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In 1836, citizens of Fayetteville and vicinity resolved to organize a literary society.  Original trustees of the Fayetteville Academic Society were:  David Collin, John McViccar, Hervey Edwards, Alfred Clark, Jacob R. DePuy, Albert Neeley, John Yelverton, Caleb Whitford and Darlin Thompson.  In April 1837, the Academy was incorporated and stockholders met annually until it closed about fifteen years later.

In 1836,  trustees  purchased the lot and building of the Methodist Episcopal Society.  The 50' x 40' two-story wooden building at the east side of Academy St. near the corner of  Elm Street was commenced in 1830 and the stone basement story had been finished for a place of religious worship prior to its sale.  After purchase, modifications were made for school purposes and a belfry and bell were afterward added on top of the roof.

The first principal was Daniel E. Burhans who was soon followed by James Kellogg.  Other principals included Nathan R. Chapman, David Pease, Jr., Robert T. Conant, Hesden King, Rev. Oran Hyde, Almon Gregory and William N. Marsh, among others.  In 1842, Eusebia Pease was appointed principal of the female department, a position she held for a period and in 1845, Miss Sophia Lathrop, a teacher, also became principal.  The following month, the trustees hired William Marsh.

According to Samuel D. Luce, an early student at the Academy, the original faculty of the Academy was as follows:  Principal, Daniel E. Burhans, A. M., Assistants, Nathan R. Chapman, A. B., teacher of Latin and Greek; Melancthon Stilwell, teacher of Mathematics; Preceptress, Miss Abigail Edson; Juvenile Dept., Miss Harriet A. Bronson.

The academic year was divided into two terms of twenty-three weeks each, each term consisting of two quarters, eleven and a half weeks each.  The summer term in 1837 commenced in May and the winter term in November.  For the academic year 1838/39, the terms of tuition per quarter were:  Juvenile department, from $1.50 to $2.00; academical department for reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar and geography, $3.00; all higher English branches, $4.00; Latin, Greek, French and drawing $5.00; music, exclusive of the use of the instrument $8.00; inclusive of it, $10.00.

The Academy's first floor contained two school rooms with a small room for a library and philosophical apparatus.  The second floor contained nine rooms used for student and recitation rooms.  The basement was used for weekly exercises in declamation and composition and also contained a small room where part of the philosophical apparatus was stored.  After the Academy was closed sometime between 1851 and 1853,  the building remained unoccupied.  In 1857, the Union School was organized and the old academy became the district schoolhouse.

According to T. Clarkson Gage who described the district school in the late 1850's, "the old academy building had an impressive entrance on the south side of the building.  One entered a large hall with hooks all around on the walls on which the students hung their coats and caps.  At the further end was a broad stairway leading to the second floor.  On the first floor the room on the left or west side of the entrance was the primary room and the small room under the stairs was known as room number two and the room on the east side was known as room number three and was a very crowded room with every seat taken, extra seats being put on the platform on which was the teacher's table. The teacher in room number three was Miss Cornelia Watson who lived in a house on the site of the brick  Baptist church (N.E. corner of Academy St. and Genesee St.)

In the early sixties the building was remodeled - the original stairway taken out and an outside stairway to the second floor was put in for the boys and an inside one built for the girls.  Two recitation rooms were added on each floor on the east side.  The main assembly room was on the second floor and was presided over by the principal.  Two other teachers held classes in the recitation room.  The rows of seats held scholars known as G. H. I. J. and senior divisions.  J. M. Bain was the principal and he heard certain classes in the main room while classes were held in the recitation room.  The class recitation hours were controlled by wires running from the principal's platform to bells on the side of the walls in either room.  A rope from the bell in the belfry on top of the building hung down on the platform  The bell was rung to summon the pupils to school and to call them in from the playground.

The only evidence of the equipment of the old academy was a table of electric apparatus used for electrical experiments.  There was a glass wheel and Leyden jars on an old table for the purpose of generating electricity.  Little did we think what these experiments were the forerunner of.

The old academy building was used as the Fayetteville graded school for many years.  It was abandoned when the new schoolhouse was built on main street" (Union School, 1890).

The building was torn down in 1906,  six years after the Board of Education had sold the building to W. T. Gaynor at public auction.

Students and Staff

Many of the names in the following lists of staff and students of the old Fayetteville Academy are repeated.  Although all the annual records of students are not available, the lists published in 1890 are valuable because they show current residence and both maiden and married names where applicable for women.  The names are reproduced as they appeared in the various newspaper articles and catalogues and were not necessarily typeset correctly.

In 1838, the school had been in operation one year.  Nathan R. Chapman, A. B., was the principal; Melancthon Stilwell, assistant teacher; Miss Abigail Edson, preceptress and teacher of music, and Miss Phebe Judson, teacher in the juvenile department.

Students and residence in the academic year 1837/1838:


Allen H. Avery, Jamesville
John H. Babcock, Ballston Spa
Eli Bangs, Fayetteville
Miron Bangs, Fayetteville
Wellington E. Barnard, Sullivan
Charles Barton, Fayetteville
Le Roy Benson, Fayetteville
Levi Bishop, Clay
O. D. Blanchard, DeWitt
George W. Breed, Fayetteville
Wm. Brundage, LaFayette
William Brunell, Fayetteville
Ezra Bryan, Onon. W. Hill
Zenos Burke, De Witt
Joshua P. Case, Geddes
George W. Carlton, Fayetteville
B. F. Chapman, Clockville
Sanford P. Chapman, Lenox
Charles W. Cheesbrough, DeWitt
Joseph Clarke, Fayetteville
Samuel W. Clarke, Fayetteville
James M. Cole, Fayetteville
John Cole, Fayetteville
Moses A. Cole, Fayetteville
Uri C. Colgrove, Lenox
David Collin, Fayetteville
Henry C. Collin, Benton
John W. Conley, Rochester
Rufus Cook, Fayetteville
Egbert Curtiss, Fayetteville
Henry P. Curtiss, Fayetteville
Addison De Lamatter, Manlius
Edward De Lamatter, Manlius
Henry W. De Puy, Fayetteville
William De Puy, Manlius
James Devens, Fayetteville
William Devens, Fayetteville
William Dwinell, Fayetteville
James Eaton, Fayetteville
Thomas C. Edwards, Fayetteville
John Ellsworth, Fayetteville
Alexander Evans, Syracuse
Joseph T. Evans, DeWitt
Clarke W. Ferrin, Fayetteville
Charles G. Flewellen, Macon, Ga.
Henry Flint, Fayetteville
Amasa Fowler, Fayetteville
Dwight Fowler, Fayetteville
Ira H. Gates, Sullivan
Robert N. Gere, Geddes
B. F. Gibbs, Fayetteville
Newington Gilbert, LaFayette
Samuel O. Gregory, Manlius
Washington Gregory, Manlius
Charles J. Hoyt, Fayetteville
William E. Hoyt, Fayetteville
Fay H. Hutchins, Fayetteville
James M. Hutchins, Fayetteville
Burrill D. Hurd, Fayetteville
Burritt N. Hurd, Fayetteville
Edward Hurd, Fayetteville
Edwin H. Hurd, Fayetteville
James H. Hurd, Fayetteville
James Hurlbert, Fayetteville
Wm. E. Hurlbert, Fayetteville
George Johnson, Oswego
Charles Kellogg, Fayetteville
Edward Kellogg, Fayetteville
Solomon Kellogg, Fayetteville
Atlas Kinne, DeWitt
Ira Kinne, DeWitt
Zachariah Kinne, Fayetteville
Camden Knight, Fayetteville
B. F. Lamb, Lenox
Saybrook Lee, Camillus
Amasa Lewis, Cincinnati
Edward D. Loggan, Fayetteville
Austin Look, Syracuse
Augustus Lord, Fayetteville
Frederick Lord, Fayetteville
Samuel D. Luce, Fayetteville
Richard E. Lusk, Pompey
Le Roy Luther, Geddes
Paul P. R. Maine, Fenner
William A. Malcolm, Syracuse
Charles Mattoon, Manlius
Henry Mattoon, Manlius
John F. McViccar, Fayetteville
George Mercey, Fayetteville
Seth T. Merwin, Fayetteville
Charles G. Morehouse, DeWitt
Horace H. Munson, Fayetteville
Henry A. Neely, Fayetteville
Byron R. Palmer, Fayetteville
Guelford C. Palmer, Fayetteville
Luther Palmer, Fayetteville
Erastus Palmeter, Manlius
Fortune Parsons, Fayetteville
Henry Pratt, Fayetteville
James Pratt, Fayetteville
Sheldon Pratt, Fayetteville
Rufus D. Pulford, Mich. city
Samuel D. Pulford, Mich. city
Charles D. Raymond, Peekskill
Ephraim Reynolds, Lenox
Smith E. Reynolds, Windham
Abraham Scouton, Manlius
Truman Scouton, Manlius
David M. Smith, Manlius
Henry M. Smith, Manlius
James H. Smith, DeWitt
William Smith, DeWitt
William Spencer, Syracuse
Henry P. Stark, Amboy
James M. Stewart, Fayetteville
John Stewart, Fayetteville
William Stewart, Fayetteville
Edwin Taylor, Fayetteville
George N. Taylor, Fayetteville
Henry T. Taylor, Fayetteville
Oliver Taylor, Fayetteville
Daniel D. Thompson, Fayetteville
Theodore D. Thurstin, Fayetteville
Libeus Topliff, Fayetteville
Truman Zuttle, Amboy
Norris Van Valtenburg, Fayetteville
Henry Vosburg, Manlius
James Vulbir, Fayetteville
John Ward, Fayetteville
George A. Wheeler, E. Bloomfield
Asel Wilcox, Manlius
B. H. Wilcox, Manlius
Gilbert Wilcox, Manlius
Gaylord Wood, Fayetteville
Priestly Woolnough, Fayetteville
Charles Yelverton, Syracuse
Robert Yelverton, Syracuse

Whole number of Males 137.


Caroline Bangs, Fayetteville
Celista Bangs, Fayetteville
Mary Benson, Fayetteville
Miranda Bingham, Man. Center
Lydia V. Breed, Fayetteville
Mary Breed, Fayetteville
Mary S. Benson, Buffalo
Ruth Bunnell, Fayetteville
Mary B. Brundage, Lafayette
Sophia Burhans, Cazenovia
Sarah Chapel, Pompey
Harriet Chapin, DeWitt
Caroline Clarke, Fayetteville
Francis E. Clark, Fayetteville
Helen M. Clark, Fayetteville
Lelia J. Clark Fayetteville
Seline A. Clarke, Fayetteville
Evaline Coats, Fayetteville
Caroline Cole, Fayetteville
Helen Cole, Fayetteville
Margaret J. Collard, Fayetteville
Anna S. Collin, Fayetteville
Caroline Collin, Fayetteville
Emeline Collin, Benton
Harriet Collin, Fayetteville
Lucy B. Collin, Fayetteville
Miriam Collin, Fayetteville
Euphratia Cook, Fayetteville
Adeline De Lamatter, Manlius
Cornelia De Lamatter, Fayetteville
Helen De Lamatter, Fayetteville
Maria A. De Lamatter, Fayetteville
Mary Dinnis, Fayetteville
Mary R. De Puy, Fayetteville
Minerva J. De Puy, Fayetteville
Amarilla O. Drake, Camillus
Harriet Dwinell, Fayetteville
Maryette Dwinell, Fayetteville
Desire Edson, Richfield
Olive Edson, Richfield
Angeline P. Edwards, Fayetteville
Caroline E. Edwards, Fayetteville
Elizabeth E. Edwards, Fayetteville
Julia P. Edwards, Fayetteville
Maria L. Edwards, Fayetteville
Marion Edwards, Fayetteville
Martha J. Evans, Fayetteville
Mary Evans, Fayetteville
Sarah Farnham, West Haven
Caroline Ferris, Fayetteville
Harriet Fisk, Fayetteville
Laura Fisk, Fayetteville
Amelia Flint, Fayetteville
Jane E. Flint, Fayetteville
Mary Flint, Fayetteville
Sarah A. Flint, Fayetteville
Emily Fowler, Fayetteville
Maria M. Gardner, Hamilton
Maryette Gardner, Fayetteville
Charlotte Gibbs, Fayetteville
Nancy Gilbert, Lafayette
Rhoda Goodfellow, Fayetteville
Betsey Goodrich, Manlius
Emily Goodrich, Manlius
Mary E. Gumear, Pompey
Helen Harbottle, Fayetteville
Julia Hewit, Genoa
Aurora Hibbard, Pompey
Esther Hibbard, Fayetteville
Helen Hobart, Fayetteville
Mary Huntley, Fayetteville
Sarah A. Hurd, Fayetteville
Ann E. Huchinson, Fayetteville
Caroline Huchinson, Fayetteville
Mary J. Huchinson, Fayetteville
Sarah Hurlburt, Fayetteville
Mary J. Hutchins, Fayetteville
Sophia W. Hutchins, Fayetteville
Mary E. Jenks, Fayetteville
Mary H. Jenks, Fayetteville
Polly D. Jenks, Fayetteville
Sabra L. Jenks, Fayetteville
Caroline Jerome, Belle Isle
Harriet Joslin, Frankfort
Mary Joslin, Fayetteville
Louisa Keene, Lafayette
Permelia Keene, Lafayette
Ann Kellogg, Fayetteville
Cynthia Kellogg, Fayetteville
Jane Kellogg, Fayetteville
Louisa Kellogg, Fayetteville
Lucy E. Lazell, Fayetteville
Catharine Leach, Poughkeepsie
Martha Lincoln, Fayetteville
Ann Loggan, Fayetteville
Emma Loggan, Fayetteville
Charlotte Luce, Fayetteville
Ann Mabin, M. Centre
Catharine Mabin, M. Centre
Margaret Mabin, M. Centre
Lois McCracken, Amboy
Lois Ann Mead, Fayetteville
Flora Ann Millard, Clay
Elizabeth Neely, Fayetteville
Hannah L. Paige, Cazenovia
Fidelia W. Palmer, Lenox
Mary M. Palmer, Fayetteville
Renett E. Palmer, Fayetteville
Sophia Palmer, Fayetteville
Harriet Palmeter, Manlius
Jane Palmeter, Manlius
Mary M. Peasley, Fayetteville
Angelina Platt, Fayetteville
Maria Pratt, Fayetteville
Mary J. D. Prentice, Clockville
Elizabeth Raymond, Fayetteville
Mary Raymond, Fayetteville
Cynthia Richardson, Fayetteville
Caroline Riggs, Homer
Sarah Robbins, Fayetteville
Louisa Scouton, Manlius
Rebecca Sloane, Pompey
Caroline Smith, Oswego
Maria L. Smith, Rochester
Mary Smith, DeWitt
Louisa A. Spencer, Syracuse
Charlotte Sprague, Fayetteville
Eunice J. Stewart, Fayetteville
Sylvina A. Stoddard, Manlius
Sophia M. Story, Syracuse
Maria Taylor, Fayetteville
Betsey Thompson, Fayetteville
Louisa Topliff, Fayetteville
Delia Wallace, Fabius
Elizabeth Ward, Fayetteville
Helen Jane Weed, Fayetteville
Sarah Ann Wheat, Poultney, Vt.
Naomi Wilcox, Fayetteville
Charlotte R. Wood, Syracuse
Orvilla Wood, Fayetteville
Ann Worden, Fayetteville
Hannah Worden, M. Centre

Whole number of females, 142

The following names appeared in the 1838 "Records of the Fayetteville Academic Society," pp. 44-47:

Sandford P. Chapman, age 16
Dalson W. Blanchard, 14
Samuel W. Clark, 13
William Clark, 22
James M. Cole, 14.5
David Collin, 15
Thomas C. Edwards, 14
Henry Flint, 17
Allan H. Fort, 26
Benjamin F. Gibbs, 17
William E. Hulbert, 14
James J. Hurd, 18
William H. Hurd, 20
Samuel D. Luce, 16
John T. McViccar, 12
John S. Morley, 12
Russell D. Palmer, 19
John P. Reilay, 13
Ambrose E. Smith, 16
Will H. Smith, 18
William H. Stewart, 19
Daniel D. Thompson, 17
Caroline Bangs, 18
Amelia Breed, over 20
Lelia J. Clark, 19
Lucy B. Collin, 18
Mary R. De Puy, 15
Olive Edson, 16
Caroline Edwards, 16
Jane Flint, 14
Mary Flint, 16
Charlotte A. Gibbs, 14
Althea Higgins, 17
Sophia Huchins, 20
Maria J. Millard, 21
Fidelia W. Palmer, 16
Eunice J. Stewart, 16
Sarah Ann M. Treat, 11
Sarah Wilson, 16

The "Catalog of the Officers and Students of Fayetteville Academy 1839" lists the following students and residence:

Gentlemen's Department

Theodore Babcock, Balstown Spa
John Babcock, Balstown Spa
Myron Bangs, Fayetteville
Eli Bangs, Fayetteville
James A. Bennet, Fayetteville
Geo. F. H. Betts, Lysander
Levi C. Bishop, Clay
Zenas Burk, DeWitt
Joshua P. Case, Fayetteville
Richard B. Chapin, Fayetteville
George Clarke, N. East Dutchess Co.
Samuel W. Clark, Fayetteville
Joseph Clark, Fayetteville
James M. Cole, Fayetteville
John N. Cole, Fayetteville
David Collin, Fayetteville
Albert Cooper, Fayetteville
David Crandall, Manlius
Martin Crossman, Fayetteville
Thomas C. Edwards, Fayetteville
Charles R. Edwards, Fayetteville
John Ellsworth, Fayetteville
John S. Esmond, Fayetteville
Daniel Evans, Fayetteville
Freeman Gates, Fayetteville
Benjamin F. Gibbs, Fayetteville
James S. Gellispie, Fayetteville
Hall C. Goodrich, Fayetteville
James House, Cicero
William E. Hoyt, Fayetteville
Charles J. Hoyt, Fayetteville
John W. Hull, DeWitt
James J. Hurd, Fayetteville
Burrill D. Hurd, Fayetteville
Edwin H. Hurd, Fayetteville
Fay H. Hutchins, Fayetteville
James N. Hutchins, Fayetteville
George Jillson, Fayetteville
Samuel Kellogg, Fayetteville
Edward Kellogg, Fayetteville
Charles S. Kellogg, Fayetteville
Hiram D. Kellogg, Union Sq'r, Orange Co.
Daniel K. Kellogg, Fayetteville
George W. Kennedy, Lysander
Ansel Kinne, DeWitt
Camden L. Knight, Fayetteville
Solon Knight, Fayetteville
Edward D. Logan, Fayetteville
Samuel D. Luce, Fayetteville
Seth T. Merwin, Fayetteville
Hermando C. Mead, Lyons
Wilfred Montague, Cazenovia
Spencer Morley, Fayetteville
John M'Viccar, Cicero
John T. McViccar, Fayetteville
John H. Murphy, Fayetteville
Henry Noble, Fayetteville
Aaron Noble, Fayetteville
Charles Northrup, Fayetteville
Ephriam Perkins, Fayetteville
Henry Peirce, Fayetteville
Sheldon S. Pratt, Fayetteville
Amos R. Phippen, Fayetteville
Byron R. Palmer, Fayetteville
John P. Reilay, Fayetteville
Charles D. Raymond, Peekskill
Hiram Robbins, Fayetteville
John Small, Fayetteville
LaFayette Smith, Manlius Centre
James P. Smith, Mayville
James H. Smith, DeWitt
Ambrose E. Smith, DeWitt
John Steggill, DeWitt
Jonathan Steggill, DeWitt
William H. Stewart, Fayetteville
John Stewart, Fayetteville
Edward J. Taylor, Fayetteville
George C. Thompson, Fayetteville
Daniel D. Thompson, Fayetteville
Marcus J. R. Treat, Fayetteville
Horace C. Tuttle, Manlius
Wilbur T. Tuttle, Syracuse
David C. Wager, Hillsdale
Asel Wilcox, Manlius
Franklin Wilcox, Manlius
Hamden B. Woolnough, Fayetteville

Ladies' Department

Ann B. Adams, Cazenovia
Amelia M. Adee, Pleasant Valley
Jane Avery, Fayetteville
Celestia Bangs, Fayetteville
Sarah Beeman, Fayetteville
Frances Beard, Pompey
Mary Benson, Fayetteville
Jane Bumpus, Nelson
Sarah A. Burritt, Ira
Emily Cadwell, Fayetteville
Martha F. Campbell, Manlius
Lydia Carr, Fayetteville
Harriet N. Chapin, Fayetteville
Mary A. Chapin, Fayetteville
Harriet Clark, Fayetteville
Francis E. Clark, Fayetteville
Cynthia E. Cole, Fayetteville
Harriette Collin, Fayetteville
Miriam Collin, Fayetteville
Anna S. Collin, Fayetteville
Caroline Cole, Fayetteville
Catharine S. Crandall, Fayetteville
Maria S. Crandall, Fayetteville
Sophronia S. Curtiss, Fayetteville
Harriet E. DePuy, Manlius
Mary R. DePuy, Fayetteville
Sarah M. Dexter, Smithfield
Almira M. Dewey, Sullivan
Marion E. Edwards, Fayetteville
Maria L. Edwards, Fayetteville
Julia Ann Ellsworth, Fayetteville
Martha J. Evans, Fayetteville
Charlotte A. Gibbs, Fayetteville
Nancy Gilbert, LaFayette
Jane Goodrich, Manlius
Emily Goodrich, Manlius
Francis Hibbard, Pompey
Sarah S. Hulbert, Fayetteville
Sarah A. Hurd, Fayetteville
Maria Hutchins, Fayetteville
Deborah A. Johnson, Southport
Harriet H. Johnson, Fayetteville
Frances C. Johnson, Fayetteville
Cynthia Kellogg, Fayetteville
Ann E. Kellogg, Fayetteville
Louisa H. Kellogg, Fayetteville
Phebe King, Fayetteville
Ann S. Leonard, DeWitt
Louisa Lewis, Canal Dover, Ohio
Maria C. Liddle, Fayetteville
Cornelia Lincoln, Sullivan
Charlotte M. Luce, Fayetteville
Mary McViccar, Cicero
Phebe Mirick, Manlius
Margarett Murphy, Fayetteville
Catharine Noble, Fayetteville
Cornelia A. Northrup, Fayetteville
Rebecca Northrup, Fayetteville
Caroline Osbern, DeWitt
Eliza Phippen, Fayetteville
Mary L. Phippen, Fayetteville
Sophia L. Palmer, Fayetteville
Jane Palmiter, Fayetteville
Maria Pratt, Fayetteville
Angeline F. Pratt, Fayetteville
Elizabeth Raymond, Fayetteville
Sarah Robbins, Fayetteville
Deborah A. Smith, Manlius
Mary Smith, DeWitt
Eunice J. Stewart, Fayetteville
Jane A. Sherwood, Manlius
Emeline A. Sisson, Port Hope, U.C. (Upper Canada)
Delia R. Thompson, Fayetteville
Sarah D. Thompson, Augusta
Caroline Thwing, LeRoy
S. A. Martha Treat, Fayetteville
Abigal J. Travis, Fayetteville
Mary T. Tuttle, Fayetteville
Sarah W. Ward, Constantia
Amy Watts, Fayetteville
Mary K. White, Manlius
Helender Wilcox, Manlius
Louisa Wilson, Fayetteville
Sarah Wilson, Fayetteville
Cornelia T. Wilson, Fayetteville
Ann M. Woolnough, Fayetteville
Maria Woolnough, Fayetteville
Ann T. Worden, Fayetteville
Lydia J. Worth, DeWitt

Gentlemen, 86
Ladies, 89

Juvenile Department


George Abbey, Fayetteville
George W. Arnold, Hastings, Oswego Co.
Edwin R. Balsley, Fayetteville
Allen M. Cole, Fayetteville
Henry P. Curtiss, Fayetteville
Francis E. Curtiss, Fayetteville
Lucius Dorr, Fayetteville
James H. Eaton, Fayetteville
Harvey H. Edwards, Fayetteville
Patrick Farrel, Fayetteville
Clark Faren, Fayetteville
Anson W. Faren, Fayetteville
Wallace Gillson, Fayetteville
Francis Gillson, Fayetteville
Josephus Gillmor, Fayetteville
Newel Kellogg, Fayetteville
Alexander LaMott, Fayetteville
Willoughby H. Millerd, Phoenix, Oswego Co.
Gideon Morley, Manlius
James Murphy, Fayetteville
Thomas Murphy, Fayetteville
Hervey Northrup, Fayetteville
George Northrup, Fayetteville
Aaron Noble, Fayetteville
Henry Pratt, Fayetteville
James Pratt, Fayetteville
Lauren Redfield, Fayetteville
George Stewart, Fayetteville
Augustus Tremaine, Fayetteville
Hobert P. Treat, Fayetteville
Henry Thursten, Fayetteville
John Thursten, Fayetteville


Elizabeth Abbey, Fayetteville
Maria Brown, Fayetteville
Mary Brown, Fayetteville
Seline Clark, Camillus
Arabelle Clark, Camillus
Frances Cole, Pompey Hill
Jane Cole, Fayetteville
Mary A. Dorr, Fayetteville
Ellen Eaton, Fayetteville
Julia P. Edwards, Fayetteville
Elizabeth E. Edwards, Fayetteville
Mary Evans, Fayetteville
Lucy Evans, Fayetteville
Caroline Faren, Fayetteville
Sarah Fulton,  Fayetteville
Sarah Felt, Fayetteville
Harriet Fisk, Fayetteville
Susan Hiltz, Fayetteville
Helen Maria Harbottle, Fayetteville
Ama S. Harbottle, Fayetteville
Anne Logan, Fayetteville
Margaret LaMott, Fayetteville
Lois A. Mead, Fayetteville
Mary A. Murphy, Fayetteville
Anne W. Noble, Fayetteville
Celestia Peasley, Fayetteville
Cyntha E. Richardson, Fayetteville
Marion Reiley, Fayetteville
Codelia Stewart, Fayetteville
Catharine G. Treat, Fayetteville
Maria A. Taylor, Fayetteville
Mary A. Watson, Fayetteville
Anne Worden, Fayetteville
Eliza Worden, Fayetteville
Frances Worden, Fayetteville

Lads, 32
Misses, 35

Academic Department 175
Juvenile Department 67

total 242

In 1841, the Academy produced "The Academy Star" newspaper.  The following teacher and student names of the year 1840 appeared in the April 1, 1841 issue:

David Pease, Jr., A. B., Principal; Caroline F. King, Preceptress; Mrs. Tuttle, Teacher of Music; Charlotte M. Luce, Teacher of Juvenile Department


George Abbey, Fayetteville
Charles Aldrich, North East, Dutchess Co.
George Arnold, Schroepnel
Samuel Arnold, Schroepnel
Elijah P. Bailey, Fayetteville
Ansel K. Bailey, Fayetteville
Myron Bangs, Fayetteville
Eli Bangs, Fayetteville
Oscar Bennett, Fayetteville
James A. Bennett, Morrisville
D. W. Blanchard, DeWitt
Charles Breed, Manlius
Wm. H. Brown, Fayetteville
J. Buchanan, Fayetteville
Zenas Burke, DeWitt
Joshua P. Case, Fayetteville
Sanford P. Chapman, Lenox
Joseph Clark, Fayetteville
David W. Clark, Fayetteville
Edward P. Clark, Fayetteville
Gardiner M. Clark, Fayetteville
Malcom Clement, Pompey
J. Munroe Cole, Havana
J. Madison Cole, Havana
M. Allen Cole, Havana
David E. Collin, Fayetteville
Jackson Cook, Lysander
Albert R. Cooper, Fayetteville
David Crandall, Fayetteville
Henry P. Curtis, Fayetteville
John Curtis, Fayetteville
Edwin Daggett, Pompey
H. Martyn Day, Lenox
E. D. Delemater, Manlius
H. W. DePuy, Ithaca
D. F. DeWolfe, Lenox
George E. Downer, Chittenango
J. Henry Eaton, Fayetteville
T. Cranston Edwards, Fayetteville
Howard H. Edwards, Fayetteville
Charles Ellsworth, Fayetteville
John S. Esmond, Fayetteville
Daniel S. Evans, Fayetteville
Patrick Farrell, Fayetteville
Hall C. Goodrich, Manlius
Henry D. Hanners, New York City
Charles F. Hatch, Nunda
John W. Hull, DeWitt
Burrill D. Hurd, Fayetteville
Edwin H. Hurd, Fayetteville
Charles D. Hurd, Fayetteville
Thomas J. Hurd, Fayetteville
Denison P. Hutchins, Fayetteville
James N. Hutchins, Fayetteville
James B. Gilson, Fayetteville
Edward P. Kellogg, Fayetteville
Charles L. Kellogg, Fayetteville
Daniel Kilmore, Syracuse
Ansel Kinne, DeWitt
Camden Knight, Fayetteville
Solon Knight, Fayetteville
Alexander LaMott, Auburn
Edward D. Logan, Fayetteville
John T. M'Viccar, Fayetteville
Seth T. Merwin, Fayetteville
Cyrus T. Mills, Fayetteville
Alburtis L. Miner, Fayetteville
John S. Morley, Cato
Spencer Morley, Manlius
Gideon Morley, Manlius
John Murphy, Fayetteville
James Murphy, Fayetteville
Thomas Murphy, Fayetteville
Henry P. Noble, Lansingburg
Aaron Noble, Lansingburg
Stephen Noble, Lansingburg
Charles Northrup, Fayetteville
George Northrup, Fayetteville
Harvey Northrup, Fayetteville
Byron R. Palmer, Fayetteville
Sheldon S. Pratt, Fayetteville
Henry Pratt, Fayetteville
James J. Pratt, Fayetteville
Laurin Redfield, Fayetteville
John P. Reilay, Fayetteville
Hiram Robbins, Rochester
Calvin B. Sherwood, Cazenovia
James H. Smith, DeWitt
Edward A. Smith, DeWitt
A. Sperbeck, Manlius
John Small, Fayetteville
A. Snyder, Fayetteville
William H. Stewart, Fayetteville
James A. Stewart, Fayetteville
Augustus Tremain, Fayetteville
Horace C. Tuttle, Manlius
Hiram Williams, Fayetteville
L. W. Worden, Manlius
Elson T. Wright, Lenox


Elizabeth Abbey, Fayetteville
Celestia Bangs, Fayetteville
Emily Barnum, Avon
Sarah M. Beeman, Chittenango
Mary A. Benson, Fayetteville
Elizabeth Bishop, Clay
Susan J. Blair, Nelson
Mary A. Bronson, Fayetteville
Louisa M. Burnham, Oakland
Sarah A. Burritt, Ira
Emily E. Cadwell, Fayetteville
Martha F. Campbell, Manlius
Sarah A. Cairncross, Clay
Ann Cheesbro, Clay
Harriet Chapin, Fayetteville
Mary A. Chapin, Fayetteville
Abigail L. Clark, Fayetteville
Cynthia E. Cole, Fayetteville
Caroline Cole, Havana
Jane Cole, Havana
Harriette Collin, Fayetteville
Miriam Collin, Fayetteville
Anna S. Collin, Fayetteville
Sarah C. Crandall, Fayetteville
Sophronia S. Curtis, Hamilton
Sophronia R. Davis, Clay
Harriet E. DePuy, Manlius
Almira M. Dewey, Sullivan
Ellen A. Eaton, Fayetteville
Marion E. Edwards, Fayetteville
Julia P. Edwards, Fayetteville
Elizabeth E. Edwards, Fayetteville
Julia A. Ellsworth, Fayetteville
Mary Evans, Fayetteville
Lucy B. Evans, Fayetteville
Rosamond Farnham, Fayetteville
Mary A. Fulton, Fayetteville
Sarah Fulton, Fayetteville
Emily M. Goodrich, Fayetteville
Philena Goodrich, Fayetteville
Juliette Griffin, Fayetteville
Fidelia M. Haight, Fayetteville
H. Maria Harbottle, Fayetteville
Anna S. Harbottle, Fayetteville
Sarah Hulburt, Fayetteville
Amanda Hulburt, Fayetteville
Sarah A. Hurd, Fayetteville
Rosannah Husted, Fayetteville
Sophia W. Hutchins, Fayetteville
Maria S. Hutchins, Fayetteville
Mary E. Jencks, Fayetteville
Mary H. Jencks, Fayetteville
Frances C. Johnson, Fayetteville
Mary Joslin, Fayetteville
Phebe M. King, Fayetteville
Maria C. Liddle, Canandaigua
Mary M'cViccar, Fayetteville
Lois A. Mead, Fayetteville
Phebe Myrick, Fayetteville
Margaret Murphy, Fayetteville
Ann Noble, Lansingburg
Cornelia A. Northrup, Fayetteville
Rebecca Northrup, Fayetteville
Sophia L. Palmer, Fayetteville
Angeline F. Pratt, Fayetteville
Maria E. Pratt, Fayetteville
Jane Pratt, Fayetteville
Amanda Redfield, Manlius
Miriam Reilay, Fayetteville
Harriette Rice, Pompey
Emiline A. Sisson, Port Hope, U.C. (Upper Canada)
Electa R. Smith, Dewitt
Elizabeth W. Stanley, Cicero
Jenette Stewart, Manlius
Amelia L. Stone, Pompey
Maria L. Taylor, Fayetteville
Caroline Thwing, Leroy
Harriet M. Thompson, Fayetteville
Mary Jane Tibbits, Fayetteville
Abigail J. Travis, Fayetteville
S. A. Martha Treat, Fayetteville
Catharine G. Treat, Fayetteville
Julia Ann Tremain, Fayetteville
Mary T. Tuttle, Fayetteville
Mary A. Tuttle, Manlius
Augusta Watson, Fayetteville
Betsy Watson, Fayetteville
Helen Wilcox, Manlius
Cornelia S. Williams, Pompey
Sarah Wilson, Fayetteville
Cornelia T. Wilson, Fayetteville
Anne Worden, Fayetteville
Eliza Worden, Fayetteville


Males 112
Females 93

Total 205

The "Catalogue and Circular of Fayetteville Academy for the Year of 1849-50" is as follows:

Trustees:  David Collin, president; D. L. Farnham, Secretary; John McViccar, Treasurer; James Mead; John Watson; Caleb Whitford; Philip Flint; John G. Relay; Frederick Pratt and Ambrose Clark.

Instructors:  Arnon G. Williams, A. M., Principal and Teacher of Natural Science and language; William Cleveland, Teacher of Mathematics; Ernest Held, Teacher of Music and Perspective; Miss Lelia J. Clark, Preceptress and teacher of French; Miss Anna Cleveland, Teacher, English Department.


Edwin R. Balsley, Manlius
Chester B. Borden, Dresden
Addison Cole, Fayetteville
P. Edward Clark, Fayetteville
Charles W. Clark, Fayetteville
James G. Clark, Fayetteville
R. Cecil Cleveland, Fayetteville
S. Grover Cleveland, Fayetteville
Frederick L. Cleveland, Fayetteville
Vanransselaer W. Coryell, Painted Post
James M. Crow, Manlius
Egbert T. Curtiss, Fayetteville
William Decker, Fayetteville
Henry F. Decker, Fayetteville
Henry Daggett, Mobile, Ala.
Frederick Daggett, Mobile, Ala.
Lewis H. Eaton, Fayetteville
Hurvey Eaton, Fayetteville
Howard H. Edwards, Fayetteville
Henry J. Edwards, DeWitt
Samuel J. Edwards, DeWitt
J. Orville Evans, Fayetteville
Gotlop Espenham, Fayetteville
Edward P. Flint, Manlius
Francis Gilson, Fayetteville
Dwight E. Gilson, Fayetteville
James R. Gilchrist, Fayetteville
Truman C. Gilchrist, DeWitt
Giles H. Hamlin, Manlius
William Hamlin, Manlius
C. Frederick Hatch, Manlius
Addison P. Hatch, Manlius
Charles A. Hurd, DeWitt
Thomas J. Hurd, DeWitt
Isaac Jewett, Fayetteville
John Morser, Manlius
Giles F. Post, Matthews Mills
James J. Pratt, Fayetteville
Robert H. Riddle, Chittenango
Manoah P. Rowley, Fayetteville
Platt H. Smith, DeWitt
Alva C. Spencer, Fayetteville
W. O. Sherwood, Fayetteville
Augustus Tremain, Fayetteville
Abram G. Walrath, Chittenango
Charlie R. Winters, Fayetteville
George S. Winters, Fayetteville
Jackson M. Worden, Fayetteville


Ellen Beard, Pompey
Augusta Beard, Fayetteville
Carrie Beard, Fayetteville
Rosette Blanchard, DeWitt
Sarah Blanchard, Fayetteville
Sophia S. Cleveland, Fayetteville
M. Louisa Cleveland, Fayetteville
E. Marilla Charlot, Fayetteville
Harriett L. Charlot, Fayetteville
Celestia A. Chapman, Fayetteville
Sarah E. Chapman, Fayetteville
Philura J. Chapman, Sullivan
Elizabeth H. Ecker, Fayetteville
Sarah H. Ecker, Fayetteville
Harriet M. Ecker, Fayetteville
Emeline E. Edwards, DeWitt
M. Louisa Evans, Fayetteville
Lucy B. Evans, Fayetteville
Catharine English, Fayetteville
Almeria Farnham, Fayetteville
Rosamond Farnham, Fayetteville
Frances R. Flint, Manlius
Janette E. Goodrich, Manlius
Zayde L. Hurd, DeWitt
Marietta Hilton, Manlius
Charlotte Hilton, Manlius Depot
Maria Hamlin, Manlius
Annie L. Hyde, Peterboro
Julia R. June, Fayetteville
Electa C. Knapp, Fayetteville
Anna A. Kent, Fayetteville
Sophia C. Murch, Fayetteville
Polly Morser, Cicero
F. Annette McMechan, Lysander
Arvilla S. Newton, Sullivan
Jane L. Pratt, Fayetteville
Mary A. Pratt, Fayetteville
Julia C. Parker, Fayetteville
Beatrice H. Palmer, Manlius
M. Catharine Post, Fayetteville
Sarah M. Reilay, Fayetteville
Louisa W. Reilay, Fayetteville
Lydia C. Rowley, Fayetteville
Margaret E. Rogers, Sullivan
Catharine M. Snell, Manlius Center
Eleanor Shepard, Brewerton
Sarah Shepard, Brewerton
Amanda Sprague, Manlius Center
Mary L. Torrey, Manlius
Marietta Worden, DeWitt
Harriet A. Worden, Fayetteville
M. Augusta Watson, Fayetteville
Lorette B. Watson, Fayetteville
Sarah A. Watson, Fayetteville
Cornelia L. Watson, Fayetteville
Hester A. Whitford, Fayetteville
Adalaide A. Walton, Fayetteville
Elizabeth M. Wood, Fayetteville
Aurilla Wood, Fayetteville
Mary Worden, Fayetteville
M. Wilson, Hammonds Port
Laurina Wilcox, Syracuse
Harritte A. Yelverton, Antwerp

The following list of students was published in the "Weekly Recorder," June 12, 1890:

Austin, William, Fayetteville
Adcook, George, Fayetteville
Bartlett, Mrs. Rose (Farnham), Fayetteville
Bishop, Mrs. Hattie (Smith), Saratoga
Bangs, Eli T., Fayetteville
Bangs, Myron, Fayetteville
Brown, Mrs. Celeste (Scollard), Jackson, Mich.
Blanchard, D. W., Buffalo
Blanchard, O. D., Fayetteville
Barney, Mrs. Amelia (Flint), Fayetteville
Baker, Mrs. Ann (Kellogg), Collamer
Collin, David, Fayetteville
Cole, Addison, Fayetteville
Cole, Miss Eliza, Fayetteville
Cleveland, Hon. Grover, New York City
Cleveland, Rev. Wm. N., Claremont
Clark, Joseph, Newark, N.J
Clark, A. Judson, Newark, N.J.
Cooper, Mrs. Sarah (Ingersol), San Francisco, Cal.
Cady, Mrs. Fidelia (Palmer)
Canfield, Mrs. Martha (Treat) Medina, O.
Dewey, Dorothy (Dunham)
Eaton, James H., Syracuse
Edwards, Howard H., Fayetteville
Evans, Dr. D. S., Fayetteville
Eaton, Mrs. Augusta (Beard), Fayetteville
Edwards, H. J., Chicago, Ill.
Edwards, V. J., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Eaton, Mrs. Fidelia (Palmer), Fayetteville
Flint, Edward Payson, New York City
Farrell, Miss Kate, Oneida
Gilchrist, R. C., Oswego
Hutchins, Fay H., Chittenango
Hutchins, Miss Maria, Fayetteville
Hutchins, Dennison P., Fayetteville
Hibbard, Mrs. Marian (Edwards), Saratoga
Hatch, Mrs. Marcia (Flint), Fayetteville
Hurd, Mrs. Jane (Flint), Fayetteville
Hoyt, Wm. E., Fayetteville, NY
Hoyt, Mrs. Mary (Cleveland), Fayetteville
Hoyt, Chas. J., New Orleans, La.
Knapp, Mrs. Mary (Smith), Camillus
Lyon, Mrs. Mary (Parker), Oakland, Cal.
Luce, Samuel D., Fayetteville, NY
Lines, Mrs. Philena (Goodrich), Chicago, ll.
Loring, Mrs. Elizabeth (Wood), Walthrop, Mass.
Mead, Mrs. Rebecca (Northrup), Syracuse
Merwin, Seth T., Amenia, N.Y.
Merwin, Mrs. S. T. (Dewey), Amenia, N.Y.
Munson, Horace H., Wilmington, N.C.
Nims, Mrs. Frances (Johnson), Manlius
Noble, Chas. L., New York City
Neely, Rt. Rev. Henry A., Portland, Me.
Nichols, Mrs. Marie (Taylor), Norwich, Conn.
Pratt, Sheldon S., Fayetteville
Pratt, James J., Washington, D.C.
Palmer, Miss H. B., Fayetteville
Palmer, Dr. Geo. W., Kirkville
Palmer, A. Cady, Fayetteville
Rice, Mrs. Ellen (Eaton), Syracuse
Rice, Mrs. Lucy (Wilcox), Manlius
Redfield, Lauren, New York City
Robinson, Mrs. Sophia (Palmer), Fayetteville
Reilay, Miss Miriam, Hilsdale, Mich.
Reilay, Miss Sarah M., New York City
Scollard, Miss Harriet L., Jackson, Mich.
Stewart, W. H., Woodstock, Ill.
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth (Edwards), Saratoga
Stark, H. P., Syracuse
Smith, J. Henry, Fayetteville
Sprague, DeWitt C., Washington, D.C.
Tremain, Charles, Oswego
Tremain, Porter, Minneapolis, Minn.
Taylor, Jackson A., Fayetteville
Tibbitts, Mrs. Jennie (Pratt), Fayetteville
Tibbitts, Dr. F. G., Fayetteville
Tarbox, Mrs. Cornelia (Watson), Andover, Mass.
Wilcox, Asel F., Manlius, N.Y.
Wheeler, Mrs. Cordelia (Bangs), Fayetteville
Wells, Mrs. Anna (Collin), Fayetteville
Walter, Mrs. Julia (French), Oneida
Wood, Rev. Gaylord, Winthrop, Mass.
Wood, Miss Aurilla, Winthrop, Mass.

The article notes:  "Among the many men distinguished in after life who once were enrolled as students of the Old Academy, may be named Rt. Rev. Henry A. Neely, D. D., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Maine.

Henry A. Neely was born in a wooden structure which was built by his grandfather Alexander Neely and for many years occupied by him as a hotel situated on the lot now known as the Tremain lot on the corner of Genesee and Chapel streets.  His father, the late Albert Neely inherited this property, and the hotel business have been discontinued about 1830, he erected a building located just west of the hotel building and about on the site now occupied by the wing of the present Tremain house where he conducted a general store for many years and did an extensive business.  He was one of the prominent men of that time and held the office of Justice of the Peace, and was one of the original trustees of the Old academy.  Henry Neely and the late Byron R. Palmer were about the same age and were classmates in the Academy.  They were both noted for their remarkable talents as declaimers and at the Friday afternoon exercises, were the favorites among their schoolmates and the visitors who used to attend the exercises.  About the year 1838 Albert Neely with his family moved to Belvidere, Ill., and afterwards to Chicago where he died.  Henry's early education was obtained in western schools but he entered Hobart College at Geneva, N.Y. when fifteen years of age graduating four years later in the class of 1849.  He began his study for the ministry under Bishop DeLancey while a tutor at his Alma Mater.  In 1854 he was ordained a priest and before his consecration as Bishop of Maine in 1867 he was rector of prominent churches in Utica, Rochester and New York city.

The only visit which Bishop Neely has ever paid to this village was about thirty years ago.  He was then rector of Christ's church Rochester.  This visit was an occasion of great interest to his old schoolmates who still remember a sermon then preached by him in old Trinity church which then, as now, occupied the site just opposite his old homestead.  He was then about thirty years of age; the slender boy had developed into a stalwart and commanding figure--he looked the Bishop even then; the tenor voice which used to charm his hearers in the old Academy had changed to a deep musical bass and the able sermon he then delivered demonstrated that he had more than fulfilled the promise of his boyhood days."

In the June 19, 1890 issue of "The Weekly Recorder," the editor acknowledged errors in the above list, including the fact that Mrs. Martha (Treat) Canfield had died at Bristol, RI on May 11, 1889, that James S. Baker was listed as an Academy student, when he really was a pupil in the old district school after the closing of the Academy.  The editor then issued a supplemental list, claimed to be taken mostly from the Academy Star in 1841:

Ayers, Mrs. Harriet E. (Noble), Syracuse
Arnold, Mrs. Mary E. (Jencks), Little Falls
Adcook, Mrs. Laura A. (Burk), Fayetteville
Bangs, Mrs. Jane E. (Moulter), Fayetteville
Bryan, Mrs. Cornelia (Wilson), Amenia
Bailey, Elijah P., Utica
Bailey, Ansel K., Decorah, Iowa
Babcock, Rev. Theodore, D. D., Manlius
Breed, Charles, Milwaukee, Wis.
Bassett, Mrs. Anna S. (Harbottle), Chittenango
Blanchard, Ira L., Syracuse
Burhans, Mrs. Sarah J. (Blanchard), Syracuse
Blanchard, Thomas C., Oakland
Burhans, Col. Henry N., Syracuse
Clark, Ambrose, Fayetteville
Clark, David W., Fayetteville
Clark, Gardner J., New Haven, Conn.
Clark, Charles, Dillon, Mont.
Davis, Mrs. Maria H. (Jencks), Battle Creek, Mich.
Duff, Mrs. Cynthia (Kellogg), Ames, Iowa
Graves, Mrs. Mariette (Worden), Syracuse
Gilson, James B., Newark
Gillett, Mrs. Elizabeth (Ecker), Fayetteville
Gilbert, Mrs. Celestia (Bangs), Hastings, Minn.
Hurd, Edwin H., M. D., Rochester, N.Y.
Hurd, Thomas J., Onondaga Valley, N.Y.
Hotchkin, Mrs. Rosette (Blanchard), Syracuse
Hammond, Mrs. Abigail (Clark), Fayetteville
Hoag, Mrs. Phoebe M. (King), Fayetteville
Hendricks, Mrs. Betsey (Watson), Alabama
Hopkins, Mrs. Hattie L. (Blanchard), Fayetteville
Johnson, Mrs. Jane (Kellogg), New Orleans, La.
Jones, Mrs. Harriet (Rice), Oran, N.Y.
Jones, Willard, N.Y. City
Kellogg, Edward P., Bucyrus, Ohio
Kellogg, Racine D., Gardner Grove, Iowa
Lansing, Mrs. Helen F. (Wilcox), Fayetteville*
Mead, Mrs. Cornelia A. (Northrup), Lineville, Iowa
Morse, Mrs. Julia (Northrup), Kalamazoo, Mich.
Morse, Mrs. Sarah (Crandall), Fayetteville
Munro, Mrs. Electa R. (Smith), Camillus
Maltby, Mrs. Julia (Burhans), Fayetteville
Northrup, Charles, Cambria Mills, Mich.
Pratt, Miss Mary, Hudson, N.Y.
Pratt, Mrs. Mary (Coats), Washington, D.C.
Pratt, Mrs. Anna (Kent), Galesburg, Mich.
Pratt, Mrs. Lydia (Rowley), Fayetteville
Richmond, Mrs. Maria (Noble), Saratoga, N.Y.
Reed, Mrs. Sarah A. (Hurd), Forest City, Fla.
Severance, Mrs. Zaide (Hurd), Fayetteville
Smith, Platt H., Fayetteville
Smith, Mrs. Katharine (Snell), Fayetteville
Sayles, Mrs. Mary (Worden), Cal.
Stilwell, Mrs. Cornelia (Williams), IL
Stone, Mrs. Fannie (Flint), Chicago, IL
Smith, Edward H., Camillus
Smith, Mrs. Lucy B. (Evans), Syracuse
Simpson, Miss Anna E., Ripon, Wis.
Thompson, Mrs. Rosanna (Husted) Hamilton
Thompson, George C., Ottawa, Ill.
Tremain, Augustus, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Treat, Hobart P., Denver, Col.
Wilson, Mrs. Gertrude (Treat), Lafayette, Ind.
Watson, Miss Augusta, Nashville, Tenn.
Walrath, Mrs. Maria (Harbottle), Chittenango

*Shortly after the above article appeared, Mrs. Helen F. Lansing, daughter of the late Asel Wilcox of Manlius, died at her late residence in DeWitt on Monday morning, July 21, 1890 (entered as an obituary on this website).

Submitted 4 March 1999