Revolutionary War Soldiers


Town of Lysander

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Dwight H. Bruce, Onondaga's Centennial.  Boston History Co., 1896, Vol. I, p. 166.

Twelve Revolutionary veterans lived in the town of Lysander, several of whom were in the New York troops and settled on the lots drawn by them for their military service; but as thirty-three of the lots in the original town were taken into Oswego county in 1816, the list is materially reduced.

Delong, Joseph--Testified September 1, 1820, that he was fifty-nine years old, and enlisted in Captain Swarthout's company of Colonel Lamb's regiment, in 1782, for three years.  After part of his term expired he was in another company until the close of the war.  He was discharged at West Point.  He had very little property and had a wife and four children.

Foster, William--Was a Revolutionary pension in 1840, and lived in Lysander with Ira Foster.

Freeman, Stiles--The name of this veteran appears on the Baldwinsville monument and in the census of 1840.

Hooker, Israel--Was eighty-two years old in 1840, was a pensioner and lived with his family in Lysander.

Johnson, William, Sr.--Served in the Massachusetts troops, and was sixty-four years old in 1820.  He lived with his wife and two young children.  In 1840 he gave his age as eighty-eight and still drew his pension.

Nearing, Loam--Was sixty-three years old in 1820, enlisted in June, 1776, in the Connecticut line, and his regiment was badly cut up in the battle of Long Island.  His property was worth $47.61 and he was in debt $25.93, and was supported by his son.

Northrop, Jacob--Was a Revolutionary soldier of this town, drew a pension, and his name is among those honored on the Baldwinsville monument.  In 1840 his pension was drawn by Abigail Northrop.

Palmer, Jonathan--Was one of the earliest settlers in the present limits of this town, served in the New York line and drew lot 36.  He settled in the town in 1793, and was one of seven brothers who served in the army.

Palmer, Nathaniel--Brother of Jonathan, also served in the New York troops, and assisted in placing the great chain across the Hudson River to prevent British vessels from ascending.

Preston, Shubal--Was a pensioner and was eighty-two years old in 1840.  He was then living with Shubal Preston, jr.

Root, Nathaniel--Was seventy-three years old in 1840, lived with his family and drew a pension.

Slauson, John--Was seventy-six years old in 1840, was a veteran of the Revolution and lived with his family.

Submitted 2 August 1998