Onondaga, Onondaga County, New York

Town of Onondaga, Onondaga County, NY

 Town of Onondaga Historical Society Web Site

Town of Onondaga Bicentennial Photos

Town of Onondaga Historical Society Cemetery Records
Adath Israel Jewish Cemetery
Anshe Sfard Jewish Cemetery
Anson Johnson Burial Ground
Beth Israel Jewish Cemetery
Browning Cemetery
Budlong Cemetery, a/k/a Capt. Turner Fenner Cemetery
Cedarvale (Kenyon) Cemetery
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery
Chevra Chas Jewish Cemetery
Conklin Cemetery
Creekside Knoll Burial Ground
Degroat-Day Burial Ground
Elihu Wells Pioneer Cemetery
Elliott Burial Ground
Ellis Family Cemetery, a/k/a General Ellis Cemetery
Fellows Cemetery
Fyler Family Cemetery
Gideon Seeley Burial Ground
Gilbert Cemetery
Gilbert Pinkney Burial Ground
Hopper's Glen Cemetery
Howlett Hill Cemetery
Indian & White Cemetery
Jerome Family Burial Ground
John Hunt Monument
Johnson Cemetery
Levi Pitts Burial Ground
Loomis Hill Cemetery
Loomis Hill M.E. Church Cemetery
Lynch Family Burial Ground
Montgomery / Austin Family Burial Ground
Nichols Cemetery
Norton Family Cemetery
Onondaga Valley Cemetery
Pet Haven Cemetery
Peter B. Hull Burial Ground
Pine Ridge Cemetery, partial list
Pine Ridge Cemetery, a/k/a Pine Grove Cemetery, a/k/a Route 20 Cemetery
Poliley Tzedeck Jewish Cemetery
Poor House Knoll Cemetery a/k/a Bunker Hill Cemetery
Reinhardt Burial Ground
Rohe Family Cemetery
St. Peters and Pauls Russian Orthodox Catholic Cemetery
Sentinel Heights Pioneer Cemetery, a/k/a East Hill Cemetery
Solomon Allen Burial Ground
South Onondaga Cemetery, partial list
Talbot Cemetery
Veterans' Memorial Cemetery
Walnut Grove Cemetery
War of 1812 Cemetery
Wells Cemetery
Willow Grove Cemetery
Workmens Circle Jewish Cemetery
Onondaga Hill First Methodist Church
Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church

Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church Baptism Records 1819-1843

Onondaga Hollow Religious Society
Valley Presbyterian Church - Early Records

Principal Farmers, Manufacturers and Merchants of Onondaga County, 1874
Biographical Sketch of Asa DANFORTH, including picture
Biographical Sketch of the Hon. Daniel MOSELEY
Biographical Sketch of Comfort TYLER, including pictures
Biographical Sketch of Ephraim WEBSTER, including picture
Names Appearing in the 1800 Census
Names Appearing in the 1810 Census
Names Appearing in the 1830 Census
1850 Census
1880 Census
Onondaga, from A Gazetteer of the State of New York, 1824
Town of Onondaga, from Clark's Onondaga; or Reminiscences of Earlier and Later Times, Vol. II
History of the Town of Onondaga, from Bruce's Onondaga's Centennial
History of the Town of Onondaga, from Beauchamp's Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County
Town of Onondaga Bicentennial Photos
Town of Onondaga Historical Society Web Site
Onondaga County Poorhouse - Town of Onondaga Historical Society Web Site

Onondaga County Poorhouse, from Bruce's Onondaga's Centennial
Onondaga County Poorhouse Records
Names Appearing on the 1874 Sweet Map
First Graduating Class from the new Onondaga Valley Academy - 1924
Onondaga Valley Academy
In Old Onondaga Valley, The Academy and It's Early Organization
April 1818 - April 1821, including an 1817 and 1820 Election Report
Revolutionary War Soldiers, from Bruce's Onondaga's Centennial


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