Town of Salina, Including the Village of Liverpool

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Homer D. L. Sweet, Sweet's New Atlas of Onondaga Co., New York.  NY: Walker Bros. & Co., 1874, pp. 27-28; 56-57.

Adams, C.
Adams, M.
Aiken, H., Liverpool
Aiken, N., Liverpool
Allen, M., Liverpool
Alvord, D. L.
Alvord, F., Liverpool
Avery, B. A.
Avery, H. A.
Avery, M.
Bagg, S.
Bahn, Liverpool
Bahn, J., Liverpool
Bahn, V., Liverpool
Baird, Mrs.
Baker, J., Liverpool
Barnes, J., Liverpool
Barnes, Mrs., Liverpool
Barnes, O., Liverpool
Bassett, G., Liverpool
Bassett, J., Liverpool
Batchelder, H., Liverpool
Batchelder, Mrs., Liverpool
Baum, B. W.
Bausinger, Dr.
Bausinger, Dr. M.
Bausinger, W.
Becker, M., Liverpool
Bettinger, A., Liverpool
Beyer, J., Liverpool
Birch, A. P.
Birch, P., Liverpool
Bissell, T. J., Liverpool
Black, J.
Blackman, Mrs., Liverpool
Borden, J., Liverpool
Bower, F., Liverpool
Boyden, J., Liverpool
Bramer, Mrs., Liverpool
Bretzer, J., Liverpool
Brian, M.
Broombaum, F., Liverpool
Burdick, W.
Burdy, O., Liverpool
Burke, J.
Busher, P., Liverpool
Calkins, P.
Calley, M.
Campbell, A.
Campbell, J.
Carner, P., Liverpool
Carter, J. C.
Carter, M., Liverpool
Carter, W., Liverpool
Carver, R., Liverpool
Case, H.
Cayton, R. B., Liverpool
Chalis, V., Liverpool
Chaney, Dr. E. T., Liverpool
Chillingworth, R.
Clapper, M.
Clark, D.
Cockings, G., Liverpool
Collins, T.
Condy, S., Liverpool
Congdon, A. B.
Corbin, J., Liverpool
Cornue, C. W., Liverpool
Crawford, Liverpool
Croasher, C.
Cronk, J., Liverpool
Cross, A. F.
Dalton, A., Liverpool
Daniels, P. M., Liverpool
Davin, H., Liverpoool
Davin, J., Liverpool
Day, J.
Deinhart, Mrs., Liverpool
Deitz, A., Liverpool
Descher, B.
Devean, O.
Dewell, J., Liverpool
Dexell, W., Liverpool
Dietz, Liverpool
Dietz, I., Liverpool
Dinet, A.
Dingman, L.
Dow, T., Liverpool
Dowd, Liverpool
Downy Est., Liverpool
Doyle, G.
Drumm, J., Liverpool
Dunn, M. estate
Earle, D. S.
Easterly, F.
Easton, J. T.
Eastwood, J.
Fairchild, F.
Fargo, Farger & Co., Liverpool
Fargo, L. C., Liverpool
Fisher, J., Liverpool
Forger, J. S.
Forger, J. S., Liverpool
Frank, J., Liverpool
Fraser, G.
Furlong, P., Liverpool
Gale, H. F.
Gale, T.
Gale, Thomas, Liverpool
Gannett, Mrs.
Garber, C.
Gare, B.
Garrett, J. C.
Garrett, W. B.
Garrison, Mrs.
Gastler, M.
Gen Drot, Mrs.
Gere, W. F.
Gettman, L., Liverpool
Gilbert, J. B.
Gillcraft, J.
Gillis, Mrs. D., Liverpool
Gleason, A., Liverpool
Gleason, I. G., Liverpool
Gleason, L.
Gleason, W., Liverpool
Goddard, L., Liverpool
Goddard, W., Liverpool
Green, J.
Green, Mrs.
Gridley, Liverpool
Hall, D. T., Liverpool
Halpin, J., Liverpool
Hand, C.
Hand, C., Liverpool
Hand, Miss, Liverpool
Hand, T., Liverpool
Hand, T. H. S., Liverpool
Hare, C.
Harris, Mrs., Liverpool
Hart, S., Liverpool
Harvey, J.
Hasbrouck, P., Liverpool
Hasler, T. G., Liverpool
Hawley, L. D.
Hayt, N.
Hess, J., Liverpool
Hibbard, S.
Hicks, J. P., Liverpool
Higgins, J.
Hile, C.
Hile, Mrs.
Hill, F., Liverpool
Hiller, J.
Hiller, W. G.
Hinkley, T., Liverpool
Hinsdell, P. H.
Hopkins, S. L.
Horton, A.
Hoyt, J. N.
Hoyt, J. O.
Hoyt, Jas. estate
Huntley estate
Hutchins, Liverpool
Ingersoll, G. P., Liverpool
Irwin, S.
Jaqueth, J., Liverpool
Jaqueth, S., Liverpool
Jarvis, W.
Junt, G.
Kale, M.
Keith, L.
Keller, S. D.
Kelly, M., Liverpool
Kerring, W.
Kerwin, R.
King, A., Liverpool
King, M.
King, N., Liverpool
King, P., Liverpool
Kinney, A., Liverpool
Kirsh, M.
Kortz, T., Liverpool
Lacy, A. S., Liverpool
Lamb, J., Liverpool
Langley, G.
Langley, H.
Larkin, L., Liverpool
Larned, J., Liverpool
Lawrence, G. H.
Lederick, N.
Ledger, A., Liverpool
Lee, J., Liverpool
Lee, M., Liverpool
Lee, Mrs., Liverpool
Like, A.
Limmons, N. G., Liverpool
Linch, P.
Loak, J., Liverpool
Loap, L.
Lodder, J.
Lunot, C.
Lyke, A., Liverpool
Lynch, D.
Lynn, H., Liverpool
Lyon, M., Liverpool
Lyons, C., Liverpool
Malloy, P.
Malony, J.
Manly, Liverpool
Manly, W., Liverpool
Mara, H.
Martin, P.
McArthur, R., Liverpool
McCarty, R.
McCord, H., Liverpool
McCord, I., Liverpool
McDaniels, P., Liverpool
McDurman, Liverpool
McKinley, J., Liverpool
McMahon, B.
Medlicott, J.
Merriman, E. G.
Metzler, J., Liverpool
Meyers, Mrs.
Miller, G., Liverpool
Miller, H.
Miller, J.
Miller, Mrs. C., Liverpool
Miller, S. R., Liverpool
Morehouse, C.
Morey, B.
Morgan, W., Liverpool
Morris Pain Salt Works
Moth, M., Liverpool
Mouts, L.
Munn, T.
Murray, E., Liverpool
Mushell, P., Liverpool
Myers, Mrs., Liverpool
Myner, M., Liverpool
Nalty, Mrs. E., Liverpool
Nansel, G., Liverpool
Nelson, C.
Nelson, J., Liverpool
Newhouse, F.
Oakes, E.
Oating, H.
O'Brien, M. O.
Olmstead, J., Liverpool
O'Neil, R., Liverpool
Oringer, H.
Orth, A., Liverpool
Oswald, J., Liverpool
Overacre, S.
Pacdorff, T., Liverpool
Padburn, T.
Page, O.
Pasmore, W., Liverpool
Patchen, T. W., Liverpool
Pease, C., Liverpool
Pease, H., Liverpool
Petit, E., Liverpool
Pettit, N., Liverpool
Phillips, N.
Piester, J.
Pitcher, L. B.
Poelen, M.
Powers & Nutting
Price, J.
Ragan, J.
Risler, Liverpool
Risler, Mrs., Liverpool
Risler, V., Liverpool
Risley, V., Jun., Liverpool
Ross, B.
Rummell, Mrs. M.
Ryan, M., Liverpool
Savage, M., Liverpool
Sawmiller, I.
Schoolcraft, C.
Schwartz, J.
Shaler, G.
Share, J., Liverpool
Shay, P., Liverpool
Shelden, T.,  Liverpool
Shurts, R.
Siddens, J.
Slattery, J.
Slattery, P.
Smith & Powell
Smith, G., Liverpool
Smith, J., Liverpool
Smith, P.
Smith, P., Liverpool
Spoor, E.
Spranger, N., Liverpool
Springer, F., Liverpool
Springer, Mrs. J., Liverpool
Stedman, W. H.
Steinmeyer, A.
Sterling, Dr., Liverpool
Story, Liverpool
Strauss, Liverpool
Strope, M.
Swatz, A., Liverpool
Switser, J.
Syvers, J., Liverpool
Syvers, P., Liverpool
Syvers, V., Liverpool
Tendro, F., Liverpool
Terry, F. M.
Thompson, A., Liverpool
Thon, Liverpool
Tiffany, Liverpool
Timons, J., Liverpool
Timons, N., Liverpool
Truster, L., Liverpool
Twincan, F.(?), Liverpool
Van Alsten, J., Liverpool
Vanalstyne, E., Liverpool
Vandenburgh, J.
Vickery, O. M.
Walker, A.
Walters, A., Liverpool
Ward, L., Liverpool
Weisher, Liverpool
Wentworth, Liverpool
Wentworth, J., Liverpool
Westcott, C. N.
Westgate, J., Liverpool
Westgate, Miss, Liverpool
Westgate, R., Liverpool
Whiting, M.
Wieland, J.
Wilson, L.
Wilson, O., Liverpool
Wilson, S.
Winan, W. T., Liverpool
Woerner, J.
Woerner, J. M., Liverpool
Wood, J., Liverpool
Wood, Mrs., Liverpool
Wyker, H., Liverpool
Wyman, M., Liverpool
Yohn, A., Liverpool
Young, R.
Zeheman, C., Liverpool
Zett, G.

Submitted 3 September 1998