Otisco, Onondaga County, New York

Otisco, Onondaga County, NY

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Amber Village Cemetery
Bailey Cemetery
Cemetery East of Otisco Center
Cemetery West of Otisco Center
Clark Cemetery
Corey Family Cemetery
Cowles Cemetery, a/k/a Fairview, Rice, West, a/k/a Oak Hill Cemetery
First Cemetery
Hillsdale Cemetery
Kinyon Section
Maple Grove Cemetery
Oak Hill (Cowles or West) Cemetery
Otisco Cemetery, west of Otisco
Otisco Hill Cemetery
Otisco Valley Cemetery, Town of Spafford
Redway Cemetery
Rogers Cemetery
Rural Cemetery
Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Cemetery
Southern/Octagon Cemetery
Principal Farmers, Manufacturers and Merchants of Onondaga County, 1874
Names Appearing on the 1874 Sweet Map

1868 Map of Otisco Lake, Pre-Dam. Map, land owners names, pictures

Names appearing in the 1810 Census
Names appearing in the 1830 Census
Names appearing in the 1840 Census
Biographical Sketch of Wyllys GAYLORD
Otisco, from A Gazetteer of the State of New York, 1824
History of the Town of Otisco, from Bruce's Onondaga's Centennial
History of the Town of Otisco, from Clark's Onondaga
History of the Town of Otisco, from Beauchamp's Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County 
Revolutionary War Soldiers, from Bruce's Onondaga' Centennial

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