John H. Walsh 3 yrs.
Newell Jacob   166th Regt.    
Oakley William S      
O'Hara Daniel   124th Regt. Co. C   wounded at Chancellorsville tranferred to V.R. Co
Oney Edward   124th Regt.    
Overton John B 2nd Met. Rifles    
Owen William R 124th Regt.   shot throught breast at Spotsylvania 5/12/1864 di
Parker Charles H 2nd Calvary    
Passwater Thomas E 56th Regt.    
Peters John       substitute supplied by Lewis A. Van Cleft 3 yrs.
Pierce Bowen   166th Regt.    
Pierce Edmund A 166th Regt.    
Pike George   3rd N.Y. Regt.    
Pires Wesley   3rd Alb.    
Post Beverly   7th Artillery    
Price Arthur C 56th Regt.    
Quinn Edward   56th Regt.    
Rake Isaac   168th Regt.    
Reeder Jacob       substitute supplied by William Y Denniston 3 yrs.
Reid William   7th Battalion    
Rilet Thomas   87th Regt. Co. R    
Roach James   1st Engineers    
Robinson John H 2nd Calvary    
Rodgers Edgar   2nd Calvary    
Roe Edward R 2nd Calvary    
Root George O 166th Regt.    
Root James   87th Regt.    
Roselle James        
Ryan James   124th Regt.    
Schmidt Charles       substitute supplied by George C. Humphries 3 yrs.
Schneider Victor   98th Regt.    
Schroder William       substitute supplied by William F. Scott 3 yrs.
Schrompff Isaac       substitute supplied by Granville C. Terwilliger 3
Seaman Charles   124th Regt.Co. H   killed at Chancellorsville May 3, 1863
Shaw Rodman   166th Regt.    
Simmons Charles       not on roll by that name
Simons Daniel J      
Simons Lymon N      
Smith Abraham   7th I.B.    
Smith James H Mozart    
Smith John H 7th Battalion    
Smith John   168th Regt.    
Smith William   168th Regt.    
Snell David H 87th Regt.    
Sniffen William   56th Regt.    
Snyder Alexander        
Stafford John J 124th Regt. Co. E   discharged March 23, 1863 at hospital
Stalter Abraham   124th Regt. Co. G   wounded at Chancellorsville transferred to Vet. R
Stalter Peter T 124th Regt. Co. E   discharged at Washingtonville Nov. 3, 1862
Storms William        
Thew John       substitute supplied by John N. Caldwell 3yrs.
Tilton James D 124th Regt. Co. C   supposed killed at Chancellorsville May 3, 1863
Topping Jacob   Duryea's Z    
Tuttle Abraham   71st Regt. M    
Unknown         substitute supplied by Charles Smith 3yrs
Van Gordon William R 7th Battalion    
Van Horn Thomas   26th U.S. Colored    
Vassler M       substitute supplied by Luther Denniston 3 yrs.
Verplanck William A 124th Regt. Co. E Lieut. discharged Sept. 15, 1863
Walton John H 15th Artillery    
Ward George V 168th Regt.    
Wilbert Charles   98th Regt.    
Wilbert Louis   98th Regt.    
Wilson Jr. Robert   7th Ind. B.    
Wise Albert   124th Regt. Co. C   wounded at Chancellorsville May 3, 1863 sick from
Wood William B 166th Regt.    
Youmans George   7th Artillery    
The Orange County Genweb would like to extend it thanks to Glenn Marshall, Town of New Windsor Historian, for sharing the above information with our readers.
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