Health & Disease in Onondaga County

Onondaga County Hospitals

Contagious City Hospital, The City Hospital for Communicable Diseases, aftewards A. Clement Silverman Public Health Hospital, now dissolved.
Teall Avenue, Syracuse, aftewards to 345 Renwick Avenue, Syracuse

Community General Hospital of Greater Syracuse
Broad Rd., Onondaga

Crouse Irving Hospital, aftewards Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital (having merged with Syracuse Memorial Hospital), afterwards Crouse Hospital, now Crouse Health
820 S. Crouse Ave, Syracuse

Dialysis Clinic, Inc. / University Dialysis Center

Garden Hill Hospital Unit
3606 James St., Syracuse

Gebbie Speech and Hearing Clinic

Harrison Center
550 Harrison St

The Homeopathic Hospital, afterwards General Hospital, now Castle Rest nursing home
S West and Seymour - 116 E Castle, Syracuse

Hospice of Central New York
1118 Court Street, Liverpool

House of the Good Shepherd, afterwards Hospital of the Good Shepherd, afterwards University Hospital of the Good Shepherd, now University Hospital
Marshall St, Syracuse

Hutchings Psychiatric Center
620 Madison Street

James Square Health and Rehabilitation Centre
918 James Street

Joslin Center

Loretto Geriatric Center
700 East Brighton Ave

Lyman Pavilion of Women's Hospital, afterwards Syracuse Eye, Ear, and Throat Infirmary

Memorial Hospital - see Women's and Children's Hospital
Memorial Hospital, Staff, January 1, 1920

West Genesee Street, Syracuse
Submitted by Diane Wilson Flynn

The Municipal Tuberculosis Clinic and Dispensary
508 East Fayette Street, Syracuse

New York State Asylum for Idiots, afterwards Syracuse State Institution for Feeble-Minded Children, aftewards Syracuse State School for Mental Defectives, aftewards Syracuse State School, afterwards Syracuse Developmental Center
Onondaga General Hospital
Hiscock House on West Onondaga Street, aftewards 423 West Onondaga Street, Syracuse

Onondaga County Orphan Asylum
Onondaga Sanitorium a/k/a Tuberculosis Sanitorium
Hopper's Glen

People's Hospital (now an adult home)
504 Delaware St., Syracuse

Rosewood Heights Health Center

St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation Center
813 Fay Rd

St. Mary's Maternity Hospital and Infant Asylum
1601-1603 Court Street, Syracuse

St. Mary's Maternity and Infants Hospital, Staff and Inmates, June 1, 1900

126 Spring Street, Syracuse
Submitted by Diane Flynn, 20 November 2000

St. Joseph's Hospital
301 Prospect Street, Syracuse

Syracuse Free Dispensary
Warren Street, Syracuse, afterwards 610 Fayette Street

Syracuse General Hospital afterwards Castle Rest Nursing Home.  New building on site is now Vivian Teal Nursing Home
100 Block of Castle street, between South State and South Salina Streets, Syracuse
Syracuse General Hospital - Photo from Newspaper in 1964

Syracuse Neighborhood Health Center, closed September 16, 1977, Reopened as Syracuse Community Health Center

Syracuse Psychopathic Hospital, afterwards Syracuse Psychiatric Hospital
736 Irving & Adams, Syracuse

Syracuse University School of Nursing
Syracuse Veteran's Administration Medical Center (part is built over old St. Mary's Cemetery)
800 Irving Ave, Syracuse

Syracuse Visiting Nurse Association

Twin Elms, aftewards Benjamin Rush Center, afterwards Four Winds, closed May 2004.
658 W. Onondaga, Syracuse, 666 S.  Salina St, aftewards 650 S. Salina St.

Upstate Medical Center
750 E. Adams, Syracuse

Van Duyn County Home and Hospital
5075 West Seneca Turnpike, Onondaga Hill

Wieting Johnson rheumatic fever

The Women's and Children's Hospital afterwards Memorial Hospital
1214 West Genesee Street, Syracuse

The Changing Face of Syracuse - Hospital Equipment and Techniques Make Rapid Strides, from the Syracuse Herald-American, March 2, 1958

Link to A Short History of Hospitals in Syracuse , SUNY Upstate Medical University:  Health Services Library:  Historical Collections:

The Medical Profession
submitted by Kathy Crowell


  • Cholera, 1832 , from Onondaga's Centennial, Vol. I , Edited by Dwight H. Bruce, The Boston History Company, 1896, pg. 227 The Asiatic cholera swept over the country in 1832, creating widespread dismay and carrying to sudden and terrible death many good men and women.  It found its most plentiful harvest along the canal and especially in the larger communities.  Hence in this county its ravages were almost wholly confined to Syracuse and its near vicinity, for the particulars of which the reader is referred to Chapter XXVIII [The Village and The City of Syracuse, pp. 398-593].  Business was temporarily checked on this account, but with the disappearance of the disease in the following year the communities took up their former activities with vigor.
  • Link to The 1832 Cholera Epidemic in New York State: 19th Century Responses to Cholerae Vibrio , by G. William Beardslee
  • Scarlet Fever from Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County New York , by The Rev. William M. Beauchamp, S.T.D., 1908, pg. 570. The most important contagious disease scare in the city since that of the smallpox in the '70s was the spread of scarlet fever in 1905.  The city officers and physicians organized to fight the scarlet fever on February 8, 1905, when there were one hundred and twenty cases in the city.  But the work did not become thorough until the following July, when the feat of the effect of the scarlet fever stories upon the approaching Ka-noo-no Karnival, inaugurated a short and sharp campaign, which included a business block canvass.  In two months, by August 18, the disease which had been said to be beyond control was declared to be wiped out.  The experience cost the city about twelve thousand dollars, but there was left a more efficient system of school medical inspection.
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